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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

UPDATE ! I Scour the Internet: The Black-Out Day Edition 1/18/12

That's right. My second favorite website, Wikipedia, is in black out mode formally protesting SOPA.

Mon Dieu, what am I going to do for 24 hours?

Well, as luck may have it (darn it!) the twits tweeting on Twitter have not been affected by this protest. Thank goodness! Can you imagine if the Brown Family loss access to their fans for 24 hours?

Scary thought, isn't it? So let's get to it, and see what the Browns are spewing out to their adoring fans.

Hey Robyn! What's Happening girlfriend?

As already noted by many commenters on SWB, how charming Robyn and Kody consider Dayton (aka David) as "our boy". I think I understand now. "Bonus children" is used to describe offspring from other sisterwives. "Our children" is used  to described a sisterwife's children with Kody. And when Kody describes his many offspring, he merely sticks in the mother's name: Christine's kids; Janelle's kids; Meri's daughter. Hmmm.....interesting....

Oh yeah, nice how you let the public in on the traditional Brown family birthday "date". Funny how the other three sisterwives were able to leave that traditional privy only to family members. But leave it to old runny mouth to spill the beans! And why is it called a date - makes it seem so, I don't know, officious maybe? So who's the Kody assistant in charge of scheduling all those birthday dates?

Kind of sad in a way for the kids - no spontaneity in that family!

And on the subject of spontaneity....

It's the Annual Tweet to Dad How Much We Love Vegas and Each Other! (suitable for retweeting)

How sweet! I hope they get at least a car or something from old dad, don't you agree? And proud daddykins retweeted to all his followers!

Has anyone noticed how they don't mention their mother(s) or their father name? My family they say. hmmm....So with children, they address the entire family as "My family".

Hey the "Other" Wives are talking too!

Hey, you tell 'em, sister! Wait a minute. Christine, does this mean Kody Brown and his Sisterwives featuring Mother of the Year 2011 Robyn Sullivan weren't invited? Am I sensing some sour grapes, perhaps?

No wonder. Who but a group of teenage boys would turn a safe nerf dart into a semi lethal weapon? To quote Ralphie's mother (from A Christmas Story) "YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!"

Note to self: Make sure all nerf toys and tacks are locked away when Hunter comes to visit.

College recruiting on twitter!?!  I wonder if the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy and West Point will be recruiting the Browns'  teens on twitter too?

P.S. I'd hate to have that job!

And last but not least...

A lot has been discussed on SWB about the above tweets from the Kodster.

Unfortunately, it appears the Kodster is just indulging in some quoting fun with his fellow LIV! Global Operation Detox warriors. Which kind of explains why his quotes are either from movies or Googled. Kody just doesn't look like the literary type.

But that doesn't mean we can't join in the fun, too, does it? What are some of your favorite quotes?

Cynical Jinx wants to go first. Her quote comes from Mommie Dearest (Joan Crawford, not Robyn Sullivan that is):    Don't f--- with me fellas! This ain't my first time at the rodeo!

Now that's scary. Mine is ahem...classier shall we say.
From Terminator:  I'll be back...

So tell us, what are your thoughts and what is your quote you'd like to share?

UPDATE 1/19/12: Who remembered to say Happy Birthday to the Kodster? Why Robyn, of course!

Does anyone else feel this is a bit too much? Sweet man? Awesome husband? Phenomenal father? Is over the top praising of Kody to fans part of Robyn's honeymoon experience? And why haven't the other wives given Kody a public shoutout yet? Hmmmm.....

Remember, I scour the internet - so you don't have to!


  1. The Kodz really isn't the brightest bulb of the box... He seems rather stupid & impulsive (nothing wrong with being impulsive, but in a smart way).

    Wonder who was behind the whole welfare scam.

    1. Got Kody's prints all over it. Impulsive = taking the easy way out of a bad financial situation thru bankruptcy. Stupid = getting involved in get rich quick schemes without careful consideration of the downsides. Financing future businesses based on the income of a reality show that could be cancelled at any time.

      Isn't welfare scams a 'tenant' of their religion?

    2. I think I remember an episode (but I'm not 100% sure) where they said they are all for self reliance and against welfare fraud etc, but I could be wrong.

      It is very common amoung pliglets to commit welfare fraud.

      AFAIK it is an official pointer of the church they belong to to only rely on government assistent when absolutely needed and fight for self reliance.

      So much for that. Come on if he doesn't appear on all of the kids' birth certificates... and the wives (ehmmm single moms on food stamps) changing their legal last names to Brown to avoid suspicion... ew

  2. I forgot to add, it is really pathetic to just randomly spit out copy paste phrases, unless they mean something, are genius or just special. Randomly copying phrases is just pathetic and shows lack of personality.

  3. As always, where the heck is Dayton's dad? Surely he can shut this freak show down.

    He could at least get his kids off TV. He could probably get custody from admitted felons. And now Dayton is "our boy" with mommy's new married boyfriend, oh boy! That kid didn't ask to be the posterkid for polygamy or to have his issues broadcast to the world.

    I'm disgusted any parent would let their kids take this heat. At least the Browns are making money. But what's in it for Dayton's dad? Why would he let his kids live in this dysfunctional "family" and go on national TV about it?

  4. I remember reading that he was and is really against his kids being whored out on TV. I wish he would sue her for custody.

  5. It's all about a man who innately doesn't want to actually *work.*
    He sees himself as special...as ordained/destined for greater things and fortunes. He will gravitate to any opportunity or process that gets him what he wants with the least amount of effort.

    The Plyg lifestyle was ideal for Kody...a perfect fit for someone who has this exalted self-identity. He gets the lion's share of both private and public attention, and the wives do the work...are the lab rats for the camera.

    Meanwhile, there is no legal, official father-documentation for 16 of those kids for Kody to have to fulfill and maintain.
    How fortunate for him that his only legal wife produced only one legal child for him to have to claim. The rest of the 16 children are their mothers' (and ultimately the welfare system) problem to feed and support if needed or desired.

    He even gets to use his scamming and prolific sperm as a moneymaker both for himself and for TLC.

    I would think at this point that Kody is QUITE smug and proud of himself.
    That squinty, inane smile that he usually sports is really a * flipping of the bird* to the world.

  6. Last year on the show Dayton got money for his birthday from Kody. I guess this year's new "tradition" is going out on a date with your mom and her married boyfriend. The new tradition actually has more perks for Kody-get extra date time with Robin while pimping out another restaurant for free food.

    Favorite quote would have to be "I see dead people"...of course modified to "I see slimy people" when used in reference to the Brown adults.

    1. Kody prolly took the $$ back from Dayton after the cameras stopped rolling, since they were on such finite resources...lol
      Hmmmmm?? I wonder if Kody gave ALL of his own bio kids $$ for their birthdays?
      All I know, if 'FINITE RESOURCES' come out of any of their mouths on the new season.....ughhhh!!!

  7. Please someone, get Robyn's ex, David, an agent NOW!! Interview, book deal,etc...something!!...lol Dang, Robyn doesn't have a problem cashing in, so David should get in on it now while he can. He would be getting a whole lot more $$ than Robyn ever will have & that would just burn her nerves & ass too...hahaha C'mon David Jessop, America wants U,well ur story anyways...lol If he did, he would literally be burying his ex wife alive & no one would do anything about it!!...lol

    I still really hope that the State of Utah can see & use their tweets against them in court b/c they that would make their claims false on the affadavits...Pretending to fear for their lives & how they were "forced" to move to Vegas & that they live in fear EVERYDAY....my ass!! Looks like their living large & loving Vegas to me, kids & all!!
    One of my favorite quotes, I learned from my college Political Science instructor: "If you ride the fence long enough, it will eventually cut you in half"
    Seems like the Browns are riding the Religion/Lifestyle fence pretty hard...no pund intended....lol

  8. My favorite quote is from the movie Fools Rush In. "You are not favorite person right now. ". I use it on husband all the time.

  9. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

  10. I've been wondering why Robyn's ex made a big stink about his kids on TLC, but then seemed to quiet down. Perhaps Robyn offered to lessen the amount of his child support payments (using her TLC earnings to offset them)? Maybe the family is giving him cash to keep quiet?

  11. I am confused? Isn't Meri's birthday the same day as Dayton's? Did Meri get a traditional birthday date? Did she get special attention from Kody on her birthday? Or did she get the party Robyn planned for her and Dayton only to watch her husband go with another woman and their child to continue the celebration while she went to bed alone? I hope she at least got something nice to make her feel special....

    1. Meri will prob say she was looking forward to the "me time".

    2. Meri gave up ever getting anything to make her feel special, the day she let her husband sleep with other womean and call them wives too.

    3. POW!!
      Wanna Bet, I'm gonna have to agree w/ U 100% on that one..lol & Anony 11:35am....hell yeah,she did...lol
      Must of been totally drunk off the kool-aid to agree to all that shizznit!! Wow, besides sharing ur husband, U have a lifetime of jealousy, depression, sadness, & many lonely nights(even on ur bday) to look forward too!! NO THANKS!! :D

  12. I bet Kody promised the kids they could drive his car if they post tweets about being happy. In any case, I do hope the kids are happy enough to really enjoy childhood. Being an adult will be difficult enough.

    As far as the adults, I refuse to feel sorry for any of them. It's what they wanted, so deal with it! If someone is alone on their birthday or sad because another wife has taken her place, then that's what they get.

  13. David Preston Jessop would be a fool to put himself in the spotlight. His family has some skeletons in the closet to protect. And what makes people so sure a court would give him custody? Don't forget people,although they didn't take another wife, they were living in a polygamist community, run by his family. He is just as "crazy" as Robyn and the idea of his kids calling another man dad is not that rare in these communities-devorces happen and women go looking for a new husband and wives to help them care for their children. In communities that arrange marraiges, women are often reassigned and the kids are sometimes told that the new husband is their father- that their dna is changing to match the new dad.

  14. My favorite quote is from my dad, "When the mind is dumb, the body suffers."

    I feel sorry for the kids. The teenage years are hard enough without the added pressure of having your family filmed and your family business put out on national tv. The choice the adults made to splash their business all over tv brings these kids into the media circus whether they want to be there or not. The only silver lining for these kids is that they will probably be exposed to more views and opinions against polygamy than they would have been without the show. I really wonder how many of the Brown children will choose this type of life when they are adults. I hope each and every one of the Brown girls realizes that they deserve all the love and respect of one husband if and when they decide to marry.

  15. "The truth! You can't handle the truth" a few good men....and seems to equally well apply to the Browns life philosophy!lol

  16. Anonymous 11:35 AM, I agree-Do you remember the episode where Christine was crying and said "I don't feel special anymore" to the cameras?

  17. Anonymous 9:13 - I wonder if Kody and Robyn still believe that the DNA changes to match the new dad? Maybe that's why Dayton is now "our boy."

  18. Guess what everyone? Yesterday was Kody's birthday!! Here's a tweet from Robyn: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @realkodybrown!!!!!!You are a awesome husband and a phenomenal father! We love you so much sweet man!!!"

    Wow, so much that Robyn's the only one who Tweeted or retweeted about it! Not even his kids!!...lol What's up w/ that??
    I wonder who's lucky night it was?...Prolly Robyn's since she's the only one who tweeted about it!....hahaha Dang, I'm still really surprised Aspyn didn't give her phenomenal father a shoutout bday tweet! & Meri's probably still pissed, b/c she had to spend her bday night alone...Oh well, like anony said above, don't really feel sorry for her, or any of them for that matter since they all CHOSE this lonely & sad lifestyle!!

  19. Robyn's also the only wife who retweeted that Op Detox tweet: First Operation Detox meeting had 40+ in attendance. Thanks Diana and Kody for helping!

    Only 40 attending? How can you make enough money to build 4 houses on a cul-de-sac with only 40 people? I bet those 40 were drawn in by Kody's 'celebrity' power too. Are the teen girls still selling that stuff to their HS friends?

    Caramel, didn't you think the Browns were buying their own product to bump up the numbers? I think you hit the nail on the head with that one! But can they keep doing it because eventually that pyramid gonna fail!

    1. Hi Anony 4:32am...Yep, that was me!!....lol
      I'm also thinking the 40 who attended were just fans wanting to get an autograph & pic.....but wasn't expecting to buy any product...haha Actually maybe the LIV & tweet pimping products will finally be a wake up call to most of their "blind, adoring fans"...& they'll get tired of constant advertising instead of able to chat w/ any of them...but time will only tell though...

    2. Oh snaps, I can't believe I just noticed this @the bottom of Janelle's twitter.
      Twitter for IPAD (eyes rolling)...uggggghhhh!! I freaking knew it!! I had stated that w/ all of the adults & kids toys: Flat screens, home computers & Laptops, Ipods, cell phones(not cheap ones either), blu-ray player & movies(expensive)& I also said it wouldn't surprise me if they had Ipads too...finite resources my ass!!

  20. Robin tweets "You are a awesome husband and a phenomenal father! We love you so much sweet man!!!"....sorry girlfriend but he's your "awesome" married boyfriend and "phenomenal father" to just 1 of your kids about every 4th day.

    What planet do these folks come from?

    1. Maybe she's still enjoying that honeymoon moment? But she did overwork how wonderful etc kody is. All that overkill does sound like maybe the old sperminator's not spending enough time with Robyn and she's overcompensating for his attention.

    2. How about Robyn's trying to cheer Kody up? A birthday can be traumatic especially if your going bald and running out of money and married to 4 women and have 17 kids to take care of.

    3. Wonder if she got "sweet man" a watch for his birthday? If he's feeling blue about getting older and balder it'll fix him right up!

    4. Boston Corgi, I believe the planet is called:
      KBS CELESTIAL PLANET somewhere way south of heaven!!...Lol

      Also, I'm suprised they havent' tried to pimp out Hair Club for Men, since he's so "sensitive" about it...js...hehe