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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Polygamy Family Interview 4, w/ Christine talks in the group talks.

Watch for we will take a look at the religion, as well as present the differences between what believer of Joseph Smith followers and Christians believe over time. I didn't realize until I began studying this, that there is HUGE differences in the fundamental beliefs. I could use help, so anyone that would like to write a post on contrast of the two in some way, let me know!

Anyone well versed in the AUB? Would you like to write a post to explain to us the major differences in the AUB vs. Christian Church?  Private email me. We will be digging and learning together. I think the differences will shock some viewers and it will change the way you think.


  1. Here is a website which explains the belief system of Mormon fundamentalists - this portion of the website is devoted to the AUB -


    Basically Mormon fundamentalists believe in plural marriage as a route to "exaltation." While they believe that Jesus provided all with salvation, they believe that a woman must be the plural wife of a fundamentalist Mormon man in order to be elevated to the status of a goddess in the afterlife - this is known as "exaltation." The plural Mormon fundie wife would be given her own planet in the afterlife where she would bear children perpetually to populate that planet for her polygamous husband. Mormon fundamentalists also believe in the United Order, which means they share their assets (or a certain portion of their assets) in common.

    John Llewellyn was a former member of the AUB -
    here is his website -

  2. Another very good resource which explains the beginning of Mormonism, and the plural wives in particular, is the book Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakaeur. He focuses on both the contemporary FLDS groups (Warren Jeffs groups) and the history of the Mormon church. Now, I don't believe that every polygamist family is of the abused 17 year old childbride being drug away from her 5 year old kid variety. But honestly, the Browns and these type polygamists are probably truer to Joseph Smith's doctrine than the Mormon church today.

  3. I think that it's interesting they won't really TALK about the principle. i guess they know it would piss us off. OH, they can marry who they want, great.

  4. Also, I meant to say I know that there are so many website out there, but it's hard to get through, we need it dummied down, facts abt the CULT>

  5. As I sit and watch these videos, I keep thinking their has to be a hook used. There just has to be. I simply cannot understand why these women feel they have to endure this. I'm not saying they don't love their husband, and he doesn't love them. But I don't hear about love from any of them. It's about the lifestyle as their duty. Having kids is their duty. Anyone with kids knows what a joy they are (well teenagers are trying....), but other than Christine, it seems like a duty too. Does this make sense to anyone else? I married my husband because I cannot imagine being with anyone else. Not for a lifestyle.

  6. The hook from what I have read is the fact they are taught from childhood if they DON'T do this they will be damned. If they don't enter polygamy they will be booted from the group. We WILL be discussing this soon! Also, there's a good post on it on the previous post or maybe one down.

  7. If a woman serves her husband faithfully, he may invite her to join him in the celestial kingdom of heaven. But should a woman disobey the Prophet and refuse a life of polygamy, she will be damned to eternal hell.
    Also, the first wife is usually favored until she can no longer bear children. Maybe Meri is being buddy buddy with Robyn to keep herself into the mix.
    They also lie and say they don't care if their kids go into it, but, in reality, the scare them to death!

  8. good point geeky girl. I think of this every time Meri laments only having one child. It's as if she's a failure and ranks lower than all the other wives because of this.

  9. I am so glad someone mentioned John Llewellyn because he filed an affidavit in the Canada case and this is what he had to say:
    Paragraph 16:
    "During my time as a polygamist, I found that, almost without exception, each polygamous husband had a “favorite wife”, who was dominant, and secondary wives. The wives were not equal, and were not treated equally. Over the 20 years in which I was associated with the AUB, I was not aware of a single family, including the families of key priesthood members, that did not have serious problems. Many women had serious emotional problems. There were also constant rumors of child molestation in the community."

    Paragraph 23:
    "By 1993, I had become totally disenchanted with the AUB and the polygamist lifestyle. I could no longer impose upon my wives and children doctrines I knew were false. I was also disturbed by what I had learned about various financial misdeeds at the highest level of the AUB."

  10. Born in BrooklynJune 16, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    Here is a link to the affidavit of John Llewellyn for the Canadian Reference Case on Polygamy, regarding his life as a member of the AUB.


  11. Hi! Great Blog!!! New to the group.
    hey, I can't even imagine my sibling having sex without being grossed out, isn't it gross to think of your husband screwing your sister?
    And the other wife, UGH, she must be ganged up on! You KNOW your gonna take care of your sis!