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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cynical Jinx Answers Caitlin's Email

I would never consider printing an email for all to see, but, believe it or not,  this email was tame compared to the actual comments this person apparently tried to post to the article on SWB. 

In her last attempted comment, Caitlin warned  "I will post nonstop until you have the balls to actually post how many pro-Brown family posts you receive." So, here it is. Caitlin's best effort.

For the record, due to the age of the article, all of her comments were automatically pended for moderation and were never published. In fact, they are still in the moderation queue. And the article she refers to has not been deleted and can still be found - in the December 2011 archive.

 So I figure Caitlin deserves a response, as well as the knowledge that this thoughtfully written email shall live in perpetuity in the ether of the internet.

From: Caitlin <deleted>
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 4:44 AM
Subject: Wow...
To: lovetvreality@gmail.com

So I posted a comment on a really screwed up post on your "website" (hah!) geared toward hatred of the polygamist family known as the Browns (http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/ -- I figured I'd let you know which particular site, since I'm sure you're hateful at several alternative-lifestyle American families), and the particular post had some really sad version of the classic Christmas song "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" except edited to talk about how terrible the Brown family is (wow...you idiots are SO CLEVER!). And when I went back to your ghetto, pathetic excuse of a "website," I found that that particular post had been deleted. Is this because you assholes had finally realized that your sadistic hatred had been overcome by people who are willing to be kind and accepting with open hearts? I'm just curious...because, honestly, if I had the unforgiving balls to create a pathetic "blog" all about utter hatred and discrimination, I would at least be intelligent enough to cover all the bases!
P.S. ~ The Brown family doesn't give a FUCK about you. They will continue their life until the day they die. Retard!

From: Cynical Jinx
Date: January 11, 2012
Subject: Re: Wow...
To: Caitlin <deleted>

Thanks for the feedback!

Cynical Jinx

By the way, I thought your parody rocked, Terrasola !!


  1. sounds like a cranky sister wife- perhaps Christine has some extra Prozac she could share!

    We love you guys @ SWB and appreciate you all very much!!!

  2. wow, perhaps she needs to spend some real time living in a poly household. This womaen clearly has no idea. I lived in and was part of a Poly household. She needs a sisterwife to plot against her and undermine her every move. Then she would know what ploygamy misery really is.
    This is a site that doesnt overlook real facts and problems with polygamy.

  3. Dear Foul Mouthed Caitlin:

    "Wow" indeed. I understand that profanity replaces meaningful words when the writer of such low class utterances (such as yours) replaces intelligent language. The posters here at SWB seem to me to be highly analytical and quite
    witty. They, SWB, that is, are able to recognize and respond to the vulgarities of the Brown's lifestyle and suboptimal treatment of the people they are supposed to cherish and value.

    You are of course allowed to express your opinion as are we, even though you seem to be the trash-mouthed one among us. Remember you eat with that mouth, so how about considering that when you spout such garbage (not the meaning of your post, just the language.)

    So, I don't mind hearing your opinion, but I am entitled to mine which I am free to express on our blog. My opinion is that the Brown family is misguided, ignorant and arrogant. They have exposed this suboptimal human condition in an attempt to explain and exploit their family for gain, and in doing so, have opened the floodgates of criticism. Most of us feel that they are criminal in some of the choices they have made (welfare fraud, etc.) They seem to believe they are some kind of heroic figures to be trusted and idealized, but they seem to be rather naive and grasping in the way they go about trying to elevate themselves.

    You are entitled to my opinion and there it is, take it for what it is worth and don't choke on the obscenities I believe you are thinking right now. I have read your opinion and respect how you feel, without the nastiness however.

    Hope when you come to have a battle of words, you are armed the next time.


  4. Okay Caitlin. Hope you feel better getting that off your chest.

    Now go away.

  5. Hey Caitlin, why don't you start your own blog about how much you love the Browns? It's a free country (world) and I won't write there

  6. Obviously, something struck a nerve with Caitlin.

    hmm, the lyrics talk about Kody marrying yet another wife.....perhaps that was why it proved so irksome?


  7. My, My.....such hyperbole !!

    Dear Caitlin,
    If you really do want to express your opinions and be taken seriously, it would help to back off from the...
    "And when I went back to your ghetto, pathetic excuse of a "website,"
    And the....."Is this because you assholes had finally realized that your sadistic hatred..."
    And let us not leave out your classy salutation of......
    "The Brown family doesn't give a FUCK about you. They will continue their life until the day they die. Retard!."

    Such vivid and trashy phrases won't help your cause to legitimize the Browns OR to establish yourself as a sincere blog contributor.

    What your post actually does is to encourage people who do struggle with understanding the Brown group, to now equate the Browns' true philosophies and *real* expressive style (when the cameras are off) with *your* chosen verbiage as their self-appointed spokesperson.

    Doubtful that was your intent....but good job !!!
    Things seem even clearer now.

  8. Earth to Caitlin...the Brown's most certainly do give a f**k what we say. These grifters get a paycheck thanks to us watching them. I'm sure Kody will love reading your eloquent tirade next time he visits this blog.

    P.S. Can you say "I drank the Kool Aid" 3 times fast without cursing? Hmmmm- I didn't think so. Please relax before your poor head pops off.

  9. Does this mean that this website does not fill your heart with joy?

  10. Amused,

    Here Here.

    And yet, lest we pass by the subtle in favor of the bawdy in Caitlin's writing style, we may reflect on her seemingly random use of quotation marks to set apart the words "website" and "blog". It is as if Caitlin once saw someone use Air Quotes to imply ridicule, but she never quite understood why it was that others laughed, never grasped the subtext, never got the joke.

    And thus, today, she seeks to affect a similar ridicule as that achieved by those long-ago Air Quoters, but her execution is flawed: she simply throws quotes about, letting them land on simple technical terms describing feature functions of the software hosting the writings she is commenting on, in classic "monkey see monkey do" fashion.

    I suspect that a whole new internet trend may arise from the Caitlin style of quoting.

    Example: The weather "is" cold out. Fritos and corn syrup make "for" a tasty if unhealthy snack.

  11. CJ, I love ya but don't think you should have posted this. Caitlin is probably only 12 and bored after school.

  12. Not likely a 12 year old. Remember, CJ read a lot more of Caitlin's writing than we are seeing

  13. This is an adult with an unhealthy attachment to this fake family. The attack was hostile and aggressive and I'm glad we had a glimpse of what kind of people are in the Kody & Wives fan club. She wanted her comments posted and I applaud CJ for how she handled it.

  14. thanks quite an e-mail for some one who doesn't give a ...... well you know. must be a jack fundamentalist, heavy on the mental or I am sure she would have been a he and said flippen blog.

  15. I agree with Anony 7:38! People are acting crazy these days! And to defend the Brown family...... really ? SWB, continue your good work! Didn't know you had to put up with that ......

  16. A lot of anger there.....perhaps a Brown family member or friend. I agree that there are many people on this blog who disapprove of the Browns and their lifestyle, however, I do not see them posting anything that is untrue. Occasionally, I am annoyed by the stereotyping but I have come here many times and have posted comments. I feel free to express my opinion, which is open to polygamy. She is obviously personally hurt and pissed off.

  17. Bravo to CJ! Unfortunately for Caitlin, this being posted only made her look hostile and close-minded, the very point she was trying to make about this blog! Ah the irony of that!

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of the previous comments. This website brings me such happiness! The regular posters are intelligent, witty and often insightful individuals and there are many times their comments are actually worthy of a great big laugh!

    So KUDOS to all of you out there that contribute to this BLOG! (yes - even Caitlin)

  18. I agree and love this blog as well, though I often wish we had something more worthwhile to discuss than the Browns. I think they have about exhausted their 15 min of fame - at least for me - but I'm sure mr. S and CJ can keep us happily reading for some time. Other than a financial blog on the stock market, this is the only one I read regularly.

    1. So why didn't you warn us Hostess was going into bankruptcy? Us Scottish dogs love our sweets, and a world without twinkies, ding-dongs, cupcakes, and donuts is a sad state of affairs. Dare I say an emergency food situation.

    2. Funny :) The guys I'm following say that the market will peak around end of Q1 and then tank into a deflationary period similar to the Great Depression complete with runs on banks and the only safe money in short term T-bills. I am not an alarmist person generally, but it's got me worried 'cause I've got a couple hundred pounds of dogs to feed!

  19. That E-mail sounds like it came from a sad,lonely person who only has imaginary TV friends

  20. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    Wow, I about choked on the nuts in my brownie, while reading Caitlins email...lol
    I agree w/ Anony 8:19pm...definitely lots of anger & I also, thought it was someone from Team Brown. Prolly one of the wives, who hasn't had enough Kody time & has to take her anger & unhappiness out on SWB. How does she "know", that the Brown family don't give a fuck about SWB??...Maybe Caitlyn will tell us....hehe
    Seriously, w/ all them cell phones, lap tops & computers(& prolly Ipads too) in their 4 homes, I'm sure their curiosity gets the best of them to see what SWB is saying about them, bc since their season ended, their really hasn't been much "press" for the clowns, I meant Browns...hehe Other than them tweeting away about their "perfect" lives in Vegas!

  21. After all, what are to do? The Brown Bullsh*tters have their own blog accepting only positive comments, heavily moderated. We have been forced into an alternate site. It isn't our fault, Caitlin. Censorship has forced us here.

  22. We just want to be free to express our opinions (sniffle)...SWB is not for everyone. It's like, I like it here, but Caitlin may not like it. Most here like it though some may not. That is what I mean by "it's not for everyone." It's our choice (sniffle). Caitlin's words are hurtful. I've been hurt by them. (sniffle) We just want to be free to express our opinions the way we want to.

  23. I'm sure Kody loves when one of his twisted minions defends his honor by attacking people with different opinions. Gee, I wonder if it was him assuming a female alias??? He was sporting a serious case of crazy eyes last season.

  24. What IS interesting is Caitin's parting line.
    " The Brown family doesn't give a FUCK about you. They will continue their life until the day they die. Retard!"

    Indeed, how would Caitlin know what Kody World so colorfully thinks of SWB???

    Was that just a rabid fan inserting herself on their behalf as their Town Watch....or is she one of the Browns who reads SWB and just couldn't contain himself/herself??

    Either scenario works for me since *the family* does need to realize that sectors of the audience/onlookers are not stupid nor willing to overlook their documented and public record-proven lack of integrity and scruples. They are welfare thieves, using *our taxes* for their schemes. That makes it our business.

    There is an impressive arrogance about people who know they are already scamming the government, yet also choose to be paid TV stars, daring viewers to learn more about them.

    Or is all that just impressive stupidity??

  25. Grandpa got run over by Kodester was a work of art. There really should be an animated Christmas special to go with it, like there is for Rudolf. I wonder how long before the Browns show up on Family Guy, the Simpsons or South Park

  26. I expect to see more gagalicious "love you, baby!" tweets now from the SW's to Kody. thanks alot, Caitlin!

  27. I personally think the poster is either actually a Brown family member or a close friend. If you put yourself out there, criticism is a price you have to pay.

  28. Thanks for the kind words folks, especially from CJ, whose writing style I particularly enjoy (and envy just a bit, if the truth were told).

    Wow, see what happens when a gal goes away on training? All "insufficient light" breaks loose. Ironically (another form of humour that SWB readers recognize and, hopefully, enjoy), the course was, "How to Deal with Difficult People".

    It is always unfortunate to read/hear the "You are a doodoo head if you say/write something that disagrees with my opinion" argument. I prefer to think my own thoughts and make up my own mind about things; no Kool-Aid for me.

    People have disagreed with me before, respectfully, on the SWB and other sites and even in the real world (gasp). Reasoned, civilized, respectful discourse is how people learn things (especially me as I am sometimes a slow learner) - and even learn how to agree to disagree as part of a civilized society.

  29. Hi.. I have been lurking here for a little short while. I always enjoyed watching the show but felt something was up with Kody. It's basically the kody show... I think he is very different off camera & behind closed doors than on his show... Anyway I had NO clue about their financial shams... I thought they were well off because he drives an expensive car, their homes, the amount of children,the private school, etc... Then I got a look at their bankruptcy papers.. Awful! Did TLC not know about this when they started rolling or did they just find out along the way and are trying to hide it as well as they can meanwhile making the show as lame as they can so ratings will drop and they can cut it?

    I am pretty sure that most people have NO clue about the financial shams the Kody pulled off...

    Earlier today I tweeted his bankruptcy declaration of 2005 and will tweet the other 2 ones soon (hashtagged: #bankruptcy, #KodyBrown and @ some of the browns).

    I looked around and could NOT find anyone else tweeting about this... so weird!!!

    So I do invite you (if you have Twitter) to look up bankruptcy, kodybrown and retweet my tweets (sorry for my lame twittername I hardly ever use it), but I think this is a cause that needs to be brought to real public attention so this can't be ignored anymore...


  30. I certainly don't hate the Browns. I am intrigued and fascinated by their lifestyle. This site poses the questions I ask myself when watching the show. This is site is created out of interest and curiousity, not hatred.

  31. Deep thoughts time...

    "They will continue their life until they die."

    Fundamentalist introspection at its best. But how can 20-some people have one life? Too deep for me...

  32. Sounds like one of the brown kids. By the way if you stick your crazy family who financially scams the government on national TV expect what you get. I find this site funny, informative and yes a littlle means but sooo what! Don't read if you don't like and clearly this isn't your choir to preach to.

  33. MOST people continue their life until they die... But well... Once the props and TLC money isn't rolling in and they can't commit anymore financial (welfare) fraud, things WILL definately change for the browns. AniaB I agree it sounds a lot like one of their teens.

  34. Though I guess if one of the wives forgot to keep sweet, she might sound like a foul mouthed teen. Christine and Robyn don't have the education that Meri and Janelle do.

  35. Using crude, foul language is certainly the hallmark of a youngster, but to use the word "Retard" at the end steams me. Using such an archaic, unacceptable term for mental illness makes me think more of an adult. Kids today don't usually hear that kind of detrimental language unless they learned it at home with ignorant parents. Hmmmmmm. I would love to hear more from Caitlin defending the Brown's with solid facts rather than vulgar street cred.

    Terrasola said it best: Reasoned, civilized, respectful discourse is how people learn things (especially me as I am sometimes a slow learner) - and even learn how to agree to disagree as part of a civilized society.

    Oh yea, and Caitlin......being a slow learner is NOT being a "retard".

  36. Don't use my name, mr 02:07 PM

  37. Speaking of tweets,Heres one from Kody himself about 2 hrs ago:
    Driving in vegas with the top down #lovelasvegas

    Ugghhh!!!...what a frigging boob...lol & I'm sure his Queen bee, Robyn will retweet it too!!
    Last week, when Kody, tweeted about being out @a Mexican Restaurant w/ Janelle, guess who retweeted?
    Well it sure in the hell wasn't Janelle!!
    That's right folks, it was Robyn...Ughhh!! Now, I really find that a bit weird & a bit much! Come on guys, Janelle didn't even tweet or retweet, for that matter, about being out w/ Kody...just saying!
    Why did Robyn feel it necessary to retweet Kodys apparently date night w/ Janelle? Maybe Caitlyn can enlighten us....hahaha

  38. Yes, that "retard" addition was over way the top for these times.
    Ignorant, shallow and smug.

    The sad thing about all of this is that these people (including the Dargers and Duggers) are having a good time basking in their 10 minutes of fame.
    All of them are using the media to secure a place in media history, be it negative or not.

    Saw in the news this week that Kate G. has signed on to be the premier celebrity host of some upcoming cruise.

    Is there any gig that these *reality* clowns won't do ???
    Rodeos, hosting cock-fights, sand castle competitions, Toddlers and Tiaras judges...???

    No offense intended, just being realistic....
    If Janelle and CO. were actually going to be on-site celebrity owners of a *fitness* business, is there ANYTHING they wouldn't do for money now that they have created the spotlight ???

  39. Lobotomized Frontal LobeJanuary 12, 2012 at 8:46 PM

    Celebrity Boxing and Circus of the Stars will always have a place for the Browns. And eventually, Jenny Craig.

  40. I thought I was the only one who noticed how odd it is that Robyn retweets weird stuff. I thought that retweet of Kody being out w/ Janelle was totally weird and totally a way for her to appear non-jealous or non-threatened. That is not the first time she's done that.

  41. I think Robyn's retweets of where Kody is with the other wives is her way of:
    A)appearing to be super supportive of his other relationships

    B)covertly keeping tabs on him and what he is doing with all the OTHER wives. Nosy.

  42. I think it was Logan

  43. Not Logan -maybe Christine?

  44. Robyn or Mariah in a bitchy mood

  45. I don't know where to ask this question, so I just picked this thread. Does anyone know if the sister wives legally got name changes to "Brown" since they are not legally Browns? I believe people have a right to their own beliefs, but believing something doesn't always make it so. Don't these women have to feel their beliefs are "above the law"?

    1. What I understand is that Christina and Janelle legally changed their lastname to Brown. Robyn has not because they didn't have money for the name change. That's why her lastname is still Sullivan. I'm thinking theres another reason.

    2. I thought it was odd how everyone had to say "he looks like a Brown" in the season finale. Was there doubt about who the dad was?

    3. No, I think Janelle (I believe she was the one who said that) was putting down Robyn. Like, what's the big deal, he looks like every other kid in this family.