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Friday, July 15, 2011

"Sister Wives" Anne Wilde. Mary Batchelor, Principal Voices, Safety Net.

If we are to learn about the AUB and Polygamy, you need to learn these organizations and names. *ANNE WILDE. MARY BATCHELOR, PRINCIPLE VOICES, SAFETY NET.

Which, to my humble mind, is it NOT weird they are putting out literature on how delicately to handle criminals. (Polygamy is a crime) Anonymous, Friend of Flora, and a few others have TAUGHT me, or should I say, trying to bring me out of my ignorance about this and presented some pretty disturbing things earlier on. But guess what, Each and Every fact they told me previously been shown to be TRUE, even though I so desperately didn’t want to believe them at times. PLEASE read the comment below annony. Put on the blog, to help you understand these women, and how they really treat others, before you look through the PRINCIPLE VOICES, etc. When reading some on the PRINCIPLE VOICES, my biggest concern was how they are teaching women that having plural marriage is EMPOWERMENT to be in the work force! Freeing the women! Please read below from someone who KNOWS, these women are not all light and fluffy, and have agendas.

Here's a previous comment from anonymous that I didn't want you to miss: I would not put this on here if I didn't know the person, and trust their wisdom emphatically. 
"Her name is ANNE WILDE. She is the co - president of PRINCIPLE VOICES, an organization of Mormon fundamentalist plural wives who speak out in favor of "The Principle of Plural Marriage". The goal of "Principle Voices" is to portray polygamy as something liberating and desirable for women. ANNE WILDE is the former plural wife of OGDEN KRAUT, a now deceased Mormon fundamentalist who published a lot of books claiming that Jesus was a polygamist with four wives - he co-authored these books with ANNE WILDE, who was his second wife. ANNE WILDE was a mainstream LDS woman who got divorced and was without new marital prospects. She wanted a "priesthood holder" (man) to call her "through the veil" into the Celestial Kingdom after death, so it was very important for her to get re-married. She began to read about Mormon fundamentalism, and she met and fell in love with OGDEN KRAUT, who was already married. ANNE soon became the favorite or dominant wife of Mr. KRAUT, and KRAUT’S first wife left him. ANNE's a real hypocrite - when an elderly widow approached OGDEN KRAUT and asked him to marry her solely for his "priesthood services" to ensure her "salvation," ANNE pitched a fit. The other co - president of Principle Voices is MARY BATCHELOR, Mormon fundamentalist who entered a polygamous marriage as a second wife of GARY BATCHELOR. Within about three years of MARY entering the BATCHELOR marriage, the first wife left the marriage and GARY BATCHELOR has not married another woman in over 20 years. MARY has been a monogamist for over 20 years with GARY, but she runs an organization which advocates for polygamy and decriminalization. So "Principle Voices" is run by second wives who drove their husband's first wives right out of their marriage and they ended up monogamists, but they have the audacity to tell us how wonderful polygamy is. Hypocrite much ??? 
 Safety Net/The Primer. http://familysupportcenter.org./ThePrimer2009.pdf
 PRINCIPLE VOICES Webpage: http://principlevoices.org/

 See anything hypocritical about this? Do they have a "Primer" for Drug Addicts? Treat them kindly? Please take a scan through these website and tell us what you think. The Browns believe in all of this, and friends with the women. Christine is listed as a primary write of the Primer.

Here's the problem I have with it. Why are there no NON polygamists on these committees? that and about 100 other thoughts. Yours?


  1. I love this story. Your blog has so much information on it. I love it! I look forward to reading it every day.

    John Llewellyn has a similar story, according to his affidavit. He states as follows:
    "My best friend in the AUB was a very intelligent man. I had met him while a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office, and he had influenced me to become a polygamist. In about 1988, my first wife, Glenda, divorced me and became my friend’s fifth wife. Ultimately, Glenda became the favorite wife and drove all the other wives, except the first wife, out of the family."

  2. Here is more info on Mary Batchelor:

    Mary Batchelor testified in the British Columbia case in favor of making polygamy legal. Lawyers for the B.C. and federal governments pointed out that Batchelor was not an expert and lived in a plural marriage for only a period of three years nearly two decades ago. They also noted she has become a fierce critic of polygamy opponents — notably, her husband's ex-wife, Vicky Prunty. Prunty, who is now the director of the group Tapestry Against Polygamy, has publicly said she left the marriage nearly 20 years ago because she was unhappy. In a story recounted in a book titled "God's Brothel", Prunty describes her ex-husband as abusive and controlling. Passages of that book were read in court, and Batchelor denied all of Prunty's claims, noting that the book uses pseudonyms for Batchelor and her husband. "There is a reason our names are not on this product: we would sue," she said, shaking her head.

    1. "Prunty met her husband when she was 18 years old and they were both students at BYU. "My husband was seven years older and he seemed like the perfect guy. The scriptures were literal to me. I knew from the very beginning that he had more power; he had the priesthood." After seven years of marriage, both felt there was something missing in the Mormon Church. "If the principle were an everlasting principle, why would it suddenly be taken from God's people?" They ended up living-literally-in a rock in southern Utah, and polygamy soon became a way of life. When her husband took his second wife, Prunty "gave" her to him in the marriage ceremony. "I realized shortly afterward: How could I give something that wasn't even mine? But I believed in keeping your covenants: divorce was not an option. If my husband were wrong, God would set him in order."
      The image projected by polygamists via the media is one of placid smiles and contentment chillingly similar to that of the Stepford Wives. But what really happens when a man chooses to "live his religion?" When asked if the smiles were real and these women truly content with their lives, Prunty exclaimed, exasperated, "How can you be happy with your husband going into the next bedroom and sleeping with your sister-wife? How can you be happy being the sole parent raising your children? It's like you're a single mother who is a mistress. People delude themselves into feeling good about getting little brownie points in heaven, but if you take that religion away from them, they wouldn't be doing it. It's the religion that keeps them in bondage."

      It seems impossible to believe that a woman would willingly admit another "sister-wife" into her home, but the reality of it is this: she believes she has no choice. The motivation to obey is based on faith that this principle of celestial marriage is indeed from God, and God has given her husband the priesthood. Therefore, to disobey her husband is to risk damnation. "In a way, I totally brainwashed myself into believing this religious dogma."

      Vicky Prunty suddenly found she was no longer a partner in her own marriage. "To have my husband sleeping with another woman, and not truly understanding why inside my heart, was very difficult." She eventually left the marriage to become the plural wife of another man, but that relationship soured after several months of marriage. "He sat all of his wives down one day and told us he had married us for the sex. He kept his first wife and told the rest of us to leave. I felt so dirty. I wanted to run into the shower and scrub and scrub." It was a nightmare, and Prunty decided to get out. She took her children and left polygamy for good."

      That sounds so horrible.

  3. Anne Wilde and Mary. Interesting, that with their husbands only having one wife, they be on the low end of the Celestial totem pole. It parlays these women want power more than righteousness.
    They are really close to Christine Allred Brown. Sometimes, it has occurred to me that the others have no idea what Christine is pulling them into, other than Kody getting an already bigger head than the has.
    Vicky Prunty, I will read her book.

  4. So much to learn. I have spent far too much time on this, and still learning!

  5. Read "God's Brothel" by Andrea Emmett - Moore.

  6. Hypocritical. The two ladies Pushing Polygamy as this happy empowerment for women, hog tied their men not to marry again? How will they get to the 3 wives needed? Guess they don't believe it after all....Power Hungry Women.

  7. Yes, these ladies will only get the telestial kingdom in the afterlife. I guess just being alpha females in this lifetime is sufficient.

  8. Who supplies with them the money and resources to be free to do all this

  9. The Safety Net Committee is funded by a grant. Principle Voices is funded by fundraisers and donations.

  10. And who pray tell, does the GRANT come from?

  11. The state of Utah.

  12. So Utah does take care of the polygamists, in many ways much more than the average citizen? Do no polygamists get to be on the Safety Net?

  13. The woman is strange.

  14. Polygamists run the Safety Net Committee, there is a representative on the committee from most if not all of the polygamy groups. They get free marriage counseling and they also have social workers to file applications for food stamps, WIC, Medicaid and welfare payments for the polygamists. A lawyer affiliated with the Safety Net helped Christine file her bankruptcy application.

  15. You can watch the Safety Net Committee meeting on Ustream, on the Attorney General's channel.

  16. I'm sorry, but Anne looks like she could use a good roll in the hay to relax a bit...

  17. I know Anne personally from Sunstone and have met Mary as well. They are nice, pleasant women. Anne is positive and upbeat. She feels that polygamy was liberating for her, and says so to help people understand why some one are actually happy in polygamy, but she says it is not liberating for every woman. I also disagree with the statement that these ladies drove the other wives out of the family. I know enough about them personally and their families to know it is not true. Also, it is easy to look up the Safety Net and know who runs it. It is not polygamists. It is the Family Support Center, which is a non-profit organization. I know that just this week Anne took personal care bags to a shelter, and both women have been involved in service projects for people in need, including raising money for a domestic violence hotline. Anyway, just wanted to throw in my two cents since I know them. I am not Mormon anymore, but my feelings about my beliefs never changed my friendship with Anne.

  18. And I think that it's great that you did!
    We here only "hear" what others tell of their experiences, and there's two sides to every story.
    Did you know Anne when she was living with another wife?

  19. In light of everything we have been made privy to surrounding the Jeffs trial and conviction, shouldn't safety net be totally re-hauled if not totally removed and replaced with non polygamist and totally independent entities? I totally agree with the last comment of this blog post!

    "Why are there no NON polygamists on these committees?"

    A very good question!

    Check out the resources in the state directory for Safety Net:


  20. Found in a book an intro on Anne. Anne made it clear that they want NO GOVERNMENT intrusion and want to police their own lifestyle according to their religion law 132. The women and Principle Voices are just stepping stones for the men.
    Period. Anne is very clear they don't want it legalized because they do not want regulation (as well as welfare?) They want to have their cake and eat it, too.

    It is not about the removal of secrecy and helping fight abuse as she totes but all about wanting no one to police polygamy and all it entails.

    You can probably find the book on Google Books or do a preview on Amazon if its not already on a shelf at home.

    Polygamy's Rape of Rachael Strong: Protected Environment for Predators By John R. Llewellyn

  21. Sounds a tad hyocritical - aren't they already illegal? Let us know if you read the book!

  22. The Safety Net is not run by polygamists. The Family Support Center manages the Safety Net. It is run by a coordinator and is funded by a grant through the state legislature. The meetings are public meetings so anyone can attend. Representatives of different agencies attend, including DCFS, and non-profit organizations. Yes, several polygamous communities have representatives who attend the public meetings. Anyone can watch the meetings online and anyone can participate in the activities.

  23. I think the well established western culture of 1 wife and filling all our cities with brothels, and nightclubs full of drunk women and free sex is a much better way to run a society and lets not forget the millions of abortions we can rack up .... what hypocrisy ....
    Polygamy really has no fighting chance against the hypocrisy and deceit in our "civilized world", it was meant to be a open honest, moral religious concept and commitment system, but is delegated to be a secret lifestyle system to the delight of its detractors.

    Women today have greater respect from Men then ever - don't they ?...
    AT some point in the future Men and Women will all wake up and be exactly the same in there rolls in society won't they ?...I mean the vast majority of poverty and suffering in the world is not happening to women and children is it ??..We do not need patriarchal groups of men caring for women because they are all happily married and prosperous to really good men...

    According to every anti-polygamist
    1-married monogamists have perfectly happy marriages without any issues
    2-the sex life is perfectly balanced and the single wife is happy to match there husbands sex drive especially into old age.
    3-In all the monogamist marriages the husbands are perfect drug free fathers fully engaged in raising the children.
    4-These marriages never fail and end in divorce because both Men and Women are committed to an eternal relationship.

    As least these are the primary propositions I keep reading in all the criticism I see, apart from the obvious one that all Polygamists are child molesters, and this sort of thing is not occurring in our society at all...I mean there is no under age sex and child pornography and perverse things happening in the standard population .. right ??...

  24. Not Mormon, not polygamist. On one hand can not imagine; one another hand think it might be a good idea. As long as the adults involved have choice and keep reaffirming that choice (and not out of fear of where would I go, what would I do)
    it seems okay to me. But what of the children, in this fish bowl we live in it is tough enough for kids. To start them out in life as an oddity seems cruel. This is a thought provoking blog. I will be back..