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Friday, January 13, 2012

I Scour The Internet: The Friday the Thirteenth Edition

That's right, it's Friday the Thirteenth.  I don't know about you, but as soon as I'm finished here, I'm hiding in my closet!

So let's quickly see what's happening in the Brown Tweet world.

The Browns discover the power of advertising...

Well, let's say a few local businesses should be feeling the love from Kody and Krew's fanbase...they hope...

Call me silly, but I bet Kody wrote this particular tweet. How much furniture can this broad need?

Robyn:    ( with sad face) Oh Kody, I never had a Modern Romantic Bedroom suite from Jonathan Adler in my first marriage...
Kody:     All my wives have a Modern Romantic Bedroom suite from Jonathan Adler!
Christine: Uh, no they DON'T!
Janelle:    Kody, at the rate you're spending money, we are going to OWE money to TLC next season!
Meri:       Robyn is the sister wife I always wanted!
Christine and Janelle: ( in unison) WE KNOW!

Notice how Kody carefully calls Lindo Michoacan his favorite and not Janelle. But you got to admit, nothing beats a good guacamole! So next time I'm in Vegas ...

Let's see if I got this right: 1) Mention name of business 2) Say how much you love it and/or ask reader to check it out 3) Describe the quality of the merchandise/atmosphere/prices.

Unfortunately, they left out 4) SOUND CONVINCING

And then there's Meri who sounds like she just can't be bothered:

I guess Meri didn't like her hostess gifts for hosting that marathon Pampered Chef online party after all.  She didn't even try to shill that LIV stuff, either.

Major Sales Failure ! You can't make money with an attitude like that! How do her sister wives stand her?

The Browns On The Road Again ( and Again)

Where's a pigeon when you need one?

Looks like Meri's not afraid to go to Utah. Why do I get the feeling she is the driving force behind Kody's LIV success? To be fair, LIV's announcement said it was the Kody Brown Family and not just Kody Brown that had reached Senior Director level. Whatever that means...

By the way, I looked it up. First, why do MLM websites make everything so COMPLICATED TO UNDERSTAND? But here it is in black and white:

Step Five: Qualify for the Liv Free Car
  • Build your Total Organizational Volume to $20,000 and qualify as a Senior Director
  • Qualify for Liv Free Car Bonus ($300 in cash your first month of qualification, $700 after your lease or purchase your Liv branded car)

So I'm hoping that it's Meri  driving the brand spanking new "company" car Kody picked up in Texas. And folks, if you need a good laugh, check out the dude lecturing and using a CRAYON to write. I know he was trying to make a point, but I just laughed myself silly watching him be so serious with a damn crayon!


I guess you can say this is a benefit of plural marriage: You don't have to plan to include your husband on a road trip to Disneyland!

And Finally...

Well, to be honest, on my planet, no means no and get lost means get lost. And any fool who thinks different can explain it to the Jury at the trial.

But that's just me. I guess Meri and her offspring live on a different planet than mine. By the way, my planet is called Earth...

Well, that's all for now! Now you go put on those foil covered hats or whatever it is to protect yourself on this Friday the Thirteenth!

Back on the Planet Earth... Update 1/14/12

Guess who's celebrating their birthdays on Monday!! Guess who's throwing the partay!!!

I can't believe I didn't get an invitation! So do ya'll think she will make the cakes or buy them?  And wouldn't it be funny if Meri's gift from Christine is one of those hair flowers from hairflowerdesign.com ? What gift would you send to Meri and Dayton for their b'day?

Just remember, I scour the Internet, so you don't have to!


  1. This was hilarious! Especially the part about the furniture. I'll bet that is exactly the conversation that took place!!

  2. These people are pariahs. This is like a furniture store comping the toddler beauty queens. Not all publicity is good publicity.

    Their gym-like thing at least has a website now, so that's something. They are making money somehow, I guess.

    I wonder if anybody has lost any weight?

  3. If Meri can publicly tweet that she is enroute to Utah she can't be too terrified of the the law latching onto her

  4. The most irritating thing to me about the adult's tweets are that they don't bother to tweet unless they are also hawking something. They are great grifters. I'm amazed the Pampered Chef thing didn't seem to do so well for Meri, because they were so "into" it for a while. They had so many slobbering fans at their family website I didn't think they could miss. Haven't even gone to that site in a long time, might have lost a few members. But still, they have the naive always who buy into every bit of garbage that comes along.

  5. Umm.. that mariah tweet is a quote from the Disney movie hercules? It's funny!!

    No I don't think Mariah meant this when she tweeted that tweet, but I take offense to what you CJ write here. boys are pushy for sex in all cultures. Rape happens in all cultures. Most rapist are never brought to trial due to lack of convitction. It has nothing to do with being plyg. So any fool who thinks otherwise, does not have to explain it to a jury. As a girl in my 20ties, I don't have single girlfriend who has not experienced a guy pushing to turn a no into a yes! I guess I don't live in the same world as you either, what's your world? Utopia??

    1. Anon 1:59

      Didn't see Disney's Hercules so wasn't aware that they promote stereotypical male sexual aggression in that movie. If I were Meri I would stop laughing and instead have a talk with my daughter and find out what happened to prompt this tweet. Sorry you and your friends run across so many sexually aggressive men but that's not the norm. Intelligent men understand the law and respectful men treat women appropriately. Try socializing with non-polygamist men...they'll view you as an individual instead of just another celestial conquest.

    2. maybe you and your girlfriends shouldn't binge drink. By no means am I condoning any male forcing himself onto a female but I do live around a college area and I can't believe what a culture of partying exists. It's really disturbing how often I've seen girls on their own barely able to walk followed by an angry drunk boyfriend. It seems to be a really gross girls gone wild type of mentality. Where has personal responsibility gone??

    3. My world is still called Earth...but no one should need to say no more than once, in either world.

      How awful for you that men in your world have so little respect for women. But it must REALLY be awful that the women in your world have so little respect for themselves.

      NO means NO. Get Lost means Get Lost.

    4. Holy crap! I can't believe some of the responses. Blatant victim blaming is NOT cool! As someone who volunteers with a rape crisis center I am appalled and horrified at the responses that the first post got. Plenty of people get raped or pushed into things anywhere! At work even. By non polygamists. While they aren't drunk.

      I don't know if I can stomach the blog if people like this are around!

    5. A woman character in that particular movie named Meg makes that quote in a VERY sarcastic manner........

  6. I don't think De Kody really cares about what he spends... It seems all the debt he wrecks up is in the name of one of his wifies, and when it becomes too much there'll just be a personal bankruptcy, just to do it all over again a few years later.

    Wonder if Christine is sill receiving >$600 a month in foodstamps?

  7. Once this show goes belly up those grifters will be back filing bankruptcies and using food stamps. Only charging them with past fraud in Utah will stop their cycle of scamming the government for benefits. I think that's why I find this family so vile- they behave so very entitled for people who have no regard for the law. Kody is actually suing the very government who fed his kids via food stamps when he couldn't provide for his women and children. Such a loser-

    1. So much about these people is irritating. From the beginning, their agenda has been to scam, and the list is growing.

      Their *beliefs*, which must always stay shrouded in innuendo rather than be clearly stated. Although they often use them to justify their claims of being victimized.

      Their "finite resources" which apparently is code for working the system anyway and for however long they can.

      Their 12th hour escape from Utah under threat of police oppression for polygamy. (proven to be untrue)
      This was obviously a TLC driven plan to change venues, change up the dynamics to be 4 households, giving Robin her own digs for filming, add some new faces to the circus, such as Kody's new best friends and realtor/new friend)...have a street for Kody to drive back and forth, hair a/ flying in the desert breezes.

      Which reminds me, how come plyg *wives* never seem to have *any* friends....hmmm?

      Moving on...

      Their ever-increasing use of public cyber venues to huckster products to their fans. Next thing they will be offering to sell time shares in Vegas to lucky SW sycophants.

      Blatantly soliciting gifts for the baby.
      What's next...posting all the kids' birth dates, graduation dates, etc. for fan gifts?

      Just lies, lies and more lies about whom they are and what they do.
      What's irritating and insulting is how they must be...as the old saying goes...laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. So the real reason to have multiple wives is to be able to file more bankruptcies... I get it. The more wives, the more filings. Wow. They wanted to do this show to get their lifestyle out there as "normal" - filing multiple bankruptcies is NOT normal - be careful what you wish for Brown family, you just might get it.

  9. Anon 3:31 I am offended by your post! It is very irresponsible and ignorant to imply that it would be a young womans fault. I don't care if one was drinking, wearing a short skirt, or dancing on a gd table. There is no excuse for a man to take advantage of or otherwise abuse a woman. A real man, would respect a woman and would protect someone who is in a vulnerable state!

    1. yes in an ideal world none of that would ever occur but that's not reality. The fact is there are many a predator out there and by getting totally sloshed or whatever else you are putting yourself at risk.

  10. Stepping in to say the topic of the Hercules quote appears to have reached an end.

    Lets agree to disagree and move on...

  11. All this promoting is really turning me off and making me not want to watch and unfriend them on Twitter.

  12. If I was the Browns and had absolutely no shame that's exactly what I would do too and so would anyone else given the opportunity. I mean what else is twitter good for??? Oh and that skit in the beginnig soooo funny and so dead on!lol

  13. Kodys Lexus Janelles JalopyJanuary 14, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    The tick is ticking for the Brown adults. It won't be long until we can tour a time share condo with them in Fabulous Las Vegas, or take a cruise with them...like Kate Gosselin.

  14. Re Hercules: even if there is some inside joke about it, Meri should know that it's not going to come across well on twitter.

    I wonder why Dayton wants to have a double bday party with Meri? In my circle, all of the kids like to have parties with their friends at bounce house places or parks. I don't know any boys that age who would be asking for a good time with his bonus mom instead of his friends at the go cart track or movies.

  15. Maybe they could do a "Bachelor" style show to find Kody a fifth wife. What would be really fun is to show the current wives watching the footage of Kody's dates and then interview them to get their feedback. All five of them would then vote to select the final candidate. TLC, if you are listening, I would definitely tune in for that!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I think that's what the first season was supposed to be like, but they just didn't have the budget for the Bachelor helicopter rides and yacht outings.

      Can you imagine the "group dates." I'll take 'em all!

    2. Instead of roses Kody will give out watches. "Will you accept this watch". The "wives" can gauge whether the receipient swoons enough over such a grand gesture as to be worthy of sharing their Kody. And the rejects...."I'm sorry, if you won't wear the secret underwear then I'm afraid you're just not good enough for me."

  16. LMAO!! This was hilarious :) ...btw, I think Robyn will order the cakes & then tweet about it!!...lol
    Here's my theory on the LIV deal...I think that Kody spent more than $20 grand,(of the TLC $$)just to establish his Director's level status. Most MLM deals, U really have to invest a lot of ur own $$ before seeing a profit anyways...I'm sure the way they see it, is hey, we can't lose if we just keep investing in our own products...lol Oh,but it will definitely catch up w/ them one day & $$ will stop easily rolling in...I wonder if they even have "church" anymore, or has their "religion" taken a back seat to support their lifestyle? Also, with Kody & krew, seemingly on the road all the time, when will they have time to run their gym?? I guess they'll hire qualified people to do it for them.

    1. Of course they are buying up their own product! Almost 40 years ago when I was a girl scout, my parents used to buy up all my GS calendars so I wouldn't look bad. I agree with you they sunk over $20 grand to get that director's level status. And just like when I was a girl scout it just aint fair to the other people who don't have $20 grand to spend and are trying to legitimately (if you can with a MLM business) build their business.

  17. I wonder what the car situation is these days?

    What kind of car did he get from Liv?

    Who is driving the Lexus?

    Who is driving the new company car (Robyn?).

  18. The Kody doesn't seem very smart. He's impulsive, doesn't look to the future and is an overal douche

  19. I'm surprised that no one has made comment to the Disneyland pass tweet. If Meri referred to their 'passes that expire', this could mean that they bought annual passes. It could also mean the Park "Hopper" tickets but those aren't really referred to as a 'pass'.

    There are several types of annual passes at Disneyland and NONE are cheap. The cheapest pass runs $200 and almost 1/2 the year is blacked out so you cannot go on blackout days.

    $200 x 21 = $4200

    The next level is the Deluxe and that has less blackout days but is $379

    $379 x 21 = $7959

    The best pass (not including parking) has no blackout dates and that is $499

    $499 x 21 = $10,479

    I can't recall if there are 20 or 21 people in this family so I assumed 21. I don't care enough to check.

    But....isn't that something? Spending that much money on an amusement park that is 5-6 hours away (by car) for a family of "finite resources"? This family makes me want to puke.

    1. Holy moley, that's expensive!!! But I bet TLC filmed their mass chaos there for next season, so that's where it came from. I can picture it now, everyone fighting over sitting next to His Majesty in the teacup. Just not enough of that male specimen to go around.

      Or maybe someone else declared bankruptcy. Same old.

    2. I'm guessing they might have a few passes but not one for each family member. There's never been any mention of them visiting Disneyland in the past - perhaps they have some one-time passes that they either were given or part of some deal that they need to use before they expire?

      I still have a very VERY hard time believing that the Browns are being comp'd as much as many folks here seem to think. The furniture store maybe throws in an extra little item for the tweet - but probably about the same as I would get if I was buying a room of furniture - I would expect either a nice discount for a large purchase or a small item thrown in to sweeten the deal. The Mexican restaurant probably gives Kody a complimentary appetizer. They aren't big celebs in LV - why would they get all those comps? It's a recession and those businesses are trying to stay afloat - it would be cheaper to have a 30 second local TV spot than to feed Kody and crew for free (and I doubt they would tip if they WERE comp'd - so the staff would bust their tails and lose $$ they could make from other customers).

  20. Re the Disney passes:

    It is just as possible that they have been comped on those passes by TLC or Disney itself for the PR. It's likely that if they do go, TLC and/or Disney will have a film crew on hand for future use.

    It is also likely that nothing this group does now is spontaneous.
    Everything is all for the KodyWorld Show. Every tweet on happenings and locations, every FB entry, every appearance in public....it's all for a purpose.

    1. Disneyland rarely does that type of PR, and rarely allows a television show to be filmed on their premises. Typically the show has some relation to Disney holdings, for example the "Roseanne" show was filmed at Disney World. "Roseanne" was an ABC show and ABC was owned by the Disney parent company.

      Disneyland most likely would not allow a reality show like Sister Wives film an episode on their grounds.

      It is possible that they got comped passes from TLC or their parent company, The Discovery Channel, but not very likely it involved a comp from Disney.

  21. Maddie posted a facebook picture of her with baby Solomon. Wonder if that as kinda forced.

  22. This family is going to implode soon- if they aren't pitching products and scamming people 24/7 they are filing lawsuits to protect polygamy. All just desperate attempts to remain relevant. Unfortunately the only thing these folks are qualified to sell is a book on welfare fraud.
    When the TLC bubble bursts I do hope the adults grow up and finally focus on all those children.

  23. Poor little Rosecolored6 is not pleased with Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes and only approves of Colin Firth giving a kick to Ricky. Grow up rose colored, take off the specks, have a laugh. You are anything but perfect yourself.

  24. Also on Twitter today, Kody has been busy!!...lol Here's a couple of recent tweets from him.
    "What man is a man, who does not make the world better?"
    "What people think about me in none of my business"

    WTF?? & REALLY Kody??...Alrighty then...(confused & eyes rolling)...lol

    Kody retweeted Robyn: "@realkodybrown & I taking our boy Dayton on the traditional Brown bday date! He is 12 today! Big man on campus. (then has a pic of Dayton riding in the front seat).....

    Hmmmm?? so, it's Meri's bday too right??...Guess no duo birthday party for these two & no birthday booty for Meri either!(I know, gross, but I had to go there...lol) Unless, Kody's splitting his time in 1/2 to please both women...ughh!!!
    I'm really just wondering if Daytons real daddy, David, wanted to spend time w/ his boy on his birthday. Since Robyn just had to tweet about her & Kody taking "our boy" out....ughhh!!

    1. It's kind of sad when a family (father, daughter) can only quote from movies and a self help book. Almost as if these people are incapable of having a single original thought.

      If Kody wants to succeed in business, he should be very interested what people think about him. If people don't like you Kody, do you really think they will buy a product or service from you?

    2. Totally agree w/U xenia_oh :D
      ....that's what I was thinking too!! I betcha he'll start caring & being very interested in people's thoughts about him & his family whenever the ratings go down for TLC, etc... Like I've stated a long time ago, they act like they're A-list celebrities & they're not even close to that level. There are way more A-list celebrities that are more humble & more in touch w/ their fans than the Brown could ever grasp or ever be!!

  25. Why does Robin keep acting like Kody is her older children's father? Even if their real Dad is not in the picture, legally Kody is just Robin's married boyfriend. He'll never adopt them because then he would be financially responsible...(he didn't even claim paternity for his biologic children on Christine's bankruptcy/welfare forms). This must be so confusing for those poor children. Wonder if Kody realized yet that he's consistently doing a great job of showing us all the bad stuff about polygamy.

    1. I know right??...Maybe they're into positive thinking. If we keep telling ourselves this & putting a united front out to the world, maybe they'll eventually believe it too!!...lol
      Also, Pride always comes before a fall!! I just hope Kody Brown family entertainment entity hasn't forgot where they came from or how America's fascination has rose them to the top. Just like any fashion or fascination, here one day & out the next. Because people are always looking for the next best thing, sadly even in reality t.v. Unless their's another "marriage" or pregnancy,or teen drama IMO,the next season will be boring. Unless TLC, will try to seduce America w/bogus clips from the court filings,LIV & family business,Kody getting his new company car, etc...then never show it just so they can get high ratings....ugghhhh!!
      Speaking of vehicles. Do either of them have a family van or suv that they could all possibly use to do errands together or even just going to dinner as a family? Not very practical to me, but afterall we are talking about the Kody Brown....ughhhh!!

  26. interesting that Kody always refers to his own biological kids as "her kids", "Christine's kids," etc. BUT NOW he calls his stepson of ROBYN'S "OUR boy." wth???

  27. Kody does this show to sell the world on polygamy, yet our opinion doesn't matter to him? hmmm..... then why go public to sell it to us, Kody???? we think your illegal product stinks and you're doing a poor job of selling it. that should matter in your grand scheme of things.

  28. Hello to our friends at SWB. Couldn't help but notice the last date on the home page was Friday 13th. Is everything okay? We miss you and hope you did not have triskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th.) Even though I am fed up with the Brown's shenanigans, I love this blog and appreciate all the smart repartee I find here. If they go off the air, we must find something else to talk about since this site is so entertaining and thought provoking. Kody gives me the hives when he is so ridiculous and juvenile with his sacchrine comments and actions with Robyn the homewrecker. I guess I am a feminist of the old school; that the less valued wives accept his chauvinist behavior is truly a mystery to me.

  29. I started watching this show because I actually was curious about how the whole polygamy thing worked. Now I watch because it's hilarious to see these lunatics running around thinking they are sane. I think Kody's tweet about not caring what people say means the man-child may actually now realize that most people think he's a clown. Took him long enough!

  30. Kody has a new tweet tonight that says he doesn't care what people's think of him. I bet that goes over well with his business sponsors. Wonder if the blogs and negative press is getting to him.

    1. If only we had an inside track on the TLC meetings with Kody Brown Entertainment, the production company and TLC network handlers of this show! Kody made it public (especially thru his super positive facebook fanpages) he does not read negative,including blogs and forums. I'm sure TLC does and probably dont like what they see. Has anyone ever looked at the TLC forum for the show? Its practically 90% against Kody and polygamy!

      Kody prefers to ignore negative comments while he prances and preens for the camera. TLC can't afford that luxury and perhaps has told Kody that he is seen as a buffoon and asswipe in the world and that image is beginning to tarnish TLC's brand.

      Instead of Kody thinking of changing some of the behaviors people dont like he quotes from movies about being a man making the world better and that he doesnt care what people think about him.

      How typical of a born loser!

  31. The true victims in this whole deal are Robin's three kids. The rest of the kids have been born into this family, but those kids have had their lives torn into pieces. It is so unfair to them.

    So, if Christine were to get a divorce, she could take all six of her kids into another polygamous family and have her kids sealed to her new husband, and he would be their father? And Kody would be alright with that?

    Where is this David?! How can he let his kids go through this? How can he let these people insult and smear his name like this?

  32. Yo, Corgi, my fellow herder. He may say he doesn't care, but I can only assume he still has the super moderator in place on the facebook page. And unfortunately he is laughing all the way to the bank. They sure do spend a lot. The kids are always off to the movies, which cost a fortune now, especially if they eat or drink anything. Wow, they are willing to pay through the nose to get rid of those teens. Anyway, now I hate all the adults for their marketing, taking advantage of everybody, and seemingly unable to make a tweet without advertising somebody in town. Enough is enough. Godly people? No way. If it were not for the contamination factor, I'd bite the adults.

  33. Of course Kody cares about what people think of him. His money comes from the Kody show, and I'm pretty sure he spends a lot of time browsing the internets reading about what we think of the great kodz.

    I could handle their weirdness until I found out about their massive welfare frauds, the bankruptcies etc... and blatantly lying about it.

    I hope it comes to the atention of the greater public soon so they will see the reality and will be really turned off, that will probably also be the end of the Kody show and the gravy train... Cant wait