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Saturday, December 3, 2011

1978 - Bob Seger - Saturday Night - WAIT, no it's 34, div. with 3 kids, 10 months pregnant....

I'm sitting here sick, maybe the fever or my High BP is getting to me. Please click on Video and scroll down. Listen to the song as you read the rest.

When I saw Robyn lugging that 20 lb baby into her daddy's truck *Why the big deal to take it Kody?*
And....SIT RIGHT NEXT TO KODY LIKE A TEENAGER........Reminded me of 1977.

I was dating Brad who had been dating Steph who was a friend of mine since I was 3, until she told my mom I was kissing Rick when I wasn't.... ANYWAY
Brad had an old beat up truck, and after school we'd go to the hopnstop for a shake. I would proudly sit next to him like a teen in dry heat. Warm and fuzzy inside but not sure why?
Anyway, that's the ONLY time I can think of I sat right up on someone.
If my 34 yr old dtr. drove up with her husband sitting"next" to him, I would think she had lost her mind! (Thank you God for giving me her....not this!)

I later married a "bad boy" and 30 yrs later he is still as great, funny, and sexy as then so none of that oh, you don't know how to have fun posts.

Point: It's not 1977, Kids don't even sit like that today- seatbelts! rules!
It is pathetic to me that she is this desperate for some attention from this man. They all are starting to remind me of baby birds squalling for food from their mom. Except, they are the adults. Where in the world is their time for this kids when all the mommas need their dates?

Maybe I am delusional from illness. Or maybe a picture DOES say a thousand words.


  1. A musical backdrop! OMG!!!! I loved the story....i felt the love....multiplied! Mono style baby! great piece of work....send it to TLC...maybe your own show?

  2. HAHAHA Thanks!
    When I saw her get in that truck- I about died, and that song came in my head. Point is, immaturity is seen ABOUND in this group!!! hahaha

    My 16 yr old wouldn't dare to that... they are better at some common sense than the parents.

    Speaking of love... multiplied. When I moved on and Steph and Brad got back together (they were the TRU LOVES of the class!) she was pregnant 3 months later our Soph yr!
    Love multiplied.
    Happily divorced, she's still an old friend I'd do anything for!!! hahahahha

  3. Omgash, that was tooo funny! I did it like you said, I too am a early 80's teen - Got your point BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

  4. With the right tools, you would be perfect to put songs together for shows. Wouldn't be funny for you to do a SW show???? hahahah

    But, you are right, sadly. A bunch of immature adults they are!

  5. For Lord's sake put on a damn seat belt already and please grow up!

  6. Too Funny!!! You guys always crack me up!

  7. For god's sake! The only excuse for riding close are bench seats. Bucket seats make it ridiculous.
    Is Robbing risking the health of her baby by riding on the drive shaft? Without her seat belt, no less.

    Kody is so worth it!

  8. NO KIDDING! you are so right. Those little ford trucks have bucket seats and a console. What a two yr old. Just like how she didn't go to the Dr until she was what, 4 months pregnant and spotting. Money can't buy brains.

  9. Amused says....

    Mister Sister, Nice change of pace !!!
    Loved the song and loved the point !!
    Thanks....Hope you are feeling better !!!

    Robbing doesn't wear seatbelts especially while pregnant, but she is nervous and "scared" about having her baby in a hospital. But obviously not too scared to let sound and camera crews in to film it.
    These people are just a parade of contradictions.

    Cover up arms with silly pre-teenish outfits, but show inner thighs to the world.

    Hire a trainer "for four" yet stuff themselves and kids with carb-busters on camera.

    Repeat and repeat the sob story of "finite resources" yet scope out the perfect cul de sac for FOUR *NEW* homes.

    Express concern about troubled and conflicted teenagers, then clearly single out one of them specifically as hurting Robbing...and then making him repent on camera.

    Talk about Love multiplied while each of the three original wives now lives alone and shows obvious stress and depression. And show that now the *love-multiplied wives* do not even spend time together except for the film clips. (Which means that the kids may not either)

    The list goes on and on....

  10. the lyrics from the song that stand out to me that the SWs can each sing 3 out of every 4 nights about their dearest hubby:

    "i know your plans don't include me..."

    and sadly, the kids can sing that line for truth about Daddy probably 365 nights a year...

  11. that's an old-school "territorial" statement car seat position. so sad and i bet extremely embarrassing to the teens to see that. they have to put up with the remarks from their normal friends.

    But Robyn knows they'll all thank her later!

  12. When will Robun's frontal lobes develop?

  13. I keep telling my kids rednecks aren't unique to the South. Thanks for more proof! All that's missing is a Conferderate flag.

  14. This post reminded me of something that happened the other day. I was in the grocery store the other day when another shopper passed me wearing some stinking perfume. You know the kind of perfume that absolutely honks and darn near chokes you. I bet Robin has some sort of "signature scent". Can't you just see the Kodster leaving Robin's house and going to another wife for the night, she snuggles up to him for her scrap of time and smells another wife's perfume. And hey is that lipstick on Kody's collar in Robin's choice of hue? She isn't snuggling up next to Kody in that truck, she is marking her territory!

  15. Is that someone lying across the back window, in plaid pants? Or are my eyes playing tricks?

  16. Are there seatbelt laws in Nevada? (I thought every state had them.) I do not see one on Kody either. Great role models for their kids. Yes, the position is sickening-maybe the kodouchster wants to be able to put his hands on Robyn's stomach-to be in touch with his HEIR APPARENT at ALL TIMES! Or, if they have an accident, maybe Robyn wants to make sure they 'GO TOGETHER'... or, maybe, this was the way Joseph Smith sat... oh, nevermind. Do you realize we have not heard a 'joseph smith' STORY in a while? Was the last time when they were in Plimouth Colony?

  17. Damn. I have to defend Robun and Kodouche. My guess is that the baby seat is shotgun, so that is why Robun is in the middle.

  18. @ Catherine The plaid is Robyn's dad's arm. He went in the truck, too.

  19. Amused says....

    "The plaid is Robyn's dad's arm. He went in the truck, too."
    LOL..could be !!!

    I still haven't recovered from daddy dearest having a front row seat to the *birthing* end of the bed !!! Unless he has a gyno license, why was he there?? Couldn't he have just been one of the many shepherds round the bed *after the fact?*

    Uhhhhhh !!!

  20. Robin's Dad was sitting in the back seat on the passenger side.

  21. Yes, that's obvious. The funny point is, TLC DID NOT SHOW him coming, only the two love birds. MS is making a bit of a point.... listen to the song... those plans, don't include me!!! HAHAHAH

  22. I got it!!! also, "Still her we are, both of us lonely!" That could be C and J!!!
    I know your plans don't include me!!

    Brilliant! Also a little whimsical view of how they "clip" stuff- ex. We didnt see daddy Paul actually GO to the Mid'wives office.

    BTW, that dad gave me the total creeps. I mean, I adore my dad, but REALLY? Pics of the hootie? AND, does everyone know that IS NOT her real "dad"? Funny how they throw these terms around Sister, wife, dad, mom. Robyn acts like this baby solidifies her in this family, yet, wouldn't her children be "solidified" Jessops?

  23. hahahahhaha
    the maturity level is astounding!

  24. Child seat could of been strapped in the back seat w/ Grand Dad, leaving two belted seats in front, if they so choose.....They had options as we all do..... I am more focused on TLC not showing Grand Dad hopping in, implying it was a threesome up front......Goofy editing, goofy family, putting their goofiness out there, wanting us to comment on the mundane......Goofy......I love that the teens are tweeting, apparently fitting into teen life with new pals....good for them.....I want the teens to be enjoying their higjschool years and getting insights...and just being happy.

  25. Did we actually see Robyn's dad in full view of the birth? I must have missed that. It seemed to me that he was at the end of the bed, but more on the other side - like our view which was (somewhat) discreetly blocked by a hill of blankets. I unfortunately don't have the show taped to watch that part over.

  26. Why would grandpa have a safety seat in back? Really?
    Now remember, Christine said everything we saw would be real. And she wouldn't lie.

  27. TLC did show Grandpa going to the midwife's with them. They show him walking in and standing at the door as they are greeted. Unfortunately, I have watched this episode a few times as I wanted to show it to my best friend and my sister. Both were equally disgusted and they have not had the privilege of even seeing prior episodes to give it some more disgusting perspective.

    My question is why Kody needed to drive Grandpa's truck. Does Robyn not have a minivan? Would Grandpa not fit in Kody's chick-mobile? Could Janelle not lend her jalopy?

    Not only is he standing by as his "daughter's" (actually a step-daughter) "husband" Kadouche kisses and hugs his other "wives" but he is letting Kadouche drive his car. Why didn't Grandpa drive if they needed to take his car? So many mysteries.

    I really wish good old Comb Over Kody would pay us a visit.

  28. Anonymous 5:33 said...

    "Is that someone lying across the back window, in plaid pants? Or are my eyes playing tricks?"

    I am still laughing about this. The fact that we would not put something so bizarre passed this clan. LMAO!

  29. Her daddy is the back seat. Weirdo daddy, if you ask me. It's not really her dad and it's not her moms husband.

  30. Shhhh!! Robyn is enjoying her wifely time with her husband... Shhh... let her enjoy the scant time she gets with him!