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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sister Wives: Jane Velez-Mitchell Panel Discussion

From two softball interviews with entertainment interviewers to a "semi" hardball panel discussion on Sister Wives led by Jane Velez-Mitchell. The first time I saw Ms. Mitchell, it was during the Casey Anthony trial. The jury had just finished deliberating and Nancy Grace was predicting Casey Anthony would get a guilty verdict. Ms Mitchell was the only reporter to disagree with Ms Grace, vehemently I should add. Ms Grace got so tired of her, she cut her off mid-sentence and refused to talk to her again. Guess who was right?

Frankly, this woman scares even me . Can you imagine if Kody had agreed to an interview? Yikes!

That poor Jeffs woman looked and sounded like she didn't quite understand why she was there.

War on Women;  Casey Anthony`s Life in Hiding; 'Sister Wives' Downplaying Polygamy?
Aired September 21, 2011 - 19:00:00   ET

And can polygamy work? The stars of controversial reality show "Sister Wives" are fighting back against a backlash in the wake of Warren Jeffs` conviction for his, quote, "spiritual marriages" to underage girls. Should polygamy between adults be protected under the law? I`m taking your calls

Up next, this -- you`ve got to see this. It`s wild. "Sister Wives" controversy; yes, you know, that TV show about polygamy. Now they are trying to distance themselves from the Warren Jeffs scandal. And they are also promoting their new season. We`re taking your calls on this, 1-877- 586-7297.
KODY BROWN, "SISTER WIVES": My name is Kody Brown. You`ve got to meet my family. I`m a polygamist. But we`re not the polygamist you think you know.
Over here. I show over and over that I got the ability to love these children.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you have more to give?
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think he needs all the children because as we parent all the children little pieces of our parenting go into their mental and their emotional and they change.
BROWN: The fear of being prosecuted is less daunting than the fear of continuing a society in secrecy.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: A confessed polygamist with four wives and 16 children and counting says the TLC show "Sister Wives" has allowed his family to live out in open. I`m so happy for you.
But here`s what I want to know. On the heels of the Warren Jeffs trial where polygamy was denounced and Jeffs was convicted of raping two children I got to wonder what makes plural marriage so socially acceptable on the TLC show "Sister Wives".
Watch this.
BROWN: Ok. Everybody who thinks it`s a boy go over here.
I show over and over that I`ve got the ability to love these children.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. One of the wives is about to give birth to number 17 -- child number 17. The family now lives in Las Vegas after fleeing Utah to avoid possible persecution. Kody Brown and three of his wives appeared on ABC`s "Good Morning America". Watch this.
BROWN: It`s normal to us. I mean we deal with every day kind of whoa that happened, you know, there`s just things that surprise us in our lives.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- not normal to everybody else, right?
BROWN: We totally get that it`s not normal to everybody else.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, it`s not normal. Where`s the outrage we heard during the Warren Jeffs trial when we found out he had 60 wives and dozens of children. I realize none of Kody Brown`s wives are underage. But is that really the point?
Polygamy -- isn`t polygamy, polygamy no matter what the age? What do you think? Give me a call, 1-877-JVM-SAYS.
Now, I want to go straight out to Laurie Allen, producer of "Banking on Heaven", an investigation film -- fabulous film that exposed the secret world of polygamist cults. Laurie, they are trying to distance themselves from Warren Jeffs at the same time as they promote their new season. Why are people watching this? Why are they embracing "Sister Wives"?
LAURIE ALLEN, PRODUCER, "BANKING ON HEAVEN": Well, they`re watching it Jane because they`re not being told the truth. I mean this is a reality show that is really about as real as my little finger. I mean these people are scamming every which way. They have been in all kinds of trouble. They`ve all filed bankruptcy. They rotate the wives around. One files one year; a couple of years later, another one. They shift the dead around. They are living off of food stamps. They have been in all kind of financial trouble. This is what my sources tell me.
And the show come along which as far as I know is why they left Utah because, you know, it`s ok; it`s like "don`t ask, don`t tell" in Utah. It`s ok to practice polygamy but don`t talk about it, don`t go on TV because then the law enforcement and attorney general`s office has to do something about it. So it puts them in an awkward position which is why they moved to Vegas. And now they want to go back.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Basically -- on the show they are basically underwriting the whole concept of polygamy and essentially encouraging it. Now, "Sister Wives", the family -- they blew up on GMA because they were asked, somebody had the audacity to refer to their compound in Utah. Watch this.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You all have broken up a bit from your move to Las Vegas. No longer own the same compound, four separate houses.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We live in a house.
BROWN: -- negative connotation, it sounds Branch Davidian.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, they`re upset about it being called a compound.
Sherie Jeffs, you`re the ex-wife of Ward Jeffs (ph) -- former sister- in-law of Warren Jeffs, do they have -- first of all we tried to contact Kody Brown`s attorney, couldn`t reach him. He`s invited on or any of them. They are all invited on any time to tell their side of the story.
But there was a claim by Laurie Allen that essentially they are living off this show and otherwise they would really have no way of supporting themselves when they have now 16 kids and counting. What say you?
SHERIE JEFFS, FORMER SISTER-IN-LAW OF WARREN JEFFS: Well, to be honest with you I haven`t watched that show, and I don`t know what they are doing. But I feel like it`s a disservice to so many of the polygamist families in the state of Utah to paint them with that brush that they are all like that family because so many of them aren`t.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: So, you`re defending the polygamy concept?
JEFFS: Well, yes, because you have freedom to live your religion the way you`re supposed to in this country, of course. I mean as long as you`re not --
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me ask you a question. I can understand why the guy wants four wives or 16 wives or 60 wives, I get that. Why do the women get involved? What`s in it for the women?
JEFFS: Well, if you believe that it`s a tenet of your faith, of your religion, of the Mormon religion that it`s a celestial principle, then you live it. But not everyone lives it perfectly or does a really good job with it. Some families do. I would have to say that most families do. Do well by it. And you have to make a distinction between those that are --
WARREN JEFFS, POLYGAMIST LEADER: The woman if she is not careful will be overbearing and always ask permission for what she wants. And ladies, build up your husbands by being submissive.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, in the wake of his conviction on two counts of child rape, a lot of people are taking a second look at the whole issue of polygamy and so it raises the question, are shows like "Sister Wives" which some say glorifies polygamy, really cute (ph) or are they really dangerous.
So I want to go to Jim Moret, my journalist colleague extraordinaire - -
VELEZ-MITCHELL: You`ve actually talked to all the women, the four wives and this guy Kody --
MORET: Right.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: -- from "Sister Wives", why do the women do it? I don`t get that.
MORET: Well, we heard one of your guests talk about the religious aspect. And I suspect that`s a great part of it. But I was taking notes because I listen to everything you say. You said the word cult, rape, underage -- none of that applies to this family. So in this sense I would say this family is not like the Jeffs compound at all.
This is an unusual family. When you watch them you can say I don`t understand how they are living this way. I don`t understand how four women can share one man. But they are not odd balls. They are very nice, gracious people --
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, are the women masochists?
MORET: No. Look, we`re watching the show, my wife says, "You know, that`s not a bad idea. Maybe I should share you I don`t have to listen to you complain all the time."
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Just don`t share with me.
MORET: But -- but they are not trying to enlist people any more than "Jersey Shore" is trying to change people -- maybe I shouldn`t use that as an example.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: But here`s my point. And I just want to go quickly to the "Big Love" clip from HBO because this is a show that everybody loves to hit. It may be fantastic but again, why are we hooked on this idea? Check this out.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am trying to make it better for all of us. The life we`ve chosen leads to eternity but yes there are consequences.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re not in eternity, Bill. We`re in Sandy, Utah, and I don`t think I can live this life in Sandy, Utah.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Laurie Allen, women all over the United States are watching this show and grooving on it. Why are women so interested in glorifying cultures that denigrate them and treat them as chattel?
ALLEN: I don`t know. Flavor of the day -- I`m not sure Jane why people give this show any viewing time. It`s disgraceful. It`s -- I guess it`s because it`s an oddity. I mean they are just weird people that are living on the fringes of society and getting all this publicity. When, in fact, the truth is not being told and there`s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that we`re not talking about.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Sherie Jeffs you used to practice polygamy. But correct me if I`m wrong, it almost sounded like you were defending the polygamy, the actual polygamy, and saying that oh, "Sister Wives" the TLC show kind of makes polygamy look bad.
Isn`t it the other way around? I mean "Sister Wives" is sort of a sanitized version of polygamy. The real polygamy is a lot more sordid?
JEFFS: Not really. And I`m not really defending it. I just want to you know that what you`re seeing on TV is not what really happens within those families.
Now with the case of Warren Jeffs, of course, that went off in left field and created havoc for anyone that is really truly trying to live the religion and, you know, have more than one wife and create a loving family unit. And you have to understand that the women do it because they believe it`s a tenet of their faith and the men do it also because it`s a tenet of their faith.
And you have to ask yourself how difficult that would be to keep that many children and that many women clothed and fed and emotionally cared for.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: Because the government is underwriting the entire thing with welfare.



  1. Please. Someone PLEASE sign Kody up for an interview with her.

    He is such a dumbass that he will probably think he can charm her. Maybe make her his fifth.

  2. She would make Kody cry and then the wives would have to buy him a watch cure his blues! I don't consider any of the others real interviews because they were fluff questions- just more platforms for Kody & wives to spew their BS. Let's see a real interview with Jane or Nancy Grace and let them start waving those welfare and bankrupcy papers at them.

  3. "And you have to ask yourself how difficult that would be to keep that many children and that many women clothed and fed and emotionally cared for.
    VELEZ-MITCHELL: ** Because the government is underwriting the entire thing with welfare." **

    EXACTLY !!!!!
    That is what is the *real* story is with the Kody World show.
    They were using the government (our taxes) to play house with *before* TLC..and will continue to *after* TLC.

    Nice scam....Sperm King wanted multiple bed mates and no real 9 to 5 job.
    The *sistas* do not want to be independent, functional women/mothers who make decisions and (gasp) actually work and be actively responsible for the welfare of their children.
    And the government (us) and/or a TV company pays for their needs and wants in the name of their ..uhh...religious beliefs.

    Amazing......just amazing.

  4. I get that it's in TLC's best interest to continue to present this family as legitimate - all of the 'business opportunities' and money making schemes, and lack of concrete evidence of their income. But...I'm sure TLC must know that the top is being steadily blown off of the myth that this family is anything other than parasitic and phony. Phony because they present themselves as one thing, but there is clear evidence that they are another, even though in this day and age they must have known their court records, etc. would be found. In the above interview it was asked why people watch this show, why the audience is 'embracing' it? I'm guessing that the vast majority of viewers, like myself, are watching because it is a trainwreck. Not only do we know that their entire lifestyle is a smoke and mirrors type deception, but the concept that these women are willing to watch their 'husband' bed-hop between all 4 of them and somehow live with the jealousies and other negative emotions that must be present, is just so alien to normal people! We watch and we wonder. It would be phenomonel if someone could corner these 5 people and ask real questions, force them to admit to the welfare, the bankruptcys, how they really live their lives. And the ONLY reason that I think it would be great is because these people have willingly put themselves into the public eye, and have asked for the attention. Now that they are famous, they need to understand that the public isn't going to blindly buy their bullsh** cover stories.

  5. That would be so much fun to watch the Browns being grilled by a tough reporter but that won't happen. They are packaged as 'entertainment' which when you consider what a klown Kody is, it's not far off the mark.

    I just want to be there when it all falls apart.

  6. There being nothing better on television, I was flipping through channels and ran across Toddlers and Tiaras. TLC- YOU ARE A PIECE OF S#4%. Talk about child abuse...

    I understand that TLC gets away with all of this under the guise that they are just "documenting." HOWEVER, they are ENABLING. Right now I am watching an 8 year old screaming as her mom tweezes her eyebrows. TERRIBLE. TLC is shameless and profits from all of the abuse.

  7. Sorry I don't know how to post tweets here but maybe one of the bloggers here could please check out Kody's tweets tonight? He's been tweeting about how happy hes been driving around in his new company car, how great its been driving all over three states, how nice people have been, blahblahblah...COMPANY CAR?? WTH? Who gave him a new car? Appreciate it if someone could check this out. thanks!

  8. Tough reporter!

    You know I have been thinking alot about why a woman would subject herself to this kind of lifestyle. I think I have now figured it out.

    They are closet lesbians. They do not want a real sex life with a husband, they actually are excited by the thought of sharing the same intimate parts with another woman, but in their faith it is not allowed. Their faith says they can not attain true heaven unless they have a husband, so they meet that requirement; and they can have overt or actual physical lesbian relationships with their sister wives.

    I have always gotten that vibe from Meri, the woman who seeks out new wives for her husband. Janelle and Christine don't go searching for a new sister wife...but, Meri does, and always has. Now the two "best friend wives" who have sex with the same man...(it would be interesting to know if Meri and Robyn are always next to each other in the husband rotation, cuz it would be like sharing intimacy, well that is exactly what it is) will now be bonded with a surrogate baby. Robyn can now not just have the same sex partner with Meri, but also will have part of Meri right inside of her! Of course she wants to carry Meri's baby...she is most interested in the women- which is probably what happened to her first marriage. Would also explain all that money spent at Victoria's secret...women's things..female models, women helping fit the bras...

    And I have been thinking a lot about Robyn complaining that during her first marriage she didn't even have a crib...you mean to tell me she spent her money on Victoria's Secret underwear instead of buying a crib? And that was her husband's fault?

  9. Sister Martyrs - you are absolutely right about TLC's shamelessness. I watched a Toddlers & Tiaras for the first time the other and was almost physically sick for these children! All I could say was "The authorities actually allow these children to go back home with their parents!!!!!" TLC has become a tabloid network.

    I would love to see Kody+ be interviewed by a tough journalist!

  10. I disagree with Lynn down under about the lesbian theory. I believe these women are so insecure, they think a husband would cheat on them. So the answer is to let your husband "cheat" on you in the open under the guise of religion. Sort of like when parents let their kids drink at home because they would rather have it done where they can control it instead of in secret.

  11. Why blame TLC on the pageant kids? It's the PARENTS you should be disgusted with!!! THEY are the ones who put those kids through all that crap. It's the MOM's who want to win. And it's the mom's who are living out their own misguided fantasies through their children. It's also downright creepy (and laughable, too) when you see the 20 and 30 year old women competing against 4 and 5 year old little girls. Those older pageant has-beens need to get a life!

    As far as Kody and his harem...well, I don't know how ANY woman could kiss her man and then smile as she watches him leave the bed they've just been intimate in knowing he will soon be getting his rocks off in less than a few hours with another woman--perhaps one she just had lunch with earlier. Wouldn't there always be the doubt that those women are better in the sack than you? (he CLEARLY favors Robin over ANY of the other wives) Looks to me like the "I'm over-actively horny and this religion gives me carte blanche to bed as many women as I want without getting the third degree for it" aspect is Kody. I'm waiting for him to suggest he start courting a 5th wife soon...