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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since the show is on Hiatus, we will be looking at all the articles that are springing up about Sister Wives, the lawsuit, and now we will try to learn about the Muslims to prepare for the new show. Let's face it, it's hot topic material all over the news.
Now, some of you don't need to get your panties in a bunch, we will still be having lots of fun articles, too. but the show needs to begin again - and we'll be all over it.

Robyn herself said they did the show for political reasons, therefore, we must look at the politics of it. I am no scholar about Religion or Politics, and welcome ANYONE that would like to write a post to help us, please email me.  I would love a easy overview of Christianity/Islam/AUB. Anyone? It can be on any of these topics, the show, Joseph Smith, the gals, all is up for grabs! Write something fun, we need help!

But, to just watch and assume all is nice as pie, is the illusion they want us to think, not necessarily the Sister Wives show, but what about the new All American Muslims? Do you really want to take that at face value? 

I will be posting Mr. Turley's blogs also. Fair is Fair, and we just want to present what's out there. You decide for yourself what you think. We are not trying to sway you one way or the other. All we are trying to do is to be educated enough to have a clear opinion, and we hope we help yours. PEACE LOVE JOY!


  1. If you post on his blog beware it will probably be removed if you question too much.

  2. I meant, we post his blogs on this site. Sorry if I was not clear.

  3. Someone had asked for this and I found it: It was under sister wives answer your questions post/

    ROBYN: Las Vegas better be permanent! I want to settle, put down some roots and make a nest for our family especially now that I am pregnant.

  4. Robyn is in for a surprise because the lawsuit they filed indicates that the move to Las Vegas is not permanent - Kody intends to return to Utah so that he can be with his co-religionists.

  5. Ut Oh! Will there be a battle of the wills or the wives? Or is it always up to Kody ?

    Kody was pretty clear in including that EXPECTATION of moving back to UTAH in the opening documents. I wonder how Robin will take it when they do move back? She was pretty upset and had not decorated her home etc. during the moving finale.

    On a good note , they have friends and family in each spot and a not too long of a drive to visit from either state.

    Any good tweets from the Brown's this weekend?

  6. I know! Robyn said she didn't want to move AGAIN. It's obvious she has family there, since her sister is cleaning for her. It's strange to me that they don't think through what they are saying before they speak.