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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Scour the Internet: 1/31/12 Edition

This is for all those people out there that want to know when the next season of Sister Wives will start.

The next season should begin in the Spring 2012.

That's right, Spring 2012 !

Assuming of course that the show isn't cancelled in the meantime.

I'm putting this in a prominent place because nothing on the Sister Wives website ( the fundamental fitness one, the Brown family website STILL has a 'Coming Soon' notice up), Twitter or Facebook fan pages says when the season starts. Why are they keeping their fans in the dark?

You know, with all the hype about social media and how important it is, am I the only one who finds it amusing that the Browns are still muddling around not really using Twitter and Facebook to round up some more folks to partake of that expensive MLM food supplements they are trying to sell?

Take a look at the Dargers. They have their ONE public Twitter account, which they basically use to direct their fans to their up and running website. They not only hawk their book, but provide weekly commentaries on their lives as polygamists, with plenty of cheesy, outrageously HUGE photos of the wives -usually hugging a kid or two, or a sister wife or husband or all four of the adults group hugging each other in matching outfits.

And then you have the Browns.

The Brown YouTube channel's plug was pulled months ago. The Fundamental Fitness website very simply points you to either the wives (and now Kody's) Twitter accounts, or the 'Like' fanpage on Facebook. Oh yeah, and to their trainer/business partner's Facebook page. It contains no other content.

I still don't understand the need to have 2 different 'official' fanpages run by the same group of family friends on Facebook. It's almost like how I would imagine Fundamentalist Mormon heaven to be setup. In lower heaven (the Like fanpage) you have all the riffraff who don't quite 'qualify' for the upper heaven - the 'friend' fanpage.

I recently went to the Like page. There were twelve (12) comments between 1/21/12 and and 12 noon 1/30/12.
  • 2 comments wanted to know when the next season starts - so far unanswered
  • 8 comments say how much they LOVE the show and family
  • 1 comment asked a question about marriage vows - it also goes unanswered
  • 1 comment called Kody a douchebag
There were no admin comments - which is a good thing if you've ever read a comment from the admins. In fact, on the Like page, I had to go back to 1/16/12 to even find a comment from an admin. I did not find any comments from the Browns on the Like fanpage. The mole must of eaten them all.

Then there's the Friend fanpage. This is the one where you actually have to be 'vetted' as a Friend before you can see the content. Now this information is from Antoinette the mole La Taupe, still working undercover:

On 1/28/12 Robyn commented that her four "kiddos" have been sick with the flu, and she can't wait til everyone is better. And on 1/26/12, Janelle wrote that Maddie has her learner's permit. These are the exact same comments made on their Twitter accounts.

The number of Friends are steadily dropping each week. As of 1/30/12, it's at 1426. There seems to be some lady with named Carol who has taken over as the official greeter now. That's fine, the Admins are too busy approving that backlog of 1000 friend requests and hunting for that mole! They need the help!

Commenters with questions are more likely to be answered by an admin on the Friend page than the Like page, and Janelle answered a question on 1/26/12. It's funny to see how many questions still go unanswered, but the admins ALWAYS have the time to write a response to a comment made by a Sister Wife. Must be in their admin volunteer contract (You WILL respond immediately and positively to a Sister Wife's comment, no matter how banal.)

Thanks Antoinette! Now you better get back undercover before those malicious (but very busy) admins accidently step on you!

OK, what's our Mother of the Year 2011 Robyn been up to?

Yeah, Antoinette told us. So, what's been happening with Global Operation Detox this month?

C'mon, Robyn! You know you were named a TOP RECRUITER - VOLUME and TOP RECRUITER - SIGNUPS, so while you were retweeting I hope you didn't get hurt patting yourself on the back!

And while Robyn works on recruiting, Meri and Janelle went shopping!

Ummm....Thanks for that FYI, Janelle...

Hey, I know what you mean Meri. But we all aspire at one time or another to be Minnie Pearl, know what I mean?

So what's been up with Kody?

Uh... Meri? Can you tell us what Kody is trying to say? Help us out, please!

Thanks a lot, Meri! Explains a lot!

And how's the family business coming along?

 Amazing all right. Fantastic demonstration on how to 1) have a giggly blond set up your sample bottles and 2) have the same giggly blonde demo cross contamination by stirring each sample with the same damn spoon! Real scientific! NOT!

What kind of outfit is this? Didn't I read somewhere this was a multi-billion dollar company but they cram THIRTY (30) bodies into somebody's home? Actually, they could have gotten a lot more people crammed in if they didn't have such humongous chairs. No folding card table chairs for these folks. I guess no one is rich enough to have a mansion yet. Or maybe the rich know better than to get involved with this organization?

Well, that's all for now. When does Spring start?. And remember...

I scour the internet, so you don't have to ! 


  1. Anyone else notice Janelle's twitter picture? Her face looks thinner and she's sporting some serious make-up...could it be she's getting ready to break free of these kooks?

    1. I sure did! Compared to the others she certainly has glammed up. Robyn may be the babymaker, but my bet is on Janelle taking over the public relations sister wife role.

    2. I noticed Janelle's face too.. could she put some serious pressure on the newest wife?? Just askin

  2. I think that Kody announced that they would be returning in march 2012 and then he removed that video on youtube. I wonder if TLC was not happy with him making that announcement? I read on TWOP that Meri and Kody were spotted having dinner and there were no camera crews. No word about filming or working on their show. Is there really going to be another season?

    Meri's comment is naive, IMO. Are the children in Africa who are born with HIV and receive no medical treatment able to shape their destinies? I think that we in free Western society have more control over our destinies, but others might not have much control at all. I think polygamy takes away control from women (and children) and gives it to men.

    1. Good point about why Kody took down the video - but he deactivated the whole youtube account too. I saw the announcement about the next season back in november but it was made by the woman who edits the show and works for the production company. It is kind of strange how nobody's saying anything now.

  3. Janelle looks amazing! GO GIRL!!!

    And Lourdes--this made me LOL:
    "I still don't understand the need to have 2 different 'official' fanpages run by the same group of family friends on Facebook. It's almost like how I would imagine Fundamentalist Mormon heaven to be setup. In lower heaven (the Like fanpage) you have all the riffraff who don't quite 'qualify' for the upper heaven - the 'friend' fanpage."

  4. They have to be careful not to Jump the Shark too soon. That means restricting their mass media exposure to the carefully edited scenes shown on the TV show and highly managed interviews.

    Consider that if TLC was willing to air the painfully awkward Kody moments that we have seen on the show so far---Kody dancing, Kody picking the wedding dress, Kody's all too disgusting "I'm touching him right now" during his son's birth, to name just a few---the deleted scenes must be really bad.

  5. Yeah Janelle looks good, her picture seems to be taken by a professional, she is wearing full make up, she seems to have lost some weight (or is it photoshopped). Guess she's becoming public spokeswife now!

    Is she trying to loose weight? Is she working out or taking their detox crap? Some gut feeling tells me she probably will have/has had some weight loss surgery done, a bypass or a lapband...