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Friday, May 11, 2012

iVillage.com:'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown: I Can't Make Breakfast in Bed for All My Wives!

The polygamist reality star explains his Mother's Day challenge -- and his four wives dish on jealousy, romance and house rules

Ali Gray on May 11, 2012 at 4:56PM

This Sunday, many dads will be waking up early to cook breakfast with their kids as a surprise treat for mom. But Sister Wives star Kody Brown, who has four wives, admits that things go down a little differently in his household on Mother's Day. "I don't have the mental capacity to take all the children, gather them, and make breakfast in bed for all my wives," the reality star tells iVillage. "We just try to go out together, the five of us."

But that's certainly not the only thing that's unique about Brown's family. When iVillage caught up with Kody and his wives -- Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn -- they dished about the challenges of their lifestyle, responded to their critics and revealed how they deal with jealousy. The stars of the TLC show (which returns for season 3 on May 13) also explained why they're encouraging their 17 children to follow in their polygamist footsteps -- and why they decided to write a family memoir, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage

Why did you decide to write a book?

Janelle: When we first introduced ourselves to the American public, we were a well-established family. And everybody was kind of privy to the transition of Robyn coming in and the upheaval. [Robyn and Kody married in 2010.] So it was kind of nice to be able to just go back and revisit how we all came together, and why we made the choices that we did -- and just kind of share a little bit of what it takes to put together a family like ours.

Is there anything that people will learn about you from the book that they don't get to see on the show?

Meri: Oh there's lots. It goes all the way back to the very beginning when Kody and I were first married 22 years ago. It goes into a lot of the back history of how the family came together and the feelings and emotions and experiences that go along with that.

Kody: You're also going to get a lot of how we were feeling as Robyn came into the family and as we started the show. It gets into the core of what our experience was like -- not just outwardly but also inwardly. There's a lot of reflection on how we were feeling and what we were dealing with.

At the end of last season we saw you move to Las Vegas. How has the adjustment been?

Christine: Las Vegas is awesome. We've had a good time living there, and the kids have adjusted fantastically well. It's a downer that we are in four separate homes, but we're looking to fix that situation as quickly as possible. Through it all, I think we realized how much we love each other and how much the kids love each other -- because we want more than anything to all be back together.

So you're in separate homes now, but looking to get another large home together?

Christine: Well you know what, we realized that a large home isn't conducive in Las Vegas because they don't have buildings that allow that. And so four houses close to each other in a cul-de-sac would be just fine.

How has it been living apart?

Janelle: My littlest children, Savannah and Gabriel, have missed being able to just run next door and pick up a playmate to go play with. The kids are definitely more lonely for each other. We get them together every time we can. And sleeping over at Robyn's is the highlight of the week for Savannah because all the girls congregate there. So that's definitely been a con.

Christine: Because every time there is a sleepover at Robyn's my girls are over there, too.

Janelle: It's been harder on the children because we raised them to be siblings, and so they think of each other as siblings and they've missed the informal, spur-of-the-minute interaction.

So, Kody, you're just moving back and forth between the homes?

Kody: Yeah, I think it's hard on the kids, it's hard on the wives and their relationship. And it's hard on me, because I have to basically gather my luggage and move to another house every day. It's kind of unsettling. Our chief goal in life right now is to get the family closer together and re-establish our family identity.

Janelle: And you'll see a lot of that in this upcoming season. We have something going on, so hopefully that'll come together sooner than later.

You meet a lot of people who are critical of your lifestyle. Do their comments still hurt?

Kody: You know, we just went through a process today where we had a lot of criticism. It's okay, it's a matter of educating people. But it's hard to not be defensive when it's your life.

Christine: I think it's more positive than negative, though. For the most part, everyone that we talk to and everyone that we greet is absolutely incredible with their support. They always say "I'm proud of you" and "Thank you so much for showing your family because your lifestyle is not something we even knew about." And now it's something that they understand.

Meri: We know that we're never going to change everybody's minds about it -- everybody's always going to have different thoughts. So it's just hard when it comes right in your face and you have to go with it.

What's the best part and the hardest part about your lifestyle?

Christine: I like it when I have a rough day, they all gather around me and support me, showing the love. Lots of people support me.

Meri: Either that or we just tell her to shut up and buck up! It's tough love.

Kody: One of the difficulties of the principle is the jealousy, and it's funny that I would be the one to bring that up. The real issue is that I actually hear about the jealousy. It's like, they're never jealous all at the same time, but they all four deal with jealousy and they all four communicate to me when they're struggling.

Janelle: For me, people are like, "Aren't you jealous?" And I'm like, "Well yeah, that's part of it." But you know, it's not the majority. It's such a small period of time. Usually for me, I just have to reassess. In the very beginning, I had to really learn that I had value and I had things that were cool about me. When I learned that, and I was able to banish a lot of my insecurities, a lot of the jealousy went away. Because I knew what I had to offer.

I would think that a lot of women ask: How can you see another woman with your man?

Robyn: You know, for a long time I had "Forget You" -- of course the Glee version that Gwyneth Paltrow sings -- on my ringtone. But when I realized it could happen, I took it off. He could drive around town with another girl! And I realized it wasn't acceptable as a ringtone, so I changed it. It's one of those things where once you get away from focusing on me and my problems and my insecurities and my selfishness, it makes the world a lot better place.

Some of your kids have mentioned that they don't want to carry on with the polygamist lifestyle when they get married. How do you feel about that?

Meri: Obviously we'd like to encourage it just because it's something that has blessed our lives. But we want the kids to choose what makes them happy when they're adults. We just want them to be happy. I mean, we'll accept them and love them no matter what, obviously.

I saw a clip where you were discussing dating rules with the kids. What are the rules now?

Christine: We had a talk and we all sat down and we would prefer them to hold off until their frontal lobes are developed before they really date.

Janelle: We want them waiting until they're 18. But with some of my kids, I'll have a harder time trusting them when they're 18. So I'm kind of like, "Yeah, maybe they can date at 18." But other ones, I'm like, "Please, no. Hang out with friends for a couple of more years."

Kody: It's all about getting educated before they get married, if possible. In our culture, we don't live together, we don't experiment sexually before marriage, that kind of stuff. So we're trying to get our kids to actually abide by that -- especially being chaste until they choose to get married. Or at least, until they're out of college, and then choose to get married.

Do you ever disagree when it comes to parenting decisions?

Kody: We usually work together. We try to find compromise. Each mother tends to discipline and train in her own styles, so we do have a little inconsistency. Yet we work together as a family.

Christine: That's why four separate homes is important as well. Like, my kids know when they go over to Meri's house, she is stricter about not jumping on the furniture. I don't want them to do it. I hate it when they do it -- but they absolutely respect Meri's rules a heck of a lot more.

Christine: But I just want to tell you a little story, just to throw my sister wives under the bus. No, this is a complete joke. In matters that really matter, I absolutely know I have my sister wives' backs. But there was this one time when Truely, my 2-year-old, worked the system. She said, "Outside?" to me, and I go, "No, there's a trampoline outside," and I don’t want her on the trampoline by herself. So she goes to Robyn and goes, "Outside?" And Robyn's like, "Okay, honey." And she goes outside with her. And then later she wants to go outside and the process repeats with Janelle. And then with Meri! They all said, "Okay, she can go outside."

Robyn: Literally, they all know how to work the system.

So when one mom says no, they go to another one?

Robyn: Yep! Usually it's just mom or dad. But in our house it's mom and mom and mom and mom. You know, sometimes I'll say to the kids, in front of their moms: "When mom says no, you asked the wrong mom!"

Kody, a lot of men would probably say that it's hard enough to keep one wife happy. How do you manage?

Kody: It's a challenge, but they're also very independent. We work together to be a happy family, and they have to choose to be happy as well. Also, we're aware that we're in a relationship together, we're in marriages that we've chosen, and we're happy about what we've chosen. So it's about the choice to be happy. There's no way for me to make everybody happy.

Is there any possibility of a fifth wife? How would you all feel about that?

(Long pause.)

Christine: Awkward silence!

Kody: I think I'm focused on the relationships that I've got. I'm focused on loving my life and building a family with where we're at. I've never actually been out looking for another wife.

How do you keep the romance alive? Do you have date nights?

Kody: We all go out together, we have date night.

Meri: However, when we all go out together, we're not working on the romance part. We work on the romance part when we're out individually with him. I'm just saying!

Christine, in the previews for this season you reveal that you're struggling with your marriage. What happens?

Christine: I can't give it away! You'll have to just see what happens. You know, I think we all go through our times where we have struggles and we have disagreements. And lucky for all of you, I just share completely.

Kody: She's very open about how she feels.

Christine: It's true. It's true, whenever I see those previews, I cringe.

Obviously all couples argue. When that happens, do the others take sides?

Robyn: We actually try to support the two -- whether it's validating one or the other, or stepping in and saying, "You know, Kody, maybe this is how she sees it." Or, "Hey, Sister Wife, this is how Kody sees it." And we offer support because, honestly, if one of our relationships isn't working, it ripples through the family.

Are you ever embarrassed by anything you say or do on the show?

Meri: Ha, that's funny! You make jokes!

Kody: Every single episode embarrasses me at least once.

Janelle: You know, the greatest thing is that our producers really don't script the show at all. They are really just filming us doing our thing and sometimes we're like, "Oh, please don't put that in!" And it ends up in.

Christine: I'm like, "Why did I have to be so open and honest?" So there you go.

Kody: It can be very embarrassing. We've actually had friends who know us very well tell us they can't watch the show because the cringe factor is too high. And when we're embarrassing, it embarrasses them.

Christine: And if you're cringing at yourself, imagine what the kids are thinking! Aspyn hates the previews out right now. She's like, "Mom..." And I'm like "Does it make you embarrassed that I share so much?" And she's like, "Yeah!"

Kody: Our children tell us: Shut up, you're saying too much.

Do the kids like seeing themselves on TV?

Kody: Sometimes. Savannah and I sat down a couple times -- she's Janelle's youngest, she's 7 now -- and she actually likes watching the show. I think it's very familiar to her. It's fun to watch it with her because she's very engaged with the show.

Robyn: Solomon [6 months old] likes to watch it, too! He does, he really does. I turn it on and he gets really excited and happy.

Mother's Day is coming up. How is it different in your homes?

Kody: We usually try to go out to lunch or dinner or even brunch together because I don't have the mental capacity to take all the children, gather them, and make breakfast in bed for all my wives. We just try to go out together, the five of us.

Is that about the plan for this weekend?

Kody: We haven't thought about what the plan will be this year yet. We have a lot going on. I need to wait until the plane, when everybody else has fallen asleep and we're flying back to Las Vegas. Then I can think about what we are going to do for Mother’s Day.



  1. 'Christine: I like it when I have a rough day, they all gather around me and support me, showing the love. Lots of people support me.

    Meri: Either that or we just tell her to shut up and buck up! It's tough love.'

    No Meri, it's called being a BITCH.

    1. My jaw dropped at that part, wow.

      But Christine's later comment about the frontal lobes was a riot!

  2. See Meri isn't MEAN, she calls her meaness tough love. Ha ha

  3. 'Kody: The real issue is that I actually hear about the jealousy'

    Right, the issue is not that the women are suffering, the issue is that they are not suffering in silence!

    What a terrible human being.

  4. 'Christine: We had a talk and we all sat down and we would prefer them to hold off until their frontal lobes are developed before they really date'

    oh hahahaha

    I think she's mocking Robyn there. hahaha

    1. don'tknow, if I really thought Christine had the IQ, I would think she was referring the Kouduche.

  5. Robyn: Solomon does. He does, he really does. When I turn it on he gets happy &really excited.

    Ok, seriously Robyn, STFU!!

  6. On cue,Christine is already backtracking about her upcoming episodes, hence the "hook" from thebook trying to humanize them& from cliff hanging previews..smh...saying she cringes at the previews (eyes rolling) ...Ok, I totally take back any lil compassion & sadness I felt for her...ughh!!
    I have lots more comments coming to express my views on the rest of this contradicting interview o_O ...think, Im gonna grab a couple of ice cold bud light platinums to help me swallow all this bulls**t the Browns shoveled out during this interview...lol Bottoms up!!

  7. "I don't have the mental capacity..." No truer words have ever been spoken then those 6 right there! Read no further! Kodster summed up his whole existence in one half sentence!!! And really - he just basically said none of the ladies are even worth the effort! He'd rather just go out with the 4 of them and grin his stupid grin and think "look at me with 4 chicks" for all the world to see! I swear this idiot has a theme song playing in his head!! Something like: "you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk..."

    1. He's the AUB Rico Suave (in his teeny tiny mind). He'llprobably drive his sports car, top down and meet the wives at the restaurant while they all pile out of a van pulling and tugging on their wrinkled sweaters!
      Wonder which lucky mom "gets" his awesomness that evening? It should be the one that has given him the most kids but that's a tie I think so....? Maybe Robyn can use some of her polysvenagli subliminal talk on him and break the tie.

    2. When they all moved to Vegas, Robyn had 3 kids, but her house had the most bedrooms with 5. Now with baby Sol she's up to 4 kids. I'd be totally surprised if she ISN'T already pregnant with kid #5. So I predict she will quickly climb up the fertile ladder and have at least 6 of Kody's babies for a total of at least 9 kids (her 3 from prev marriage plus Kody the Sperminator's 6).

    3. Whoa, I bet you're right! She can probably feel her precise ovulation moment because she's so in tune with her body/mind, goddess that she is. She may have to resort to SW blackmail in order to get her necessary Sperminator (LOL) time slot for conception.
      The funny thing is, I can't see this show staying around for 6 yrs but I think Robyn's in full tilt 'best-wife-of-them-all' mode and will keep getting pregnant show or no show.
      Now Kody, he's had a taste of the celebrity life, he may not be so hyped to hunker down with wives getting a lil long in the tooth and uppity from their own celebratoid status. Ha ha, he may have created beast!

    4. @Hockey Mom: LOL!! You crack me up!!!! My husband cannot stand Kody. He thinks he's a huge phony... just like the rest of us. After the first few episodes, he can barely force himself to watch all these people make fools of themselves for more than ten minutes. My husband is certain that Kody is actually a homosexual and is desperately trying to convince himself (and the world) otherwise by marrying four women.

  8. I would think that a lot of women ask: How can you see another woman with your man?

    Robyn: You know, for a long time I had "Forget You" -- of course the Glee version that Gwyneth Paltrow sings -- on my ringtone. But when I realized it could happen, I took it off. He could drive around town with another girl! And I realized it wasn't acceptable as a ringtone, so I changed it. It's one of those things where once you get away from focusing on me and my problems and my insecurities and my selfishness, it makes the world a lot better place.

    HUH?!? Every single time this woman talks my IQ drops & I still can't understand what she's talking about!

    1. Exactly!!
      She speaks Charlie Brown lingo(like when his relatives are on the other line) ..Wa wah want ,wa wah want want... Lmao :)

    2. LOL I read that part over and over and still dont know what she was talking about......but then neither did she.

    3. I think she is talking about the Cee Lo song, "F--- You," which was dubbed for radio and Glee as "Forget You." It is a song about a man whose girlfriend left him for someone else with more money and status.

      It's a kind of cheerful-despite-the-pain "power ballad" (akin to "I Will Survive"). If I am right, it's pretty revealing of her mindset. Angry, jealous, hurt, trying to feel better with this ringtone.

      But it doesn't work because his taking a new lover (I mean "wife") is a given.


    4. Toasty, maybe you should try the SW sure-fire remedy...look inward. You will find that Robyn's charlie brownesque ramblings are quite deep. So deep that "it makes the world a lot better place"!
      LOL no telling how many points are blasted off the kids IQ at her famous slumber parties!

    5. I can't tell you guys how much I love this blog and all of you who leave comments. It brightens my world! :)

      I read Robyn's Cee-Lo/Glee/Ringtone response THREE times, and I could feel my brain cells DYING! WTF is she talking about?!?

    6. Anonymous 8:10PM explained it best.....Robyn speaks "polysvenagli subliminal talk"

      That's why we can't understand..and I thought she was just dumber than dirt! LMAO

    7. I, too, have read Robyn's response at least 3 times and still don't know what she's talking about or just about any other time. I've watched the show since it began and still don't understand their lifestyle, I'm a born-again Baptist, but I do like the other three wives, especially Meri.

  9. Notice how Kody says it's fun to watch the show w/Savannah & Robyn jumps in w/Solomon likes it too!

  10. Oh I soooo want to go to Meri's house and jump on her sofas. Where is Tom Cruise when you need him????

  11. A Salt Lake Tribune article by Scott D Pierce (from today, May 11, 2012) says the new book is "baloney!" He gets it & isn't afraid to post it!!

    1. Do you have the link?

    2. "Do you have the link?"

      Here's a link. I read the article. Pierce makes a bold statement, but I guess he only got as far as the prologue in the book. The title is kind of misleading in my opinion.


    3. Thanks CJ. I appreciate you sharing the link, :) and I agree about the title.

      He basically discredited Special K and called him a liar for what he wrote in the prologue.

      Kody really is just as manipulative as Robchin.

      Kody is delusional. Sure, the audience (which was really the press and TLC people) could not possibly contain their adoration, and excitement of being in Shaggy Doo's presence. They welcomed him, clapped, cheered, worshipped him and hung on every word he said. IN HIS DREAMS!

  12. Anyone wanna bet that if the ratings are not good for the first episodes that Kody takes a fifth wife? And what about his higher calling? What if his church or higher calling or whatever he calls it wants him to take a bride that is 17? That is the decision of his church or higher calling, not his, right? The legal age of consent in Nevada is 16. And this way, there would be no chance of sexual experimentation. After all, it is the women that can't experiment in his religion. The men are encouraged to have as many sexual partners as they can, so they can have more children and reach the highest levels of heaven.

    We have shows about teenagers that are married or pregnant at 16. Why not a fifth wife that is 17?

    1. Kody would certainly stand a better chance these days of netting a 17-year-old wife whose frontal lobes have not yet developed.

    2. It's looking like Kody's higher calling is TLC. In order to keep on their roster and buy the trinkets that the money allows they will almost have to add the 5th wife. There's no way Queen Meri is going to subject herself to fertility treatments and egg retrieval to have them implanted in her bff Robyn's uterus. indebted to that whiny chick forever I don't think so.
      Nor do I think that the Christine saga can carry another season so....get ready girls TLC is probably doing the Lord's work right now screen testing their new SW.

    3. The age a person can legally consent to sexual activity in the state of Nevada is 16; however, if the adult involved in the sexual act is 21 years of age or older and is a teacher, instructor, professor, administrator, head coach, assistant coach or in certain positions of authority over the minor at an educational institution, it is a crime to have sexual relations with a student under the age of 18. (Unless they are married)**** AS IN LEGALLY MARRIED*********

      A 16 year old is a "minor" under the laws of the state of Nevada and is under the legal authority of their parent or guardian. There can be other legal risk to adults over the age of 18 who are involved with a minor sexually if the parents pursue legal actions to terminate the relationship.

      Please get your facts in order before stating things of a legal matter.. I love this site... i love the State of Nevada I live in.

    4. I was assuming that his bride would come from his church and have already been exposed to polygamy. I also assumed that the parents would not only consent, but encourage the match. So Kody would not be in an unduly influential position and they would argue that the religion mandated it. I don't think that the police would go after Kody. They haven't gone after him yet. BUT, there is always a first and there is a huge age difference. I guess maybe Kody could wait until the girl turned 18. That is what he did in a situation described in his book, right?

    5. Okay, okay. So the wife has to be 18.

    6. I didn't mean to insult Nevada. All our states our great. I was insulting Kody, his religion, TLC, and all reality shows. I have no faith in reality TV and particularly not in this family and I think they would do anything to keep their show going. And reality shows frequently film laws being broken.

    7. Now that I think about it, there might be parents who are not part of the religion who would consent and encourage their 17-year old daughter to "marry" Kody. After all, he is the star of the most popular reality show on TLC, the author of a popular book, a successful businessman with a humanitarian company, and a loving husband and father to 4 wives and 17 children. If he can make 4 women happy, why not a 5th? His show was nominated for an award, and they all have nice houses in the wonderful city of Las Vegas. His fifth wife would become part of big loving family that is making lots of money.

  13. The more this circus attempts to share their secrets to their "awesome" lifestyle the more it confuses me. They yak about being one big family but have no intention of living as one family unit, especially now with their show income. To me that's no different than a married guy with 3 girlfriends all vying for his time sleeping over.
    What's up with the Kody quote about "mental capacity" to gather all the kids to make Mother's Day breakfast? Uh, that's what real families do, they gather and interact. It's clear that the Kody's humongous ego is the number one priority in the bubble they live in. Lucky for him his higher calling bypasses his minuscule frontal lobes.

    1. Yep, Kodys attempt w/ the whole mental capacity answer wasnt too shocking to hear..lol
      Its sad tho, bc I think in the 1st season, when they were introducing the wives& kids, Logan was up early,( bc Janelle had toleave early for work)making sure his 5 siblings were up & ready for school & making breakfast,(he was frying eggs & making toast)...kudos to Logan & boo to Kody, bc ur 17 yr old son shows more responsibility & interaction w/ ur kids more than U!!

    2. Jim Bob Duggar he ain't....and for that matter, if the kid count is the celestial pathway to a good spot in heaven jimBob has him beat by 2 and with only one wife. harhar!!!

    3. CB, that scene where Logan is basically the primary caregiver for his siblings made me sick to my stomach. They are his SIBLINGS, NOT his children, and he should not have to shoulder that responsibility. Kody is a Bad, Bad Dad.

  14. Oh no she didn't!!!
    Did Janelle seriously say the greatest thing is that the producers dont script their shows at all??...Hahahaha!! Wasnt too sure whether to laugh or be insulted...my laughter couldnt be contained!Lmao!!

    1. If they are not 'SCRIPTED' then I would suggest that all five of them get immediate tests for senile dementia. They go from show to show, 'write' a book, and have different answers at different times for certain questions. The most glaring one-'why did you leave Utah?' Most of the time they go on the pity train about how the fear of being arrested drove them to sneak out in the middle of the night (while TLC filmed the ENTIRE THING). On a show being interviewed with Billy bush-they said 'Kody ALWAYS wanted to move to Vegas, and ... (I guess TLC helped them script it). If the show was not SCRIPTED, their answers would vary with only slight details from person to person. Guess either TLC could not get a group that was brighter or figured it was better working with a group that was dumb as mud.

  15. Anyone notice that mentioned the 5 of them going to eat for Mother's Day??? What about the kids? Fat chance in h*ll that you're getting me away from my kids on MOTHER'S DAY!!! Do the kids fit into this family at all?

    1. last year Koduche took the 4 wives to a buffet at one of the casinos, kids stayed home... I believe the buffet was like $25 a person, so under $150 after tax/tip? Okay, they have alot of kids, find a place where kids under 10 eat for a cheaper price or free/have a kids menu... or a better thought..MOTHERS DAY HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR-SAVE UP IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT AVAILABLE! ($550 plus tax/tip if all 21 were adult price but 2 are babies, and a few could eat from a kids menu. Do a Duggar thing-JimBob SCOURS THE EARTH-okay, around Springdale Ark, to find a place where kids eat free than comes in with that stupid grin-'THEY ARE ALL MINE!!!')

    2. I wouldn't even care if it was 10 for $10 frozen pizzas from Kroger. I'm spending Mother's Day with my kids.

    3. You're d@mn straight! Mother's Day is for celebrating Moms, but without your kids, it means NOTHING. Just took my kiddo out on my early Mother's Day date with the hubby, dinner & a movie. Why wouldn't i?

  16. Almost can't wait till their "non-scripted" show is over and their whole AWESOME supportive family unit implodes. This is a gravy train for them and they'll make-up whatever they need to, to keep it going. As for Christine, the eyes don't lie honey and you are one sad looking woman regardless of what comes out of your mouth. I wish Meri, Kody and Robin would refrain from speaking. Meri because she's such a bitter witch, Robin because she's sooooooooooooooooooooo dumb and Kody cause he's a douche and a lazy one at that seeing how once a year he can't go to the trouble of doing something nice for his wives.

  17. Ok Kody, you moron! How hard would it be to get all the families together - hopefully at Meri's to jump on some couches - on Sunday morning? He could get up early and make french toast, eggs & bacon for the whole fam? But, wait, then he is not being catered to! Tragic! He really needs to learn how to think about others and their feelings!

  18. A piece of the original book at Anderson Cooper's:

    Some comments on the book on Amazon's:

    I think they are interesting, specially the first one (first hand, written by the wives.

    The more I read, the less I understand that all these women put up with that crap!


    1. That is one heck of a long excerpt!!! After reading that I have nothing but respect and admiration for cynical jinx, for not only reading the entire book, but telling us her perceptions of what was written. And she was worried about being "negative" and "mean?"

      Before I read the excerpt, I took a deep breath and thought - think positively and with an open mind. When I was done, I thought CJ was being nice!!! I read nothing but pain and anger and almost hatred amongst these women - the makeup jab to Janelle making her cry had me furious with Meri!!! Then Kody working a job from 6 am to 10 pm six days a week!!! Now tell me he didn't take that job thinking "YES!!!! I will love this job!!! All that alone time!!!" And wait, he was a logger???? How could he be a logger - wouldn't he get dirty? Maybe that is why Meri went with him so she could do the hefty work?

      Oh and let's not forget the comment from Christine about how she brought love and fun to Logan - something that Meri and Janelle (his mother) couldn't do.

      The book is just sad.....and now I need a Xanax and a nap!!!!

  19. Kody's mental capacity-like Paul said, how hard would it be to tell everyone 'please be at XXXX house Sunday morning??? guess no sunday home services for the group at all anymore. Anyhoo-Logan, and probably Madison could handle most of the cooking, get some bagels, pastries, etc. The biggest problem would be the wives- Meri-I am the legal, 1st WIFE-I must be at the HEAD OF THE TABLE and served 1ST!!!! Robyn- 'well, I AM THE NEWEST MOTHER, THE NEWEST WIFE, SO I SHOULD BE FIRST!!! Janelle just looks down and says 'I am on a diet anyway' and Christine looks at Kody 'YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE DO YOU?' and then Meri starts in 'I WAS ALONE ON NYE AND KODY WAS WITH YOU CHRISTINE, how do you think it makes me feel? I am the LEGAL wife, NEW YEARS IS A LEGAL HOLIDAY..???' and the food fight ensues...only ending when someone, no one knows who, but I suspect TRULY, throws CRANBERRY JUICE in Koduch's hair!

    1. Luna that would be so FEH-nom-mah-nal to see that!
      As to the sunday home worship, perchance they've substituted a MayDay Pole dance instead? Or maybe some kosher/kwanza/Holy communion rite? They're becoming so poly-religious these days.

    2. LOL very good Luna, I could picture it all playing out. :-) Go Truly!!!!

  20. The Sister wive's show does nothing but glorify the white trash acts of Kody Brown.