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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sisters are our Eternal Friends

WOW! I couldn't believe it when I saw the copyright at 1998! Looked like something from the 60s to me. Imagine how much brainwashing those kids go through! Everything must be viewed and taught through manipulation eyes.

FLDS Polygamist Tract: Sisters are Eternal Friends


  1. Wow, just wow. If I have to see the word "sweet" once more I'm gonna throw up. Sugar is sweet. Sister wives sure aren't. The word's even in the first picture!

    "A father is the master of his home. It is splendid when sisters gather to be with Father."
    Uh, really?

    "Sisters will get a father's consent to do things. A father permits them to do things that are proper."
    How about the sisters develop their own brain and decide themselves what's "proper" and what's not?

    "These sisters do not have bad tempers. They are always on sweet terms with each other."
    *insert "Bullcrap!" here and slap your knee*

    Written by Lydia Steed...Isn't that Warren Jeff's mother? Now I know where he gets this idea of "sweetness" from....

  2. That is... super ubber creepy. I bet it was written by mom!
    1998? Are you kidding me?
    Yeah, no wonder they school their own. that's the kind of crap the Browns saw growing up, also.

  3. Ubber creepy is right! No wonder as adults, they all are so ass backwards!
    Seems to me... not only do they want to keep women sweet, they want them dumb.

  4. That's the 11th grade reader. Most kids don't get that far in school.

    It would turn me off reading for sure. I'd be dumpster diving for a romance novel. Good god almighty. Lucky I don't have words for this. There are blessings in being a dog, though not in their community, cuz they KILL dogs.

    They just almost kill the girls.

  5. No way! That could NOT be an 11th grade reader!

  6. The pictures are sweet. Then, the thought process of Which One was his next, makes me insane with protective fury. The mindset of each and every single female is lost to me. The mothers, sisters, little girls will never, EVER know that they are FREE in the US of A. They will never ever know that they aren't on this Earth to just marry/mate and breed. Surely there are artists, engineers and writers in there...
    I'll sign my name (don't have the URL thingy figured out, YET)

  7. Hmmmmmm...

    Going for a Pepcid......

  8. This is both disturbing and horrifying.

  9. OMG! Thanks for posting this look into one of the ways they indoctrinate females--I've never seen anything like this before.

    What stands out for me are key words which indicate females are supposed to: sit, be sweet and obedient, and aspire to sing.

    Makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. BC - how do you know that is an 11th grade reader? It cannot be!

  11. Why the heck is "Amy" listed as a "new word."
    --shakes head--

  12. Just kidding. However, it is true that most are not educated even to minimal standards of elementary. Education means nothing to them, just the words of the prophet and papa, drummed into their brainwashed heads.

  13. Ummmm...there are sight words for grade 11...really???that doesn't end in grade 2 or so? these poor girls (and boys) are stuck in a cylce of poverty and uneducation and it's really sad because the cylce just continues.
    Ummmm also this whole father thing in the pictures and such is soooooooooo creepy.

    zero culture and no education equal

  14. oh my. And the Aub probably does the same, thinking they are in tune with society since the moms would have 2 shirts on.

  15. The most horrify aspect of this whole cycle of abuse? The realization that this could have been me or you. This looks like the homework I had in 2 grade. Words are thankfully different, yet the pictures and quiz questions are like any other piece of school work. All the sect did was replace some words here and there. I never truly understood before...But these boys and girls never even had a chance, did they? They created monsters, that will never be free. And this could have been me.


  16. so what grade level is this really?

  17. ApplePie4Breakfast asks....
    The elderly gentleman in pictures #3 and #4 doesn't look like he's even the master of his own mind.
    Did they take these pictures in the nursing home?

  18. In the photo pictured above (first page of this tract), I believe the photo of the man on the right is Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs' father and former FLDS prophet. Is this correct?

    Who is the man on the left?

  19. He looks like Leroy Johnson with glasses...


  20. I believe this was in the beginning of Warren’s new society when he was the school master and had absolute control over the education of FLDS children. They were not even allowed to act like normal human beings and learn to navigate real social and emotional settings. What is the point of life experience if you don't get to experience life?

  21. This is so creepy. I'm starting to understand all the brainwashing that goes on.