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Monday, June 13, 2011

How You May Post with a "Name" if Your Not on Google.

Many do not have a gmail acct., so they don't have a google acct. to post from. If you would like to post and don't have gmail,you can easily do this:
Comment As: Choose NAME/URL (You don't need a URL)
Pick any name you choose to blog with.

If you like, choose Anonymous, although several are doing that, so readers aren't sure if it's the same person, or several.  
Hope This Helps!!!
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  1. Thanks! Love the blog!

  2. Thank you very much, kccody. It's all about us talking together. I enjoy all the comments, they make me think and learn. Please let us know what you think on all our posts!

  3. This is for Meri Brown. I saw the show where your husband was talking about the house that you chose in Vegas. You are such a lady. I would have been in someone's face a long time ago with reminding everyone that I am the only legal wife in the group and if anyone deserves a nice house without question it is you and your daughter. I understand why you don't, but sometimes I would like to see you remind them all of your position in the family.

  4. Just for the record, I personally know that Meri Brown is a lovely person. Just hate to see what she is a part of, and am pretty sure she is only there because she wants her daughter to have a father in her life.

  5. FreeandClear,
    We feel for her here. Isn't she afraid her child will go through this too? Of course we see several reasons, but what do you think she thinks about all this?