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Saturday, December 17, 2011

KODY BROWN on TWITTER: If you don’t like what they say, BLOCK em!

Let’s take a look at Kody’s recent tweets.  Solomon is trying to talk at 5 weeks? The kids a genius!  I wonder if Kody only sees him about once every 4 days like poor Truly. Hmmmm…

That makes my blood boil that Kody and Meri were at the concert instead of a Logan’s championship! I guess date night was too important. There’s the sad thing about this “polygamy” jive. They want you to believe that they are this all for one family, yet, why aren’t ALL of them there? Or at least the Moms that could go? So many parents can’t afford to go to all the school functions, and this one can’t because of a date?  I am glad I am that part of America where the whole dang family drags out for every game. We all love it, too.  Kody, that just makes me sad for you. It’s the kids’ senior year! They call them “moms” so why weren’t all the other “moms” watching Logan? In our area, even aunts, uncles, cousins, friends come to hang out at kids’ games and talk. They make such a BIG DEAL about family, I am not seeing the support, Take a kid out of his school his JUNIOR year, and 1 parent out of 5 go? I CALL BULLCRAP!~ (and I am slapping my leg and tearing up) I would feel much different if I heard all the others went.WOW, GREAT Concert for such FINITE resources. Let’s see, in less than a year, how many concerts, trips, eating out, etc have we been to now? 

Here's a view of the last tweet when a fan responded, before she got deleted:

And the last tweet. Mixing business with your Doc, Kody? 

A fan of Kody’s read this and got concerned for HIM.  Let’s call this fan “BETSY”. BETSY decided to “tweet” him back, sincerely asking him a question about the Ethics. BETSY asked him if it was unethical for a chiropractor to enter a professional relationship with a current patient.  And, you know what KODY did? He DELETED her post and BLOCKED HER. No answer, no private message. BAM! 

It hurt BETSY’S feelings, because she was actually trying to help Kody Brown. BETSY was actually questioning Dr. Wright's ethics, not KODY'S. It hurt her feelings and somewhat shocked her. The lady was trying to help! She wondered if she had done something wrong. She wasn't used to adults behaving in such a manner.

Sadly, it didn’t shock us. First of all, let’s face it. KODY is only interested in those who love and worship him, he just saw someone questioning ethics and RAN! Too bad he didn’t see she wasn’t questioning his. 

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I passed her email on to a physician friend of mine.  She said that A Physician DOES NOT enter into a business relationship with a patient; however, she wasn’t sure of a Chiropractor’s standard’s were.  COMMON sense tells you that an ethical health provider of any kind would not enter into a business venture with a patient, but, as my friend says, it’s a “gray” area.  So here KODY has, by flying off the handle, hurt the feelings of a woman who was looking out for him! Go figure. 

KODY’S behavior is so predictable. If he doesn't like what someone has to say he bans them. He only wants to hear happy news. And if he doesn't know how to CONTROL it, he gets rid of it (so long, youtube...for now). Frankly KODY wouldn't know ethics if it bit him on his polygamous ass! And he calls himself a businessman…….bwahahahahaha!!!  KODY should not have mentioned the business meeting. But that's KODY. It's like he believes EVERYONE loves him and what he does. But he can't handle the truth many people DO NOT love him. Now, he's opened up this Dr. Wright to people questioning the Dr's judgment and ethics for being in business with an idiot.  If I were Dr. Wright, I’d choose my business partners more carefully. Let's hope the good "Dr" says thanks but no thanks (yeah right) to a business venture.

In other words, KODY… read carefully before you fly off and hurt a FAN’S feelings. Be rational. Its actions just like this that makes bad business. Just sayin. Oh, and don’t bite the hand that feeds ya…. Viewers, fans, are those hands!


  1. It really is a shame that they were not there to support logan. The more I get on some of these blogs, the more I realize that no matter how much the mother loves the child, she will always put herself first in front of father in polygamous families, my own humble opinion. Some seem to feel threatened by the fact that they may lose their time with their husband to their children. This may not be true for all poly families, but I am having a hard time finding one that is not like that. I have been reading this blog for a while and love it. I recently found another one called polygamy 411, for muslim and non muslims in polygmous marraiges. I have been addicted to hearing these woman talk about their struggles and how they have to work on being a better person. I may not agree with polygamy, but I do believe Consenting adults should have the right to chose. Therein lies the problem though. What child chose to come into such a strange and disfunctional way of life. Again, thanks for the wonderful blog and I hope to speak a little more on here. Lisa C

  2. Notice the caps "Dr. LOREN WRIGHT." Nothing else in the tweet is capitalized. Is there some business arrangement between the two of them involving kickbacks?

  3. My heart goes out to Logan..he is my favorite, and from what i see, HE'S more of a father figure than his own father! Of course, in Kody's mind, the Concert is way more important than Logan's wrestling match! NONE of these woman will ever leave him..Ever! Although Queen Bee Robyn is hoping the other 3 wives will.Kody can block who he wants..he just doesn't want to hear the TRUTH!! His other sites with all his good friends running them,deletes anyone who remotely asks a question that they don't like. Glad we have this site. Thank You!

  4. Meri should've canceled the concert plans once she knew that Logan was in a wrestling championship. PERIOD. I know that as a parent, I can't be at every single school function, but this sounds like an elective date-night with Kody and Logan should've come before that. But I imagine all the kids are used to not coming first, second or even tenth when it comes to their dad and his precious time.

    I used to focus my intense dislike on Kody and Robyn, but now I'm beginning to think that all five adults are tools.

    Janelle should've put her foot down on this one.

  5. funny I was at the same school same time at a Debate tournament. Having kids in activity's sums up my social life. My husband and I have 6 children and now that half are teenagers its even busier. Last night is a perfect example of how adults with children find time together. We dropped our kids off at a Christmas Party, went shopping, had coffee and pie together picked them up and went home. Polygamy is no excuse to put yourself first. When you have kids you encourage them and you find moments together not entire evenings. Just my opinion. Dont get me wrong time together is important but your children need you to be there,and to want to be there. Any family is hard pressed for time around the holidays with tournaments concerts ect.... so why not plan these "special nights" around a less busy time of year?? How about Meri and Christine go to the concert and let Kody cultivate a relationship with his son!

    sorry for the rant but this is exactly what gets me, have as many wives as you want but why have kids you cant or wont spent time with!

  6. Kody sperminating the wives comes before everything. Juggling the 4 wives is much more important than the kids.

    It's a wonderful world for Kody, everyone fighting for his attention, no one disagrees with him for fear of losing the tiny crumbs he gives out. If the whole family doesn't make it all easy for Kody, he doesn't show up for long.

    This is probably the basis of his relationship with Janelle - her kids are the best to hang out with. Where is Logan complaining that his Super Dad isn't there for his championship? He won't, because dad will deny him flat out next time.

  7. I think that's why it's on the site- it is infuriating that Kody and MOTHERS can't get a schedule going where KIDS come first. I am sick o hearing date night crap. I agree totally with MS and others that say their social life is their kids, so is mine. I LOVE IT! In fact, after 22 years - it bothers me that my youngest is nearing graduation. That's all we do, go to games, concerts, see the same families, enjoy our time watching our kids. and you root for the other children too! I bet Kody has NO IDEA about the kids friends. We all saw that AWKARD June pool party. By June he should have known the kids. POINT IS that Kody and wives put themselves first, kids rank according to newness. How sad is that.
    A LIV party is the stupid products that the Browns have been hawking. I you go back to Oct. on the site- they show you where they LIED and said it was a humanitarian event, which it WAS NOT. They sell bogus, over priced health stuff.
    HAHAH GOT them good with the Humanitarian event, several bigger sites ran it and even sourced it to here!

  8. The date night stuff gets me too. In a marriage with one man and one wife, they might do a date night once a week and the other evenings are devoted to kids activities and family stuff. It seems to be one big long string of date nights for Kody and the kids get whatever time is left. And the leftover time better be on their mom's night. There is obviously no time left for these kids. It is like Kody is a four times divorced father, actually a four times divorced father would have more time with his kids, as his visitation days would be devoted to his kids! This family is not spending time together during the day (they live in four separate houses). If they were trying to paint polygamy in a positive light, they have failed big time!

  9. Good post. You're spot on. There's 4 moms and 1 dad but only one parent goes...really, really nice!!!Meri is starting to make me cringe, seriously I'm almost disliking her as much as Robyn.As far as the chiro goes...hmmm isn't it interesting Kody has a female chiropracter. Kinda weird since most chirpracters are men and kody is a man you'd think he'd be more comfortable getting adjusted by a male doctor but maybe Kody is shopping around for a 5th wife after-all...

  10. Or maybe Kody is afraid to let a male chiro touch him. Maybe he'll want a different sort of 5th wife, then.

  11. @plot
    haahaha...good luck to the 4 wives trying to compete with that!

  12. As a mother who recently sobbed all the way to work because my 8 year old was getting an award at school and I couldn't be there (we had less then 24hrs notice and asking for time off in retail at this time of the year is madness), I CANNOT, CANNOT imagine why anyone would go to a concert instead of an important event in the child's life.
    PS She got the award and loved showing me when I got home. Daddy made it to the ceremony cos he only has one family, us. :o)

  13. 1. Exactly, many families have to trade off at time, but missing for another wife? AND, where was MOMMY ROBYN AND CHRISTINE?
    geez. Robyn has a been a grit in my craw ever since since was whining to Logan about being around for the "big brother" gig.
    Let me tell you, Robyn has a BUNCH of little siblings, she wasn't a big sister too!!!! She better shut up about it.
    She still could be a big sis, she CHOOSES not to.
    NO ONE has mentioned what a jerk-off Kody was to that nice lady. I feel for her! He does turn into Warren Jeffs when he is not happy, or being fawned over, too bad he didn't realize she WAS.

  14. Kody's tweet about the wrestling/date night seems off to me. It almost seems fake. Why would he add in there that he was going to a concert w/ Meri and that Janelle would go by herself? He could have just said "Logan is in a wrestling tournament tonight, we are so proud of him!" and no one would have been the wiser about the concert/Janelle going alone.

    If he truly wrote that post himself, then he's a bigger loser than I thought!

  15. Obviously the post was intended primarily as a plug. I doubt he gets more than a free adjustment once in awhile - I don't consider a Kody Brown plug any better or worse than anyone else's. Bottom line I don't think a mention on FB or a tweet merits more than a thank you otherwise it becomes advertising. Who knew that Kody even went to a chiro? I'm guessing the "business meeting" has something to do with the health club project. Pretty common (at least around here) for a local chiro to affiliate him or herself with one or more fitness clubs in the area.

  16. Hmm.. what is it that they say, "You don't shit where you eat."

    A provider should never have any personal involvement with a patient. Huge conflict of interest.

  17. "Laura K said...
    Meri should've canceled the concert plans once she knew that Logan was in a wrestling championship. PERIOD."

    I agree Meri is a tool and obviously does not treat the other kids as her own, but R, C, and J don't either. So much for one of the most important perks of "The Lifestyle". And Kadouche treats each kid like he/she has one parent, the mother. Outrageous!

    The ball is in Janelle's court, but she sure does not seem to have the backbone to stand up to Kadouche for her son or any of her kids for that matter. She brought marketable skills and a decent work ethic to the table for, it seems, the benefit of everyone but her own children.

    She has not been powerless in her relationship with Kadouche. But he seems to have no role in his and J's kids, ie Logan preparing breakfast when their father should have picked up the slack. Now he literally brags that his "date night" with Meri is so much more important than anything going on with Logan. Poor kid.

    Logan is J and K's son and they should have been at his event unless they were at their own funeral. Period.

    This is the woman who tells us at the beginning of the show her life is awesome! How does she look herself in the mirror?

  18. I agree with most of you all.
    Kody, and all the other Moms, beside siblings, should be there. Kody is a dumbass for announcing it! And where was Robyn? I guess they are only close when they are getting paid to do so.
    And how he treated "Betsy"! How awful! She was absolutly right... No doc has business with their patients. How dumb is he? How mean and rude was it to just delete her message? then BLOCK her? Come on, it's not like she's the FBI. She was trying to warn him- what a crude individual.

  19. A. Let's face facts, they are all pretty crappy parents. Too much time focused on "Kody" and not a normal family.
    b. One commenter somewhere on here was so correct when they said, these kids don't even get as much time as a divorced dad of 4 wives; even then, at least time spent is focused on them and not date nights.
    c. All the posts above are great!
    d. Betsy, if you are reading these, if it was up to me, I would be Cousin Eddie and get him and tie Kody in a big bow and take him to your house!!! LOL (meant with love- I hate to see people be kind and get hurt)

  20. I forgot to add: it's difficult to imagine the Kodster having a positive impact on a reputable business such as Dr. Wright's (assuming he is reputable!!). The Brown family has nothing to bring to the table. Run Doc, run!

  21. This is not meant to be in Kody's defense...but the chiro who affiliated with our gym offers "club specials" to members - and employees (personal trainers and instructors primarily) got free adjustments/services in exchange for promotion (i.e. recommendations). every so often he would set up a table in the lobby to talk to members about whatever it is that chiropractors talk about. There are TONS of chiros in my town and it's highly competitive so any type of promotion is good :)

  22. I would surmise that the business has to do with LIVinternational products and the gym. It does all fall together nicely, don't you think? All associated services, products that can be pushed at the same place.

    Also Robyn was wanting Logan to be an example to her boys, be a role model for them, blah blah. But she can't move her ass to support him at all. Nice going folks.

  23. Betsy, sorry he was so mean to you.

    I am glad his mean side is showing, sadly, to the world. I think he rules those ladies with a cruel manipulation of coldness and ignoring them if they don't "hop to the pop" of his every need.

  24. Yeah...what a jerk. Betsy, we glad you saw the light.
    With all those kids, why would you need constant date nights? Why is it so important to have the kids, if you don't care about them later?
    Here's what I say. Logan, get on national tv...single Robyn out... start crying.... Mommy Robyn doesn't make me feel good....bwahahahahhaha
    Just like she did your brother Hunter.

  25. It all boils down to choices. I guarantee that Kody will talk more about 'baby Solomon' more than any other child for the time being.
    It's his choice to date all the time, and forget his kids along the way.
    It's his choice to jump to a woman's conclusions on Twitter.
    It's his choice to read this blog (actually, have a asst. do that) and STILL not say I'm sorry.
    Great choices there, KOD.

  26. You mean Solomon doesn't know his ABC's by now?

    Betsy - Kody must of thought you were a "shark", he can't seem to get the concept that 90% of America thinks he's the tool.

  27. Meri is like a giddy teenager going to a concert for her "date night"...grow up already!Kodouche really should have gone to Logan's meet considering that poor kid takes on about 90% of his parenting duties-

  28. No surprise that Kody blocks anyone who is negative. In Kodyland, the Kodester is King, and whomever disagrees is banished.

  29. I cannot believe a date with one wife trumps watching his son's wrestling championship. Wasn't he the same guy who just had a wrestling-themed guy's night out? We get it, Kody- wrestling is "awesome" as long as you are the center of the wrestling attention but otherwise.....major yawn.

  30. As bad as I feel for Logan, I really feel for the girls. It would almost be better if they just had no father figure.

    Instead, they have the most selfish, childish date fiend, who puts his own needs first. Their entire existence is a competition to make him happiest, and that determines how you live in Heaven. Yay!

    Those girls will all have DADDY ISSUES. Like Robyn. That's what you get.

  31. He's not setting the bar very high, is he?

  32. Kodys gonna get his feelings hurt everytime someone ???s something he does. But he's in the 'entertainment' industry and now he thinks he's going into the fitness industry? haha. Good luck with that Kody.

  33. Where is Robyn's mother? I saw her father when she had the baby but no mother...

  34. Robyn's mother is happy being free of Robyn's whining, crying, lying and manipulation as well as babysitting her 3 kids.

    Seriously, Robyn's a user and she probably has no use for her mom now. Robyn's step-dad being there was just weird. It's my understanding she never even grew up with him. Maybe he's the only one she could get to come and watch her 3 kids as well as teach them about Kody "cutting the cord now." ick.