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Thursday, July 28, 2011

TLC goes inside the world of POLYGAMY - Part 1 - Part 3

ARTICLE BELOW - Journalist Dawn Porter talking about these interviews. 

Sadly, these are just excepts from what looked like a great show. I can't find the entire program online for us to see. But we will look at the excerpts, and Cynical Jinx and any others that have seen them, can help us fill in the blanks.

Part 1 - a peek at Boyd Knudson's family.  
A birdie told me that Boyd is an extremely wealthy man who can actually afford three wives - no welfare use. you will not see him on camera for fear of losing clients, although, his name is pretty public.
PART 2 - A discussion with a large group of women.  Journalist Dawn Porter brings up the raid, which upsets the women.

Part 3 - Only 2 wives, I'm guessing they are looking for a third.

Please note 1 2 3 on which clip your talking about. Thoughts?


  1. Is this the same Boyd that was in the news earlier in the year contesting church leadership?

  2. Maybe search Dawn Porter she has done quite a bit on polygamy, mail order brides etc. so maybe she has it all up on a site?


    Long article on one of her polygamy interviews.

  3. Story now up for easy reading thanks to Annonymous!

    She has several clips up on youtube, but they are only a minute long, about all types of relationships.

  4. I didn't find an article on Boyd, but I just googled his name. Which sect does he belong to? I'll look again, or if anyone finds it, send it to me please.

  5. I've found two articles on Moroni Jessop I will print tomorrow.

  6. Boyd is a member of the Centennial Park group

  7. http://www.amazon.com/Love-Times-Three-Polygamous-Marriage/dp/0062074040

    Wow! Check this out! I want to watch these people! This is the family I was talking about. I didn't know they had a book out!

  8. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/03/31/ap/business/main20049505.shtml

    Found this older article on Boyd and the church power struggle. I don't know if it is the same Boyd but I am guessing it is.

  9. The book you listed is the family that was on the WE TV Secret Lives of Women Polygamy Episodes. They rerun them or maybe you can find them online.

    He did not appear on the shows that I can remember and they do have videos on youtube.

    I would love to see the old movie that Alex Joseph did! Alex Joseph and his wives - I remember it being a funky seventies, westerny , folk guitar kind of flick. I have looked for it on and off through the years and never saw it aired or found it available again.

    He was the Big Bear polygamist and founder of the all libertarian town that had a gay mayor. Alex had broke up after converting and went out on his own. They were a quirky set but seemed to live pretty liberal for the times his wives worked, went to school etc.

  10. Part One: What you don't see

    It's a shame there is less than two minutes of this interview. Diane, the first wife of Boyd, told her story to Dawn, and it was just heartwrenching, and very real.

    After seventeen years of monogamous marriage, her husband Boyd announced he was taking a 2nd wife. A quote from Diane that I found poignant:

    "I don't agree with these people that sit and tell you there's no jealousy. I say, Hello you're a saint! Cause that's not what happened to me. I mean, when we went into it, yeah. I'd walk in and he'd have his arm around her or something and my heart would go (flutters hand on chest)...Oh why did I have to walk in..."

    So, why did she stay - unhappy for 15 years? Because if she wants to be with Boyd in the afterlife on his planet, she has to endure humiliation and unhappiness in this lifetime.
    And she fully expects her sisterwives Ruth and Nancy to be there, too. As she puts it,"What are we going to do, kick Ruth and Nancy out?"

    Diane also provided some insight for those who may want to be a sister wife - if she had to do it all over, she'd "...like to go in as the 5th wive...the 1st wife, struggle struggle. 2nd wife comes in and interrupts this happy little home. 3rd wife comes in and its like, ok we're starting to get an institution. 4th wife comes in and now you're really getting good at institution. Your family is all established, everybody knows where they're going...Here comes number 5, all the stuff that needs to be worked out has now been worked out. Number 5 gets to come in and reap the rewards of all these people's experience in trying to live this way."

  11. Part Three:

    Yes, his name is Moroni Jessop, and he's one of THOSE Jessops. I happen to like him and his family. I've never met him in real life, but I have followed his blog for the last couple of years. He is not rich, and Dawn Porter made some not so nice comments about his living conditions. HE DOES NOT DRIVE A LEXUS SPORTS CAR! I would have loved to see his family highlighted as the Sister Wives family - he has a long standing history of polygamy in his family. But as you can see, he's not as photogenic as Kody Brown, although I am sure he can hold his own verbally with Kody. And he is definitely not as pretentious. His blog is a must read.

  12. My keys keep sticking!
    Cynical, did the Big Lady in I think yellow that wanted to stop the talks, was anything else said there?

  13. I remember seeing this special. It was very interesting a young English lady really got to the heart of it. Jealousy and unhappiness.

  14. The man referred to in the video is Boyd Dockstader from Centennial Park and one of his wives (Ruth) works for the Safety Net Committee.