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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sister Wives Answer Your Questions

Sister Wives Answer Your Questions

How are you dealing with the dating issues now that some of the kids are getting to that age? - Patti S.

CHRISTINE: My dad gave me the best idea and I actually have not talked to my family about it yet. They can only go on one date per person until after college. Keeps them focused on their education and keeping up their communication with their family, because I am sure several arguments will follow from the teenagers about this concept.

MERI: On dealing with dating, so far it’s not something I've really had to deal with. MARIAH will be 16 in July (wow!) but that just doesn't seem to be something that interests her right now. Honestly, MARIAH is the type to spend time "hanging out" with all her friends, boys & girls, rather than spend one-on-one time with just one of them. I'm sure that will change, however, when someone special catches her eye.

JANELLE: It amazes me that I am old enough to have kids to be dating. LOGAN thankfully has several just really good friends and he keeps himself busy with his school work. But they have begun to go out a little. It is amazing the perspective difference between being the teen and being the parent. All the things I thought were perfectly fine and even desirable as a teen - make me as a parent nervous. I really push group dating and keeping in mind long term life goals with my teens to hopefully help them keep a perspective. I talk frankly and openly with my teens about choice and consequence in relationship issues, often to the point that they roll their eyes at me!

ROBYN: For me the dating issue is just a place where I can influence. I get the kids to talk to me about who they like and how their dates are going. Not all of them are dating though. I give suggestions and give feedback. I stress a lot the importance of waiting until you are older to get serious, going to college and always keeping the bar high. I personally feel like our kids are awesome and they deserve to be in relationships with equally awesome people. It takes a lot of involvement. KODY is big on meeting all the kids friends and if possible their parents.

How do you see your family in the future - is Las Vegas a permanent move? - Dawn K.


CHRISTINE: I love it here, and my older children, ASPYN, MYKELTI, and PAEDON have all commented that they love living in Vegas and would really struggle if we decided to move back. They enjoy school, as well as can be expected. The elementary school the children attend have very high goals for their students and consequently pushed my children to excel.

MERI: Let's put it this way, I thought our move from Wyoming to Utah 5 years ago was permanent. There's just no telling what's in store for us down the road. In the meantime, however, I plan on living like its permanent, and I'm really enjoying it!

JANELLE: We are really working hard to establish our home in Las Vegas. Any time you move a family as large as ours it is an epic journey. We are really enjoying it here. The people have been so friendly, the weather is beautiful and our kids love the schools. I believe many of the older children have plans to return to Utah in the next few years to pursue their college educations.

ROBYN: Las Vegas better be permanent! I want to settle, put down some roots and make a nest for our family especially now that I am pregnant.

Why did you choose Las Vegas? - Many Viewers


CHRISTINE: Because of the variety of backgrounds that exist in that area it seems like the culture would be very understanding or out diverse, large, loud family. I also hate being cold, I am cold for a constant 3 months and was ready for warmth. We discussed options of many other places, but in the end Vegas won. It has always been a vacation spot we have loved for our family and since we chose to move we really wanted somewhere that could be positive to our children.

MERI: The question is, why not Vegas! Ok, I have to admit, when KODY first brought up Las Vegas as an option, I thought he was out of his mind. It made no sense to me at all. Sometimes I still wonder why. But being a somewhat spiritual person, I have to just go back to the fact that someone bigger than me has had His hand in my life choices.

JANELLE: When we started thinking about the move we looked around for a close location that made sense. Vegas is only about 6 hours away from our friends and family in Utah. Also, it is easily accessible to those wishing to travel to see us. It is a big city, and even though it has been hurt in the economic downturn there is still a great deal going on here. We ultimately were looking for a relaxed place with an accepting attitude to build a life for ourselves.

ROBYN: Las Vegas is actually close to some of my family. I have been getting to see them pretty regularly. Las Vegas is also a great place for people to visit so we figured we would see friends and family more.

How are the kids adjusting to their new life in Las Vegas?


CHRISTINE: My children are adjusting very well. ASPYN has more friends here, MUKELTI’S best friend is in Utah but she is getting friends here too. PAEDON is confident in his school, GWENDYLN has realized that by pushing herself to excel she can accomplish many things and YSABEL just wishes she could go over to MERI’S whenever she wants.

MERI: The kids seem to be adjusting very well over all. Obviously, some better than others. As much as MARIAH didn't want to make the move to Las Vegas, she did it with a very decent attitude. She made a conscious decision that since she had to be anyway with the family, she was going to make the best of it and enjoy her time here. Although she still will go back to Utah any chance she gets to visit family & friends, she is making friends in Vegas and getting involved with school program and sports, and desperately wants to get a job.

JANELLE: Our youngest ones adjusted to the change very quickly. Our teens took a little while longer. Even then, there is a split in opinion. A few have really embraced life here and are very happy. To the point that they have no desire to return to Utah. Some of the other teens have an attitude of "we are here, might as well make the best of it, until we can move back for college." All and all we are still very close as a family and still spend a great deal of time just hanging out all together.

ROBYN: I think the younger kids have adjusted a lot better than some of the older kids, but that is to be expected. It is hard for teens to start over in a new school with a new life.

How did you decide which wife would get which house? 


CHRISTINE: We were all looking for different things, I really wanted 5 bedrooms, a close location to the other wives, a home in the school perimeter, affordability and comfort. And, that’s what I got. I feel very blessed and love my home. My older three children all have their own rooms and my younger 3 share the biggest room in the house. Great!

MERI: The way we decided which wife got which house was just each one of us choosing what we loved. Because of circumstances, it was important that ROBYN find a home first, so we looked for one she loved. After that, as we looked at the homes, we were able to choose the home that best fit each of our personalities and wants for a home.
JANELLE: We all chose our own houses!

ROBYN: My kids and I have moved 4 times in the last 2 years. I was very concerned when we decided to move. I struggled a lot because of the strain of never feeling settled and the stress of yet another move on my three kids specifically. Everyone was really great and agreed that because of this my kids and I would get the first house. After that it was just who liked what and who fit where.

Have the Browns ever met any of the other TLC families? 


CHRISTINE: We haven’t, however I watch TLC’s What Not To Wear. I try to follow Clinton And Stacy’s advice

MERI: No, as of yet we have not had the opportunity to meet other TLC families. I think it would be awesome to be able to, though! MARIAH loves the Duggars and I know she would love to meet them. Wouldn't it be fun to get a good game of kick ball going between the Brown's and the Duggar's! 

JANELLE: We have not had that pleasure as of yet.

ROBYN: We haven't met any of the other families on TLC. I think it would be fun someday.

Article and Picture Courtesy of TLC Website.  Tape over my mouth. I want to hear your thoughts! What do you think of the dating scenario?? Anything else strike you in the article? Comment below!


  1. What are they gonna say, they don't like the Duggars and others?

  2. I wish I could like Robyn. I don't want to offend the other followers, but she just grates!For her answer, I hope Christine gets a chance to go on What Not to Wear Sister Wives edition. I hope she gets the money for a new wardrobe. I'm not implying she doesn't dress well. I just think she deserves something fun like that. :)

  3. For Q1 Robyn just needed to say "I don't have kids old enough to date. Next question". WHY does she feel the need to comment on the other women's kids when she's only been in their lives for 5 minutes?!

  4. Who provided them with their homes ? TLC? or the Jessop family run contracting firm in Las Vegas ?

  5. TLC's big fat paycheck is my guess

  6. Well, Robyn Grates me! SHE gives parenting advice! PLEASE!

    What is the Jessop run contracting firm? I wonder if Kody got "paid" to marry Robyn and take care of the kids? Also, has she ever filed bankruptcy? that might even be in Wyoming or Montana.

  7. The three original robots, um, I mean, Christine, Janelle and Meri - all make it sound that none of the kids are interested in dating, but Robyn makes it sound that the kids are interested, and they go to her for advice. What? I bet the robots, hey, Kodots, didn't like that one bit!

  8. Jacob Jessop owns a construction company in Las Vegas - he is an FLDS member


  9. More on Jacob Jessop and his construction firm in Las Vegas. He may own these properties and may have loaned them to Kody and his wives -


  10. I am actually happy if Mariah and any of the other kids watch the Duggars. We know the Duggars would never watch Sister Wives and would never say they wanted to meet Kody and the gang. At least the kids get to watch a variety of programs and get to see the options out there to make thier own decisions compared to the poor sheltered Duggar clan.

  11. We will be investigating these issues more....!!!! Stay tuned!

  12. Maybe it's a good thing that they have moved to Vegas. That way the children don't have to go to brain washing sessions at their church any more. Whatever the family says about their children's free choice of marriage partners, the AUB, like other polygamists groups follow the teachings of their book of scripture, the Doctrine and Covenants, which says that if you are taught about polygamy and then don't live it, you will be damned. Additionally, if a man's wife refuses to live it she will be "destroyed." Some free choice!. All of this is left out of the TV show. No, these women are not with Kody because he is so darned cute - they are doing this because if they don't they won't get to the Mormon heaven. Sad!

  13. FreeandClear
    THAT is sad, and I would love to have you teach us more about the AUB is and the difference between it and FLDS. Please email me if you would write a post for us!!

  14. Please Mister Sister can we get some more info on what FreeandClear said? That stuff is utterly fascinating (and disturbing). I just don't understand how in 2011 anyone with half a brain can buy into this stuff.

  15. Yes! We're working on it, and I have gotten help now! YEAH! Man, this AUB church says one thing and do another. It's hard to sift through.
    To get to heaven, a woman must believe their husband is their "god" and he will pull her through, not to heaven, but to their celestial heaven, (their own planet!).....

  16. And Mary, Glad to have you here!!!! Ask and post all your thoughts!

  17. I wonder if they'd answer WHAT IS YOUR RELIGION'S PRINCIPLE MEAN?

  18. Cam, That's a VERY good point, and I haven't even thought of it!!!!!

  19. Hi Mary, I know it is hard to understand, but if you believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet being directed by God, that makes it imperative to follow what he taught. It's very sad because it is a matter of misdirected faith on the part of many. I know, I went through with it because I thought no sacrifice was too great for God - but it almost killed me.

  20. FreeandClear, Mister Sister, and Mary,
    Some of the facts you have are not entirely true. FreeandClear, what you said is true.... to a point. I dont think you fully understand the teachings of Mormonism. If you would like, I can clear up some misunderstandings. Mister Sister, you can also email, I know the Browns personally so I can give you more accurate information.

  21. Miley,
    Please correct me on this post, I simply posted from TLC, I am confused. I see nothing I wrote that is wrong. I will be happy to talk to you! I am not anti Browns- but I have issues with the religion, and trying to learn.

  22. I'd like to see them answer some questions from here, their REAL viewers, and what we'd like to know. Maybe it would clear some things up.

  23. MS, I meant like in other posts some information wasnt accurate.

  24. Miley, you are free to tell us your opinion. I see it this way.....

  25. I am very interested in the Sis ter Wives , I'm a very devoted watcher. However I have a question that is just bugging me. How do they make their money? How do they support themselves? I hope theyre not living on food stamps and welfare, their lifestyle should not become a hardship on any taxpayer. And that goes for anyone abusing the programs that are set up to help those in severe need!

  26. Kody states that he is a devout follower of Joseph Smith. Why do they not observe the Word of Wisdom? They were drinking coffee on their trip to Boston.