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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free Hunter Brown - Suicide is not a joke or a ratings ploy

Free Hunter Brown
Suicide is not a joke or a ratings ploy

Earlier this season we heard that Hunter might be “suicidal”.  This is not a word to throw around lightly.  Given what is now commonly known about teen suicide, many viewers understandably became upset and came to view Hunter protectively.  Viewers “adopted” Hunter in their hearts, even more so when we saw, as the season wore on, how Hunter was unafraid to call a spade a shovel.  “Free Hunter Brown” became our new slogan.

But halfway through the season Hunter was shown as suddenly recovered from this potentially suicidal state and was newly portrayed as a “hormonal monster”.  So which is it, teen in a fragile mental state, or HM (otherwise known as normal teenage boy)?  Some viewers began to suspect that Hunter being suicidal had been used as a ratings ploy.

There are warning signs when a youth is contemplating suicide.  Hunter did display one prominent sign:  he stopped participating in an activity that he really loved (football).  He was also portrayed as much angrier than usual, another sign.  But there are usually signs.  

Some resources will be listed below if you are interested in learning more or if your family needs help.  Please know that you are not alone; my own family has dealt with this issue.

I think it is irresponsible to discuss a child’s depression / mental illness on national TV in such a sensational manner, totally lacking in sensitivity (in my opinion).  But the Browns made that decision.  What I find interesting is the lack of on-air information about having Hunter assessed by a mental health professional (also known as taking him to see a doctor).  That is an essential step if a family is truly worried that someone is potentially considering suicide.  Why would it be OK to talk about Hunter’s mental health, but not about treating him to improve his mental health? Once the Brown family made the decision to discuss Hunter’s mental health, the topic of treatment could not reasonably be considered out-of-bounds.  Could it be that he was not taken for assessment?  If so, I think that is the same thing as believing your child may have a broken bone and not seeking medical help.  Irresponsible?  Neglectful?  A form of abuse? Perhaps.

Even worse, could it be that Hunter was never “suicidal” in the first place and that this was simply a ratings ploy or a misunderstanding of how normal teens might react to abnormal situations.  If so,  SHAME on you Janelle and Kody Brown.  Post on the board and explain to us what really happened.  We care about your son and love his Chutzpah; tell me I am wrong and that you took him to a doctor for assessment.  Tell me you did not try to make money off the angst of your kid, angst that you provoked and created.

Resources for Suicide Awareness and Prevention:

Written by: Terrasola

**What an excellent article. This was bothersome to many. What are your thoughts on how this was played out on the show? MS 


  1. I totally agree with your sentiments about suicide and the need for intervention, and I really think Hunter needed to speak to a professional because he did seem depressed. But I don't remember it being suggested on the show that he was suicidal. There is a big difference between being depressed and suicidal. I remember seeing that he was depressed and hated the move, I just don't remember anyone saying he was expressing suicidal tendencies. Maybe I missed that part though.

  2. You must of missed it. First, they ran it all summer. Hunter storming out, Maddie saying he was suicidal. Then in the first episode, I believe, they talked about it.

  3. This kid seems like a typically moody teenager. He's pissed because his family dragged him away from his friends and school and he has to start over somewhere else. Uprooting kids especially in their teenage years is really hard on them not to mention daddy, his newest twinkie and the fact that their family is on national TV for all to criticize.

  4. Should they have played up SUICIDE for ratings? If it was true, why didn't he get help? Oh, and Testosterone monster?

    The pit was irresponsible of the adult Browns to let this be played the way it was. Teasing suicide. Kudos for pointing this out!

  5. I am so glad you brought this up, for it had "bothered me rather" (W the P)

    Think about if you were on a Reality show.
    Would you, seriously, allow this to be played out as thoughtlessness and irresponsible as they did?

    The ad ran all freaking summer. Maddie saying, he's suicidal.....
    Then, they say it again.
    What do we see? Kody at a loss, and thinks he's a real dad b/c he can "talk" sports to his kid. (and, he had to think about that)
    Janelle is worried, but she still let it happen.
    THEN HE'S a Hormonal MONSTER???????

    Is that what you would call someone who was suicidal a few short weeks ago?

    Then... like all BROWN upheavals... we see nothing that would cause a change but ZAP! All better next show. well, not really since these pictures are from the last show.

    I feel it is a DISGRACE to the entire family that no physiological care was mentioned.

    Now a Brown lover might say "maybe they didn't show it." Well, why not? they can call him horrible names, say he's suicidal, but not be-able to say he received help and care?

    EITHER way, this is a disgrace to not only the parents, but a chance to educate viewers on the rates./ websites for help.

    I think it is despicable. (saying it in my Yosmite Sam voice)
    My favorite line of the whole season???
    Hunter: Ok Johnny Appleseed!!!!!!!

    Mariah, Logan go into polygamy.
    Maddie, Aspyn, Mykelti, Hunter RUN from it.

  6. Mister Sister said:

    You must of missed it. First, they ran it all summer. Hunter storming out, Maddie saying he was suicidal. Then in the first episode, I believe, they talked about it.

    Thanks, I figured I must have. I only DVRed the show and don't watch the channel regularly so I never saw the teasers, I do remember them talking about his being angry about the move.

    It's despicable that they would use the kids emotional issues in any way to promote their ($$) reality show. Then again, I don't think too highly of any of the Brown adults anyway.

    I think they are all a bunch of opportunists and messed up individuals, from everything I have seen. But that takes it to a whole other level of wrong

  7. All excellent points!

    If suicide is ever mentioned by a teen, in any context, it should be taken seriously. Drama is the language of the teen. Nonetheless, if the idea is a part of their vocabulary, it has to be addressed.

    I hate TLC so much. They have to take some responsibility for screwing up the lives of the Gosselin and Roloff kids. Pushing the kids into scenarios that provoke better story lines for ratings is a horrible practice...and TLC has completely abused kids in ways that would run afoul of child exploitation if Reality Shows counted as real TV. TLC wrote their own rules of exemption from all the laws and guidelines that cover employing children in the entertainment industry. They get away with too much.

    Hunter is the only one asking good questions in the family. Why does his dad not pay attention until Hunter raises the stakes with more dramatic language? Then Hunter is dismissed as a "Hormonal Monster". Way to go, Kody! Such sensitivity and insight there! Your son is trying to get your attention and you blow him off so you can get to Robyn's by 8pm, Meri's by 6am. What a great dad!

    Free Hunter! I hope someone stays in touch with the boy and offers some calm, light assurance to the kid.

    @Logan, I don't think he is as into this polygamy stuff as others do. He's just trying to balance things and create calm, like his mother. If I've read correctly, LDS and FLDS men have a special relationship with their eldest son that mirrors god to Jesus (Mitt Romney refers to consulting his oldest son a lot.) Logan is parroting creed because that has been his role from birth. What he feels internally is a mystery, very like his mom.

  8. I don't know how I missed it but I didn't see that Maddie said he was suicidal. I know quite a few people who say things like, "if I don't get that, I'll commit suicide" as a way of dramatizing their life (which is something I dislike very much as my mother died by suicide a year ago).

    Hunter was definitely severely depressed and should have received some professional help but I don't know if he was suicidal. Then again, it's not a far jump from severe depression to suicidal especially once hormones are added to the mix.

    I'm just speculating, but it may be that Maddie was using suicidal to over-dramatize the situation or to tease him and the editors used the statement for ratings.

    I'm appalled that TLC and the Brown family would treat the mention of suicide the way they did. Neither suicide nor severe depression is a joke and it seems that TLC and the Browns used it for ratings and $$. Whether or not Hunter was actually suicidal, TLC definitely should have listed some resources. I wonder if the Browns had some input into not adding those resources? I can totally see that dick of a husband aka Kody saying that they don't want to "legitimize" suicide by providing resources to help deal with the feelings. Although I don't think he'd use a big word like "legitimize".

  9. Thanks for bringing this issue up to the public's attention. I don't know how the Brown family deals with mental health issues, but generally Mormon Fundamentalist families DON'T deal with these issues instead categorizing individuals needing mental help as bad, weak, sinful, faithless, or having evil spirits. I hope the Brown family doesn't let their pride get in the way of their son's health.

  10. One clip where Maddie speaks of Hunter:


  11. Vicky Prunty- To your point, that is exactly what Kody did when he called his son a "monster" on national television.

    Everyone makes good points here and thank you to Terrasola for writing this up and bringing it to the forefront.

    I know that this was mentioned many times before, but I think it is appropriate to bring up here again: Not only did the Browns (specifically Kody and Janelle) exploit their son, which is particularly horrific given what they were exploiting him about (he is really upset and depressed- let's tell the world about it) but they then proceeded by permitting that idiot Robyn tear the kid apart saying how he had hurt HER.

    These people really boggle my mind and I think that this entry is particularly poignant given the recent one focused on Janelle and everyone's opinions of her. Allowing your son's hurt and anguish to be exploited for $$ is not okay and I would venture to say borders on abuse.

  12. I think it is something completely different than you all are guessing at. I think ya'all should re-examine the whole way hunter acts, take a step back and watch it again. I think he is struggling but not with depression but maybe coming out.

  13. Christine isn't getting any professional help for her depression that we can tell. Her statements don't sound like someone in therapy (though she needs it.) She probably went to an UrgentCare, got a script, filled it and taking them as she sees fit.

    One of the signs of cultic societies is that they forbid members from seeking information or input from outside sources. We need to ask Troy about this, whether AUB allows psycho-therapy. Or not, since we all know it doesn't. Bet many of the women are drugged to the gills on Xanax and such prescribed by ordinary doctors.

  14. Anony 12:34

    Interesting point you have. I think the main point being made here is how horrendous it was for the Browns to pimp their kid out for ratings///and possible neglect his emotional well being by not taking him to a therapist. Even if they did, it's irresponsible to show one side on TV and not the other- for young impressionable teens that are watching.
    Christine has been going to a therapist, so why shouldn't Hunter?
    Kody is probably jealous of Hunter, too.


    Stargasm and other sites used to "borrow" from here all the time- right down to the pictures. (Ever think of watermarking them?)Until, basically, some commenters here got on to them.
    Isn't loyalty great!

    ANYWAY, Then, on Facebook and on Twitter, they turn around and BUDDY up with the Browns.

    What a shame they wouldn't "Borrow" this. If anyone out there knows someone /// where this article could get more attention, this is the one to do it with! They won't grab it, b.c they might make the Brown's unhappy. That's what I LOVE about this site. You are more concerned with matters of the heart.

    I was appauled by the actions of the show. And yes, I have dealt with this, so it is a passion of mine. PLEASE Put this on your facebooks, re-tweet, whatever you can.

  16. I have a couple of thoughts. It is easy to blame to TLC. After all, they gave us the Gosselin fiasco, the Roloffs, Toddlers and Tiaras, and the list goes on. Many of these shows demonstrate extraordinarily poor parenting that could be considered emotional and psychological abuse. I am not sure why anyone would believe that Sister Wives would be handled any differently by TLC. I don't think anyone at TLC has a moral consciious and truly they are just a big money making machine. When drama can no longer be manufactured by the Sister Wives, TLC will show them the way to back door.

    So, I am thinking the fault lies with the parental units. I am in complete agreement that Hunter's issues should not have been addressed on national tv. Once they made the decision to show that, there should have been follow up with resources. Teen suicide is a critical issue and the signs can often be overlooked explaining it away to hormones and normal teen angst.

    Kody is a douche. No matter what way you cut it. He is not a father to any of the children (unless we are now counting the Saviour King). I don't believe Kody knows how to father, nor may even have the capacity to father. His comments on national tv regarding Hunter were uncalled for and potentially could have created a worse situation for Hunter. Peers can be cruel. But, imagine how Hunter must have felt seeing that. Allowing Robyn to speak about how her she was by Hunter - grow the F up bitch. Your suppose to be the adult.

    I simply struggle to understand why anyone would sell out their family and their privacy for money. No matter how much money, money doesn't last. The same way the other TLC families were "created" and had their 15 min, eventually SW will fall apart too. I just hope there is not too much damage done to the children. The parents can be on the receiving end of the karma that will surely come their way.

  17. Mormons are notoriously known for their "fake the smile til you're happy" philosophy. It's just not ok to be mormon and be sad longer than a minute or two if at all. Hence, the popular song ,"Turn It Off!" from the Book of Mormon musical.

    However, since that obviously doesn't work, ( for the past 10 years or so) Utah has led the nation in the highest per capita rate of prescription anti-depressant prescriptions filled.

  18. I'm around teenagers all the time, and Maddie using the word "suicidal" didn't phase me. Teenagers are possibly the most dramatic people on Earth--the problems they are becoming aware of are the biggest problems they have ever faced, so for them, their dramatics are justified--and I hear "suicidal," and "kill myself" references a lot. So I don't think Maddie's comment was too alarming or offensive.

    Is Hunter suicidal? I don't know. I think he's having a hard time, but we don't see enough to decide that.

  19. Still, it shouldn't be shown the way it was. So not cool. It was a BIG deal that he was depressed and angry.
    What got my was when they were on the TV circuit. Ever notice that when the host asks Kody a question, Christine jumps in and answers? I used to think she was a limelight hog until I realized--- they are afraid to let Kody speak!

    I'll have to go back and find it, but Anderson, I believe, asked Kody about his communication with Hunter, what did they talk about. Kody was stumped!
    All I could think was... my husband may not make a lot of money, etc., BUT.... would have no problem answering the question. The problem would be shutting him up!!!
    That man does not know his kids. Now Robyn is there, she is taking away the much needed TEEN time, and they know it.
    I forgot about Robyn whining... that's for reminding me. That pissed me off the first go round. It's ALL about her, isn't it? She does that shit so Kody will run and tell him to be nice to her. Pathetic. Will make him hate her even more.
    Another thing I feel is abuse is the fact without the kids.... not much of a show.
    BUT, instead of saving money for college, it's 4 houses, nails, clothes, you name it. Robyn probably has 10 beds by now, one for each room and one at Meri's!!!! THAT pisses me off.

  20. I think this lifestyle has caused severe emotional damage to many in that family. Christine went on psych meds so I certainly hope Hunter did as well if needed. He and Christine seem very close since she was "Mom" while Janelle worked. The bottom line is that TLC and this family pimp out situations for ratings and it's disgusting to involve children. This poor kid has had private issues thrown out for the world to see along with being publicly humiliated by his father and girlfriend #4. This is a form of child abuse in itself and not taking a minor for evaluation if they are suicidal is negligence and can be reported. Are you reading this TLC & Kody & wives?...shall we add child neglect to the welfare fraud, falsified bankrupcy docs, etc?

  21. Sinister Sister -

    I don't think Christine is seeing a therapist. She doesn't talk like it anyway. Regular MDs will dole out anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds like candy without any oversight or referals to a therapist.

    Anon 1:21 -

    It's common now for show producers to own critical sites to gain their ad revenue. "Own" loosely, that is. They pick a site critical of one of their shows and make a deal. For a small percentage of the ad revenue, the site agrees to let the show marketers and producers edit their posts more positively, use their pictures and videos.

    I'm unaware if Stargasm did this. A couple of telltale signs though -

    1.Stealing content from better, more intelligent critical sites.

    2.Very good ads on their site of the kind usually only seen on the official sites for the original show.

    Food Network Humor definitely has a deal like this. Rotten Tomatoes washed out their gossipy content and got better ads after signing a deal with studios. Just Jared was a fun gossipy site until they cut a deal with a group of publicists. Now their gossip is heavily edited and Just Jared infects your computer with all kinds of ad-ware.

    I'm sure, if TLC considers SWs one of their hit shows, that they have worked out a deal with some site and work hard to subvert all criticism there for the hits that lead to more revenue.

  22. Oh jesus PETE!!!! No edit button!

    I meant in last paragraph -

    "...work hard to DIVERT all criticism..."

    Where is my brain? Anyone find it under their couch?

  23. plot you don't know what they are talking about, obviously. They used material from this site. I don't think you were around then. Geez.

    I agree, it's not good when parents let their kids be used. Simple.

  24. Sorry if I wasn't clear Anon 2:43. Yeah, I knew about the content theft. I've read a lot of old posts. What I meant to say, and failed miserably, was that content stealing is a signal that the site (Stargasm) has connections to TLC or the producers of SWs. Not definitive, but that is a habit of "critical" sites that are merely dummy sites set up for the ad revenue hits from anyone looking for criticism of a show.

    I just reread the paragraph above. Too tired to make myself clear and have to walk the dogs. Anyway, maybe it's a issue for a blog post, not a comment. Move along everyone, nothing to see here but a sleep deprived woman babbling.

  25. Imagine you're a kid who has a lot of friends and a great after-school outlet (football). These are good things to have when you consider that the one man you crave attention from is too damn busy juggling three wives and his honey on the side - soon to become your "fourth" mom whether you like her or not - oh, and she's got three kids you must instantly become a big brother to. And you'd better love all these new people instantly because "Dad" says so.

    Then absentee dad announces that you're moving to a brand-new city, and you can't tell anyone that you're leaving because the law might be chasing you. You move into a house away from the kids you've grown up with, your biological mom is clearly depressed about not being able to work, your substitute mom is on depression meds herself, your older brother is Mr. "Take a Chill Pill, Hunter," and your dad is...hmmm...still absent because he's in bed with your newest mom, who clearly has issues with you because you don't shower her with the love and affection she feels she deserves without actually having to earn any of it.

    I'd be depressed, too. Really depressed.

    Thank goodness Hunter seems to at least have his sister Madison. I hope those two turn 18 and make tracks out of there. Kody won't even notice.

  26. Stink Eye : I definitely agree that Logan and Mariah will "choose" this "lifestyle" from hell. I disagree that Mykelti will run from it though. Do you remember the episode that she refused to go to Church at one of their homes? It wasn't because she doesn't believe (like the smart one, Maddie) but she refused to go because it was going to be filmed for TLC. She told Kody on the phone Church is private and sacred. If she thinks that, she obviously believes in "the Principle." (Principle=Plural Marriage) They just call it The Principle.

  27. What tremendous valid points you all are making here. I am seriously re-thinking my feelings for these wives. I used to be "3 wives fan" but NOT now, after what they have done to Hunter. Hmmmm, new name? "Free the children"? "Stop the madness"? Or just..."So sad" yep that's it.

  28. Great post, Terrasola. We all poke fun at the show and make our snarky remarks, but at the end of the day, I'm sure most if not all of us really do hope the best for these kids.

    My take on Hunter is that none of us - including those he lives with - really know what his mental state is. Only Hunter truly knows. Having said that, from what I've seen of him on the show, my impression is that he's just fed up with the whole situation that his parents put him in and he's acting out as a result of his resentment toward his parents.

    On a much lighter subject...again with the VOSS bottles in the first picture?!? Finite resources my ASS!!! LOL

  29. I have a question. Slightly OT. I know that California has pretty stringent child labor laws which regulate the tv industry. Pennsylvania found themselves being scrutinized with the Gosselin drama because up until '09/'10 the gosselin children were receiving nothing and a court order was needed to specify monies that were to be set aside for them in trust. Currently Pennsylvania is trying to pass laws to protect the use of children in the entertainment industry.

    So here is my question? What are Nevada's laws for children in entertainment? I am thinking with Las Vegas and the shows there surely must be something addressed. However, my concern is that the teens in the Brown family are definitely "working" thus the couch interviews. The other children are being filmed and it highly unllikely that everything is shot in one take - I can't imagine the number of takes it took to film the family gathering after the birth of the golden child.

    So, are there monies being set aside specifically for the children? And if there are, how does this work with their religion - don't they have to tithe or give excess to their church? I fear the children will never see a dime for their efforts.

  30. Only getting to the today's entries now.....

    SOOOOOO many insightful replies !!
    Bravo, Terrasola !!!

    plot said...."Uprooting kids especially in their teenage years is really hard on them not to mention daddy, his newest twinkie and the fact that their family is on national TV for all to criticize."

    This kid so, so, obviously DOES NOT want to be on TV, to be filmed, to be *exposed* to the world.
    What doesn't his MOTHER and FATHER not get about that ??!!!
    Sure, some of the 17 kids may get giggly about being media stars.....but this boy, Hunter, does not !!
    It IS abusive for his parents (and the other self-styled Mommies of him)....and TLC...to expect this boy to participate in what he so obviously dislikes.
    And to add abuse to even more abuse.....they force that kid to hold the newborn Messiah on camera and pair that clip with Robyn's whining about how "Hunter hurt her"....appalling !!

    Yes, absolutely....
    TLC is grinding out the ratings and $$/bucks in their ever-growing stable of Reality *Family* Shows, displaying families in a way that is no better than an intrusive TSA pat-down.

    Disgusting !!!

  31. A big thing that polygamas children face every day, is thier own mothers bias. The mother insinuates or even so much as tell their children that they are better than the other wives children. If any child has strong physical triats from the father. The wives that are not that child mother, are very resentful and sometime abusive to that child. I think that is normal human behavior. One of the many reason polygamy is so distructive.

  32. Building on Anne's question about child labor laws -- is it possible that Utah's laws on child labor are more restrictive/defined than Nevada's and that was another (more pressing) need for the move?

  33. I always thoroughly enjoy your thoughtful posts, Terrasola. They bring to light, in greater depth, the madness surrounding this family's lifestyle choice.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly: suspected suicidal tendencies are not something to be taken lightly.

    Further, I believe that regardless of whether he was clinically depressed, expressing suicidal ideation, simply blue, struggling with his overall identity, or "being a moody teenager", it was explicitly stated in at least one episode, that he was not acting like himself (I.e. withdrawing, giving up football).

    Therefore, it behooved his assclown (sorry, I feel very strongly about this) parents to get him assessed, in order to find out if there was something to take further action on. Period.

    It baffles me and I find it utterly repugnant that these morons have exploited and publicly maligned this child in the ways that they have, particularly in relation to his mental health.

    Free Hunter! Indeed.

  34. Sorry but rule number one is don't address that childs issues, behavior, anything negative in front of their peers or in public at all. That is the first thing learned by people who work with children and teens.Even with just substitute teaching, that is burned into our brains. Hunter might face bullying and prejudgments because of the Browns' lack of sensitivity. And if I was in his situation, I would definitely ave a hard time. If he believes in monogamy but is forced to live and accept polygamy it would be hard! It's living a lie and being forced to follow something you do not believe. I feel he is not the happy-go-lucky polygamist child that they want to portray. And it's not his fault. If he believes and wants something different, he should be allowed to express that without being chastised. Of course he can't though. Robyn is already singling him out and he is being tagged as a "problem" and as a "hormonal teenager." I think his depression may be real and I can say that if I was in his shoes, I would certainly not be able to handle that. I would've cracked and exploded already.

  35. Whoops, I meant "hormonal monster."

    and child's* not childs..lol

  36. Kody calls Hunter a hormonal monster and Robyn whines about how he hurt her feelings on tv. Dad and his mistress are abusive morons. Hunter's frontal lobe is far more advanced than the "adults" he's around for sure. The slime surrounding this family will continue to ooze out and I only hope the kids are OK when Kody World finally implodes.

  37. Let me clarify.

    Suicidal teenagers and signs of suicide should not be taken lightly. Nor should their problems be handled in front of the world--that's the worst things about these stupid reality shows.

    But I don't think a child's older sister throwing the word "suicidal" out once means that a teenager is actually suicidal. If anything, Maddie should be talked to about that. That's all I meant.

  38. from what I remember, it was Madison who said, the first time, 'Hunter hates it here, he is suicidal'. I did not take that seriously because it was coming from his 15 yo sister, who also hated being in Vegas. Afterwards, possibly, TLC, the Browns got alot of feedback from that-and at first played up his depression (if he had any) and then, it seems, AFTER POSTS WERE ALL OVER THE 'NET asking, insisting, that he get therapy, help, Janelle suddenly stated that he and madison were all better-and Madison who dyed her hair black because of the move, went back to the lighter color. Now, considering Madison has had black hair WAY BEFORE THE MOVE.. I did not believe anything what Janelle said. So, is Hunter suicidal? Don't know-we can only observe and come to conclusions, but, remember, we only see what they WANT US TO. But, I do agree, Hunter does not want to be on tv... maybe a DNA is in order-definitely did not get that from KODY.

  39. Whether he is or not, TLC and the Browns should not toy with such things for ratings.

  40. If anything, Maddie should be talked to about that. That's all I meant. "

    My problem with all of the Hunter clips and references to Hunter's *problems* on the show are....
    I doubt that TLC could be filming minors without the legal guardians having a say in the final cuts before they are aired. TLC alone would not want that potential liability. But we would hope that the "parents" would have wanted it anyway..(we can hope)

    Which means that they (the Brown adults) knew what Madison said, had more than enough time to explore and decide what context she meant by it and whether it should have been aired.

    Her mother, logical, intelligent Janelle, knew that clip would be shown.....just like she knew exactly what she doing when she discussed her son's emotional stability *on camera*.
    And yes, it would have been normal since she did choose to say it, if pragmatic Janelle had also followed up with that he was getting help.

    Kody obviously didn't care about his son being singled out....
    he was probably too busy fluffing his hair for the next camera shoot.

    Since they are supposedly all mothers to *all the children*, obviously Mom Meri and Mom Christine didn't notice or care that Hunter was cruelly subjected to such public scrutiny.

    As for Robyn using that poor boy as the poster child for her personal campaign/demand of "I am not to dissed or ignored"....
    Shame on ALL of the adults for allowing that to go down like that against a young teen.

  41. I have personal experience with teenage depression. If my father had reacted to it by belittling me through minimizing it on national tv by referring to the problems I was having as me just being a hormonal monster it would have been devastating to say the least. I wouldn't let Kody parent my pet rock.

  42. Just in case he is severely depressed and suicidal, why don't we desist publicly going on and on about it.

  43. I think that obviously Hunter is a smart young man. Seeing something like this post may help he realize that he is NOT wrong. They are the mess ups. See what the parents brought on?

  44. Don't all teens know their parents are mess ups already, anon12.23 ?
    For one thing, he's upset at the litter size. Don't blame him. I came from a litter a quarter the size of his, and didn't have to answer to 5, count 'em five, parents. Poor pups, uh I mean children.

  45. No, all teens don't feel that their parents are mess ups. In today's society- parents and children are getting along better than ever. At least in my family.

  46. Excellent Article!!! BRAVO!!!!!

  47. Outstanding work here. I really hope some newspaper or such picks it up.

  48. I just want to point out that Queen Meri likes to brag about her former "career"
    working with "at risk youth." Well it's blatantly obvious to me and from reading this blog many other viewers as well, that the KB-FUs are a plethora of at risk youth. So there you go, Meri, start working already. Also not to sound like a goody two shoes, I have worked with at risk youth offenders since 2006 and have known one who has taken his life just 2 short weeks ago. Furthermore, in my experience many or dare I say most, have mental health and various other issues and challenges ranging from depression, to bi-polar to aspergers and autism. As you've probably guessed, in
    my line of work massive interventions and daily procedures are followed to insure the youth revives the appropriate and customized form of treatment and support. It disgusts me that Robyn has picked a very public critique of her supposed "bonus" child. On one last note to speak to the seriousness of suicide, my late brother in law actually spent time at the facility I worked for, grew up with depression, parental issues which led to substance abuse aznd so on... Last year at the age of 30, married with 4 gorgeous precious children, threw himself in front of a car and died.

    The fact that TLC uses these children's dismay as a ratings ploy is inexcusable.
    -anonymous in Canada.

  49. I haven't read through the whole thread, but if teenagers are discussing suicide and parents don't address it responsibly, they may as well let the kids do it anyway, because the teen may avoid the ultimate act, only to smolder with those feelings for years on end, and this is not a healthy way to live.

    Are they avoiding the reality of professional medical treatment for Hunter? That's a big problem in the AUB. Large numbers of people in the congregation avoid seeing a legitimate, non-AUB doctor, and usually for completely irrational reasons based on ignorance and FEAR.

  50. Troy,
    On SW Maddie said Hunter was suicidal, and much was said about his depression. Then, on national TV, Kody said Hunter was an "Hormonal Monster"- but no talk of him receiving professional help.
    THAT is what has everyone upset. If True- they were negligent, if false, sad they would do it for ratings?

  51. I think they're being negligent. I don't think they're creative or organized well enough to use this for ratings. That would involve planning ahead, and that doesn't seem to be their style at all.

  52. I am glad you pointed this out. I noticed it also, and was bothered by it. GREAT JOB@@@

  53. I hope the Browns see what the show is doing to their family. I pray they get out of TV business

  54. Hunter can come live with me anytime. FREE HUNTER!!
    God, I thought I was going to bust my gut when he popped off to Logan (CLONE KODY)
    Johnny Appleseed!!

  55. Hunter, YOU are on the right track. I bet in 10 years, you will be a great man, with a great head on your shoulders, and maybe...ONE wife. GOD BLESS!

  56. Hunter, I hope you and your siblings realize how messed up this all is. Love your parents, but MOVE ON and don't follow polygamy.

  57. Hunter, take Garrison and Phaedon with you, they don't get any air time anyway!LOL

  58. I hope Hunter comes and sees how outraged so many adults are. If this is true, and you were that emotionally upset, Hunter, realize your parents are doing the best they can under the circumstances. And those circumstances (polygamy) has hurt you- so PLEASE don't go into it. Please learn you can love god, and the only thing you need to get into heaven is his grace. DO NOT GO INTO POLYGAMY OR STAY IN THE AUB.
    If it was a hoax, and you were a good actor, I say, shame on you but.. still your parents put you up to it. NOW GET OUT before you become that dad.....
    Ad as for ROBYN, we are all hoping you show her what a stupid bitch she is. Ignore her dumb ass.

  59. Hunter on drugs?
    Has anyone noticed how puffy Hunter looks? That along with his strange behaviour of wanting to be alone in his room much of the time and his mood swings makes me wonder if he is on drugs of some kind.
    Any comments?

  60. Hi Almitra!

    I think he just looks like a "Brown", not necessarily puffy. As far as wanting to be alone in his room and mood swings - well, I was the same way when I was a teenager. I think he's just going thru those tough teen years!

  61. And yet you all watch. It. Just saying