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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Couldn't find a Big Home in Las Vegas? Easy!

For all that talk, you would think there's not a home in Las Vegas with 10+ bedrooms. Well, guess again. And I didn't even dig DEEP. These are a few I found, just waitng for the ole man to come to bed! 15 bdrms, 15 poopers. Their own South Fork!
The Tom Ford World Champion Equestrian Ranch is Turnkey with most furnishings & equipment included!. The list goes on and it's truly unique and spectacular. The purchase of this luxury equestrian ranch estate is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a single use owner or a developer. The property is presently five legal parcels and has 30.035 Acres of Water Rights.
 THIS HOME IS THE BOMB! And it's been on the market for 3 yrs, and Zillow estimates it would go for 2.5 mil., probably easily rental-able.  So I am guessing they'd be real happy to lease it. Furniture included. AND, check it out! I found them a job! Horse breeders! that Time in Wyoming wasn't wasted. Also, a mini bed and breakfast. Oh, but only one kitchen. bummer. Heck, If I could live there, I might even let my drunken Uncle Paul or my evil step sister live in.
Bedrooms: 15                                       
Bathrooms: 15.5
Sqft: 9,850
Lot size: 479,160 sq ft / 11.00 acres
Property type: Single Family
Year built: 1997
Parking type: Garage - Detached, Carport
Cooling system: Central
Heating system: Forced air
Fireplace: Yes
Days on Zillow: 651This homes also has two other homes on the property!

 I say They should look a little harder.....I did find them a job to go with it! Isn't it beautiful?  I call FAKE on not finding a home with more bdrms.


  1. They certainly could have at least lived in two large homes next to each other, somewhere, if they really wanted to. I wonder what they will do when the TLC gravy train stops. Move back to Lehi and get another trailer on the property for Robyn? Go back on food stamps and WIC ? Who will file for bankruptcy next ?

  2. When do you think Kody will get a job ?

  3. WOW! What a place. I think the women wanted a chance to live on their own before they build a new house, yeah, you know that's coming in season 4. I can't say I blame them. I think the 4 kitchens is stupid. One huge nice home would be great, with double stoves, etc. I'd move here!

  4. If they actually want to do something to make money, I would avoid horse breeding. The market is terrible right now and not looking to change anytime soon!

  5. Didn't they need the separate kitchens in Utah to stay on the legal side of polygamy? As long as there were 3 kitchens, they weren't all living in the same house.

  6. I don't think so Nysha.

  7. I think Nysha is right, they could act like they were different living spaces.

  8. They don't need to live in separate homes in Las Vegas, there's no law against it.

  9. Actually, I'd love to have any of their homes. However, being so "RUSHED" they didn't look hard enough for ones that didn't back up to a bunch of other homes.

  10. Hey NAY! NAY! Robyn would fit right in here!!!!