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Friday, January 6, 2012

A brief bio on the King of Bhutan and The Real Sista Wives Coming at Ya!

Normally, Twitter is Lourdes Ritz-Carlton normal reporting beat, but since she left for a long needed vacation yesterday, I volunteered to cover the twits tweeting on Twitter for SWB.

Thanks Lourdes, I won't forget this....evah!!!

So, first I go see what Robyn's twitting about, besides plugging that consignment furniture store.

I see this tweet from Rev Danielle...and my blood literally starts to run colder than normal...

Didn't she graduate from Yale or Harvard? For the record, the current King of Bhutan is Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck who is married to ONE woman, Jetsun Pema. His father,  King-Father of Bhutan ( Jigme Singye Wangchuck) who >choke< is a year younger than myself, is the one who has four wives: Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, Tshering Pem Wangchuck, Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck and Sangay Choden Wangchuck.

So I have thrown my hands up. How can I have faith in an Ivy League education if a professor can't even check her facts before twitting to the Browns, who probably have NO idea who the King of Bhutan is - let alone that it's the father who has four wives, not the son!

For the record, here's a photo of the current King of Bhutan... 

Well, I was so disillusioned, I ventured onto YouTube to find something to lift my spirits. And guess what? I found it! The Real Sista Wives! According to the info on episode one, Sista Wives is about Jacob Jones, a black polygamist who lives in Utah with his three wives - Sarah, Abigail, and Rachel. Jacob recently decided to look for the fourth Ms. Jacob Jones.

Now I will warn you, this series is an acquired taste, but it was enough to warm me up (somewhat) and start me laughing again. Well, laughing a little bit, maybe...

Episode One


  1. Apologies Cynical that I don't know how to put up tweets, that's your amazing talent...however, I am dying laughing....Robyn of course retweeted REV Dani's incorrect king tweet to all of her followers and one 'fan' wrote this back to her:

    But the Bhutanese leadership caused hundreds of thousands of people to suffer. Google Nepali refugee camps with Bhutan.

    end of tweet...
    So then Robyn tweets back something like: That is so sad. I need to do my research before retweeting.

    Ya think Robyn???!! How about using Wiki like Cynical did and find out about the wives part too! OMG I am laughing. What an idiot right along with that fake Rev Dani who is trying soooo hard to be wife #5. ugh, can't stand her either.
    Thanks Cynical for a great post! BTW, sorry can't figure out how to get my name up here. I love your blog.

  2. Thank you very much! The second I saw that tweet I remembered reading about Bhutan some time ago - that's why I went to Wikipedia to confirm the info.

    It just seems like Robyn and company have this desperate need to validate polygamy.

    Oh yes, the four wives are all sisters, too, So they really are 'sister' wives!

  3. Cynical Jinx...I adore your profile photo! and the video....LOL! I am so glad I found this blog, you folks are hilarious!

    What does this king have to do with anything, anyway? Why would the SW care? We know that the King of Saudi Arabia also has 4 wives; all Muslims are allowed 4 wives. Or maybe they don't know that they have this in common with Islamists?

  4. You know, people are complaining about the increasing cost of higher education. Then the students pick majors with no thoughts of the type of work they will be qualified for upon graduation. Obviously many can only teach or join an "occupy" movement. The teachers then blurt out their empty-headed, illogical nonsense for all the world to see. Their only hope is for government grants to further their silly life work, and books to be used in the classroom for which they can charge a hundred or so. This is not funny, it's shameful, a scam, and hurts everybody except the dimwit teacher.

  5. I can't believe that woman is a university professor. What a moron- she's acts more like a goofy teenager trying to fit in with the "cool kids". Yup...Kody and wives are wicked cool Rev. Danielle. More KoolAid professor??????

  6. if you look at Danielle's career history, the only teaching she's done is while attending school, and giving two harry potter seminars....she's a "life coach," which I think explains her publicity seeking.


  7. What do you all think is Danielle in this for publicity or is she crushing on this family and wants to be adopted by the Browns?? Her husband looked rather uncomfortable on the show imo.

    On another topic, how much money do you think the Brown family makes promoting products and business on their twitter accts? Today Cristine is telling us about some hair flower thingys and how great they are then gives the website. Rolling my eyes...

  8. I think Danielle is in purely for publicity and it's a smart move on her part. This modern cool feminist minister likes the Browns... brought attention to them both. She isn't really faculty at Harvard is she?? no I hope.
    And she's an idiot for thinking the King of Bhutan being polygamist, or his son, has anything to do with the Browns. There are many polygamist cultures in the world, this is nothing new. A professor should realize that. Making it seem newsworthy because of the Browns is disrespectful. If someone across the ocean was tweeting about a normal, accepted part of my life just because someone else made a tv show about it I would be offended I

  9. So the real news story here is that the kid that grew up with 4 mommies, in polygamy, has NOT CHOSEN it for himself and indeed just has one wife.

    Logan, Madison, Mykelti, Aspyn, Hunter.....take note.

  10. Its obvious that the Browns are paid...in bonus points or cash....whenever they hawk a product via FB/Twitter.
    These companies save oodles of $$$ on PR and marketing. What could be easier and far-reaching than having the *many* stars (adults AND teens) of a TLC realty sideshow like SW peddling their company products or services.
    A win/win for all, and who knows how many more companies will jump on this train.

    And of course...*as usual*..it's a ridiculously easy income stream for the Browns, wouldn't you say ???

    Between fake bankruptcies, phony welfare handouts, TLC checks and now shilling for jellies, hair clips, used furniture stores, diet aids, etc, etc, etc, etc...
    The sky's the limit on how these people can and will fleece society. They all are natural hucksters.

  11. Oops !!! Wrong thread on that other one, sorry.

    Re: Rev Danielle and her info blooper.....
    An obvious wannabe for notoriety who thinks riding on the Kody World train will get her there.

    Meanwhile, it really would help if she read a bit before she posts as the family's information/news source and expert.

    But then again, she really does fit in with this group with her mis-information and starry eyed look.

  12. The plugging products is a little disturbing. I saw Christine plugging hair accessories (pricey ones at that) and wondered if she gets a kickback. I've grown disillusioned with this family. Their fifteen minutes of fame may soon be over. I hope someone is putting some of the money in the bank and they don't continue to waste it away on Cody's car; expensive rental homes in Vegas (3); and litigation expenses.

  13. http://danielletumminio.com/?page_id=2

    Read this "About Danielle" page on her website. OMG, why didn't her parents teach her not to talk to strangers? And do you think she wrote this embarrassingly sappy self-serving site herself? I would guess so.

  14. AMUSED made me amused w/today's version of "dialing for dollars" = "shilling for jellies."

  15. I just looked up the information about the Bhutist people. Why would they tweet about that guy when he forced all those people to leave the country? They only care about people being polygamists even if they are evil.

  16. BorderCollie -

    No one is letting Danielle teach. Don't let her self-serving ways taint the whole university system.

    A degree in divinity is one of the "quishiest" out there. One can basically study anything with a degree in religion and write the goofiest papers you have ever seen.

    The Brown's celebrating all things polygamist -

    Yeah, where is the comparison to Saudi Arabia? What, that's a step too far?

    Kody always quotes that the animal world is polygamist. Wrong. Not even those rhinos at the zoo are polygamist. They are solitary. They end up sexing whoever shows up when the female is in heat.

    These people are so damn dumb. If they actually did a little research, they would find that most social animals are polyamorous, not polygamous.

  17. I agree that Kody's comment about the animal world was ridiculous and uninformed. There are many species that mate for life. These include a number of birds, including the Bald Eagle, plus gibbons and wolves and others. There is even a species of worm that mates for life. It seems Kody is willing to twist the world to make it fit to his desires.

  18. Plot, many animals in the animal kingdom are Monogamous: Bevers, some penguins, Wolves, Parrots, Doves, Eagles, Gibbon monkeys and even VOLES, Vultures and a shingleback skink are better than Mr. Brown!

    Why would he want to be like an animal anyway? Is he gonna hump houseguests' legs too?!

  19. Sorry, I didn't know that morwenna had already made the same point.

    I have to say, the harder task is to remain faithful to ONE spouse. I would think that a man who would one day BE god, would need to be one of high moral fortitude? One who lives to a higher standard than the other men? Seems the Bible thinks so too, when it says in 1 Timothy 3:2 and 12 that a "BISHOP" should have only one wife, and also a "deacon", a mere deacon, servant of the church, (and Christ said that anyone who wanted to be important needed to be a servant to others Mark 9:35) could have but one wife--held to a higher standard than the rest. Noah had one wife and God said that he was the only blameless man on earth. His is the only family that was saved! Moses also had only one wife and he wrote most of the Bible and led the people out of bondage. God only made Eve for Adam and certainly did reward Cain when he was the first one recorded as having more than one wife.

    I think a god would rather imitate Noah than a common animal.

  20. ^DIDN'T. DIDN'T REWARD CAIN...sorry.

  21. Yeah, I know there are tons of monogamous animals. But almost no animals practice the polygamy the Browns believe in. Even social animals with a lead or alpha male, like baboons, have bachelor males around who mate as well.

    Idea of marriage pertaining to animals is ridiculous. The Browns will twist and contort anything to support their lifestyle. I guess that's my (mangled) point.

  22. I don't know which is funnier- the idiotic and uniformed tweets or the Sista Wives. I think I will have to tip the scale in favor of the Sista Wives, because their humor actually took effort and work as opposed to the unintentional and downright numbskulled tweet "humor." Bargain Babe, you make an excellent point- a man raised in polygamy chose monogramy. Interesting. It is also unbelievable there would be a tweet then a retweet that not only incorrectly identifies the person with multiple wives but completely ignores the human suffering that particular government has caused. Then again, I suppose it's fitting that Kody would be compared to other males who oppress. Yes, the oppression is on a smaller scale both in numbers and in magnitude of suffering, but it's still oppression.

  23. I still don't see how Robyn mentioning a local consignment store in a passing Tweet would be worth more than, say, a 15% discount on their purchase. It's not like viewers/fans outside of Vegas are going to travel there just to buy used furniture from the same place Robyn gets hers. At least those in their right mind...