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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poll Results and a Big Thank You!!!

Janelle was the clear winner of our Poll, with Christine a clear second- Who Is Your Favorite Wife?
Janelle 68
Meri 49
Kody 6
Christine 32

HAHA I bloopered on this, and put Kody instead of Robyn, but then corrected myself when a reader caught it, and told everyone Robyn was Kody. I think y'all got the drift, and it shows. I am no writer, and have never done a blog. Just wanted a place where we could talk Sister Wives, without being moderated. I appreciate all the great emails I've been getting, inside tips, help from a few who wish to remain anonymous(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), and am thrilled with all the intelligent, thoughtful posts, we all have learned so much from sharing. Readers posts are GREAT and INFORMATIVE!


  1. And we thank you for taking the time to do all this, giving us a place to share our opinions. Maybe we can get to the root of all this evil, the AUB. People need to know what they stand for, instead of thinking, oh, how nice! They are against all of us, the blacks, and against the bible.

  2. Thanks for starting this and all of your work! I really enjoy it. Do you know if there is a way to see if there are new posts? I like to read everyone's comments. Thanks again!

  3. Geeky Girl - hmmm.. good question, I will check and see if I can do that!!!

  4. I love it! I've been reading but not posting. Love all the comments. Much better than TWOP- they won't get off one subject.

  5. I'm confused, the poll doesn't add up:
    Janelle 68%
    Meri 49%
    Kody 6%
    Christine 32%


  6. Mary, thank you. It shows the actual votes, and I corrected it.

  7. I actually thought Meri would get more.

  8. I just can't believe all i have found out about Fundamentalist Mormons, whatever they call themselves. Not just the Browns, but in general. It really is scary. Planets? Their "celestial" crap? PLEASEEEEEEE.

  9. Geeky Girl, I can't have a scrolling post on the side that others have, but, on the right side, you can subscribe to the comments, and let me know if it works! I think it will send them to you!

  10. I also thought Meri would have gotten more votes. I really think that Janelle is gross for being the wife of Meri's brother and then Kody's second wife. I have a married brother and a husband and if my sister-in-law divorced my brother and then became my husband's second wife, I would be grossed out, angry and upset. It would feel very much like incest. Also, by becoming Kody's second wife, Janelle broke the monogamous barrier and made it easier for Kody to have additional wives IMO.

  11. I think Janelle is the most popular because she's such a hard worker and seems to put as much financially into the family as Kody. Not to detract from Meri or Christine, it's just that Janelle is really wearing a lot of hats and taking on so much responsibility. You can see she's under a lot of financial pressure and really shoulders that burden more than anyone else.

  12. And, she is a great speaker. She's the friend that can put what your thinking illogically cussing into a logical sentence.