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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Discussion Page #2 for S04 Ep02 Polygamist Date Nights

Please feel free to continue your discussion about this episode. Thanks!


  1. I'd love to know who convinced Kody that he had such a great singing voice that he should publically serenade his wife!

    Most people...Ok wait, we're talking Kody...

    Somehow, someone convinced Kody that he had a great singing voice.

    I think Kody mis-took the expression on Meri's face as being totally floored by the experience. Actually I think she's trying ti figure an exit strategy before they hit the honeymoon suite. She'd have to know that Kody didn't have any other tricks up his sleeves. That was the best moment of the night i'm sure.

    Meri singing "Beast of Burden". I have a great visual for that one. What if Meri served as a human step-ladder while Kody tied a Christmas tree to the car, and both of them adminish Janelle for her inability to discipline her kids?

    NAH. Too sensational. that is so goofy. a scenario like that would never happen in real life.

  2. You know, I look at all the pictures of the date nights and see Kodsturd hugging and kissing (romantic and pecks) the wives and I think about the dynamic that must play out in the every fourth night scenario. For four different nights, he is supposedly with four different women, and they are probably hell bent on having sex with him because the whole "I know he is boinking sister wive so and so, and I need my time" and to see him losing his hair and seeing his belly getting bigger and knowing he is older" well, the dynamic is simple…that middle aged man probably doesn't have enough testosterone produced to give every woman what he consisders her fair share. My point, I know it's taking me a while, is that he is, probably, in most cases, only having sex with one or two every week or so. That may be why Janelle and Christine are so unhappy because the having sex with Robyn is probably leaving him without the stamina or energy to do repeat performances. They probably cuddle a lot, but I doubt the man is making mad passionate love to every wife every time they are in bed. Which reminds me of an article I read about women nearing menopause and how hormone surges make them a little more demanding in bed, and the three older wives are probably not getting as much sex as they want or need, so Christine's sadness may be her feeling neglected sexually as well as emotionally. A lot of women cannot separate the emotional garbage that is tied to sex: He isn't giving me sex, so he must not love me; he is only doing it once in a while with me, so he must think I am disgusting. That kind of thing. Compound that with decreasing estrogen levels and increasing adrenal gland production from the emotions, and I'm sure they are, at times, crying wrecks. And Kodsturd isn't smart enough to try and find out why the women are acting out these insecurities. He thinks it is all because he is so "surfer dude" cool and not that there are these phsiological responses that can create emotional ones. DEAR KODSTURD, IT ISN'T YOU…REALLY…ITS THEIR TIME CLOCKS GOING TICK, TICK, TICK. And older wives, soon my giant fillies, you, too, will know what it's like to NOT NEED THAT DRAMA OF THE INTIMATE BED THING.
    I'm sure there are more complex hormonal responses going on but my explanations does take it away from the "fighting over time with the turd."

    1. Hi Zelda1 !

      From what I've read (see my long comment on the Christine and Robyn Heart to Heart article) you have hit the nail on the head. It's no wonder that Dr Drew brought up the viagra angle - he knows that there's no way a middle age man can satisfy 4 women without some kind of medicinal help. If Kody was smart, he would talk up that Operation Detox stuff giving him stamina. But he's dumb, so he just sits there refusing to answer - which to me means he isn't on viagra and that probably 2 wives are not getting their "love tank filled" (thanks Vicki Gunvalsson RHOC !)

    2. Zelda,
      Your theory makes perfect sense. What a concept for Kodyman to have to digest!!
      It's not longing for you, Dude, it's longing for "it."
      It's not about your balding, metrosexual self....it's about *their* unfulfilled needs.

      Cynical Jinx,
      Really appreciate how you not only write VERY entertaining reviews, but you provide these terrific pics too.
      SWB is one of the best of the best in blogland !!
      Thanks !!!

  3. Everybody talks how Christine should leave and feel sorry for her, but I don't think she will, because of her religion (she doesn't want to lose her afterlife as a queen on Kody's own planet) and mostly because I think she is in an emotional abusive relationship with the Kodz.
    She is afraid of him; I'm pretty sure Kodz forced her to have "heart to hearts" with Robyn and Meri. She said her relationship is so bad she is AFRAID to ask Kodz to take a FAMILY PORTRAIT... An effin' picture!! If she is AFRAID of asking him... then you gotta wonder WHAT she is afraid of... My guess (from experience), is receiving a complete, outrageous, abusive, totally unacceptable RAGE ATTACK from Kody... I think she knows darn well that anything and everything can set him off to uncontrollable rage... Kodz's facial expressions and eyes tell it all. In motion, it may just appear random or that he's bored, but if you take screencaps at random (when isn't doing his ear to ear manic smile) you can see it clearly in his ook and in his eyes: anger waiting to explode at any moment. Click on my link if you are interested in seeing examples).
    I think Christine has learnt to acept that and live with it, but when Robyn came into the mix, he started spending a lot of his manic time with her. And ultimately, it's the lack of 1-on-1 time that is really killing Christine.
    I think it is very plausible that on many of the nights designated to Christine, Kodz will just drop by or call and say: "I'm staying with Robyn tonight" and Christine might say: but tonight is my night, where Kodz will just answer something along the lines of "I'm staying with Robyn and you just have to live with that / deal with it / knock it off.. or "That's just the way it is".

    If Robyn really was getting an honest 25% of time and attention I don't think Christine would have reacted so much, it's the fact that Robyn has turned into his supersexualfavorite wife and mistress, and while Meri more or less accepted that, Janelle isn't really interested in Kodzy anyways, Christine was still used to being Kody's main sexual favorite.

    I think Kody being abusive (I think he's bipolar or manical depressed with some other personality disorder) is what makes this whole family a trainwreck.
    His reckless behavior in life as well as in finances guarantees trainwreck waiting to happen.

    1. Lobotomized:
      I totally agree with you that Kodsturd has some borderline personality disorders, maybe even some psychotic type issues. His behaviors are definitely consistent with narcissism and his inability to feel his wives’ pain shows that he is a little sociopathic. And that third wife identity that Christine so wanted as not only her position in the family but also her identity construct seems to be a little narcisstic. Being the third wife avoids the wrath of the first wife and all of the conflicts of adding wives should be worked out but also, I think she liked that the drama that hit Kodsturd through the bickering Meri and Janelle left Christine as the safe house—a place where he didn’t have to deal with drama. She, then, became the cool one, the sexy one. Now that her identity is in question as far as what the third wife now means, she no longer is situated to feel special or be special. Her entire drama about not being special is somewhat narcissistic in and of itself. She has been with this man now for a long, long time and they have had a lot of kids together and she has let her body go to the point of morbid obesity, yet she still felt special. I don’t see the wives’ position as anything but a discontentment with the wives from Kodsturd. He is bored with the existing women, needs excitement, and pushes for a new woman. Meri says she brought the subject of Robyn being a wife before Kody. That’s bullshit. He had to have mentioned to her that he wanted a new wife. If you guys recall, during the introduction of Robyn as his courting thing, Meri was way too upset to have thought of this all by herself. She knew he was going to get another wife, so she wanted to be in a position to be involved so that a relationship between the new wife and her would be established and her position with Kody would be as an equal partner in this recruiting process. When the wives were talking about Robyn, I believe it was Meri that said she got that he needed a token young bride. Janelle even snarked out something about the token wife. All three of the older wives have voiced displeasure about Robyn to the point of contempt.
      In an interview on Radaronline or one of the other places where they are presenting bits and pieces of the book, he said that his relationship with the women were different, that each one gave him something different: Janelle was his one of the guys thing and Christine was this carefree type personality and Meri was where he got peace and quiet (duh one kid), and Robyn gave him this brutal honesty that made him see himself more honestly. I am paraphrasing and may even have it wrong on some basic level, but the ideology is that he doesn’t go to the women to share gifts, he goes to take away—he receives these things that he needs: business talk, quiet, carefree, and honesty. And, the interview went on to discuss what he gives them. My point is that for the wives, they are objectified by him because they are baby makers first and foremost, they give him something that supports him emotionally, they contribute… After I read that, I asked my husband to describe our relationship in one or two sentences. He said, “you take care of me and I take care of you.” I said, can you elaborate, he said, “on the days that I need you to be strong, you are and the days you need me to be strong, I am.” That’s what relationships should be: there should never be one thing that sums up your lover person…because he or she then becomes an object. We are humans and are relationships and those things we give and take are dynamic and are based upon the need at the moment. Kodsturds is based upon what he needs all the time and that wife becomes that object. It really makes me sick.

  4. not "Everybody" Lobotomized. there's a lot of us here that state we don't think Christine will ever leave Kody. ;')

  5. You guys, I don't even want to play anymore. This show is becoming a documentary on child abandonment and passive-aggressive spousal abuse.

  6. "Robyn Robyn Robyn"

    Am I the only one who thought of Jan Brady with "Marsha Marsha Marsha" when Meri said this?????

    1. lol, no, I too thought the same thing!

    2. Not at all...that was the first thing that came into my mind.

  7. "Let's hope he doesn't teach her how to water-ski! "

    OMG. I can see it now. Kody's inept instruction, a fast boat, and Meri hanging on for dear life. She'll be off her skis in 30 seconds, skipping face down across the surface of the water, drug along until the boat comes to a stop.

    Kody: "oh yeah, I was going to tell you, don't forget to let go if you fall off your water skis."

    What's after that, parasailing? (Sorry Meri, I forgot to secure the rope to the boat" as Meri hangs by her parachute off the mast of a passing sailboat)

    Kayaking without a paddle? ---"Turn with your knees, Meri!" as she capsizes.

    A new TLC story arc?

    1. LMAO! Those zany Browns....all the while Robyn is strumming her guitar singing a ballad of her soon to be departed for celestial KodyWorld SW, her soul sista, her mentor...Meri,Meri,Meri.

    2. Perfect! It reminded me that Kody kills softly with his song too ; )

  8. Wonder which is the TRUE Meri, the one in the book telling her story or the one every one (but Janelle) confides in?

  9. Why does Janelle always get the CHEAP dates? I'm proud of her progress improving her health, and maybe she just loves the outdoors, but she does seem to get the short end on expensive dates.

  10. Kodturd did want a 4th wife, but how much of it was to get back at Christine for her non-stop announcing to the world that she "always wanted to be the third wife." complete with a satisfied grin on her face?