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Friday, December 16, 2011

"All American Muslim" VS Lowe's

I'm sure you have read about how Lowe's is taking all kinds of heat for their decision to drop ads from "All American Muslim."

From Huffington Post:

On Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart took a break from his Indecision 2012 coverage to come to the defense of one of TLC's most controversial new shows, "All-American Muslim." The controversy? That a reality show depicting banal, everyday Muslim life in America isn't stereotypical enough for some, yet is also somehow too scandalous for advertisers.
Bravely referring to TLC as "The Learning Channel," Stewart first commented on how boring the show actually is ("It just shows Muslims living their lives like the rest of us f***ing idiots"). He then moved on to David Caton of the Florida Family Association's argument that the show is actually dangerous because it doesn't depict its stars as radical Muslim Jihadists. He also claimed that it goes against his group's "belief structure." Stewart was floored:
"This show is harmful, education-wise, to your belief structure," Stewart said in disbelief. "Is that not the purpose of education [...] to replace your belief structure with facts?"
To further drive the point home, Stewart offered a comparison to the show "Little People, Big World," asking why the FFA doesn't challenge that show for not portraying its stars as Oompa Loompas. 
And the backlash to "All-American Muslim" doesn't stop with the FFA. Lowes and other companies have pulled advertising, which Stewart also has a hard time understanding when they have no problem running ads during "Toddlers & Tiaras."
 (Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/14/jon-stewart-tlc-all-american-muslim-florida-family-association_n_1147927.html?ref=comedy)

I myself thinks all of it is ridiculous! If they don't want to advertise, FINE. Lowe's pulling advertising over a letter equally as ridiculous! Would there be such a fuss if Lowe's pulled from a Christian show? I doubt it. Russell Simmons jumping in like he was saving the day- Great publicity for him. Don't think it came from the bottom of his heart. I really didn't even want to write about this, but they just won't shut up about it.
Jon Stewart - sums it up - I thought this was hysterical!


  1. Well, I watched this pile of poo because y'all were covering it. It's not worth it, trust me.

    The last straw was when the poor guy who converted to marry a Muslim chick had to get rid of his 15 year old dog. I cried my heart out, and I took it off the Tivo list.

  2. This video is so Funny! Sums up how stupid this all is!

  3. The show is really boring, but this makes me want to watch it just to prove a point.

  4. Guys- watch this video!!LOL
    Leave it to SW folks to wait to put up a post unntil they could fid the right snark to go with. kudos.

  5. You guys are so much fun! I wondered why nothing had been said about this big topic in the news. I say kudos for finding the right avenue- that Jon Stewart video shows just how ridiculous the whole thing is. You are correct. If it was anyone else, would they give a shit?

  6. I need to add....When you stop and think about it.....makes sense, too!LOL

  7. "Lowe's pulling advertising over a letter equally as ridiculous! Would there be such a fuss if Lowe's pulled from a Christian show? I doubt it."

    Yeah, there would be a fuss... it would be part of the "War on Christians."

    Give me a break. It's not a "Muslim" show; it's a show about Muslims, and I for one, think it's showing a side of America that I want - NEED - to see.

    Lowes can do what they want with their money, but caving to an evangelical group was pretty stupid. Wonder which show they will target next. "Sister Wives", perhaps?

  8. Love JS! I had not seen this but reading it made me snort outloud at his Oompa Loompa comment.

    I don't watch the muslim show. It doesn't interest me in the least. I couldn't care less who advertises during it and who doesn't.

    He makes a good point about the hypocrisy of not having an ad during Muslim, but having one during Toddlers and Tiaras. Now THOSE little girls are going to grow up to be terrorists. Yikes.

  9. Agree big time with Gogi, and so should the Mastiff and Corgi who post here. The dog was indeed 15+ years old and the woman threw all kinds of allergy fits until he agreed to leave the dog at a an old dog farm. Broke his heart. He deserved a broken heart for doing it.

  10. Hope their marriage lasts as long as he had that dog! What a dumb dude

  11. I remember when years ago a male coworker's fiancé "had" to give up her cat to marry him bc of allergies. I still think of that when I see him today and marvel that anyone would give up a pet for him. My husband had severe allergies to animals esp cats when we met, but years of exposure plus shots have done the trick. After 15 years, he hardly notices the cat and mastiff in bed next to him!

  12. I actually really liked this show at first. I have always supported the Muslim religion. I have know what it is to fall in love with a Muslim and not be one so I felt for one of the characters. But then I find out one of the women on the show is an avid supporter or HAMAS and now I cannot blame lowes at all.

  13. First the ratings on this show tank more each week.
    I guess we Americans love immigrants who come and love this country and help to make it great.
    I think we are insulted by those who strive to create their own nation within a nation and demand that all others accept them or label them bigot or haters.
    I think Americans are a bit leary of Cair with their pushing of dress, morals, law, and the keeping of pets.
    If I had a company with advertising bucks to invest, I would not invest it with a show losing audience week after week.

  14. Lesbian4Janelle said -

    "But then I find out one of the women on the show is an avid supporter or HAMAS and now I cannot blame lowes at all. "

    Oh dear. Which one is that? I imagine it's the oldest Amen daughter, Suehailia, who lectures all over the place about women in Islam. Now I'm sad.

    The only people I actually like are the cop and his family.

    This boycott is so stupid, in that perfectly US American manner. That said, after the treatment of Jeff by his wife and her family over the dog, I'm not watching anymore. Personal preference only, I can't watch cruelty to animals. They don't have a choice, we do. No 16-year-old dog should be thrown out of their house, away from everything they know, so Jeff can prove he's really becoming a Muslim.

    Too bad it doesn't fit Muslim requirements.

  15. You must live in your own little world... The uproar if Lowe's would pull out of a Christian show because it was Christian would be TREMENDOUS. It would completely shut down the company.

  16. OMG this is toooo funny!

  17. OMG that is freaking hysterical! great pick! thanks for sharing!

  18. This was GREAT. I love this blog- you all have the best humor!!

  19. Great Video! I love it when I am frustrated by news I hear, then someone like Jon Stewart makes it into COMMON sense by showing us the ridiculousness of it!