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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A View of Sister Wives from Germany.

Meet Kiera, from Germany.
Kiera is one of our readers from Germany. She's been helping me some projects, and I asked her to write her viewpoint of the show as she sees it.
I have left it in her English-so that I would not tamper with her thoughts.  I think she did an excellent job, and it's extremely interesting how certain  emotions show through in any language.
Here's Kiera's take on Robyn Sullivan Brown:

I also explain to you how I came to watch the "Sister Wives", because I think that’s an important part of “Why I think of Robyn -what I think of Robyn”.

As I mentioned before I live in Germany and I started watching "Sister Wives" because my friend is from America. His Dad has started to believe in the “principal” about 10 years ago at which time my friend was almost 19. I don´t know many details, because he doesn´t like to talk about it much, but what I know is that he disagrees strongly with the choice of his father, and hasn´t talked to him for pretty much the same time (10 years).  His mother doesn´t like all of this either, but she has decided to stay with her husband nevertheless.

Anyways, we like to talk about religion, life in general and philosophical things and our point of view often diverge.  When he first told me why he wouldn´t talk to his father, I understood his point of view. But on the other hand, I was like, well, it´s his choice how stupid it may be, and if he wants to live that way and doesn´t harm anybody, he should be free to do what he wants to do.  I also thought that the mother of my friend is old enough to decide what to do and what not to do. And, to my great shame, I also have to admit that, because the father of my friend is quite wealthy, I suspected that she stays with him for security/comfort reasons.  So one day he told me “There is this show you have to watch, it is about plural marriage and it is a train wreck”.

I started watching Sisterwives and although I was constantly wondering why any woman would agree to marry a man like Kody, not to mention sharing him, and although Meri seemed to be unhappy, I quite enjoyed it.

And then came Robyn.

I did not like her from the Beginning. The scene right at the start of their dating process, where the two of them were sitting in this Mexican Restaurant? She was smiling like a fourteen year old girl that had never had a boyfriend before, not to speak of three kids. They can talk about modesty all day long, but the looks they gave each other and their body language? Holy guacamole. To me, that is even worse than sticking each other tonges at their tonsils.  And it´s not just that she was basically flirting the pants off of a married man, she also knew there was the camera around filming it. Let´s talk about cruelty for one second.

She knew there was a camera around.
She knew he was married.
She knew he had kids (14 or how many at this time?)
She knew there were jealousy issues.
But she didn´t give a shit.

Instead she wined shortly before, how hard it is for her, doing this with the knowledge that she will hurt the other women. Not because she felt actual compassion for them, no, because SHE has to hurt a friend. Because it´s all, always, about HER. The whole wide world is her stage.

I knew from that point on, that woman is missing some needles on her fir.

And it became even worse. With that many kids, and one special needs kid of her own, you would assume that she has enough to do, to not worry constantly just about herself.  Also that she has some kind of maturity given the fact that she is not fourteen anymore, divorced and has three kids.

But no. Not Robyn.

She has instrumentalized her whining to perfection. Most of the time it´s not even real crying. There  are no real tears! She´s just making a “cry-face” and starts to whine with her voice.

I noticed a few times when one of the other women is crying, she starts to pretend to also cry. I wondered a few times if she does that because she thinks she should show some fake empathy for her fellow sister wives (to show how superior and selfless she is in contrast to them) or if she just does it because she can´t let anyone steal her victim role? I´m still indecisive about that.

Despite her constantly whining I really think that she is the most cold hearted and manipulative of all the women. At the beginning I really believed in her neediness and over emotional being. But that changed.  I  don´t base this opinion on the birth episode, because as you and some other has revealed, this was probably staged anyway.

I base it on the fact that she only shows emotion when they are of use for her.

One example: Remember the scene when they moved her home near to the House of Kody and Madison was helping her and they were talking about whether or not Madison would want sister wives? The two of them talked about that like some other people talk about whether or not to buy another loaf of bread for the weekend. But when Robyn was interviewed alone, she shed a tear about how much she loves Madison blablabla. Keeping in mind what she said later on, about undeveloped brains and how she would like to have the children enter the principal, doesn´t that seem weird to you?

Another example: Robyn crying about Dayton leaving her to live with his dad. Despite the stupidity of expecting a family to blend on its own by simply jamming them together/ doesn´t that seem weird when you keep in mind that she doesn´t want  Meri to suffer “empty nest syndrome” and therefore is more than willing to shove off one or more of her kids?

There are a lot of other things were her coldness shine through and some emotions would not be wasted. Her being insensitive to Hunter, although she knows very well how he is struggling, for example.

Or the need to have a baby of her own, despite the fact that the already existing kids didn’t had the time to grow together yet and therefore rocking the boat of this family even more.

But I want to end my summary on “Why I think Robyn is an ice cold Snow queen “on one last thing which is the epitome of cruelty for me:
Her offering to be Meri´s surrogate. I mean, really?

She knows about Kody´s offer of IVF to Meri and that Meri doesn´t want that.
She even was so “sensible” to tell Meri her pregnancy first. (Which, in my opinion, was another attempt to show how selfless and superior she is and not an act of real compassion).
She knows that the “children thing” is Meri´s weak point.
But hey, she could not miss this one chance in a lifetime, to show all of the other wives which wife is going to me the Number One in the future!
Because none of the other women could ever outnumber that.
Not Christine, no matter how devoted she is to Kody and the Children.
Not Janelle, no matter how many money she will earn in the future.
Not Meri, no matter how supportive she will be to Kody  or any new wife to come.

That was such a great stunt; I was really impressed of her at that point. Not only will she be pregnant again, which is obviously something Kody likes, no, she will solidify her role in the family once and for all time.  Meri would have to be forever grateful to her and no matter how much she rocks the boat of the family, Christine and Janelle would be unable to say anything bad about her without looking like jealous bad persons themselves.

The only more selfless thing to do would be to catch a bullet for Kody. But I doubt that anyone would want to waste a bullet on him.

My conclusion of this whole family situation and Robyn is, as hard  and rude as this may sound, Robyn is a home wrecker.

I don´t want to judge the Browns based on the decision to live a plural marriage. That´s still fine for me, if all the women do it on their own free will and even if they are unhappy to a certain point, because in my opinion “free will” also means to be able to choose to be unhappy. That´s their decision not mine. But if there are kids involved I think there needs to be a line which should not be crossed.

These kids were used to their family, as unusual as it was with the three moms. This entity was all they knew, so any new wife would feel like a mistress to them.

I am blaming all four of the adults, but especially Robyn. After all, she has chosen to be a part of this family, despite the fact that she knew about all of the emotional problems that this would bring into her life.

My feeling is, because she already had an unhappy marriage and separated her children from their father (and he may be as bad as she always tells, but he is still their father and I bet they love him no matter what) she should have done better for her own children. Patch work families are hard enough without having four adults as “new parents” and more than a dozen new “siblings”.

She could also make the situation for all of them easier, if only she would thread more carefully.

I don´t know if I believe her having a real crush on Kody. All I see is a woman who throw herself  on an already established family, not giving a cent if she squashes anybody doing so. And if she has to manipulate to stay in that family, she will not hesitate to do so.

Well, that was a long rant, I hope you understand what I mean despite the language barrier ;)
After all, I can understand my friend now.  Having a possessive new mom coming into your family.. bleh.


Thanks, Kiera!!! 

What are your thoughts about Robyn and her fake tears? Do you agree with Kiera? Do you feel they are real tears? Let us know!


  1. PERFECTLY stated!

  2. Interesting thoughts Kiera, thanks for writing! Your English is great too btw!

  3. Well stated, and I agree. Robyn cries the blues because Hunter's actions are "hurtful" ... well who is the adult here. Grow up Robyn and start realizing that this was a long established family you joined and you need to make accommodations for the kids. You may have chosen this life, but they didn't.

  4. This was great, thanks for sharing.

    And I'm going to have to steal one of your expressions- missing some needles in her fir ;)

  5. Good review Kiera! Happy to know your friend escaped from all this circus. I totally agree with you! About Robyn, I think some people crave for attention and being centerstage like it's a disease. She's poison and it's just sad that the Brown family will pay the price, even if their lives wasn't perfect before. But Kody seems like a very happy victim ...!

  6. I loved it, Keira! I agree with your thinking. Robyn needs to grow up and be an adult instead of the manipulative little brat she's being. Obviously, this act has worked for her over her entire life; she gets what she wants by playing the helpless victim, so I don't expect her to change any time soon.
    I feel so sorry for the kids. They are growing up basically without a father who is present in their everyday lives, and they will always suffer for that. I hope those girls won't end up settling for someone as flaky as their own dad, and I hope those boys don't parent as Kody does. They all need a good, strong male role model, and they don't have it.
    (And P.S. Off topic: If this family is hurting for money, how could Kody afford to take Meri out for a very fancy and expensive dinner at the Bellagio and then to a concert at the MGM last night? Just sayin'...)

  7. I think people over estimate Robyn and even tend to be unusually cruel towards her. I don't care for her either but I think given all that there is to know about their religion, she really isn't out of the ordinary of their standards.

    Her 'job' as a Fundamental LDS wife is to procreate.

    She brings the bacon to this family. The show wouldn't have grown nor become near as popular if we didn't have seasons with her at the front and center.

    People keep forgetting that in this religion, it's the male that's large and in charge. What we see on TV and what really happens are probably two very different things.

    If fundamental women do get any power, it probably does come very natural to do so in under handed and manipulative ways due to suppression and oppression .

    Christine, Meri, Janelle - they are truly no better.

    The ladies that have grown up in this environment are probably emotionally damaged and who knows what else - why should any of Robyn's child like antics be shocking? It's not a long stretch to think she is emotionally stunted by being raised in this religion, marrying a man from this religion and now in this mix of craziness with the Browns.

    The women are constantly being sent conflicting lessons. Sacrifice and be close with your sister wife /compete with your sister wife for the prime spot.

    No wonder they are a crazy mess.

    Just remember for every one Robyn you see on this TV show there are hundreds of Robyn's not being televised that could make heads spin just as easily.

    Robyn is a representation, a caricature, a product of her environment - nothing more, nothing less and anyone that thinks she is in some superior spot should probably reread this entire blog.

  8. Great post Kiera. I find it really amazing that your friend's father turned to polygamy after at least 20 years of marriage and his mom went along. I'd say it's fine that your friend no longer speaks to him. For even family to turn itself on its head after so long is devastating.

  9. I agree, Kiera. Very nice post! Robyn's tears are fake, as are her daughter's. All for manipulation. It's going to be really weird if Meri agrees to have Robin be the surrogate. I'm going through Sister Wives withdrawal already!

  10. I don't think people are unusually cruel to Robin (re: ANON 11:54). This family put themselves out there for a paycheck and Robin chose to hop on board and jump into the pulic arena with them. As Robin said herself "you need survival skills" to live this lifestyle. That statement alone seems to indicate a stragedy on her part.

  11. Kiera, you are so correct on Queen Bee Robyn!! I applaud you for sharing your input on this home wrecker, who is a control freak! Her fake tears and droopy chin are too much to bear.Meri is so afraid to speak her mind, for fear she will lose that IDIOT she calls a husband! Christine is an emotional wreck, and Janelle is just there for her money, which no longer is coming in, so she is ignored even more by Kody! WHY do these 3 woman stay with this loser??? The icing on the cake was when she asked to be a surrogate for Meri..Oh how I would LOVE to speak with her ex husband!!

  12. Prudence here, my 2cents:
    great outlook......

    I always wonder: how are Robyn's kids adjusting to this??

    one day their mom is divorced and they see dad now & then - next they have moved and are living next door to Brown circus (fun spectators - more fun to go play in circus now & then) ...........

    next thing they are informed that they are now part of the circus and Kody is their dad, they have 3 moms and a whole bunch of "sibling"..........

    next thing mom is pregnant, circus have moved to Las Vegas, and not long ..... a new addition to the circus is here ... named SOLOMON!

    aye, I feel for Robin's kids (though dearest mommy is too busy smooching Kody to care).....

  13. VERY astute observations !!! Thanks, Kiera !!

    Especially about the callousness of throwing her own three children into a mix of THIRTEEN existing children who have had their bizarre, yet secure, unit of a family...and then expecting it to all be Nirvana for all of the children.
    And yes, major shame on ALL of the adults and "mothers" for going along with it.

    What "mother" would do that so blithely to her children...as she plays the role of seduced *and seducing* coquette for the cameras.
    Robin is a grappling *player* who was offered a golden opportunity to rise up from whatever squalor she was in (or was she?) ...and she intends to run with it.
    She would fit in well in a modern-day family of "gypsy travelers."

  14. Kiera, this is a really good piece. I think it's funny to consider Robyn a mistress/homewrecker in a polygamous household, but that is how I view her as well. I disliked her (as well as Kody) the instant I saw their "courting" process. As you observed, it was very inappropriate.

  15. Robin said herself "you need survival skills" to live this lifestyle. That statement alone seems to indicate a stragedy on her part.


    Anon 1:48

    Oh, I totally agree with what you said but the strategy isn't from Robyn alone. This is an agenda , in motion, with an entity much higher up than Robyn at the helm.

    I still think people credit her far too much. I seriously doubt Robyn holds all the power and schemes people credit her for.

    Any usurping and uprising Robyn has going on is not on her own account - even if she thinks it is.

    I bet Christine was ten times worse, too.

    The harder the family tries to portray this sensitive dating and incorporation of a wife, the worse it gets.

  16. If Robyn is a mistress and a home wrecker what in the world are Janelle and Christine?

    This is how it is in all fundamental polygamy marriages.

    Robyn's courting period was extended, the other wives were not.

    I am sure if Janelle and Christine's courting period were as extended as Robyn's, we would have probably seen much worse from Christine. She likes attention far more than Robyn.

    But to think Robyn is a home wrecker when Meri plucked her and the entire family agreed to marry her, is unfair as every wife after the first is a mistress and home wrecker.

  17. I can't help but wonder - If Robyn was heavy set and less into maintaining her physical appearance and the other wives were thinner and kept up their appearances - would people still view Robyn as a mistress and home wrecker?

  18. I've finally had a chance to watch the entire final episode where Robyn gives birth and they certainly still don't seem like a well gelled family. When Robyn says that they have their weekly? lunches to keep connected I thought that's what you do with girlfriends not women whom you consider to be your spiritual sisters. What is the point of their set-up if they never really see each other. I mean no one there is employed how do you all not have time to see each other and Meri was super catty (hate to use that word) towards Janelle and Christine, it's like she doesn't like them at all and yet when It was just the three wives their family seemed really nice and happy especially the kids. Meri has one huge sister wive chip on her shoulders And Robyn can start acting like an adult and try to make good with Hunter. He's just a kid, it's not about you and your feelings. She should try and be working on being his "mom" instead of a jerk girlfriend whose his daddy's favorite for the moment. Okay so that's my rant.
    Nice job on the article and love the needles missing on the fir!!

  19. Anon 12:19,
    "I can't help but wonder - If Robyn was heavy set and less into maintaining her physical appearance and the other wives were thinner and kept up their appearances - would people still view Robyn as a mistress and home wrecker?"

    I can see what you are implying but I really don't think it is a fit here.
    The 3 original wives had been together for almost 20 years. Calm or chaotic as their Kody World life may have been up to that point, the addition of a new wife was a sure bet to be quite upsetting.
    They can all say now that it was *part of their plyg plan* all along.... or it could well have been the hook *required by TLC* to agree to start funding them as new reality stars.
    Whatever... !!! They all did have to jump on the band wagon if the TLC $$$ was to be forthcoming.

    Obviously plyg men do not marry *older* as new wives are added. So it is reasonable to assume that the older, less fit wives would feel threatened. The courting drama was done for the cameras, no doubt...but the other 3 wives did have to suck up the fact that there were no cameras going for their courtships, no public fan base to ooh and ahh about their special-ness.

    I don't think it has to do with Robin's appearance as much as her presence.

  20. I don't agree that Christine was just like Robyn or worse than Robyn when she entered the marriage. Christine doesn't have Robyn's guile. She stayed at home with all the kids. What has Robyn offered except a hiding place for a watch?

    Yes, all these women are damaged. But Robyn is the worst by far. Sometimes I do pity the neglected mewling child, the stage where Robyn is trapped. She is certainly fighting for the biggest piece of Daddy Kody love with all her pathetic weapons. How many sisters did she have to compete with for a tiny sliver of her father's attention? She must have hated her father's other wives. Who do you think Janelle and Christine represent in Robyn's childhood drama? Ah that polygamy! So good for children.

    It appears to me that Christine and Kody had a much more natural, more sympatico relationship than Robyn could ever hope for. C&K are so alike in their superficiality, their skimming of the religious and ethical surface of their situation, their attempts at giddy humor to relieve tension, their natural affinity for the camera. I can't imagine that Robyn's incessant whining and manipulating will produce a better result. Robyn will hold on for dear life but even Kody the Douche is going to get very tired of her schtick at some point. On to another wife! Ole!

    to Anon 12:19 -

    Yes, if Robyn were the heavy one the reaction would be the same. It's her whiny complaining and immaturity that make her irritating, not her size. Fake tears are fake tears, no matter who fake produces them.

  21. I am the only one that believes Meri brought Robyn into the family to upset Christine??? Obviously, Meri was tired of Christine being the pretty, stay-at-home last wife and decided to make a change. Unfortunately, Robyn played Meri like a fiddle and now they are all stuck with her!!!

  22. I agree with anon 2:57- Meri stated she clicked with Robin right away when she met her. It was a chance to get a new BFF and knock pregnant Christine down the ladder. In the 1st season Meri admits she had issues with Christine's personality when she entered the family. No problem with Janelle because she knew her from being married to her brother and didn't see her as a romantic rival. Problem was she fell for Robin's sweet submissive act until it was too late. Sad lifestyle for these women...so much hurt to endure for that absurd man-child Kody.

  23. Yeah but, why was Meri so much happier back in the days of just 3 SWs? Meri looks miserable now with the addition of Robin, whereas before she groused about Christine but she seemed much more content.

    How about this theory - Kody convinced Meri that any dissatisfaction she felt was not with him but because she didn't have a sister/wife relationship as close as Janelle and Christine. "Go out there honey! You choose. Not for my sake, for yours."

  24. I truly believe that at one point in our lives we do, or have known a "Robyn." As I grow older and gain more momentum in the game of life I have to believe in KARMA. I feel so sorry for the children involved. Robyn and my dad's wife have so much in common I doubt I'll be tuning in for subsequent seasons.

    Well written, Keira!

  25. First of all:
    Thank you guys for beeing so nice :)

    @Anon 12:19
    For me it´s not about the weight or the looks.
    The three of them were a family unit for a couple of years, the children they have know them as their parents from the beginning.
    So every new wife after such a long time would be a mistress in my opinion.
    It´s also about Robyn beeing so insensitive. I think the whole situation could have been easier for all of them if she just would back away a little and let them all space to breathe.

    I suspected that too.
    The Idea was probably Kodys from the start.
    And Meri was easy to convince since she seemed so unhappy with the situation.

  26. I agree with anon above (:28)

    Its not her size at all because even if she is thin she is by far the least attractive of the women. Its because we have all known that person, the whiny complainy everything must be about me. I know you are all thinking of that person in your life right now, and wanting to punch them in the face.

  27. Regarding Dargers -

    "Yes, she was a plural wife and left him with three others. On Jan 12th I will be on Doris Hansen's tv show, What Love Is This, reviewing the book, Love Times Three, at which time I will give details of her marriage to Dennis. I will also be posing on my blog my review on that same date. Thanks for checking out my blog. If you have any question feel free to email me. John"

  28. Well said anon 6:28 and lesbian4janelle.

    Lol....we all know/have known that person and want to punch them in the face...lol.

    Also to Kiera's latest response, that woman is certainly more of a mistress than a mother figure, hands down.

    I'm not convinced polygamy is anything but a cruel sociology experiment in how not to conduct your family. Sorry Kody, no Kool-Aid for me. I just wish you didn't air your dirty laundry for millions of viewers to see. The real victims here are these children. No sympathy for the adults. You made your beds now go lay in them. (or give birth to more children in them).

  29. I agree: good or bad, the original Brown kids were born after all 3 moms were already in place, that was what was normal for them. And even if there grew up in this lifestyle, associating with other families and friends who live this way, perhaps seeing their friends dads adding newer, younger wives into the family, I'm sure it was still kind of strange for them when Robyn and her kids joined, they all had to adjust, and I'm sure THEY felt threatened for their MOMS sake (Janelle had said once that each set of kids felt like their mom was the favorite). And also, as others have stated above, it's not that Robyn is thinner and "prettier", but the fact that she IS 10 years younger, and if Kody is to add more wives down the line, the do have to be younger if the whole point is to keep the family growing, which brings up a whole other issue of men marrying younger and younger women, etc etc

  30. Excellent observations Kiera! About Meri bringing Robyn into the mix - In polygamy they always say that the last woman in doesn't really live polygamy until her guy gets another woman. It's true, because that's the first time she starts to experience loss - in time, (for her and her children) affection, money available etc. What we are seeing with Christine is what happens to all women when the guy has a new love in his life.. So there can be a sense of satisfaction for women to see the previously "new wife" put in the same situation they had to endure (that is what we are seeing with Meri). It's all horribly degrading and humiliating for all of the women concerned and Robyn's time will come if Kody keeps on going.

  31. See that is what I DON'T GET. How is Robyn being Meri's surrogate ANY different than Meri doing IVF? Isn't it really the same process? Meri said no to IVF so I bet she says no to Robyn being her surrogate. Plus with 17 kids do they really need another one via un natural ways?

    It's so true ever notice how Robyn is the only wife that wears super nice clothes and makeup? It's like shes shallow or is the only wife that gets money for cool things.

  32. I totally agree!!!! Robyn so wants to be Kodys favourite wife and superior to the other wives, hence her so called selfless offer. At the end of the day she would still be carrying Kodys child and helping raise it wether or not it is her biological child.

  33. The silver lining to this torrential thundercloud is that prior to Robyn/kids joining in, the kids were probably all on board to choose polygamy when it came time. However, thanks to Robyn PLUS the way they've seen their dad interact w/her as well as seen their Mom's angst/unhappiness, they've definitely now experienced the total down side to it and it has now made some of them question whether it's right for them after all. ;')

  34. Great Job, Kiera!~
    Took some guts to write. I've always wanted to, but then chicken out!! GOOD JOB! I think most of us here feel the same way about Robyn. It is interesting to see that her evil is seen through language barriers!

  35. I totally agree with Kiera's take on Robyn (Thank you so much for sharing! Great English, by the way.).
    As much as I hate to admit it, I think Robyn is actually pretty intelligent...& a master manipulator. Every move she's made from the beginning has been orchestrated to make her into the favorite wife.
    Meri does have a hand in this too...I'm convinced that Meri wholeheartedly resented Janelle and Christine...they married her "soul mate" (I think I just threw up in my mouth), K-douche, they were extremely fertile (spat out babies like Pez dispensers), Janelle was a competent head of household/bread winner (much needed by the man-child), and Christine was the "cute, quirky, silly" wife who was a great mom to all the kids.
    Meri, who probably only agreed to the lifestyle to keep K-douche (& her immortal soul), sees the positive attributes of wifey #2 and wifey #3 (and how content everyone is), and just can't wait for a little Plyg vengeance.
    This is really quite brilliant on both Robyn's and Meri's part...though I don't believe they know each other's motives.
    Benefits for Robyn: she gets out of the trailer into a nice cushy home, she gets "bonus children" who will babysit her growing brood, she gets to be the shared center of attention (shared w/ K-douche of course), and she gets to boss around the "lesser wives" and the "bonus children"-- the ones without fully developed frontal lobes.
    Benefits for Meri: she will have a special spot in K-douche's heart as she is not only the first wife, but she is BFF's with the hot (relatively hot, anyway), favorite wife. She will be able to have more control over the "lesser wives" as K-douche sees her as the only wife who has fully accepted Robyn and the one who comes to poor martyr Robyn's rescue. She can let her feelings about Janelle and Christine be known now since, in Kody's eyes, Robyn and Meri can do no wrong and Janelle and Christine are the bad wives who cannot overcome jealousy.
    Sorry about the rant, but I just had to share!

  36. @ Labradorable....
    I enjoyed reading your comment and thank you for sharing.
    I think you're spot on, and I would have to say I totally agree with you on all accounts..... except 'hot wife' younger maybe but I would not say hot :)

  37. Great Post!
    Labradorable - yours could be a post, too.
    Both say exactly how I feel ater watching the shows.

  38. I would love to see you write another post.

    What do you think of MERI?
    Is she a master manipulator or just totally stupid?

  39. labradorable.

    Great rant...and very insightful !!!
    Your points are spot on and good fun to read about the current Kody World scenario.

    I was thinking.....Robyn strikes me as VERY territorial....possessive in a now obviously covert way.
    She will use whatever guiles (as plot pointed out) she needs to assert her role as the premier wife.

    I wonder if, in the plyg world, a wife comes on board who just absolutely wants full *rights*, as in the monogamous style of marriage..and just cannot abide with *sharing* her man with another (or other) women.
    A wife who wants to be the one and only !!

    Robyn appears to be deluded into thinking that she and Sperm King are *destined lovers and soul mates.*
    She has all the characteristics of a cloying woman determined to keep her man solely devoted to her.
    Her passive-aggressive ploys and sabotage of the other wives is crystal clear. TLC chose specific clips to air this season demonstrating this about Robyn.

    SO.... what does a Plyg guy do if the new wife wants to go off the game plan and instead, whines and maneuvers for exclusivity ???

  40. Amused - I saw that happen once. The new woman was a worse manipulator than Robyn and was the queen of passive aggression. She played the "poor traumatized damsel in distress" card in such a masterly way that the idiot guy at the center of the fuss actually banned the other women from talking to Miss sweetness over any problems, because she was "too fragile" emotionally. He completely lost his marbles, wanted his kids to wait on this needy woman, and at least one of his women flew the coop over it (which is good). Maybe Robyn will be the catalyst for one of Kody's harem to get out of this painful arrangement?

  41. @ Anon - Dec 12 / 12.19pm

    I would yes.... It is Robyns actions not her appearance that have given me my take on her character.

  42. Thanks, Poly Defector. Really appreciate your expert info !!!
    So, it actually CAN happen !!!
    Stands to reason if a guy is already missing a few brain cells and runs into a master mind-gamer-wife, he could be *really* stupid then, and see a few mares leave the ol stable.

    Hmm.....Robyn, if you are covertly reading here, your plan could actually work !!
    But remember, Sperm King may be yours, but he will still want those yearly babies... and you will have lost your free daycare AND an audience for your tears.
    Also, Meri may be a bit slow on comprehension, but she won't stay clueless forever.

  43. Pru here say:

    @plot said...
    How about this theory - Kody convinced Meri that any dissatisfaction she felt was not with him but because she didn't have a sister/wife relationship as close as Janelle and Christine. "Go out there honey! You choose. Not for my sake, for yours."


    I think you may be right ......... but I also think Kody pointed Robyn out to Meri. through their "dating" Kody & Robyn do not say much about Meri bringing them together......

    my theory is build on your theory:
    ..... Meri being a friendly person happened to meet Robyn and she seems nice. Kody being helpful, pointed Robyn out to Meri. convinced Meri that this someone that she can get to her corner, and she might be nicer as she is a divorcee and will be more "grateful"..........

    Meri wanting to please Kody and seeing a possible stop to Christine's dominance - bought into the idea.............

    how was she to know that Robyn will whine and winde Kody round her little finger??? how was she to know Robyn will monopolise what little time she gets with Kodi - to even elect herself the family's spokesperson!

    in earlier episode, all three were able to contribute to conversation - lately Robyn talks for everyone!

  44. Pru again.....

    @ Old Lady said...
    I would love to see you write another post.

    What do you think of MERI?
    Is she a master manipulator or just totally stupid?


    The master manipulator is their religion, followed by mini manipulator Kodi

    I see Meri as a victim .... before we judge her harshly just think about this:

    Meri marries Kodi out of love. Kodi says "thou I love you, there are heavenly rules we must conform to. the 1st being the fact that I need 3 wives for you & I to enter 'celestial heaven'(google the religion)! we also need to follow the law of reproduction especially for your sake. I do love you and be assured I will always love you."

    Meri, being born into this religion, knows too well the rules and sacrifices required in their religion. she ask for some time as an only wife.. a year pass- no kid/pregnancy......... she is begining to panic now .......... 2nd year no kids/pregnancy, she is devastated! she can hardly hold her head high! 3 rd year nothing.......

    her brother is divorced, and she and Janelle are close ....... Janelle understand the pain. she ask janelle to be sister wife, Kody like her so they all go for it! and guess what? Janelle immediately falls pregnant! while Janelle is pregnant Kodi tells Meri, I found the 3rd and final wife for us! Christine comes in as 3rd wife!

    while Janelle gives birth to a son, Meri is finally pregnant ......and guess what? so is Christine!

    and so they all adjust to motherhood, sisterhood and sharing Kodi ......aftyer >16 years they know and understand each other better and have finally accepted and made do..........

    but Kodi saw this young, slim brunette... since he cannot very well just go & court her himself he need help from the 3 wives.......... Christine will not go for it, Janelle is happy with current situation(job & free nanny and a friend), so his only chance is Meri.......... he plays on her insecurities of feeling a bit out with the "mothers"! and Meri buys into it long enough to agree......

    even before the wedding, Meri is out in the cold along with her sister wives ......... Kodi & Robyn are making decisions on their own alredy(the wedding dress thing).....

    so looking at this woman - Meri is not stupid. she have thought about leaving, but her concern was her child. who is turning into an adult everyday .......... will she stay when Mariah is in college???

  45. Excellent!! Would love to hear more!

  46. Instead of putting your thoughts in comments, why not write us another post? I get so confused sometimes in the comments!

  47. I am originally from Switzerland, I have read many biography books from the Polygamist, and it isn't pretty.

  48. Very impressed! Loved your insights.

    I can especially agree to your point about Robyn using emotions and crying to manipulate the outcomes she wants. To me, there are few things less pathetic than a grown woman who has to resort to tears and emotional manipulation to get what she wants.

    It's incredibly childish that she still, in her 30s, with 3 kids, cannot use words, logic, and coherent expression of her opinions to make people see her point of few. She has to cry, make the "face" and then people back off for fear of her shedding tears.

  49. I agree with Kiera, I have tried to like Robyn but you get a feeling about someone you can't shake, but Kody is the one to blame, he seems really gullible. Kody is responsible for the problems in his family, he should have realised that four wives is just too many, why ruin what he had with his other three wives. why because he is greedy and selfish, wake up Kody this is all your fault.
    from a sister wives fan

  50. Sooo what i am asking myself ever since this show brought the topic of polygamy into the limelight is...does this exist the other way around aswell? meaning is there any "religion" in the world where one lady has multiple husbands? to me its quite offensive to call polygamy a religion to start off with. its more some bs that men made up to legally mess around with other women and not be called a cheater! my 2 cents.