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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sister Wives - Open Discussion on Children Following your Faith

There has been much discussion on this blog about why the Brown children must go into polygamy according to the religion of the A.U.B, to get to heaven. Meri, Christine, and Janelle have all said they don't care, as long as the kids are happy. We've seen Robyn state she wants all the kids in the faith on the previews.
So I ask - What if your child did not follow you in your faith? How would the Brown children be any different than your child or my child that did not follow the same church you you belong to?

I have a Christian Church following friend that their daughter married a Catholic and got baptized within the church and goes now to the Catholic Church. As upsetting as that was for her, do you think she shuns her daughter? Of course not. Nor do I think the Browns will.

It's something that millions of families struggle with in their lifetime. Ultimately, God tells us to love all. And we should seek the good in all, no matter what. What if your child decided upon polygamy? Would you not still love and embrace them?

To me, there's nothing worse than people that act all high and mighty with their religion. I have family members that you would think their poots didn't stink they are so religious, yet, wouldn't HELP another family member for the life of them. And, God forbid, one be in some type of trouble, they'll get shunned to the hilt. (Esp. financial) To me, that's the worst. The exact opposite of what God would want you to do.

Reviewing old videos on the subject, only one thing really caught me off guard. Am I taking it too seriously? Watch this old video from season 1 where they are talking about the children. Kody says the children "will evolve". What do you think he means by that? What would you do if your child took up a religion that your opposed to? This doesn't have to be about the Browns, it can be your own experience.
Please discuss below!


  1. I think it's hard for any family. My Jewish frieds have a horrible time when their family marries outside the faith; And just watch an Italian Momma when her son brings in a non Italian girl! It's not uncommon to the world. The difference that the children may not feel DAMNED to the world if they don't have a polygamy lifestyle. In the end, if they don't, as long as the Browns love them, that is all that matters. It will be interesting to see if they put their money where their mouth is on this one. The tape, I think Kody meant they would come around to polygamy. I just know Logan will be one.

  2. Knowing how self-involved Kody appears to be, he probably meant that the kids would "evolve" in their spiritual life towards polygamy. I want to think that he doesn't mean this, but we all know that the world revolves around Kody.

  3. Wasn't it on Oprah where the women said the kids thought of Kody like a "God"? I am hoping he meant they will evolve into what they want to be, but you know that ain't what he's thinkin'

  4. Most Catholic folks in the area where I live would not be opposed to a Catholic - Protestant wedding.
    It happens quite commonly here. Jewish families often object when their children marry out of the faith, but most would not shun their children for doing so - or if they did shun their child for intermarriage, they would relent when the grandchildren were born.

    With regard to Kody's kids, I think that most will not choose to be polygamists as they have been exposed to the outside world. Some of the boys might choose polygamy, but I think that most of the girls will probably not choose polygamous marriages. The experience of living polygamy is no doubt very different for women than it is for men...men have all the benefits, but the only benefit for women in a polygamous marriage is the possibility of a live in babysitter / housekeeper - IF they are lucky and they get along.

  5. I think that Kody was just yakking, as usual. I don't REALLY think Kody cares what the kids do.

  6. Everyone, I believe wants their children to follow their faith. Isn't that what faith is all about? However, I say a prayer that these kids learn that God loves them, they need no planet, no husband god, or 15 children to get into heaven. God loves you children, so get out there and be free. Don't continue the cycle of abuse. Don't be afraid. Go to college, meet someone nice, and have a decent life.

  7. MerisnewneighborJuly 4, 2011 at 4:00 PM

    Of course I WANT my children to follow my faith. But as long as they believe in God, and love him, that's what is most important, whatever "religion" you want to call it.

  8. "Will Evolve"????? Oh no, here we go again, planets, gods, first I want to probe you, then disrobe you.....HAHAHAHAHA

  9. You're so hypnotizing
    Could you be the devil, could you be an angel
    Your touch magnetizing
    Feels like I am floating, leave my body glowing
    They say be afraid
    You're not like the others, futuristic lover
    Different DNA, they don’t understand you

    You're from a whole another world
    A different dimension
    You open my eyes
    And I’m ready to go, lead me into the light>>>>>>>>>
    Can you see Robyn singing this to Kody? Or better yet using that Karaoke machine on the Bankruptcy sheet?

  10. Evolve? Maybe he meant mature and change their minds, decide later, like teens to. I can't imagine Kody thinking that far into it.

  11. I pray the Brown children "Go Your Own way" I hope they listen to Fleetwood Mac - we should send them the record.

  12. Sneedville,
    I just want to let you know that I DO plan on keeping with my family's religion. I love it. And contrarty to what you may believe, I am going to school, I will meet a nice guy, and I plan on having a fantasic life.... Im going to do all of this AND have sister wives... Its not all bad like you think.. I wish that you could all understand that this is a choice that each of us have to make individually and my choice is is that I will live it. I love it and I also love the fact that I can go to school and become a doctor.

  13. Eh Mariah- maybe you don't recall, but I believe you have previously made comments to the effect that you did not want a polygamous marriage to the press....
    Strange that someone would change their mind like that ...and how do you feel about the racism of your religion? Do not expect to get into medical school if they are aware that you are a member of a cult, it will not go over well with the admissions commitee... Just saying...

  14. Friend of Flora, I disagree with you. It was Madison and Aspyn that said they weren't going to marry into the faith, NEVER Mariah. I also disagree that asking a child to hash such issues is right in this forum. Please don't crush her dreams of college. Liberate her, encourage her. You GO for your dreams, Mariah! You can do it!

  15. Emily Ann,
    Perhaps you did not read or comprehend my post?
    The person posting as Mariah is not Mariah Brown.
    Mariah has told the press (Huffington Post and other sources) that she does not want to enter a polygamous marriage. I made no comment regarding her marrying into or out of the faith.
    As for Mariah Brown entering college, I would encourage her to do so, but I would not expect Mormon fundamentalists to encourage her to pursue her education unfortunately. In Mormon fundamentalism, education for women takes a back seat to child bearing.

  16. If Mariah doesn't want to "hash such issues"in this forum maybe the person posting here as "Mariah" should not participate in the discussion ? Just a thought.
    If you arrive on this forum to discuss the issues, you will be expected to answer questions. That seems reasonable enough.

  17. What happened to Miss Mariah?

  18. She's dust in the wind. The desert wind.

  19. I was raised in a non-denominational Christian chuch and a Methodist church. I went to a Wesleyan youth group, attended Baptist and Pentecostal churches with friends. I am currently a practicing Catholic. I married into this faith and went through RCIA 2 years before I was married. What I have learned from my religious background is that all of these faiths use The Holy Bible and are Christian based faiths. They may read the same book, but each just has a little bit different way of getting the point across. I believe that there probably is some friction when you leave the Christian faith and marry into say Judaism or Mormon faiths. They follow different books than the Bible, different rules, different custums, different traditions. But to shun your children because you follow a different religion or belief system is hard for me to accept happening. I think if you love your children and want them to be happy, you will accept them and their choices in life. Not saying you have to like their choices just accept it. Family means a lot to me so if my 3 boys someday change faiths I think i could deal with that. Not sure if I would like it if they become polygamists and had a hand full of wives. But I would still want to be apart of their lives.

  20. I agree Craftyrn, but I would have a problem with them wanting to become gods and all that. I would still pray for them to see the right way! But your absolutely right, I would never SHUN my kids.