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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UPDATE 1/3/12!! Kody Sighting!! -- Ahhh....Holiday Tweets from the Browns!

original post date 12/26/11
So how did the Browns spend their Christmas holiday? Well one thing for sure - they didn't forget to tweet for their fans!

Hm....I wonder if she means Kody?

Finite resources be damned, they've GOT to have the big ole Christmas house to celebrate in, right? Actually I kind of like this idea - that way all the family units are under one roof making for easy Santa access...

Very interesting tweet...I wonder what the two things that Robyn received. What are your thoughts?

Guess who's  tweeting now? Yes, Hunter has caught the twitter fever...so what has Hunter got to say?

Oh dear, well he IS a teen, after all...

Christine does have a point!!

I hear ya...let me at those PRESENTS!!


UPDATE 01/03/12

Kody Brown sighting in the Metro Phoenix Area has been confirmed by Robyn (of course)! 

Hmmm....Marshalls in Mesa and KMart in Phoenix - Is Target or Walmart next?


  1. Merry Christmas to everyone again ! In Montreal, it doesn't feel like Christmas until there's snow. It happened late this year on December 23, but it changed everything ! I imagine it's the same thing for the Brown's kids... For the Christmas House, forget the finite resources ! I hope they don't use these words anymore in 2012, because we know it's not the case... It's very insulting for their viewers who REALLY live with finite resources, particularly at Christmas time.... The Christmas House better be big to welcome Santa with 4 Mrs Claus....
    For Queen Robyn, I think she's probably gonna say something fake like love and family..... but I say Bullcrap! slapping my leg ! FAKE
    For Hunter and all the kids, I hope your parents managed to put their needs séide and thought about you all first for once ! I hope you all had a great Christmas.

  2. Leave it to Robyn to turn Christmas into a discussion about people bringing her gifts.

    So if the whole polygamy thing is about making the women better people, how is it that Robyn, who is so new to polygamy, who has only known monogamy, is suddenly the queen wife and everyone caters to her?

    How can Robyn be spokesperson for the Brown wives when the polygamy thing hasn't had a chance to make her a better person?

    By elevating Robyn within the family, isn't Kody saying that monogamy produces better wives?

  3. "Leave it to Robyn to turn Christmas into a discussion about people bringing her gifts."

    So true !!!!!
    Always, with Robin ..."Me" "Me"....it's all about Me !!!

    I also find it interesting that for such "private" people....
    People who just want to be "left alone"...
    To just be happy in their private little plyg-land...
    They sure do love and "crave" the FB/Twitter/Chats/Fans and PR appearences !!!

    Attention hogs, would you say ??!!!

  4. I wonder if the "christmas house" is Meri's house (she kept saying she had the BEST HOUSE for holidays) or a random house in the mountains they rented (like last year).

    Anyone notice Marriah went back to Utah? She kept saying on Twitter how she had to drive 5 hours all by herself.

  5. Free Hunter Brown! I don't follow them on Twitter so that is good to know about Mariah. Kody is such a jerk to her. When she wanted to change schools because she hated the one she was going to he said she needed to have a good reason. Parents need to make decisions for kids that the kids don't like sometimes but they can validate how their kids feel--good parents do that! Then when Mariah started to talk about plans that Kody approved of he was all for it--never mind that neither of them had any idea what they were talking about. Military academy, med school, none of works like they were saying. Mariah needs to talk to a guidance counselor who can help her figure out her goals and how to attain them, but Kody thinks he is all knowing. I hope those kids get some good advice from someone about their futures. Parents really screw things up by not helping kids get the best guidance, Mariah will be very disappointed if she follows her father's advice and won't have good opportunities. Kody probably wants her to forget about college and get married and have babies with a bunch of sister wives, that's what women are for, right Kody!

  6. Poor Hunter. A lot of parents would choose their battles and not make a grumpy teenager boy go caroling, it's not as if they don't have enough other kids to go . It is fun for little kids. There a lot of Christmas activities that he can participate in. They don't seem to understand that his behavior is normal, he is not a "monster".

  7. Robyn. goody for her.

    LOL I like Hunter. we need a countdown clock for his 18th birthday. RUN Hunter, RUN.

  8. I think I got it! Two fully developped frontal lobes in Robyn's Christmas stocking...

  9. OK, let's see if I have this right. Mariah says she wants to live polygamy when she is older, but cannot wait to get away from her polygamous family whenever she has the chance now. Of course, makes perfect sense.

    Hunter says he doesn't like polygamy, isn't too fond of his polygamous family and doesn't like to do things with them; in short, he is consistent. And the adults (and a couple of his siblings) say they don't understand him.

    Do I have to beat my head against a wall, take drugs, or ... what ... to think like this family?

  10. Terrasola, where do you see Mariah wanting to get away? I'm lost.

  11. I did not know that Mariah was back in Utah. Thats sad to me, because Im sure its so that she can go to the AUB school there. What is she going to learn there besides how to follow the path that the AUB has laid out for he?. If thats why she is in Utah, then her future is pretty much shot to shit. A Las Vegas public school would have offered her so many more opportunities......too bad,

  12. Hi Anony 9:28!

    I don't believe Mariah went back to Utah permanently - perhaps she goes back to attend AUB church? She does seem to travel back there a lot, though, so I agree with you, Terrasola, that she goes away to Utah every chance she gets! Sounds like there's something in Utah that she's not getting in Vegas!

  13. Here is what I was thinking:
    * This is Christmas, a time for family.
    * A 16 year old girl is not with her family at Christmas (according to a poster above, who reports Mariah Tweeted that she is spending the holidays in Utah).
    * This same girl often spends holidays away from her family (in Utah or Montana), if I remember correctly from Tweets, FB posts and SW episodes. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    * This girl and her family frequently talk about how important family is in general, and to them in particular.Mariah has said how she LOVES to have a large family with many brothers and sisters around her.

    Do these facts above seem to match, or do they seem to be in conflict (cognitive dissonance, anyone)?

    I don't know any one who, under normal circumstances, has spent Christmas away from their parents (1 / both) before they graduated from high school. Just sayin'.

  14. She is only just 16 and has been driving to visit other for quite some time. How old do you have to be to have a license there? She goes quite some distances as well. And yes she wants polygamy, also did say she wants college. Like most teens of that age, she isn't really sure. But she might as well forget college or a good trade if she goes for the AUB lifestyle. What a waste.

  15. I apologize let me rephrase what I said. I follow all the sister wives ppl in a sisterwives group on twitter. I want to say it was like last week where mariah said she had to drive 5 hours alone in her car. I have NO IDEA where she went I assumed back to Utah. But also the last few episodes Mariah and Meri "went out of town to see some friends" I am assuming they went to Utah.

    Mariah is back now for the holidays because they all went to see "war horse" today and were whining about it on twitter lol

  16. Maybe Mariah has a boyfriend, or some guy interested in her, in Utah.

    The one time I sort of respected Kody is when he insisted Mariah stay in public school rather than attend the AUB high school. Not that he or the wives are that concerned over the kids' education (nothing comes before Kody's whims as the priest-holder) but in that one case, Kody was right.

    Go Hunter GO! Someone needs to loudly question the whole Happy Family propaganda. Hope he's okay, ultimately.

  17. It seems that Hunter is having normal teenage angist, but I think that the show and Hunter is playing up his angist in the twitter feed to increase the audience (our) interest in the show and his well being.

  18. I think they are all dysfunctional..from King Kody down to Queen Bee Robyn.Only she is the sly fox of the ladies. Her and her dropped jaw!! Just put on the tears and get what I want, is her motto.I feel sorry for their children.Let's hope they all get OUT as soon as they are 18.

  19. BBC special on polygamy


    Best quote from part 2:

    "There's no room for reality"

  20. Thank you Plot!

    SWB ran a series of articles featuring the same BBC documentary in September 2011. Here are the links:






    This is an interesting followup article on Randy Maudsley who was prominently featured in the documentary...



  21. OOPS, My bad! that should be Anony 12:21, although Plot, I do agree with you, something is in Utah (boyfriend, or Church) that keeps drawing her back there!

  22. Meri just tweeted that she fell down some stairs at her house and suffered bruises. Here is what the urban dictionary has to say about that comment:

    "I fell down some stairs": what to say to your friends when you got beat up and and don't want to admit it. Because of it's overuse (a result of the historical precedent for lying about spousal abuse in order to preserve the sancity of marriage) it is considered a thinly veiled cry for help.
    "woah, Joanie, what happened to your eye?"
    "I fell down some stairs."
    "is everything OK with Phillip?"
    "yeah, everything's fine. I just fell down some stairs, ok, Mom?"

    Maybe this is what Utah was investigating instead of polygamy. As an attorney, I know that getting witnesses to testify truthfully against someone they are involved with is much harder than subpoenaing some financial docs to prove welfare fraud.

    Female Attorney

  23. Somehow I think that Hunter's account isn't his, it is probably one of the adult's who made a fake. Maybe they read the blog and noticed the comment's about him possibly being depressed, and wanted him to look "better".
    Just a thought.
    Also the fact that on one of the comments he says "What are the odds" makes me suspicious, because I don't know any teens who say that anymore.

  24. And if it is "fake", the adults are really using his angst for attention.

  25. Saw Cody in Marshall's in Mesa, Arizona yesterday! Wanted to ask him what's going on to bring him here. Didn't see any of his family, was with another dude shopping.

  26. Hi Anony 1:45, Maybe it was something to do with LIV! ??? At least he wasn't shopping at Needless Markup (but that's in Scottsdale)

  27. Perhaps Kody's gone courting a fifth wife?

  28. OK, I must say, I am sad, PO'd or whatever you want to call it. Why is it so hard to find out what is going on with the Brown family? ALL of them?
    I am really feeling sick to my stomich here. When is the show coming back on? I miss the show, I miss ALL the adults and I miss the kids. Somebody PLEASE help me here.
    Can / will somebody PLEASE email me and tell me what's going on? anewme1198@aol.com