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Friday, July 22, 2011

When the Kids Travel Without You: How the Sister Wives Deal with Missing Their Teenagers

Here's the latest from TLC.

Meri is Kody Brown's first wife. They have been married since 1990 and have one daughter, Mariah. Their lives in a plural family are featured in TLC's popular program Sister Wives.
It is now July, we have been in Vegas for six months, and guess what I've been doing all weekend? Unpacking and organizing! Yes, I'm still working on it. Does this mean I'm lazy, extremely busy, or amazingly thorough? Hmmm...
I actually just got the last of my stuff from Utah just two weeks ago. You could say that it's been a long drawn out move. I think it's been driving Kody crazy how long it is taking me to unpack. I have an excuse -- when we moved, I just packed up everything, not knowing what I would actually need in my new house. So now that I'm here, I am going through everything and deciding if I really need it, want it, or have room for it. I have a big pile growing out in my garage for the yard sale my daughter Mariah and I will be having at the end of the summer.
Oh, Mariah, I miss her!! She is spending time away this summer with friends and relatives. She texted me this morning asking me when I'll be coming to see her. I texted back asking why, does she miss me already? She said "Yeah". It's so nice to know she still needs her mom. She will be sweet sixteen in a couple weeks, I can't believe how the time has flown. I'm not ready for her to grow up yet, and I'm not ready to soon be an empty nester. Love you, Punk! - Meri
(Courtesy of : http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/family-matters/unpacking-big-move-and-missing-mariah.html)


  1. Pretty picture. They sure can't write those any blander, can they?

  2. Does she say how to deal with missing your kids? I miss the point. TLC, you suck

  3. They look so happy. If he wasn't stiking his loaf of bread in everyone else, her womb wouldn't be hostile. AND NO FRIEND (ROBYN) woud say that on TV, its nt HER PLACE. GET IT? THEY ARE NOT BUDBUDS

  4. She'll be lost when Mariah leaves. i hope she find a job that fulfills her more than Kadouche does!heheheh