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Friday, June 10, 2011

from Radaronline: Sister Wives' Kody Brown: 'I Had Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder' Over Move'

Picture and Story Courtesy of Radarlonline.
by Alexis Tereszcuk, Radar Staff
TV polygamist Kody Brown and his controversial family are settling into their new homes in Nevada, but in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, they expressed their frustrations with their new living situation, the upcoming baby new wife, Robyn is expecting and husband Kody’s stress over the move.

After the authorities in their home town in Utah opened an investigation into the legalities behind their polygamist lifestyle, the family decided to move to Nevada.  And so they packed up their house and moved 21 people into new houses, which was not an easy task for the unconventional family.

“I have a little post traumatic stress syndrome,” Kody told RadarOnline.com.  His wife Janelle admitted that the family had “an adjustment period,” but that they are all “getting their sea legs in Nevada.”

Robyn, the new fourth wife in the family, is expecting a baby and said she’s doing well with the move.  “I’m sick, I’m tired, but I’m happy to be pregnant.” 
“Everyone’s helping out,” Janelle said about the family, who are separated into four houses, one for each wife, and dad Kody says he just drives to each one.

“He’s an awesome, awesome father,” Robyn said about Kody, who has father 17 children with the four wives.

One thing the family really misses though is their church in Utah.  “We’re members of a specific faith,” Kody said, declining to name the faith.  “We meet as a family because there aren’t any members of our religion here in Las Vegas or all of Nevada.”  
But they’re adjusting to their new homes.  “I think the kids are starting to hit their stride,” Janelle said.

However, Kody said they weren’t going to sugarcoat the situation.  “I like it, but I experience a couple of minutes of bitterness every day.”

Sister Wives is up for an Emmy nomination for the Nonfiction/Reality category and the finale episode was a huge ratings score for TLC.

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  1. As a wife of a military soldier who has friends with real PTSD I don't appreciate him throwing the term around so lightly. Nothing he went through is severe enough for PTSD.

    Also, have you see the new Q/A they posted on TLC from the wives? http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/sister-wives/sister-wives-answer-your-questions.htm#mkcpgn=fbtlc27

  2. Working on it, Annony.
    This was a reply to this post in the SLT. Very TELLING.

    I know Kody Brown personally. He's really a nice guy, but you should all know that he is NOT a religious guy. Yes, he does have four wives and several children; but Kody doesn't practice polygamy because of his religious beliefs, he does so because it affords him a very comfortable lifestyle. He can come and go as he pleases, he is babied by at least one of his wives all of the time. He always has a women around for sex etc. Plus Kody really loves attention, especially when he goes places and people know who he is. He loves the limelight. I know Kody's kids were somewhat uncomfortable with their parents' decisions to be polygamists but I do think they will grow up and be normal, and non practicing polys. As for prosecuting Kody, give me a break, he's only legally married to one of his wives. Is the man a hedonist? Yes. But no more so than the irresponsible single guy/gal who screws a new person every week. Kody is very quick to point out that he is in no way affiliated with the LDS Church. In fact, Kody hasn't been to a church in years except for some of his TV stunts. Although I disagree with Kody's lifestyle I don't think the law should step in unless he's doing something illegal. I just hope that he is able to provide for his kids. Those of you who believe Kody should be prosecuted are probably the same silly sons of b i t c h e s who condone homosexuality and claim it as "normal" behavior. Is Kody wrong? YES. Is his lifestyle f _cked up? Yes. But no more f_cked up than the local queer who claims to be normal. I do agree that Kody's kids are getting a raw deal, especially Logan.

  3. By the way, there's a new story on RadarOnline about a neighbor trying to evict a sister wife:


  4. Nice find, Mister Sister Blogger (on the "I know Kody Brown personally" quote). Kody is a douche and he surrounds himself with people that are equally douchey.

    I've read that the Browns are a part of the AUB faction of FLDS and the church did not want any attention and/or cameras filming them so TLC had to not focus on the religious aspect of their so-called religion. But I'd believe it that he never went to services.

    It took hours to get the entire family out of the house for any local event so I can't imagine they tried to do it weekly on Sundays.

  5. I don't believe it either. Annony, we love your postings- did you know you can pick a name and type it in the NAME box, without any URL? It's fine how you do it either way!
    I DO NOT like him making light of ANY STRESS. Too many suffer from depression, PTSD, and it's no matter to be taken lightly. I don't think a couple of months after a paid move qualifies it.

  6. I can't believe he hides behind religion for an excuse to play around. I know Meri and Christine are into it, but not too sure of Janelle. Robyn is an idiot who was running out of options.

  7. Why would Kody feel bitterness? He Wanted it.

  8. Can you imagine Kody at the award shows? He'd be flipping his hair so much, he might get a Men's Hair Club commerecial!

  9. I know the Browns on a personal level and want everyone to know that they are all that they are because of their religion.

  10. Mikey,
    We would like to hear more about them from you. Were they going to church as a family regularly in Utah? Another friend said no. We welcome you and your opinions, as we respect everyone's opinion.

  11. PTSD? Give me a small break Kodster!

  12. I agree. Sad to use a legitimate illness to drum up business. What he's not saying is.. I get pd a bundle, i file Bankruptcy every few years, and I go see Blue mans, etc. No financial worries!

  13. Does anyone know if Kody ever worked for Diamond Used Auto Sales of Sandy, Utah as a used car salesman ? This used car sales business was owned by the AUB, and they were put out of business by the government for fraudulent dealings...google Diamond Auto Sales of Sandy, Utah...

  14. The AUB owned Diamond Auto Sales and the AUB - Virginia Hill scandal :


  15. Mister Sister Blogger,
    I actually have a problem with some of the things you are saying about this family and accusing them wrongly of many things. I would be happy to correct you on them, as I know them so well. My family has been friends with the Browns for years and I know them very well. Probably better than anyone else.
    Concerning the "other friend" who claims they never went to church, I read that comment as well and I am wonderinf myself where they got their information.
    I would be happy to answer some questions of yours, but I would request that you speak more highly of these people. They are an amazing family with high moral values and standards.

  16. Miley,
    We all a have a right to our opinion. Most of what I put on here is from articles, and FACTS that come from looking at items myself.
    Yes, I have a opinion, and have had literally have had a hundred or more emails from ppl that aren't afraid to tell me their name or other not so nice news that I have not published. There is more to this story, and sadly that can go both ways. But if you notice, many times, like on this post, I didn't even state an opinion in the post!
    You may be upset that most people are catching on to what happens in polygamy, not all, but yet, to many...taking welfare when your "married"- you can't have it both ways-you either are married or not, and many other issues. Since you know the family well and want to show a better light, I suggest you write items you know for a fact - like, for example, do you know for a fact that none of the wives have taken welfare when living as a married woman and receiving funds from the others in the family? If so, please tell us. Do you know how the houses are being funded for a fact? Please tell us, then, followers can understand, with it backed up in writing. If you want to state your opinion, that's great too. We want to hear from both sides. However, you shouldn't have a problem being polite about it.

  17. Miley, if you want to correct a fact, please do! Opinions are opinions. We'll respect yours, as you should ours.
    Our readers want to know MANY questions. I have so many in my acct. I can't get to them all- but stick around, and I will write a post of them.

  18. People with high moral standards don't file false bankruptcy statements. People with high moral standards don't have children they cannot afford. People with high moral standards don't shift around assets to other "wives" to shield them from being seized in a bankruptcy action. People with high moral standards would not join a cult like the AUB which teaches that African Americans are dark skinned because they were "evil" in the pre-existence.

  19. There is no AUB "church" or endowment house in Las Vegas, so they are not going to church at this time.

  20. Mary Batchelor, is that you posting as "Miley"?
    Maybe you should have chosen better "poster children" for polygamy. Maybe you should have chosen people who don't have children they cannot afford, or maybe you should have chosen "poster children" for polygamy who actually pay their debts rather than repeatedly filing for bankruptcy while shifting around their protected assets to whichever concubine is not filing for bankruptcy. Maybe you should have chosen some "poster children" who save money to send their children to college, or some polygamous "poster children" who actually save money for retirement so that they don't end up on the public dole. Just some thoughts there for you, Mary. Your poster children are about to be exposed for the trailer trash they really are. Enjoy.

  21. As a matter of clarification, Anonymous, I don't know who MILEY is, but Miley is not me. I happen to be Mary Batchelor. I haven't seen this blog before today, and thought it surprising that someone would bother accusing someone else of being ME. Really? Largely due to disinterest, I rarely post on other people's blogs, but when I do, I post as myself. If it's not MPB then assume it is not me.

  22. Thank you, cult member, for that clarification.

  23. Not sure what's going on here, but Miley was an above poster. MLB, who are you? Are you a friend of the Browns? Do you have anything you'd like to add?

  24. MPB = Mary Batchelor of Principle Voices.

  25. Mary MPB, you are welcome here to add comments to this sight. It did not start out as all about Polygamy, more a TV show talk fest, but feel free to state your opinions. We hear both sides.

  26. Miley - Where are you? I'd like you to answer some questions.

  27. Don't know what Kody's rationale is for living this way now, but he certainly started out with a religious basis. He went to AUB leaders before participating in this show. I hear that they didn't think it was a good idea to court so much attention, and that it might have a negative outcome for the group. Kody went ahead anyway.

  28. Sorry Mister Sister.
    I haven't been able to get on a computer for a while. Go ahead and ask away... I'll answer what I can:]

  29. Mister Sister,
    If it would be easier, you can e-mail me and ask your questions. Let me know.

  30. The Browns have an army of apologists who tour the blogs telling everyone how wonderful they are. Miley is simply one of them.

  31. Kody is under a great deal of duress. the other three wives are not as strong as Janelle. She's his backbone, support, and always makes the big decisions. Even Meri is turnig to Janelle for support.

  32. Question and Requests:

    I have been looking at Kody from my perspective:
    Kody changes his story and the facts frequently, sometimes in mid-sentence (see published interviews).
    Kody has changed his temperament/mood very quickly occasionally, which you don't normally see people do.
    Kody's body language, gestures, and facial expressions do not match my experiences with people who tell the truth in interview situations.
    Kody's behaviour leads me to doubt he thinks of his children or spouses before himself - contrary to his statements and statements of his spouses. This really arouses my suspicions.

    By the way, I don't take the PTSD thing seriously-that is Kody just being Kody(WYSIWYG), even though I'm in military and law enforcement family and work situations. So I have many close associates with REAL PTSD (prayers gratefully accepted).
    WSIWYG= what you see is what you get

    So, based on the above I was suspicious of Kody. But now, I wonder if I am seeing a touch of ADHD-type behaviour. If so, he cannot help that (except to be diagnosed and take meds).

    Questions & Requests:
    Do any commenters have experience with ADHD? Is this what we might be seeing in Kody? Am I way out in left field (maybe past left field and in the parking lot)?

    Do any commenters have experience with neuro-linguistic programming? When I see Kody giving interviews, or in TH segments on "Sister Wives", I think I see signs of "making things up" rather than trying to access memories.

    Has anyone else studied body language, gestures or facial expressions of the 5 spouses? What are your impressions? Mine are that there is extreme stress at times, and that the words and the emotions do not match at times.

    If no one has done the above and has abilities in these areas, would you try because I think that the ladies and Kody especially, are non-verbally communicating a LOT of stuff.

    Poor Kody, you know we may be overlooking the possibility that this is just the best the daft beggar can do (as my gran would say).

  33. ADHD - I have an adopted son that had EXTREME ADHD. I also became so well versed in it I tended to get all the ADHD children in my class. (No good deed goes unpunished) when you have 10 5 yrs, it gets hairy. He may have a touch of it, but from what I can tell, it's his immaturity that we are seeing. "Look at me".
    He seems to have been a momma's boy, probably spoiled rotten attention wise. He reminds me more of a speeder than anything, whether it be coffee, or some type of stimulant.
    Esp. Grown ADHD adults I have dealt with, tend to want to be leader of the pack. First to get ready, first to help out, I don't see that. If anything, he rarely is the one involved in the actual activity- MOVING, for example.
    His eyes and body don't dart around, he doesn't move around abnormally. Often an ADHD adult will spin around in working or playing, then just drop asleep. I'll give more examples when the show comes back on in Sept.
    No experience with neuro-linguistic programming, but I know what your saying as far as you see him being weird in TH segments or interviews, I've noticed that quite a bit.

    I AGREE their body language says so much more than their words do. I watch it all the time. Like when Robyn had to mention she lost 15 lbs!!! Janelle didn't flinch. Hysterical. I bet she wanted to whoop her ass!

    All of this will be VERY interesting to talk about after each show, I can't wait!!!!!!!
    You might have to lead us! We need more writers!