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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FLDS community said to be purging itself of outside influence

SALT LAKE CITY — A new crackdown on followers of Warren Jeffs by his own lieutenants, and a ban on such everyday items as children's toys, have triggered turmoil in the FLDS community. Former members of the group say a large-scale purge is underway in the twin towns of Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah. Many followers of the imprisoned polygamist leader are being forced out and many others are said to be leaving voluntarily because they're disturbed by what's going on. "A lot of people are scared; a lot of people are just getting tired," said Isaac Wyler, a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. "With the numbers of people that are being kicked out right now, yeah, I'd say it's a purge."
With the numbers of people that are being kicked out right now, yeah, I'd say it's a purge,
–Isaac Wyler, former FLDS member
Among the new edicts, according to Wyler, is a ban children's toys. "Also," Wyler said, "they have been told to get rid of their bicycles and trampolines." Observers say it's part of a program to cleanse and purify FLDS members, with a deadline of Dec. 31. FLDS faithful reportedly have to profess their loyalty to Jeffs and to show they're obeying his moral edicts. If they don't do so by the end of the year, they're out. Attempts to reach FLDS leaders for a statement were unsuccessful. One person who has acted as an FLDS spokesman in the past said he believes the leaders would have no comment on the new developments.
Convicted child-rapist Warren Jeffs is reportedly still pulling the strings from his prison cell in Texas. Former members say his edicts are passed on through phone calls to FLDS leaders. His brother, Lyle Jeffs, appears to be the most powerful FLDS leader outside of prison. Tensions are on the rise, according to private investigator Sam Brower who has tracked the group's activities for years. "I think Warren's getting them wound up pretty tight," Brower said. "I worry now more than I ever have before."  More than 100 used bikes are for sale at a business alongside the highway in the FLDS community. Brower said he knows an ousted FLDS member who tried to give bicycles as gifts to his estranged children who are living with their mother under FLDS control. "He brought brand new bicycles to his kids," Brower said, "An hour later they were in the dumpster."
They've completely banned Internet from Colorado City. They don't talk to anybody on the outside unless it's for business.
–Carlos Holm, relative for FLDS members
Former member Carlos Holm, who has numerous relatives in the group, said many FLDS members are quitting or expecting to be forced out by Dec. 31. Holm said FLDS leaders are cracking down on entertainment and outside sources of information, enforcing bans on DVD movies, news media content and the like. "They've completely banned the Internet from Colorado City," Holm said. "They don't talk to anybody on the outside unless it's for business reasons." He also said FLDS members were ordered to make a list of their personal possessions. "And they're supposed to write down everything they had," Holm said, "every last item in their house — from a dish-cloth to every butter knife — everything they owned. And if they owned any movies they were supposed to write that too. But they'd obviously lie about it so they wouldn't be kicked out."
FLDS families have been told to turn over $5,000 to the church, Brower said, and all members have been told they must be re-baptized by Dec. 31.

Wyler said members are required to profess their loyalty to Jeffs in personal interrogations by the end of the year. "They're going to ask them if they believe that Warren Jeffs is the prophet of God and will they obey him 100 percent, and things like that," Wyler said. Interrogations have been so intense, focusing on intimate sexual matters, that many are quitting before they're kicked out, Wyler said. "They're just leaving. They're just saying the questions they ask are way too personal and they feel violated when they're done," he said. He believes by the end of the year, hundreds will have quit or been kicked out. Typically, departing members leave behind fractured families because church leaders reassign their wives and children to faithful FLDS members. The disruption of family life could put FLDS leaders in danger, according to Holm. "There will be violence," Holm said, "because people have been, their whole entire life has been completely destroyed by Warren Jeffs."
"They're having meetings every day. (Warren Jeffs is) backing them against the wall."
–Sam Brower, private investigator

Wyler and Brower said the bans on toys and bicycles stems from printed declarations by Jeffs. He has taught that children should not be encouraged to play but should be put to work and, in the case of girls, be turned into mothers. "His purpose is to take all the joy out of life," Brower said. Wyler said a ban on toys is not a surprise, since similar bans have been in effect for years at the FLDS ranch in Texas. "They'll do anything in a cult," Wyler said. "To me, it's a cult. And the more control they gain over the people the more cultish it becomes."  Brower also worries increasing pressure by Jeffs on his own followers is a sign of a dangerous tendency. "They're having meetings every day. He's backing them against the wall," Brower said, comparing Jeffs to such notorious religious leaders as David Koresh and Rev. Jim Jones.

"It's getting really weird," Brower said. "The rabid 'Warren-ites' are taking over." On Monday, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff received a mailing of purported revelations from Jeffs. The writings claim that God wants imprisoned polygamists released. They also predict death and destruction to countries that don't "cleanse" themselves, including the United States.  Brower said he has information that three truckloads of "revelations" were mailed last week from Colorado City, presumably copies of the documents received by Shurtleff.   Email: hollenhorst@ksl.com
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(Courtesy of KSL.com Utah.)


  1. These people are scared, tired, and now this?
    I think we should PRAY for this community. I look for a Jim Jones happening soon to PURGE those that they just PURGED their pocketbooks.

    Many on here are Christian or Jewish. I am christian, can not IMAGINE hearing of a friends religion or mine being PURGED.
    This is pure evil. Distance themselvs all they want from it, the Browns are in faith with these people.
    IF the Browns would be honest, they would tell you 60 yrs ago, their elders were FLDS. They are a branch of them. They have the same beliefs except for the age bride thing.
    It's a CULT folks, AUB, FLDS, Mormon, CULT.

  2. This is very sobering news. It sounds to me like the cult leaders are preparing to literally serve "the koolaid" to the members.

  3. Truly tragic. Unfortunately typical.

    After committing huge ethical breaches, that result in retribution, societies rarely change direction and augment their flawed moral structure. They usually heap on more restrictions, follow their rhetoric more adamantly to avoid the obvious Truth - they were wrong, their leaders were rotten.

    Sad. Societies like the FLDS will commit more draconian abuses rather than change. This is just like the wider U.S. rhetoric that we just need to kick ass solve any problem, yet every time it fails us, no matter how much we increase the ass kicking.

  4. once the purging happens, this place is DEFINITELY ripe for a Jim Jones kool-aid event. as if the years of child rape aren't already bad enough with this group!!

  5. This is so very sad. It makes me get on my knees and pray for these poor lost souls that don't know any other way. It so easy as an outseider to say... Why I'd leave!!!
    So many can't even get out of a bad relationship, much less a whole lifestyle.

  6. sh$% Outsider. I wish we could edit these!

  7. Im willing to bet the people that are being kicked out are devestated. Soon, soon some will realize, getting kicked out saved their lives.

  8. I'm betting that folks like Ms. Flora Jessop are working overtime to help those that do get kicked out.

  9. Is there no stopping mentally ill people like Warren Jeffs from inflicting this atrocity on these people? So scary. I agree that the Brown's may not agree with the child bride aspect of this "religion" but how can they say Warren Jeffs is evil but Joseph Smith, who was also just a MAN who wanted to have multiple affairs, is some kind of prophet who received a "revelation"???? Same, same..... More than ever I wish these women would see the light.

  10. One of the questions I have is what Jeffs is planning to do once this purge is completed. At that point, he (or his lieutenants or to whomever he gives power) will be surrounded by all devoted followers. This is especially true if he forces everyone to move to Texas or some other central location.

    So what is he going to do with his people once he's purged out everyone who doesn't follow him? Where's he going with this plan?

  11. Chantelle, this would be a GREAT question for Troy. Would you like to post if over in Cosmo's Corner, too? It is at the right- top. Thanks!!!

  12. Hi, folks, I have a general question. GagMe (nice name) said "It's a CULT folks, AUB, FLDS, Mormon, CULT."

    I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am hoping this is not just another anti-Mormon blog. I am enjoying the discussions of polygamy and am in admiration of the tenacious research skills of many of the participants, but am hesitant to engage if there is a predetermined bias against the mainstream LDS Church. I am not here to defend or debate my faith. I am an active member, temple recommend holder, and a Relief Society President. I am comfortable with who I am and do not feel the least bit brainwashed or that the members of my ward fit that description either. Is there room for me here or am I wasting my time?

  13. Hi Anonymous, you will find all kinds of comments on here - from Mormons, as well as from those who think Mormonism is the root cause of all this mess, so, as long as you can be tough and not get your feelings hurt if someone says something you don't like, just pile in and have your say!

  14. Sounds good, I just was hoping there were some open minds here and not everyone is Mormon=CULT. Now I have to figure out how to post without using my real name! Everyone else has some type of ID. I am obviously new at this BUT I am an old pro at genealogy and have some interesting Allred research to share.

  15. flds is exactly the same church Joe smith started and if the church was ever true they are right and the cleansed version of mormonism is wrong. my opinion. not anti mormon just my opinion based on my knowledge and understanding and personal experience.

  16. If any of the sister wives crew are indeed reading this blog, this message is for them. (it's also for the regular LDS who bug me in the streets with their message of their religion is THE one true religion, that mine is false, and also the Jehova's Witnesses that ring my doorbell)


  17. Anonymous 10:18
    Everyone is welcome here. No one may attack you for your beliefs!

  18. this religion/cult is worse than a life prison sentence ......

    in Prison there are phones, TVs, gyms(exercise & entertainment) and prisoners do have fun!

    but this is way too much - all these people living in fear ........ of the leaders of their faith!!!

    what is next???

    a ban on laughter(too frivolous?)?????

  19. I will add.... the FLDS/AUB, etc. are Fundamental Mormons who believe in Polygamy.

    Mainstream LDS DO NOT believe in polygamy, nor have leaders that are tyrannical.

  20. Mister Sister said...
    Chantelle, this would be a GREAT question for Troy. Would you like to post if over in Cosmo's Corner, too? It is at the right- top. Thanks!!!

    Done! Thanks very much for the suggestion.

  21. Anonymous 8:58 said "what is next???

    a ban on laughter(too frivolous?)?????"
    Well yes, there already is to a certain extent - the temple rituals say "loud laughter" is a sin and I believe that the FLDS have some teachings about laughter making the "spirit" leak from your body!

  22. FORMER L.D.S. This is what can happen when a country ignores this tradition of religious freedom it was founded on.The LDS Church was FORCED to abandon the belief system upon which it was founded.Had they not done so they would have faced a blockade preventing anything or anyone leaving or entering UTAH without the permission of the government of the United States.This is a historical fact that is continuously and conveniently ignored.Had this country done what was LEGAL and HONORABLE Warren Jeffs would have been unable to attain the position that he has and the FLDS Church would be respected as much as any other Christian Church is!

  23. Unfortunately many of the members believe that their eternal exaltation is tied to their belief system and that Warren really is the only mouthpiece of God on the planet. Their own fear of where they will end up after they die will prevent them from leaving. Fear of spending an eternity in a place less than the Celestial Kingdom, which they believe they have earned, will prevent them from leaving the hell they already live in but cannot see out of blind obedience. Religious convictions based in fear always trump rationality.

  24. Warren Jeffs - #control pedophile narcissist.

    Take away all forms of toys? Those moms must be going through a horrible time. What does he care, he isn't raising any of them. He will burn in my book.

  25. Well I guess that somewhat flipped on them. payback.

    1. BewareOfThePlanetYouChooseJuly 8, 2012 at 10:30 PM

      heehee, yeah, payback for bullying the non FLDS. I hope they clean THEIR bullies out! And sex offenders.