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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Post for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I am trying to catch up on my backlog of Beverly Hills Housewives. I am only through to the "birthday party" and I am seeing green.
Taylor whines, complains, and humiliates her husband to her friends.
She is out of control with her spending.
She blames hubs for it all.
He commits suicide, and she still films the show, is very capable of crying wolf and writing a book on abuse?
I say BULLSHIT! Something very strong is overpowering me saying he was the abused.
I feel for the man. I can't stand her even one bit anymore. If she is on next year, I may be over it.
I'll check back after I get to watch the rest. What were YOUR thoughts on the show this year?


  1. Well, I just finished watching this week's RHOBH and WHHL and while I believe that Russell did abuse Taylor, I don't think it was to the extent that she wants the audience to believe.

    She tries so hard to be the abused widow, but the lady just seems too happy when she talks. Like when Andy Cohen asked about her daughter Kennedy, and Taylor said that Kennedy was with her when Russell's body was found and had asked her "Did daddy do something stupid?" with nary a tear in her eyes! In fact, on WWHL she was joking around and having a grand old time. Andy Cohen looked more upset than she did! Totally repugnant woman!

    Taylor needs to go.

  2. I think Taylor is the nastiest piece of work ever. She is so fake and I seriously doubt the abuse. Also her child. Holy crap. She is so spoiled. My mother watches the show as well and says she is 'scared' of the little girl.

  3. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyDecember 6, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    Thank you for posting this, MS! I don't know how my brain cells will drain when both SW and RHBH are on hiatus! I don't know what to make of Taylor...and I like Lisa and Kyle less and less each episode....Adrienne is the only level headed one in the bunch (the Janelle, if you will). I enjoy reading the LA Times review of the previous night's episode on Tuesdays. You should google today's review. It is under the title of "Botoxic" and poses some questions about Taylor.

  4. I love my housewives trash reality TV but even I have almost had enough with the Beverly Hills housewives. They seem soooo horribly shallow, mean, money grabbing. Just not nice people in general. Taylor is a dramatic train wreck. I feel really bad for her daughter cause she just doesn't have a chance. Kyle and Kim were super nasty to Brandi. I actually cringed watching the games episode. Hate, hate, hate that Dana woman. Talk about pathetic wannabee. Lisa and Adrienne are really getting on my nerves this year too, not sure why maybe it's their very oppulant lifestyle they flash all over the place. I can't believe I'm saying this but Camille seems most likable this season.

  5. On Saturdays when I watch the RH shows I am struck by the similarities with SW:
    * People trying to pretend they are happy when they are not. Put another way, people trying to hide their unhappiness;
    * People self-medicating that unhappiness (drugs, booze, food);
    * People trying to put others down (the "if you're not so great maybe I'm not so sh&tty" game)
    * Unhappy kids who act out; and/or
    * People trying to live beyond their means. At the end of every season we learn that someone has declared bankruptcy or gone to court over money (Teresa and hubby from RHNJ, Taylor from RHBH, etc).

    Human nature does not change. Only the scenery is different.

  6. I should add that I'm a big Camille fan. Even last season. I try to like Adrianne but she talks down to her husband so much.

    I only watch this RH and I will occasionally catch an atlanta but all of those other ones are filled with women I cannot stand.

  7. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyDecember 6, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    I agree....Adrienne talks down to her husband, but I think it is just "schtick" for tv. I like Camille too, but I think she is also really snobby and condescending about money.....which she only came into through her former marriage.

  8. I still haven't had the chance to finish it, but I will!
    I used to watch the Housewives for silly humor- but if Taylor can destory people and keep it up, they will be crossed off my list. Thank God for Kim Z- I like her, thinks she's funny, and no so serious.

  9. I am having a hard time believing Taylor's story. I really think she was accusing Russell of abuse so when she left him she would be absolved of all of their schemes. I think if there was abuse, it was mutual. I think Taylor planted the story they were accusing Lisa of leaking. Taylor would lie if the truth was more interesting because that is how she is. I was a Kim supporter, but not as much after this season. But last season when Taylor called her out on her state of mind, I thought that was very odd since Taylor seems to be high a lot. Bottom line, she does not belong on the show with or without Russell. (If Russell was so abusive why did they have joint custody of Kennedy. No supervision, just Russell.)

  10. I honest to god think she is one of the most vile people on earth. Her husband dies, and she's writing a book about abuse? She's standing with her dtr. outside a window and see him hanging there...and she screams she needs her therapist, and the man with her had to REMIND her to take care of Kennedy? Those parties.... are for HER. Already dating after this abuse???? I wish someone would knock her off that show!