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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Scour the Internet: Update 12/22/11

LIV! International Update

What's more important? Making an appearance in a Utah court room or having a LIV! party?

For the Browns, the answer is simple: Party, Baby! And for good reason. Now, hold on to your hats.

In fact, you might want to sit down for this one. The Brown Family have made it to the (drum roll, please) SENIOR DIRECTOR LEVEL of the LIV! International Sales empire!

I'm not exactly sure what this means - do they now qualify for the Mercedes or just the Cruise trip? And if it's the cruise, which wife will Kody take? And why they are listed as the Brown Family instead of
Kody Brown or even the Kody Brown Family?

And why is there a faceless cartoon caricature instead of a picture next to their "company" name, The Brown Family?  Haven't these people heard of branding? AND NOT THE COW VARIETY!

Y'all better put down that beverage, because I got another surprise for you. MERI and her favorite
sister wife ROBYN both made it to the 5K Manager level! Guess having your bonus daughters shill
that stuff to their friends  was a successful business maneuver after all.

I'm telling you, THE BROWNS ARE ON FIRE! Today SENIOR DIRECTOR LEVEL, tomorrow OPERATION DETOX on a GLOBAL scale. Who needs to appear in court - that's what lawyers are for, right? See Utah? The Browns can be successful without you. So Mr. Judge, when you decide whether the Brown's lawsuit has any merit, you just remember how they snubbed the hearing, and partied to Senior Director Level instead!


Oldies But Goodies

This is a tweet from Christine in November. Hey, I was busy, OK?

Christine giving the evil eye to Bram Stoker
 Christine tweeted:  Tried to read Bram Stokers Dracula, why?? Worse...I watched the movie...aahh! At least I don't have to finish the book...way to scary for me

Oh dear, Christine honey. Let me introduce you to my little friend (y'all get your minds out of the gutter!)  Stephen King...so, now that we're in the 21st century, why don't you update your reading list? You into vampires? How about 'Salem's Lot? I think I might even have a cassette of the TV movie, too!

Oh wait, here's one that Stephen wrote and the title is guess what? CHRISTINE! Here ya go, honey, you can borrow my copy. But I have to have it back, it's a first edition. Enjoy!

The Official  By Invitation Only And Only Good Positive Thoughts About Kody Brown and Family Facebook Fanpage

Now my intrepid undercover friend Antoinette had to temporarily "go dark" behind enemy lines but before she pulled the plug (for security reasons, of course) she sent me this.

I think he saw a mole...
Seems the minions over at the Kody Brown-Family Facebook page complained on Twitter about the 1000 friend requests they have pending. In fact, they figure they can only approve 10 requests a day.


Well, almost a month later, the friendship numbers are still lingering around the 1450 mark - and sinking. I guess if the minions don't like you, they wish you into the cornfield. <shudder>

Jezebel.com makes a boo-boo

Now this is funny!

Jezebel.com got PUNKED. Seems they ran a story entitled "Kody Brown's Precious Seeds Require Neverending Supply of Wombs". Now, Sister Wives Blog is not alone in reading tweets from the Browns. However, we are savvy enough to know that the twitter account @kodybrown is actually an imposter. Poor Jezebel.com thought he was the real deal and wrote a whole story about his...um...questionable tweets.

Then they found out he was a fake! How embarrassing! I mean they should have know @kodybrown was fake - he sound too intelligent to be the real Kody Brown!

Perhaps Kody should have claimed his name on twitter earlier...

Read the article here:

Well, that's all for now. Happy Holidays Everyone, and remember: I Scour the Internet So You Don't Have To !!


  1. 10 requests a day? Crazy. They must be nosing around each person's profile looking at information and trying to weed out anyone that may not agree 1billion percent with the browns.

    I think it is creepy. I do not want some family that I do not know (and actually several of their friends) nosing around my facebook.

  2. RE: Facebook site: Weird, they approved me. Not sure what the criteria is..... You do not see to many interactions, mostly random positive shout outs but in a boring format. Just occasional shout outs of how they love so and so. It got rather stale. I keep forgetting to check back, it was kind of boring and really disjointed, with periods of repetitiveness. Not really sure what the intent was. I saw positive comments which is fine. but it did not hold my attention so I could not see why there was such a waiting list.. Appeared kind of rambling for the most part. There is a husband/wife team moderating. He claims they know the family & are focused on taking the load off the Browns who are very busy. Makes vague references to knowing the family. Keeps saying he is helping the family and also ensuring their security.

  3. You know Bargain Babe, if I was on a reality show, starting up 2 businesses and had 1000 potential customers queued up for weeks waiting to be approved as a friend on my Facebook fanpage...I would not be a happy camper!

    And Anony, you are right. From what I've been told, when the wives would hold their after show chats, it was a nightmare. 50 people saying hello and how much they loooove the Browns and the interesting questions would get lost in the shuffle and never answered!

  4. EXACTLY! A gobbidity gooop of "I love you" and hello, hello, hello.

  5. You mean one of these women actually picked up a book and tried to read it? Anyone on this blog want to bet that Christine mouths the words silently while reading them?

    These women hardly strike me as well-read.