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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Makes You Go HMMMMMMM.....

I'll admit something. Part of the fun for me to look at the Las Vegas area is that my husband is thinking of accepting a job there. We've got time to think about it, and coming from a town with 2 stop lights -it can be intimating. I had to admit, I like the school system the Brown children are in. The family lives in a 'burb called "Lone Mountain." I like the condo you see, hubby will hate it. Such is life! Today, as I was scouring the city blogs where one can ask questions about each area, something struck me as VERY ODD. Remember how Kody blabbed on an on about how they would be the lone Polygamy family? Well, I don't think so.... Look at this post from 2009, A poster was asking about LONE MOUNTAIN, Buzz is answering about the area.
"04-15-2009, 03:07 PM"

The area is highly populated with LARGE Mormon families, and LARGE Mormon homes. Kind of quiet. Not a lot of crime. However, even in our quiet, gated, community, we have had a couple of burglaries, but only two in seven years. They think it was people hired to do some outside work in here and were actually casing houses. Over all, it's about the nicest part of town.
(taken from Las Vegas City Forum)

Well, now that doesn't sound like The Brown's are the Lone Rangers in Lone Mountain!!
See, there's so much they don't tell us. Comments?   


  1. Just because there are quite a few Mormons in that area doesn't mean there are any polygamists. Mormons don't practice polygamy.

  2. Yes, but it they do believe the same except for polygamy, right? That would be better than living with us poor protestants.

  3. Lana, probably not. Mainstream Mormons are very touchy about polygamy, since people sometimes confuse the mainstream church with the polygamist offshoots.

  4. Touchy, yet they all believe in Joseph Smith's bible right?

  5. No, they believe in the King James Bible and the Book of Mormon. But you aren't going to find polygamists as anything but an irritant to mainstream Mormons.

  6. Mormons believe in the King James Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrines and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.
    The last three were written by Joseph Smith.

  7. Why not get 4 condo's together? Cheaper on elec. bills. They could run back and forth. hmmmmm

  8. You can not believe in both Joseph Smith and the bible. that is blashpemy.

  9. I live in Centennial Hills which is just North of Lone Mountain. There are a lot of Mormons here, but none that are polygamists. I have a lot of Mormon clients that know of The Browns but don't welcome them and are more against them than a lot of other people out here. A LARGE Mormon house out here is maybe 3800 sq feet or more and 6 or more bedrooms. Not at all what The Browns said they wanted (something like 16 bedrooms I think?). Most houses out here don't go over 7 or 8 bedrooms without a 7 figure price tag. Although, if it were me looking for a house like the one they had in Utah I would buy a 4plex. It would be less expensive, safer and easier to travel between for the kids because even though it's a safer area it's not SAFE-SAFE. There is a lot of traffic, accidents and just stupidity. We don't let our 14 year old daughter walk anywhere out here and we have lived here for over 20 years. Def think a 4plex (or maybe 2 7 bedroom home) would be a better option, and those can be found for less than 400k easily.

  10. Oh and if you are planning on moving here you could find a nice home for less than 100k instead of a condo.

  11. myvegaslife, GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!
    I have looked and looked myself, and if you read the post up near the top, the women wanted 4 houses because they are unhappy. Got any scoop on them?
    Did you mean the Mormons don't welcome the Browns? or visa versa.
    I got confused.
    We were looking at Centennial Hills for the HS.

    The Browns, for that 8 grand a month they shell out, don't live in a gated community do they? NUTS, huh! Everyone here thought they should of at least get condos tog. They don't need that many Bdrms, as if is, Janelle has 4 in one room! bunk them up! Isn't it crazy to pay 4 elec. bills there? They are blowing that money!
    Glad to see you!