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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flipping Vegas - Flood House - Interesting Today!

Today I was watching A&E and a new show "Flipping Vegas" came on. Similar to the other shows about flipping houses, but one sentence stopped me in my tracks. After rehabbing a beautiful 4300 something sq. ft. home in a gated community in Las Vegas, they had a Open House.

A neighbor came through to see it, and said "You know, a polygamist lived here with his 17 (or so, can't remember the exact) kids and 3 wives!"

It's interesting that the Browns insinuated there were no polygamists in Vegas, but, we're learning, there are more than they let on. Annony. told us the Jessops ran a construction company there, and we learn they lived in this nice home. Looks like the Browns won't be alone after all. hmmmm 


  1. Yes, the Jessop construction firm creates homes for polygamists in Las Vegas. The Browns are not alone.
    The Jessop Construction firm is run by Flora Jessop's cousin, Jacob. I still am very curious as to who or what organization is paying the rent for the four homes the Browns live in.

    1. I would say that TLC probably is paying for these homes at this point. Other than that you, me and anyone else working probably has been and will continue to do so...Our tax dollars at work!

  2. Las Vegas is very diverse. Although they don't have laws against cohabitation, I thought straight out Polygamy was illegal in all 50 states? If I am wrong, please correct me.

  3. I thought they said there were none in LV- that they'd be strange to the community.

  4. Yipee! Maybe me and "the dude" can rock and roll!! What kind of hair spray does he use? Does he have any 20 something children? If he has thick blonde hair, would he give me some for plugs?

  5. I wonder if it was the "vacation home" the Browns stayed in earlier this year?

  6. Hot Tamale in VegasJune 20, 2011 at 4:39 AM

    I wonder how many live there? And the Jessops Had a construction Company there? Maybe they will build a church there.

  7. It wasn't- I saw the episode, too. It was a home that had been flooded, somewhat gutted and didn't look a thing like it.

  8. It was not the same house. I double checked after they said that!

  9. I recall years ago (late 90's) as a kid growing up in Vegas having polygamist neighbors