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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Heads up! MUST WATCH TV!

Tonight, Doris Hanson's "What Love is This" is discussing "Polygamy in the mainstream media." I think it's going to be very good and possibly talk about the Sister Wives *wink* and mention T shirt sales maybe? Who knows? I sure don't (said the T shirt pimp) The show streams live here:  http://www.whatloveisthis.tv/stream/  check for times...

And I will post it here as soon as it is on youtube, possible opening discussion up tonight if anyone is around....

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  1. Excellent show tonite !!!
    I am sure there were *burning* ears on the Koddie-sac tonight if they watched.

    So many great points were made. Doris has such a wonderful way of really hitting the hard points with her smooth, genteel delivery.

    Some standouts for me were.....
    Essentially, TLC is glamorizing an *illegal practice".....!!
    That line really resonated. That IS the bottom line.
    They are TV stars...why?....For actively, currently breaking the law !!

    Janelle's statement from the discussion panel was that "she is entitled by God to choose a husband, even a married one." It was also mentioned that Janelle said she wanted to be in polygamy so she would have sister wives to help with her children.
    Doris's answer to that was to the effect that, "There are better ways to get a baby sitter than being a polygamist. So much more was discussed.
    Great show !!!

    1. Janelle's statement from the panel really stuck in my craw! If she's entitled by God to choose a husband, even a married one, then aren't we all?

      Isn't that what affairs and mistresses are all about Janelle? I wonder how she would feel if Kody suddenly started having sex with someone outside the cult-de-sac? Maybe a woman who felt she was entitled to choose a husband, even a married one would decide Kody is the one for her. (Okay yes, she'd have to be delusional, but still!) I doubt Janelle would then feel it was okay for that woman to choose Janelle's "husband".

      I just don't get where this crazy idea comes from.

    2. Janelle's comment about being entitled to a husband is tied in with some of the justifications for and around polygamy in fundamentalist Mormonism. That women are naturally more spiritual and there will be more of them in the higher kingdoms in heaven, and as they need a worthy priesthood holder to guide them through the veil as well as help them achieve celestial level rewards, men will have to have more than one wife. This is of course, along with the principal. So worthy women are entitled to a worthy priesthood holder, to live the principal and get to the celestial kingdom. This justification was/is also used by prophets and or those in high priesthood positions to marry many more women than some men, as they are more godly.

  2. I just finished watching Doris Hanson's What Love is this? I learned about her here and had not known of her before, thank you. She brought out some great points, and is going to have Willy on Nov 14th. I saw the nice plug she did for the T shirts and the BLOG, and I said, GO DORIS, you ROCK!!!! They might as well had an ad up for me! I felt like it was my blog! Anyway, the thing that sticks out in my mind is that it is illegal, and nobody questions Kody's love for his children, they use that as a side step, and about Janelle, but can't remember it now. Meri - she hit her hard about the liberating comment. Watch it when the blog puts it up here!

  3. I didn't get to see it and wish I had. Amused, thank you very much for sharing your take on it!

  4. Funky, we will be putting the show right here as soon as it hits youtube

  5. I am entertaining myself while I wait by watching other episodes of her show.

  6. "I caught "What Love is This" tonight. Looking forward to watching it again on the blog. I missed the first few minutes. She has a great way of making points that we make. She has a smooth delivery. I too saw her mention Kollene's shirt sales and thought, "that's my blog!" happy to see that.
    One thing she is always going to sneak in is this. "Polygamy is illegal, why are they getting a show?" which is a very good point that I tend to forget. After reading here, I am now more than concerned that too much tax paying dollars are going to fund these families.
    Anyway, congrat blog, it was a good little spot!

  7. Enjoyed it, hoping for more sales!

  8. They talked about the Sister Wives panel discussion. good. can't wait to see it here.

  9. Not really having a need for a T shirt, but being interested in perhaps donating, is there a way for that?

    And much love and deep thanks to Doris for doing so much to help the poor brainwashed people trapped in the loveless deathstyle of polygamy.

    My heart is just broken for all those 17 children forced to live the shame of welfare and flood stamps because they had a fool for a father who made them illegitimate. They might have a little money nOw due to TLC funding their illegal lifestyle, but those Poor neglected children living in poverty while their sperm donor drove a Lexus.

  10. Looking forward to watching "What Love is This" when you post here! Thanks Mister Sister! Love this blog!


  11. Wouldn’t the joke be on us if it turned out, in reality, that Kody and the “Brown wives” were well educated, well read, traveled, and cultured – and this entire “Sisterwives” debacle was really just for ratings, money, and entertainment? How hilarious would this entire thing be?

    Example: Robyn has her BA in Accounting and Finance and speaks four languages, three of which are actual languages.

    Christine earned her Masters in Psychology from Yale and lived several years in France as an Ambassador to all things Plyg. She learned her famous mock-tapioca pudding recipe from Gordon Ramsey, culinary chef.

    Janelle, when not filming, practices law in Idaho at her own law firm I PASSED DA BAR. She obtained her Master of Laws from Stanford University (magna cum laude).

    Meri Brown use to be one of the original Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz, and drinks the blood of the young in order to maintain a beautiful orange glow.

    Kody Brown was previously a professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and a member of the Jowett Society. Kody now dumbs down his act, grew his hair out, and pretends he’s a natural blonde.

    1. That would be hilarious! Problem is it will never be...they really did live in Lehi, UT. My son played football with their son Hunter. I didn't know they were polygamists, Hunter never revealed that so my son. He was a great kid btw, I am sure that he will turn into a fine upstanding adult. I knew that a lot of people lived there but I thought they were relatives, like his dad's sister and her kids, or his Mom's sister and her kids, never knew how many lived there but that is how it looked. Boy were we wrong!

  12. After learning about all of this Polygamy stuff I have been watching the you tube shows about Polyamory also, are the Brown's advocating for all to be legalized? So Polyandry, and Polyamory along with Polygamy? The Polyamory groups that were featured were from Washington near Seattle. One family was basically like standard polygamy, the guy has one wife and two girlfriends, they all live together and no other men are invited in. They all sleep in the same bed, and he only has kids with his wife, other than that they are like the Brown's. The others were more of a free for all. Didn't Merri suggest something like this to Kody and he said it disgusted him? Does anyone know, are they wanting all of this made so people can have big marriages with a bunch of people or do they just want what they have legal? Kind of selfish if thats the case but Kody seems like a very selfish individual....

    1. This is actually one of my pet peeves about the show (and in general). The Browns are technically advocating for polygyny, which is marriage with two or more wives. Polygamy just mean marriage with more than two partners.
      So. Brother husbands, anyone?

  13. Sorry I missed "What Love is This", but expect it will be repeated
    . I think the cracks in the Brown family started to really show up in the show where they went for counselling. There is more jealousy among the wives rearing it's ugly head, and I can't see any resolve to this. It will only fester. I wonder how much of Crying Meri's issues, are because of this?
    She clearly suffers from depression, which may have developed from the stress of sharing Kody. I suspect her sex life has taken a tumble,since she gained so much weight. Eating to replace love, to fat to love syndrome..viscous circle...
    This could be an issue with the other..errh.. hefty wives as well, since Robyn showed up?..
    I wonder if the whole shebang falls apart, that TLC will show it?