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Sunday, June 19, 2011

'Sister Wives' Fam — Not Together for Father's Day

'Sister Wives' Fam — Not Together for Father's Day
All any dad wants on Father”s Day is to gather round the house and celebrate the day with their four wives and 24 children — but that won”t be happening this year for Kody Brown of “Sister Wives.”
Sources close to the fam tell various scheduling conflicts made it impossible for the whole family to get together this year. We”re told the Browns had their Father”s Day last week over a giant breakfast — which included pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, french toast and cereal.
As for gifts, we”re told each of the wives gave Kody a “survival kit” — some of the basics he needs to have at each house — like cologne, Q-tips, and dental floss.
How romantic. Thoughts?????? ***What would you, if you were a wife, get Kody for Father's Day?

Courtesy of:ttp://we3d.net/sister-wives-fam-not-together-for-fathers-day/
Picture Courtesy of TLC


  1. Who paid for this breakfast ? Food stamps ? TLC ?

  2. That's sad they aren't together for fathers day. Why have that many if you can't spend it with them? A day for the king....surprised it wasn't a mandatory filming day.

  3. Maybe they wouldn't film that day, or the kids were busy, but couldnt some of them get together?

  4. I didn't get to spend Father's day with my dad, but I love him. I am just surprised they didn't

  5. Ohh. I would get him a year's supply of Condoms!!

  6. A week to learn what he's doing wrong in a Christian Camp

  7. Who is paying for all these his houses and 24 kids. Is this guy a millionaire or something? Why are they even relevant? I am so sick of reality TV because the youth of today watch this crap and think that is the way to behave. Shows like Jersey shore, Housewives of...... there are too many to jot down but you get my drift. The dumbing down of America. Bring back the old westerns or shows with some sort of a moral lesson like they use to have. Not some show that portrays the idiots involved in polygamy with no substance that have not evolved.

  8. Hello sisters,
    I just want to tell you I love the show, although I am not a polygamist, I love the fact that everyone gets along and when they don't they discuss whatever situation arises. I do have a question, I have been married twice, some people I know have been married at least 4 times, so what is the difference if you do it seperatly or all at once? The children are taking care of, fed, clothed and loved so what is the problem? I just don't get it. Also, who cares if food stamps are being used, I know people who shouldn't even get them and are abusing the system. I feel your not, that's alot of loving children to feed. Just had to get this off my chest. I will continue to watch the show. People with closed minds are the first to throw that stone, they should be careful though it may come back and hit them in the head....have a great day.

  9. Eh, Margaret, maybe you should read some of the documents posted on this blog before you comment?
    You do realize that the Browns have been feeding their tribe using food stamps even while they are on the TLC payroll, correct ?
    I would call that "abusing the system," wouldn't you? They have enough money for a sports car, wedding reception, and Mexican trip, but no money for food ? You're kidding, right ??

    You do realize that the Browns have filed for bankruptcy multiple times, even while they are on the payroll of TLC, and they LIED on the bankruptcy applications every time. The charges they defaulted on at Home Depot and Best Buy are NOT necessary for their survival. That's abusing the system again.

    Kody Brown had a wedding reception and a honeymoon trip with wife number 4, and meanwhile, he had Christine default on the debt owed to the surgeons and nurses who saved one of his daughter's lives with emergency surgery ... is THAT ethical ? Why is it that his daughter has no insurance, not even Medicaid ??

    Why does Kody continue to have children he cannot afford, and why does he continue to make the responsibility for paying for these children SOMEONE ELSE'S JOB OTHER THAN HIS OWN ?

    Now if the Browns were a black family from Harlem who had more children than they could afford, and this family falsified bankruptcy statements, and collected food stamps while on the payroll of a TV station, the average American would be screaming for them to be brought up on charges. But because they are white, cute looking, and pretend to be wholesome, it's all ok.

    What a joke.

  10. I would get Kody Bosley's Hair Transplants! After all, if her were my husband, I would want to make him happy!

  11. Hey, Lighten UP!

  12. Why lighten up ? These people have been feeding at the public trough for too long. Why are they given a national platform and a paycheck ???

  13. Believer in Monogamous MarriageJune 20, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    I don't believe that "serial polygamy" or marrying one wife, then divorcing, and marrying another is anything like this situation. Anyone who compares Kody's situation to that of a remarried man or woman is totally ignorant of the law and ignores the concept of romantic love. Men and women can only have one romantic love at a time. And the divorced wife or husband is free to marry another man or woman and find that true love, while these four women are stuck with Kody for ALL ETERNITY! This is not about love, but about duty. And I believe we should marry for love, not for procreation or duty or to inherit our own planet in the afterlife.

  14. Well said, Believer !

  15. Margaret is no doubt a cult member

  16. Chocolates: $30
    Hopping Husband survival kit: $80
    Wic and foodstamp breakfast: $120
    Babysitter for the kids for an hour: $100
    Champagne: $150
    Condoms: $25

    The look on his face when they say that they all have a headache tonight...: PRICELESS!

  17. Really, that's sad. I guess there wasn't a TV or a photo op.

  18. Logically, I have no problems with polygamy, I just think it's irresponsible to have more kids than the adults can support without handouts or government help. I don't care if it's the Browns, perfect strangers, or one of my kids.

    As for poor Kody not getting to see all of his kids on Father's Day, the scheduling conflict was either TLC or he & Robin needed to have some 'alone time' to figure out how to keep the sex of the baby secret from the other sister wives.


  19. I have a problem with any religious system wherein it is dictated that a man can have as many wives as he likes, but women are limited to one husband.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Why is it that all the religious texts which approve of the polygyny - only - no - polyandry were written by MEN ?
    Simply coincidence ? I think NOT.

    What is the likelihood that any of these women would have chosen a polygamous marriage if they weren't indoctrinated from birth that they had to participate in polygamy to achieve a heavenly reward ?
    Slim to none.