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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Double Dollar Ranch

You ask, you get. The Double Dollar Ranch is 8 sections of land in Lovell, WY. Winn's great grandfather, Ebenezer Brown, came from Salt Lake, UT and bought the land in 1902. They are very proud of the land's 5th generation heritage, and that is pretty cool in this day and age.

The listing is: Double Dollar Ranch IRR Trust; Brown, William W & Gordon Beh.
Mr. Beh is not in my Brown file- he may be a younger one; he lives in SLS.

The total acreage of land: 1,740; and many more acres leased from the BLM. The Ranch is a mixture of irrigated farm land and ranchland. That's one HUGE place to take care of.

Total number of structures: 6, all on the home place.
1. The home of Genielle and Winn Brown. Built 1920 (we've seen)
2. 3 single wide Mobile Homes, 1 and 2 bdrm., 1976-77models.
3. Retail Store, 1700 Sq. ft., built in 1930
4. A 200 Sq. ft. tool shed. (Geez, picky picky)
Total Value of land and structures: $627, 538

To me, the structures were assessed a bit high, at abt. $110,000.Depending on the class of land, some lots are valued far higher than others; one 80 acre lot is only worth 7,673- YIKES. Can you imagine what 80 acres next to Las Vegas would be worth?

I am sure Winn is very proud of his home place. Speaking of, how do you cut something like that up between all the kids? A legal nightmare, if you ask me. I've seen 2 siblings fight over everything but the hangers in the closet.

Comments? Thoughts? Learning about land from all over, aren't we?


  1. http://farm.ewg.org/persondetail.php?custnumber=A08390926

    Farm report

  2. Gordon Beh has ties all over the board. I wonder if he is just an investor - silent partner of sorts?

  3. there are a few other women listed for the property there is one in her sixties named bobbie and i wonder if she is the third wife we never saw on the show

  4. I wonder how many wives and children this High Priest Apostle has ? The buildings on the property appear to be in disrepair.

  5. I bet the 2nd story door on the son-in-law's house was put there in anticipation of a deck. I know a couple of people who live debt-free & did that so when they had the money for the deck, the door was already in place.

  6. Who is Gordon Beh ?

  7. Getting there, took some time of this! Will explain wife #3 soon....

  8. Will Kody take over when Dad is gone?

  9. Nysha, I agree. It is one large house, he must be doing well as the manager. Isn't he married to Kody's sister? The windows are what interest me, turned inward. I'm not picking, just thought it was different. M.S., you are good with property records. Thanks! It's intriguing, and adds depth, actually for the show. they should thank you. They certainly don't do much PR. I don't know why they are so secretive. They came out with guns blazing, why not go all the way/seems like somethings stopped them. If they don't belong to any one church, then I don't understand what would.

  10. That is a lot of land just to feed 200 head of cattle.

  11. Yes, it is. Wonder what else they use it for ? How many siblings does Kody have ?

  12. merisnewneighborJuly 11, 2011 at 4:43 AM

    Between going to Winn's and to Lehi, the kids have had a great summer.

  13. Admin : Please modify my post above -

    How was the summer for the three Mormon fundamentalist men who have no wife because Kody has an extra three, merisnewneighbor ? Bet it wasn't so good.

  14. Well, maybe the 3 men got the hell out of the Mormon faith and learned to have a better life. Let's hope.

  15. Amen, SissySickening!
    Friend of Flora, took off the previous post.

  16. merisnewneighborJuly 12, 2011 at 7:04 PM

    Friend of Flora, don't know. Just happy the kids are happy. Must you attack anyone who disagrees with you?

  17. Interesting. Polygamy is illigal inall 50 states. Why is Winn running to Nevada? Because he's minding his own business.

  18. Cue up the music -

    the parents love the kids,
    the kids love the parents
    the kids are happy
    just ignore the child brides and lost boys
    and whatever you do, don't challenge the apologists for the Brown family
    to actually think because that is an attack !
    one more time -
    the kids love the parents,
    the parents love the kids,
    the kids are happy,
    just ignore the child brides...

  19. Love reading these old posts! Too bad so many are already filled up. You all give great insight to the family.

  20. Well, you knew about Ebenezer long before the obituary.

  21. She Came in Through the Bathroom WindowSeptember 3, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    I've been reading this blog all night. Interesting posts. I so remember thinking when the show aired, the one where everyone went to see Janelle's mom and Kody's dad...I could live there.

    There is something peaceful and god like in the country. I'm sure his kids going there in the summer was a wonderful experience, polygamists or not. I'm sure the kids saw them as grandma and grandad and the ranch!

    Although, I did wonder if he had other wives. I guess the obituary told us that. I am curious why she didn't stand up and be counted.