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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking Back at the Browns.... Sister Wives

Blast from the Past!
After coming out to the world on national television, the Browns share their intentions.

Boy, they seemed so honest and sincere in the first few shows....
Why is Robyn talking here, when she's new to polygamy? We should have see the writing on the wall then...
Do you see differences in the Browns since they have become reality show stars? Like so many before them, have they gotten cocky? spoiled? unspoiled? the same? I don't think any of their intentions were this pure and simple. Do you think their intentions were this pure and simple after seeing the lawsuit, move, pimping of products and endorsements, as they proclaimed in the beginning?


  1. I never understood their belief that the rest of the world is so preoccupied with them. We're so different, we aren't like that, we aren't what you expect. *big eye roll*

    If I had ever devoted any time to wondering what they are/were like, and I didn't, I would have thought they are a lot like all of the other brain washed plygs without child brides.

    Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...

  2. Well, think about it. Even in that clip, they were never actually honest. Even back then, think about the food stamps, rotating bankruptcy, and all that garbage.

  3. robyn really was a ball-hog with that. She just goes on and on and on. Around 1:10 Janelle looked irritated with her, like "Shut up already!"

    Reason #451 why I like Janelle and not Robyn.

  4. Over the last few nights I've rewatched the first season. I hadn't seen those first episodes in a long time. I was shocked, especially after reading this blog for weeks now, with the changes in this family. What happened?? Robyn happened. The first couple shows are not too bad. Then Kodee goes 'courtin'. Remember the wedding dress epi where Kodee/Robun drop the bomb that they pulled a fast one and kept dress shopping a secret? Kristine walks off the interview and then apologizes to them and 'promises to be better' and Robin nods and begins to cry. UGHUGHUGH!!! My mind flashforwarded to hiding a cheap ugly watch in Robuns suitcase and giggling with Kodee, Kodee presenting it to Kristine and K acting like it was the best thing ever and apologizing for having the 'blues'. Makes me sick. I also couldn't help notice in first episodes how much Meri talked about how she was SO excited about the arrival of Truly, they show her shopping for clothes for her. Then they show them moving furniture in Kristines room to fit a crib because theres no place else to put Truly. Meri also talks about her special bond with Kristine/Janelle and how worried she is about Robun being there. Was the lying then or lying now?? They are all very different. Except Kodee. He is exactly the same-a clueless d-bag, acting like he's 5 yrs old, playing with his ratty hair.

  5. Robyn sure like the sound of her own voice, doesn't she..... ugh

  6. I wish Robyn would stop talking like a hillbilly. I'm so tired of hearing "fir" for "for."

  7. Breaking news for anyone who checks the SW page on FB----
    the option to post on the wall is gone. You can comment on what SW posts, but you can not write your own post. I was just scrolling through and they all disappeared.
    Whatever will I do without my Melody Lafavere posting craziness? LOL

  8. Yes, they've always been lying. The lying started with the originator of "the principle" and only expanded with the denial needed in order to live it.

    I'm glad their image has changed over time. It'll be interesting to see what the end result is. I suspect things will break down even more.

  9. I have always thought what was hidden was more interesting that what was shown in the show.

  10. Robyn MUST be the center of EVERYTHING!! Tired of her droopy chin and crying over nothing!! I can't help but think that if ONLY her ex would write a tell all book on living with the Queen Bee, he would end up a Millionaire!! Then we can really get a great shot of King Kody SNARLING!! LOL

  11. Insecurity

    Just a short comment from Amsterdam where I live:

    I do not watch the show on television. TLC shows it here too but they are a season or two behind. I have been watching the videos on TLC's site for some time and I also read the blog. For me polygamy is something which maybe happens in an irreal world very far from here and also something I cannot understand. That is why I got curious about this show.

    My comments:

    1)It seems that beliefs are holding these people together as they do not seem happy, however there might have been better times.

    2)Kody:I do not understand the obsession with getting even more wives and more children when the ones he already has need all his attention.

    3)Meri: What is the issue about infertility? She has one child. Many people can have none. It is her insecurity what makes her share her husband. She is clearly obsessed with him.

    4)Janelle: She is not really interested in Kody. She thought he was her best option after being divorced so young in such a narrow minded comunity. She likes her kids and her independence and she can be a good mate. Again, insecurity.

    5)Christine: She wanted to be the "cozy" wife and she succeeded for many years but age is catching up and she cannot be the happy children factory any longer. Her womb has now been replaced and this gives her... insecurity.

    6)Robyn: She loves attention. She got it and she could also escape the trailer. Two birds in one shot. She needs a bit of ... insecurity.

    One more thing: I do not like it when people call them names. They are people like us and they should be treated with respect, also if we do not like what they do. Personally, I would like having the oportunity of having a chat with each of them to try to understand what really moves them.

    Thanks for the chance you have given us all to read and write.


  12. WatchingNow,

    Thanks for the info on their fb page. We've seen them try to control their image....blocking people on twitter, eliminating comments on youtube and now restricting things on fb.

    But the truth is still there for all to see...lies lead to misery.

  13. Robyn's speech is hilarious! She is giving such a detailed explanation of the stupidist thought, with examples! Seriously, it is SNL worthy. "The idiot family" gets a reality show. Episode 1: "this is a can of corn. It has a can. This is the can here. This over here is not the can. People might think it is the can, but I can show you its not. Look no corn inside"

  14. Does anybody know where Robyn's mother is? I saw her father when she had the baby but no mother...

  15. These folks have such absurd egos...they had this grand get rich quick scheme planned out from day 1 (and I think even TLC fell for the "we want to change the way people look at polygamy" line). They just never considered we would look beyond the fakeness and lies and see how really dysfunctional they are. I'm sad for the children because they have no choice except to participate in this circus.

  16. The SW page referred about is the TLC Sister Wive facebook page. Makes sense TLC would want to control the image of the Brown's because they do represent TLC. I like the format better than the family friend run facebook because it makes sense and doesn't seem so disorganized.

  17. Why does Kody yell at his daughter for wearing a tank top, but he allows his daughters to be shown on national TV in bathing suits? Seems a bit arbitrary.

  18. Robyn is so fucking annoying!

  19. Robin's lecture....
    Actually she would have been more convincing if she was hawking the labels of the mega-layer of liner and mascara she was wearing in the clip instead of what plygs are all about.

    Robin, when being a spokesperson, less is best. You actually unraveled your own point with your rambling.
    And please, enough with the concerned, down-turned eyes and pleading tone. It's a turn-off....seriously.

    Kody and the harem,
    You know, and we now know, that you ALL really do not care about re-framing what the rest of the world thinks of you. And you didn't back at the start. This clip was a performance.

    You are performers, earning the paychecks. That is what it was all about from the beginning.
    Food stamps & welfare scams and Janelle's salary just weren't spreading far enough, were they?
    And then, the Prophet sent TLC....hallelujah !!

  20. Robyn's explanation is indeed hilarious and SNL worthy! It is especially funny in that she has only been in a polygamist marriage for a short time yet she is the one going on and on (and on and on) about how people are so grateful they are on tv to show what polygamy is all about. Maybe the reason it only shows Meri and Robyn for most of Robyn's rambling is because TLC didn't want to show Janelle and Christine's reactions to her babbling. "Yes, this is my husband. He is not your husband but he is their husband. They are his wives. I am also his wife. I am his favorite wife. You are not his wife. I don't want you to be his wife because then you might become the favorite wife. I am an expert on polygamy because I married my husband who has other wives. Polygamy means other wives. And me. The favorite wife. That's what polygamy means. People tell me thank you for being the favorite wife. People are so happy I am the favorite wife and that everyone can see me being the favorite wife on tv."

  21. Anony 10:54AM

    Hahahahahahahaha! Everyone on here is so funny. Much better than the show.

  22. Anonymous 10:54pm - Love it!

  23. Credit should go where credit is due: I was totally and completely inspired by Anonymous 7:14 p.m. - that SNL "idiot family" can bit was true comedy gold.

    Anonymous 10:54 (I am still trying to pick a decent user name)

  24. I once saw a t-shirt that said something like: "I can see your lips moving but all I can hear is Blah Blah Blah." This sums up how I feel about listening to Robyn.

    She is the newbie in this relationship. She should sit back and respectfully listen to the words of the women who came way before her and actually have some life experiences to share, but she just Can't. Stop. Talking.

    I also loved how Kody shouts "We're naked!" at the beginning and starts partying in his seat like the cat that swallowed a cage full of canaries. "Tool" is now too good a word to describe him.

    On another note, I've started reading "Love Times Three." The "ick" factor is enormous. I can't put it down.

  25. Jay Leno can play Robyn on the SNL Idiot Family thing

  26. Robin needs elocution lessons than if she talked a little less she would be almost bearable. She talks like the all the kids are hers, they didn't grow up with her! Kids aren't property, you don't get to be there Mom just because you married their Dad. And what is up with a divorced mother of 3 wearing a wedding gown to have a big ceremony to celebrate being a fourth wife? Since they are so traditional Robyn shouldn't have had a white gown. I feel bad for Mariah because they are always talking about how Meri can't have more babies. Meri says she is glad to have Mariah but as an afterthought. A woman that has struggled with infertility should be happy and thankful that she has a healthy daughter, not preoccupied with not having more. Mariah gets the message that she is not enough. When Christine had Truely Kody said he was glad the baby was a girl because then Christine might have more kids. Poor Christine is also put down for just having one boy. If he really valued his family he would appreciate all of his kids as individuals but it's all about propagating for Kody!

  27. Has anyone ever seen the character Vicki on "Little Britain" Reminds me of Robin the way she babbles on. Someone like the guy who plays Vicki would definitely be a good Robin in the Idiot Family skit!

  28. If Kody really was spiritual he would respect his daughter not wanting their church service to be filmed. She wasn't trying to get out of going to church! she wanted to go to church and worship privately He should be glad that church is so important to her and respect her spiritual beliefs, he was very condescending.

  29. "Jay Leno can play Robyn on the SNL Idiot Family thing"

    LOL...Yes, Robyn is "chin-challenged" isn't she??

  30. Is it just me or do they all look thinner in this video? Especially Meri...