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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Becoming Sister Wives Part Four: Celebrity Epilogue:Kody

Meri's Chapter

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Found it difficult to lie about being a polygamist and that Janelle and Christine were not Kody's sisters but actually Kody's wives. Meri said "Lying is not part of our faith, nor part of my own moral compass so to feel as if I had to lie, or at least not tell the full truth, was quite difficult for me."
  • Believes Kody is a dreamer: Kody was on board for doing the reality show long before Meri was. She "...assumed this was another one of those plans that he would eventually drop." She was wrong.
  • She claims Kody's purpose for doing the show was to show a different side of polygamy, different from Warren Jeffs and the FLDS.
  • Meri was very uncomfortable the first days of filming. She said that Christine was the actor of the family and Meri found it difficult to act naturally around the cameras.
  • Meri feels she is a black and white type person. She doesn't sugar coat and can only be honest. The couch sessions were a wake-up call because they had to learn to think before they spoke. Occasionally, someone would "..inadvertently throw a sister wife or Kody under the bus."
  • Meri's relationship with Robyn suffered at the beginning because she felt unwanted and unloved. They were able to work through those feelings, and Meri now claims this shows the audience the beauty of the sister wife relationship - the constantly evolving of relationships towards being people.
  • Meri said she was terminated from her job at a rehabilitation center for troubled youth because the management was afraid that the investigation by Lehi police would "...bring unwanted attention to the facility and the children housed there."
  • She still is surprised when people across the USA recognize her as a Sister Wife. She believes she is just a wife and mom who happens to be on TV.
  • She says she ignores "...the polls and commentary on the Internet about our show or family members. I have more important things to do with my time!"

Janelle's Chapter

Some tidbits:

  • Although originally apathetic about doing the reality show, as the premiere got closer Janelle found herself worrying and stressing out to the point she sought counseling. She says this annoyed Kody, who said she should think more positive.
  • She was particularly worried about her job. The HR department advised her that as long as she never mentioned who she worked for, what she did in private was her own business even if it would be showcased on TV.
  • Janelle said once TLC began advertising the show, her church community became very upset, "...worried that we were going to be sensational and improper. Once they discovered that we intended to film Robyn's wedding reception, some members became even more concerned."
  • Janelle felt that at the beginning, the couch sessions were "...unearthing emotional hurts that we had skimmed over to keep the peace. There are times when we don't watch our words and put our feet in our mouths."
  • Case in point, when Kody announced that he had selected Robyn's wedding gown, Christine walked off the set. What wasn't shown was that Christine walked out of the couch interview AND DID NOT RETURN FOR THREE DAYS!
  • Janelle feels "...many intelligent Americans cannot differentiate between a healthy, polygamous family and a man cheating on his wife -- or even a harem!"
  • When they decided to leave Utah, they told no one - including friends coworkers. She said even the show's producers had no clue they were leaving.
  • Janelle credits moving to Las Vegas for exposing her children to a more diverse culture.

Christine's Chapter

  • Christine states "My dad was drafted into the Vietnam War when he was nineteen. He was frustrated that he had to serve a country whose laws denied his family fundamental civil rights and caused them to live in fear."
  • She was asked to represent her faith in Principle Voices, the public face of polygamy.
  • It was Principle Voices that thought the Browns would represent polygamous families in a positive light. They were introduced to a journalist who wanted to use the Browns' story as a promo for a possible documentary. They eventually turned down this offer.
  • Eventually, through Principle Voices they were contacted by Tim Gibbons, and that's how Sister Wives got started.
  • During the early publicity interviews, some journalist asked extremely brutal questions to Christine, which caused her to nearly break down.

Robyn's Chapter

 Some tidbits:

  •  Robyn attended public school and her father would walk away from her mother, brothers and sisters if he saw someone he knew outside of his faith. She was terrified someone would discover her beliefs.
  • When she was dating Kody, she couldn't be truthful to her non plyg friends about the relationship.
  • She initially dismissed Kody and family being on a reality show as a pipe dream.
  • Eventually, she soon realized the show was happening, and that if she did marry Kody, she would be signing on for the reality show.
  • Some of her family members believe being on a reality show about polygamy is sacrilegious. Her mother has struggled the most, and has even blocked Robyn's posts from her facebook page.
  • She says "Sadly, during the first season, many of our fans cast me as a home wrecker out to destroy Meri, Janelle, and Christine's happy family. I try not to dwell on the Internet commentary, but since I think it's important to interact with our fans, I can't entirely avoid it. There have been so many negative comments about me that it's been difficult to shrug them off. People believe I have an ulterior motive -- that I want Kody for myself and not because I love the family or my sister wives. People believe I'm manipulative and conniving. I usually place last in the 'Favorite Sister Wife' poll."
  • Robyn believes being on Sister Wives has taught her about herself and that the one constant in her life is her family.

Epilogue: Kody

  • Kody claims the reason he left Lehi was because the situation had become unstable and unsafe.
  • He coined the move as "the Vegas Vacation."
  • Operation Detox partnership was due in part to his wives association with their fitness coach.
  • Kody says "I'm sure that there are millions of people in the world who misinterpret what I do as hedonistic and selfish. My response is: Every day I work my tail off for this family. Every day I manage four separate marriages, four entirely different relationships, four distinct personalities. I'm not doing this for fun and games. I'm doing it because it is my calling..."
For those of you wondering why I didn't use my warning, it's simple. I couldn't think of anything snarky to say that I haven't already said, and other than I am so glad I've finished this book, I will probably never have a need to read it ever again!

Oh yeah...A lot of trees gave up their lives for this book.


  1. Someone refresh me, at what activity does Kody work his tail off?

    Impregnating women with children he can barely name, let alone feed?

    Wasting money like there's no tomorrow?

    He must be talking about his tv career, because he certainly can't be talking about a legitimate job!

  2. Wow, I can't believe you made it through the entire book. I'm glad you read it and not me. I just found your site last night. LOVE IT!

    I think the part that I just cannot get over is the fact that Meri, Christine and Robin grew up living polygamy and feel it is their right to be mean girls, just like they witnessed their "sister mothers" did. Why not stop the process instead of continuing it? I "get it" that Meri feels entitled because she is the first wife. My understanding of their faith is that all children produced in the family help boost the Husband and First Wife's status in their "heaven". Yay, Meri has it made due to the child bearing of the other three wives. Shouldn't she be thanking them?

    I'm sorry, but I have to be snarky here. If you are so broke, why keep having children? Children are a blessing and a gift. Not currency for admission to heaven. When you have so many that you have a hard time remembering their names it may be time to get a 'lil snip snip.

    I asked my husband his thoughts of having more than wife. He looked at me like an alien grew out of my neck and said "OMG, two of you? NO!" LMAO. I find it very interesting that when Krody (yes, because Krody is Grodie) was asked about a wife having multiple husbands he was "grossed out". Really? He finds that unpalatable? REALLY?!? The idea of having a "sister wife" to help out when help is needed could have its perks. However, in my world I have extended family and friends to call on. What, isn't that good enough? Oh how I laugh.

    I must comment on Meri's statement that she was all alone on New years last year. All alone? Don't you have 22 people in your family and you couldn't find one of them to hang out with? Hmm. Interesting. What about all those friends you have, Miss Meri?

    I can't wait for the new season. I am hooked to this "train wreck" and can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you so much for this web site. I had no idea there were so many "like thinkers" as me. Woo Hoo!

    1. Welcome Hooked! Please enjoy your stay!

      I agree with you about Meri's lonely NYE. They do all this talking about not being alone but here's Meri complaining how SHE was alone on NYE! Something's seriously wrong with that picture!

  3. Ummm, how can the producers of TLC not know they were moving to Vegas, when they were the ones filming the Browns making plans for their mad dash to freedom??
    Wow, Christine didn't return to couch session for 3 days after Kody dropped a bomb on them about the wedding dress?? So? Did they all put the same clothes back on & sit in the same spots to finish the heated couch session?? How exactly does that work? So much for reality tv....
    Once again, instead of being accountable for what their marriage really is...a man w/ 1 wife & 3 mistresses...Janelle feels its better to insult intelligent Americans, who can't tell a difference between a healthy, polygamous marriage & a man cheating on his wife?? She's ludicrous for even thinking that their polygamous marriage is healthy when the sisterwives can't even stand each other.
    Sounds like Robyn is feeling sorry for herself...She can say whatever she wants, but I just wonder, if TLC hadn't come along & offer them a show, would Kody have even married a 4th wife??
    I really wish, an interviewer would ask them would their even be a 4th wife now, if they didn't have their own reality show.
    Yes, Robyn a lot of us still view you as a homewrecker & conniving & manipulative person w/ ulterior motives!!
    I wonder what extremely brutal questions were asked to Christine, that would nearly cause her to breakdown? Possibly the same ones that we keep asking?? I really think, they have their own ways of mentally blocking "all the bad" in their lifestyle & that's how they deal w/ it. So when it's brought to their attention over & over it causes them to have to look at their lifestyle for what it really is & then in their minds they have to justify it all over again just so they can deal w/ it.
    Notice that Kody doesn't include or even mention dealing or managing to spend time w/ his kids on his daily to do list. He says everyday, he manages 4 separate marriages, 4 entirely different relationships & 4 distinct personalities....
    Wow!! I sure in the hell wouldn't want my hubby running & "managing" our marriage like a business.
    As for this higher calling bs...I thought in the beginning his church didn't want him to marry a 4th wife? Or is this the same higher calling who's advice Kody chose to ignore & pursued a 4th wife on his own & for his own personal agenda??

    1. I was just coming here to ask about those "extremely brutal questions" that Christine was asked :) I also thought that they were the same questions that we keep asking and that she's trying to suppress her natural reactions.

      Thanks for slogging through the whole book, CJ - I thought about buying it on kindle but it's too expensive (more than $2.99, which is all I'd pay for it).

      I don't understand why these wives are still part of the family when they're so unhappy. Even if their "reward planet" exists, how can it worth living a terribly lonely and desperately unhappy life here? Clearly the prospect of that reward doesn't make them happier or give their lives meaning here. Kody is the only one that seems to get a reward here and now.

      If TLC is trying to show people how unworkable polygamy can be, they're succeeding. I believe that polygamy can work... but it doesn't work in this family.

    2. CB, I laughed when I read Janelle's "we kept it secret" admission...like do you really think anyone would believe THAT one? If she really had kept it secret, the film crew would have shown up at the Lehi house and only found the trash they undoubtedly left. Instead we got footage of the caravan running like thieves in the night. And I too was insulted by her statement about the public not knowing the difference between a healthy polygamous family and a cheating husband. I would say back to Janelle obviously YOU and your sister wives don't know the difference either!

      LOL! the "higher" calling Kody is referring to are the network honchos at TLC! Remember, he was the one hopping and popping and willing/ready to add a 5th wife for the show if TLC wanted it!

  4. I really appreciate how candid Janelle is. Can't believe TLC glossed over how very upset Christine was about the dress fiasco. If Robin doesn't want people to think she's a manipulative beotch then quit pulling stunts like that. Show some respect for your sisterwives and their kids. Christine on the other hand really seems to stay away from the personal and how she really feels. I also think that you've got 22 people in your family and your stuck alone, pretty sad...or maybe someone was just being pouty because New Year's eve someone was with Robin again. Thanks for the write-ups they were great and very appreciated:)

  5. Oh yeah, the fans that Robyn chooses to interact w/ are the ones on the KB FB fan page who do nothing but shower the Browns w/ ass kissing praise & sunshine. So, I'm sure she's a frequent reader over here @SWB....lol :D

    1. One of the sister wives retweeted a message from a fan a few days ago, calling the book "a literary masterpiece." Really??, Really?? MASTERPIECE???

    2. Oh gawd!! More like a trainwreck masterpiece....the gloating fans are the ones who just watch the show &/or read the book. They haven't done their research or have explored very insightful blogs & are taking the Browns at face value.

  6. Meri found it difficult to act naturally around the cameras? Well, I suppose that she was concerned about the world seeing her "real self". Her butch, bullying demeanor and her nastiness toward the other women. Perhaps she was anxious that the "at risk teens" that she wanted to counsel might see her harsh, angry threatening "disciplining" of the children. I can see how shining a public light on all that would make Meri feel uncomfortable.

    Speaking of counseling, Kody was annoyed that Janelle sought counseling? Big surprise there. Poor Christine. I think her life would be so much better if she was allowed to get the medical treatment she needs for her depression. Depression is a medical condition just like allergies, a broken leg, or heart problems. Successful medical treatment includes counseling and therapy along with consistent medications. Is it not abusive to deprive someone of proper medical care?

    How can Kody take such a barbaric and negative view towards counseling when Meri's job was all about that? Oops, forgot that we're talking about Kody here. "1 + 1 = uuuuuuh, look at the pretty butterfly" in KodyWorld.

    1. Just so you know, according to Wiktionary.com, cerebral is defined as "intellectual, rather than emotional." Not really the relationship I would want with my spouse.

  7. Please go to the previous thread where I expressed my appriciation to you sisters who are more sisters to me than the bunch on tv will ever be to each other. One was at 4:23 am in response to CB comment and the other was I think the last at 3:10 am. You have been my strength.

    Re: this book. I've wandered over to a few sites to see how the book is reviewed and expected to see loads of rave reviews and they really aren't there. Much as they have a huge slavering fan base, the book has left them rather dry. 5 reviews on a site, and not all good. Not much written either. On one site there were 7 reviews, all a 5, within a few minutes of each other and no one wrote anything and all reviews were by anonymous. Most peculiar. I would have thought they would have gone to the review sites and gushed lovingly. Didn't happen. Thanks CJinx for your patient reviews, and so happy you slept well while attempting to read for us!

    1. You are welcome BC... Hope all is well as can be on the homefront now. :D It's always nice to have support, even if its on-line support. It's kinda like a having a big group hug :D Stay strong & keep the faith!

    2. Interesting you brought up the reviews. I checked amazon on day 1 and it had an overly praising five star review by someone initialed M.B. Hmmm.

  8. rainbows & lollipopsMay 10, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    Great blog!
    Yes, why was Meri "alone" on New Year's? If they are a "family", one "unit" why were they allllllll not together??
    "Mean Girls" is right!
    And why is it gross to the WOMEN to have more than one husband but rainbows and lollipops to have your husband boink 3 other women? THAT is equally gross. Dysfunction at it's best, lots of emotions supressed and ignored.

    1. Let's see.. if I had three husbands... I would have one to do the fix-it/upkeep on the home, I'd have one for servicing, and another for social functions. Oh, and they would all work while I stayed at home.

      I really don't think these women are waying the pros and cons of brother husbands adequately...

    2. Just found your site, just what I needed on this night of insomnia... actually, I think that what is good for the 'gander' would even be better for the 'goose.' I'm sure my perspective would horrify the sister wives, but I could see great convenience and practicality in a few more husbands.... my dear husband is 8 years older than me and has some health issues now... so another couple of them who are inclined to have hobbies of general household repair and landscaping/yard upkeep could really be nice... and then it'd be great to have an extra husband who wasn't into the History channel or sports to watch tv with, oh, and one who liked going out on the weekends for dates while one liked to be the homebody hanging out with the kids would be handy too... of course, all would be working so that I could devote more time to creative energies in my design studio.... and a nice younger one with lots of sex appeal obviously has worked well for Kody... why not for me? Also, with one wife and multiple husbands we'd stop a lot of that over population issue as well. They'd all cool their heals about wanting too many kids when they tallied up what their divided costs were going to be to put those kids through college. Just saying... maybe I have a "calling" I've been ignoring...

  9. Kody says he works his tail off for his family, managing "four different personalities, four marriages", ok so instead of one PMS'ing wife, he has four. But what kind of activities does he do to maintain his family? What is that job that makes him work his "tail" off?

    1. 'What is that job that makes him work his "tail" off?' Keeping them all sexually satisfied? (Baaaa HAAA! Sorry ;)

    2. If he thinks it's hard to manage the "four different personalities, four marriages" now, wait until the original 3 are all going through menopause at about the same time or consecutively. LOL.

  10. Janelle: "Janelle credits moving to Las Vegas for exposing her children to a more diverse culture"

    I'm glad she recognizes this; Janelle is so practical, and I love that about her. I think she and her kids are the only ones who can see their family "situation" realistically. I wish they would just leave, but I know that's not gonna happen.

  11. I could never live that way! I love having friends girlfriends around but not to sleep with my husband. I feel for the children though it has to be hard on them with their way of life exposed.

  12. Robyn- is an altruistic martyr. She's narcissistic, conniving and delusional.
    Meri-mean girl, passive aggressive bully...all the way.
    Janelle-I just don't know what to think about her. At times I think she's the smart one, but then she can't seem to make the break...brainwashed?
    Christine-conflicted and confused because she knows in her heart that she's trying to rationalize her situation.
    From my persepective, I don't see this way of life making them better people..it just seems to bring out their worst qualities, no matter how much they say otherwise!

  13. Kody has hit on the point that bothers me the most about the show: that he is doing all of this because it is a higher calling and that it is difficult (working his tail off comment). If the family could be consistent with this message vs. shoving the benefits of polygamy down all of our throats, I would not be so critical. Certainly I would still criticize the welfare fraud and bankruptcies, but otherwise, this family is not too bad. They are not a stellar model of intelligence or good decision-making, but they aren't on the streets smoking crack and abusing their children.

  14. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments, and again a big WELCOME to all our new posters!

    1. Im New too just stumbled upon it a few minutes ago and i cant wait for the review on the newest episode keep it up great blog!!

  15. Found this blog a few days ago and have to say thanks for reading the train wreck which is this book (better you than me). I found your recaps of the chapter very informative and only confirmed all the suspicious I had after the first season. Cheers. :)

  16. Thanks for this blog. Love it. I have always read it but never bothered to post because you all said with so much wit what I was thinking. You all are very entertaining and really appreciate Cynical Jinx reading the book for us all. Count down to Mother's Day premier. See you there.

  17. I found this blog and absolutely love it.

    I am an attorney and find some of these things the Browns are doing to be causing their own attorneys gray hair.

    I love all of your comments and look forward to this next season. Up until now we have seen, what the Browns want us to see, that they are a great family. I have a feeling we might see the family destruct all for the ratings and the $$$$

  18. Meri brings Robyn into the family, keeps it a secret from Janelle and Christine, then feels unloved and unwanted when Kody goes for it. WTF am I missing here?? Since Meri had been in this position twice before you would think she would know what to expect. And Robyn really should just zip it, the more she talks the more annoying she is.

    Thank you so much CJ for the book review, I honestly don't know how you managed to make it to the end!

  19. When did Meri tweet about falling down the stairs? Was that New Year's Eve? So is she trying to make us feel even sorrier for her?

  20. I had to laugh at one of the clips that were posted yesterday. The wives were discussing their relationships with Kody and Janelle said their relationship was more "cerebral". Really? How does that work with Kody? I can seriously see Kody sitting there with glazed eyes flipping his hair while Janelle discusses more cerebral things.

    I just laughed and laughed at that one.

  21. Hello ladies Im new here, i love this blog, super entertaining. Thanks alot for the good reviews & changed my mind about spending a dime on the SW book.

  22. I don't agree with this lifestyle, however it is not my place to judge only to love. I love the show and thank this family for sharing your lives. God Bless

  23. I am so glad I found this blog this evening. Thank you for reviewing the book. I considered buying it, but decided to buy Irene Spencer's book, SHATTERED DREAMS, about her life with and escape from the LeBaron group.Irene was one of Verlan LeBaron's many wives.

    Tonight was the premiere of the new season. I am so perplexed over my own emotions concerning this lifestyle. It completely disgusts me, but at the same time, I cannot seem to pull myself away from this show, or documentaries and books about the subject. I guess, I'm simply trying to figure out why any woman would subject herself and her children to this environment. I realize that for many of these women, this life is all they know. And in some polygamist sects, it can be life threatening to these women to even try to escape. In Warren Jeff's sect, the women often do not have the skills or the contacts on the 'outside' to make a successful escape. Thank GOD for organizations such the Tapestry Against Polygamy and persons such as Flora Jesop, who put their own lives on the line to help those women escape. However, it appears that Kody Brown's wives are not being held against their will.

    I'll start with Kody. Aside from the part of his personality that is self-centered and self-serving, I just find him repulsive. It boggles my mind that he was actually able to convince four women to be his "wives". I can't even imagine one woman finding him attractive. He gives me the creeps. Someone on this blog compared the Brown wives' situation to that of a single mom who has a "drop-in boyfriend". I could not have said it better!!! That's exactly what it is. I might add that he's a drop-in boyfriend, who sponges off these women. It doesn't seem that Kody has a job outside of the show other than doing his hair and coming up with new excuse as to why he needs to spend more time at Robyn's house. Is it just me or does it seem as though he has put the other wives out to pasture, since marrying Robyn? I think he puts up with Meri, because she bullies the other wives to keep them in line. He keeps Janelle around for her wage earning capabilities. Before Robyn was in the picture, I think he was actually smitten with Christine. But now, Robyn is his new toy. Christine knows full well he has found greener pastures in Robyn. On tonight's episode during the couch scene, Christine said she was weaning herself off her anti-anxiety meds. I feel so bad for Christine. Before it is all said and done, she is going to have a major emotional meltdown.

    I'm all for adults living their own lives, but this lifestyle cannot be healthy for the women and children. I noticed that TLC skips a lot in their editing process. Since TLC wants to promote polygamy in a positive light, I suspect that the reason for the huge gaps in time has to do with scrapping all the footage of what life is really like for the four Mrs. Browns...

  24. I love this show and can't wait to get the book its so interesting. I'm married and can't even think of sharing my husband with another girl! I don't understand why they all are so jealous that's what they signed up for. The husband is outrageous and doesn't seem to even be a good husband u wud think that with all those wives you wud have it down

  25. Ohmygoodness, this has all been so entertaining. I have nothing to add, except for an expression of my undying gratitude to Cynical Jinx for sparing me having to read the book (or even watch the show) myself. Reading the blog is far more entertaining!

  26. I thank God for my marriage (25 years and counting). I feel so privileged for not being forced to share my husband with "sister wives". What kind of religion is this? If God wanted more wives for one man, He would have made multiple Eves for Adam. Did God change in meantime and asked Kody to take so many wives? Wow, I can't believe Meri actually found new wives for Kody. She must either be a saint or a masochist to sacrifice her own life like this. This is completely nuts.

    1. I want to go an hug my husband now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I can't get over the fact that in every video, Kody has the stupidest, fake look on his face. It is almost like he does not think at all. Can it be just the fact that he is not used to the camera? I don't know, but this man has zero intelligence. My opinion, maybe I am very wrong.