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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Win a Gift Certificate! "Team Kollene" shirt today! "Sister Wives"

*not a T shirt fan? contact me at my email, and I will tell you how you can buy one and give it back to Kollene to give to her friends!

 Buy a Shirt, enter to Win a $25 Gift Certificate
to Cafe Press!  

We don't ask for much here. We do give lots and lots of free time so everyone can enjoy. We've made 876 posts. We've moderated 57,000 comments! We want everyone to enjoy the blog, that makes us happy! But when abuse comes to our attention, we feel the need to help. PLEASE give back today buy purchasing one of the T shirts. All proceeds will go to Kollene's choice of charity. Please help us reach our goal of 25. It will lift the spirits of many. If you purchase a T shirt, you may send me your receipt to have a chance at winning a $25 gift certificate to Café Press!!!


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