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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

‘Sister Wives’ - Is Doing The Show Worth The Risk?

Now the title is even irking me. They are so protected, it’s not even funny. This was shown right before Season 2 started in March. 

As USUAL, as IF we DON’T know, we have to go through the mantra.. …I’m Meri, the first wife, one child, on down the Brown twisted line. Why must they do that EVERY time? Doesn’t EVERYONE know them by now? It’s like singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Sometimes, as at Oprah, Janelle looked great. On these, she looks strained and tired. Christine however looks very nice. She is very pretty with makeup on. Meri needs to learn to blend, honey, blend that makeup from the face to the neck. She’s not looking happy. I’ve noticed it many times on the show. Am I the only one that sees this? Robyn looks like she has false teeth sometimes to me. Watch her; she’s looking kooky on here. I know they have to wear the “underwears”, but must they always have to have two layers on? I have lots of pretty long sleeved shirts, don’t they? 

“When you were approached to do the reality show, was it something you said yes to right away, or was there a meeting?”  They are asked
Everybody was different, Kody responds. Janelle explains they really had a lot of discussion in the family, including the children.  Didn’t Anonymous teach us they were “chosen” to be the face of Polygamy? Meri explains the benefits outweighed the risks. Sadly, it doesn’t show on your face, Mer.

Look at all their faces when the moderator asks- about being basically the public face of polygamy, “Your kinda the faces of it now?”
Hmmhmmm say Kody with a weird face.

Christine elaborates how they just wanted to be real, how it really is. To show AMERICA THE TRUTH.
A little background on Christine’s truth. Christine is the true blue, need deep in the AUB polygamy aspect from every area in her life. Christine’s grandfather, AUB leader Rulon Allred, was shot at the command of her mother’s uncle, rival leader Ervil Lebaron. That’s happy polygamy life for you. Rulon’s family was awarded $52 million dollars in the largest wrongful death suit ever in Utah. Cha-Ching! I don't think they ever received it, not sure. Wonder how that played in her parents dynamics? “Your uncle killed my grandpa!!” How awful of a life is their “truth”.  Christine’s family comes from Short Creek, where there is so much intermarriage, according to Wikipedia they have  “the world's highest incidence of fumarase deficiency,  an extremely rare genetic condition which causes severe mental retardation. Geneticists attribute this to the prevalence of cousin marriages between descendants of two of the town's founders, Joseph Smith Jessop and John Y. Barlow; at least half the double community's roughly 8,000 inhabitants are descended from one or both. Christine seems so nice, but sadly, I believe she whole heartedly believes in her faith.

It’s scarier than even my crooked tree with drunken Uncle Ed.  Not to get on a rant - BUT - Might I mention that Christine’s grandfather is also a second cousin to Meri, grandfather to Robyn’s first husband, great grandpa to the Jessop kids, a second cousin and great grandson in law to Kody. Whew! In simple terms, they are all related to Christine’s grandfather, and therefore they were ALL related before any marriages, however distantly, with the exception of Janelle. Oh, and Kody’s grandmother was an Allred. Now I’ll shut up, so I can post my BIG genealogy pile in another post! But this was so dull I had to spice it up!

Back to the Video? TRUTH?  TELL US, did you run from the law, or did you not? Were those tears from the kids real or not? You guys knew Robyn, they didn't just "meet" her. Her ex had to let the kids on TV.  I’ll give Christine and Janelle this, they are the best speakers. And, you can’t blame Christine for believing in the only thing she knows.
As they stumble on, they explain that they were committed to the show before Robyn came along, and Robyn wasn’t fond of the idea when she met them. YEAH RIGHT. She heard, CHA CHING!!! She’s already a show hog, Twitter hog, etc.! Watch Janelle’s and Meri’s face as Robyn explains how she fell in love with the family before she fell in love with Kody, or how her kids fit in like a glove.  STONE FACED!HAHAHAHA

(Vid. Court. of Access Hollywood)


  1. That's what you call kissin cousins!

  2. You know, the more I read, the more disgusted I am.
    That tree will be amazing, Mister Sister. I keep hearing in my head... "the spokes on the wheel", well what about "them apples don't fall far from the tree?"
    Why do they always act so befuddled? I do think Kody is on speed. Classic. Watch him.

  3. merisnewneighborJuly 12, 2011 at 6:44 PM

    I think they are brave to do what they do.

  4. Kody is an absolute doofus. If he didn't have 3 women to talk for him, he'd never explain anything. He's so busy flipping his hair to keep track of his life, or his purpose. Don't believe for a second he is RELIGIOUS.
    He does act a little speedy. Perhaps?

  5. No Mister Sister, you're not the only one in a mood today. You know, i've always felt something was just not right about the Browns. The one thing I just couldn't believe was when Meri said her mother chose polygamy and gave Meri's father the ultimatum "are you coming with me?". Then she went on and on about choosing Robyn for Kody. I never believed this story.

    Same thing with Kody's mother Genielle. Supposedly she chose the lifestyle and Winn followed her. But then we found out Winn also "married" Janelle's mother Sheryl, and Genielle fought jealousy for what, almost 20 years but now they are "friends". And she STILL can't look at Sheryl without a forced grin if she looks at her at all. And why the separate houses ladies? Tells me a lot about that spokes in the wheel allegory - it must be a chapter in the official Sister Wives Indocrination Manual.

    On another documentary about plural marriage, a sister wife from Centennial Park explained that each wife brings something different into the family (another chapter in the Sister Wives Indocrination Manual). So, outside of her fertility, what exactly does Robyn bring into this family? Her keen fashion sense? Her pleasant demeanor? Her child raising abilities? Her ability to tweet? Possibly all of the above, but, like I said earlier, Janelle Meri and Christine are at the end or nearing the end of their baby making days, so Kody had no choice (cough) but to (cough cough) man up and add a svelte plaything...I mean trophy wife(yea she belongs on a trophy) I mean LIFE PARTNER to his family. And she has lived up to expectations because, even though the Browns are all unemployed, poor as little church mice living in big new rental homes in Sin City (she gets FIVE bedrooms-much better than that single wide in Pinesdale), she's PREGNANT!!

    Oh the humanity!!

  6. It doesn't even reason out for any purpose for them to go, oh the pros outweighed the cons. DUH WINNING.....$$$$$$$$
    I wish someone would hit them with some hard questions. Seems like all these shows, the reporter hasn't even seen the show. How about sliding in..."So, about those Bankruptcies?"

  7. They can't slide in questions. Kody and company have a list of no-no's and what they will agree to ahead of time. Remember the "you were mean to us" whine at the one interviewing reporter? Sadly, the only so called truth we will get from them is their happy plyg political agenda iow big fat lies but their faces, body language and emotional demeanor do betray them many times - especially the wives. I wonder if Robyn is self appointed over speaker or if they voted to put her in the spot to be the pretty faced poster wife of polygamy

  8. Maybe that's why they won't come here.

  9. Pixies, Piglits, how about PUTZ for kody?
    Smile Meri, you wanted this.
    Robyn, you seriously need to get a jaw surgery. Kody, Don't ask the questions so fast" hehehehehehe
    What's the matter, got to figure out which way your gonna answer?

  10. Cynical Jinx, what we are seeing is that there is so very very much more to polygamy than a "lifestyle". It's a cult, with hidden meaning and handshakes, kids are taught they HAVE to do this, it's awful. AND, it's demeaning to women.

  11. philanderer, polygamist, a "party pickle", Pifkin (tp stuck to his butt), pretarded.

  12. There's no risk in them doing this program. It was a calculated plan orchastated by Christine Brown, AUB, and others.

  13. What does Robyn bring, Cynical Jinx, why read her tweets, she brings all her MONEY and helps pay for the big house!