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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Scour the Internet: Today is "Becoming Sister Wives" Day 5/1/12 Edition

Lourdes enjoying her tassel
Anyone who has been following the Browns on Facebook or Twitter knows that today, May 1st 2012, their long awaited book 'Becoming Sister Wives' officially goes on sale. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to see just how many idjits (that was intentional to protect the innocent) actually fork out the dough for a copy.

I even heard through the 'grapevine' that Cynical Jinx (MS. JINX if you're nasty) not only pre-ordered a copy, she requested 1 day shipping! I guess she's still shell-shocked from the feedback on her epic post on the Brown's inability to dress appropriately for their public appearances. But really, Ms. Jinx, 1 day shipping? Wouldn't 2 day shipping suffice?

Since I 'went there', I wish to go on record that I see nothing wrong in wearing worn out jeans to the Titanic Exhibition. I do draw the line at someone (who shall remain nameless, Meri) wearing the same sweater and blouse twice in a 72 hour time frame. Sorry if that's mean but it's just me, OK?

Since we are on the heated subject of FASHION and LOOKING GOOD, we have two sister wives tweeting to their fans recently. One was asking for help, the other just for the hell of it. I wonder, did they see Ms. Jinx' posting ? Hmmmmmm....

Let's check it out, shall we?

Wow, not only was Christine concerned about her appearance, she had someone do her hair and makeup for a shoot! I wonder if it was a promo for the show, or for the book? Either way, I can't wait to see what she looked like. Let's just hope she didn't get the same lady who worked over Alexis Bellino (you know, Real Housewives of Orange County) when Alexis was in Vegas. Oh my!

Janelle sent a shout out for help a few days ago...

Whoa! A seamstress? Why does Janelle need a seamstress? Are the sisterwives looking into uniforms perhaps?

Now that's a frugal and smart lady for you.  Instead of investing thousands of dollars for a new temporary wardrobe, Janelle wants to have her current wardrobe altered so she can look her best. Maybe in the meanwhile she will influence her sisterwives into updating their wardrobe from the sweaters to something more fashionable, not to mention appropriate for 100+ degrees in summer.  Hey, they could even have a day shopping segment on the show! Your welcome, TLC Sister Wives producer!

Remember back a couple of months when Kody was tweeting how Super Sol was trying to talk and was trying to sit up by himself at a photo shoot? And of course, proud Mommie Dearest Robyn loving how Super Sol wakes up each morning singing to himself?

Well, Christina's Truely has totally trumped Baby Sol! Look what she did !!! Take THAT Super Sol!!

And she's only 2 years old, too!

On Saturday, Meri and Kody winged their way to Mexico. How do we know this? By the tweet from Meri, of course!

Hmmmm.....I wonder what Robyn's going to do with Kody out of the country with Meri?

Haha! So when Kody drops out of the picture, Robyn drops out of town to visit her parents. But something is bugging me: ROBYN WHAT WORK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HUH???? So did she take her kids with her, or what? Hmmmmm.....

I ventured over to the Official Brown Family Website today. Lo and Behold, it's now in TECHNICOLOR and the LIV link is working again. Only problem, the testimonies are rather overshadowed by those red carpet photos of the Browns not looking so svelte we saw last week. And Kody chugging that green stuff from the Voss bottle was beyond gross. Not to mention that stuff is really expensive! But I have a question. Meri can't stand mint, but that green stuff is mint flavored. So, did she finally overcome her aversion?

What do you think?

That's all for now, and remember, I Scour the Internet so You don't have to!


  1. Thanks, Lourdes, for the latest news.

    As for Ms. Jinx's comments about SW attire...
    You betcha, they were read at KodyWorld.
    Hence the "got my hair and makeup done" and "any referrals for a seamstress" tweets.

    Obviously SWB has been setting (and raising) the bar in several situations for KodyWorld.
    *TLC should be sending a consultant fee to the SWB administrators.*

    Does Kody do ANYTHING other than go on trips and appearances with this wife or that wife...and mug for the cameras??? This guy really has the life.

    Cynical Jinx, can't wait for your book review !!!
    I won't be buying it but will enjoy hearing about it.

  2. I wonder if the camera crews went with Robyn to "meet the parents?"

  3. SW book just DL on my Kindle. Funny thing is it totally messed up my Kindle and I just spent half hour on tech support with them. Yes, their book scr*wed up my ereader, how ironic is that?? lol. Anyway, I haven't gotten beyond reading the first page 'dedication' from Kody that is really messing up my stomach...I could waste a whole day on this thing, so I think I had better get WORK done then come back to this. Can't wait for CJ's review, her review will no doubt be 100x better than the book!! But judging just from Kody's dedication, this looks like it will be a good laugh.

    1. You need to look inward and work on your own control issues, while your Kindle does whatever it feels like doing. It will make you a better person.

    2. ?? new to the board...interesting reply

    3. "?? new to the board...interesting reply"

      When a sister wife shows an emotion like jealousy for example, she basically is told to look inward and work on her jealousy issues, because doing so will make the sister wife a better person, supposedly. Her husband, on the other hand, can do as he damn well pleases.

  4. "Truely beat Gwendlyn in an arcade game where you push buttons and use the controller to beat your opponent."

    Sorry, but I find this to be a "DUH-UH" redundant moment. Well, Christine, it's a VIDEO GAME! Yes, you actually USE A CONTROLLER when you play a video game! And when you use a controller you...wait for it...PUSH BUTTONS!

  5. I want to order the book, but I know that it's been edited to be coherent and make sense/be flattering. Then again, they don't actually have a ghost writer listed, so maybe it's written in the Brown's trainwreck crayon with a few obsolete words to sound smart that we have come to love.

    Then again, the Dargers book was trying to be a slick piece for pro-polygamy, and I found it just bizarre. I found myself wondering how these people had all convinced each other this was normal and OK.

    GO CJ! Can't WAIT for the review. And if the Browns can't stand the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. CJ didn't make them go on TV or write a book. I love CJ's write-ups so much. She is just so clever.

  6. Ok, did not buy the book but did download the sample on Kindle. It was basically the prologue by Kody and the childhood section of Meri and Kody. My favorite quote so far is, "To be honest, I am not sure if any one of my wives could fulfill all my needs, nor do I believe that I am fulfilling all of theirs."

    WHAT. He put that in print????

    Then there is the we "are a large family, and not one of us will ever know loneliness again."

    I don't know about you, but Christine looks mighty lonely in the opening clip for the new season!! They have each seemed very lonely at various points in the show.

    And finally, "All of my wives contribute significantly to both their individual households and the family as a whole. Before we went public, several of them worked full-time. They support their kids, and what is left over they kick into large group expenses such as mortgages. If one of my wives chooses not to work in order to stay home and look after our kids, I make sure she is taken care of. If another wife makes a bundle while her sister wife is looking after the kids, she will share her bounty. If someone has a windfall from tax returns or inheritance, then she usually shares a good portion of it."

    First thought, each wife supports their kids first???? Thought they considered all the kids "our" kids? Second thought, if they all support their kids and then support the one that doesn't work, why is Kody even there? Wouldn't Christine be construed as the paid live-in babysitter and thus a childcare tax deduction for the other mothers? Can you imagine the child tax credit each received and the earned income credit and just how big are those income tax refunds????? And what about the part where she "usually shares???" What happens if she doesn't share or doesn't want to share? So many questions and that is just the prologue!!!

    But I am not buying the book so I guess those questions will go unanswered.

    Brown, Kody; Brown, Meri. Becoming Sister Wives (Kindle Locations 235-238). Simon & Schuster, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

    1. "IF" someone has a windfall from tax returns or an inheritance..."
      Sounds like that "if" is a routine occurrence. And how does that work with bankruptcies and food stamps?

      If we are to believe Kody.....
      And since there were only "three" wives for the last 17 years *BR* (before Robyn)...and he says "several" wives worked full time....and we know that Christine did NOT work at all...and that Meri's alleged "job" by her own admission was part-time at best, if not volunteer...that leaves just Janelle as the "several" full-time employed wives. Unless of course, there are a few other "several" wives stashed away or perhaps who have come and gone...

      Kody, sorry, but your bs is already showing....and this is just in the prologue !!!

    2. Seriously, he actually "wrote" that all his wives may not fulfill all his needs, what a crazy egomaniac. I've always thought that man spent way too much time thinking of himself and not enough time worrying about his kids or wives. As for the big family and not being lonely...Douchie, all your wives seem lonely!! Also I'm pretty sure the kind of lady that could satisfy Kody's needs, comes in a box, is plastic, is there for only one thing and can't think for herself at all...well I suppose she can't hand him a beer or the remote so can't satisfy all those deep yearnings although with technology the way it's going won't be long now.

    3. It's an "if" for the Utah po po. You, know if it happens someday for those women and their kids that may or may not be someone's, maybe, if it happens perhaps, in theory. Who knows, really? Anything could have happened. I mean, he's only there one day a week.

      And seriously, who buys stuff and then pays the mortgage with the left-over???

      So much for my editor-with-godlike-powers theory. So many unanswered questions indeed.

    4. Caramel BrownieMay 2, 2012 at 1:53 AM

      Well it's a good thing they live in Vegas, since the eye candy is in over abundance for Kody to get some more of his selfish needs met.
      So my question is, how are the wives supposed to get their needs met, since they don't have multiple husbands to tend to them??

      On another note, fans on twitter & FB fan page are praising them for such a great book, etc....Guess, I'll just have to wait til CJ does a review to find out how "good" it really is... :D

  7. "usually shares"
    I'd buy a book of stories about when they DIDN'T share. That's a goldmine right there.

  8. CJ, maybe you can review one chapter at a time so we don't have to wait too long?

  9. Bravo for CJ, taking one for the team & spending her hard earned $$ for some sugar coated stories!!
    I'm looking forward to the reviews,which I'm sure will be more entertaining then the book...lol
    I checked out the Brown's website makeover, & it's much better! Flashy & colorful, so maybe it'll help w/ their future LIV sales & Kody Brown Family bookings.
    Does anyone think they'll have any book signings soon?

  10. Border Collies are Scots you know. We are known for being thrifty, well cheap. It's only about a 250 page book for almost $12 for the kindle edition. That is no print, nothing to put your hands on, no shipping, no storage. Come on, e books should be way cheaper than paper counterparts. Over $11 for a puny 250 effort is not for me. They do have quite a few pages open that you can read and get the general flavor. That will suffice for this scots dog.

  11. I'll try and get the book from my library. It's free, and if it makes me feel icky, I can toss that sucker right back in the return chute and let someone else have a turn.

    I did manage to read the Darger's book from start to finish...although months later, I can still remember feeling as if I needed to Purell my brain after reading it.

  12. morbid curiosityMay 2, 2012 at 8:54 AM

    I also read the sample chapters on amazon.com... My eyes almost popped out when I read the sentence about "several" of Moody's wives working full time.

    First of all, the word several indicates that he had at least 4 wives, (hmm... Something we don't know about?) That sentence is simply untrue in more than one way.

  13. In the book Kody says that Operation Detox is not only a business venture, but also a humanitarian endeavor. LMAO

    1. Yeah right !!!...All for the exclusive *humanitarian interests* of KodyWorld and its many hungry and make-over-needy members!!!

      Kody, are you really that arrogant to think people are that stupid and gullible ???

    2. Ha!!! Have you taken a look at the Facebook fanpages?? And twitter? His followers are definitely that stupid and gullible! What's that saying about a fool and his money are soon parted?? That's a Kody Brown follower!

    3. Yep...a sad commentary on the pitiful folks who have bought into this circus.

      Well, *like* attracts *like*.....as the saying goes.

  14. Got ebook edit from library, you might check there so you don't have to pay for it.

  15. I'm confused. Only just read a portion of the prologue in the free sample, but on page 2, He's talking about revealing his family to the world and mentions his 4 wives? What's up with that???? when the show started he only had 3 ..or at least that's what they made it look like? What a train wreck. Glad this blog is here :)

    1. The season 1 was filmed at least 6 months before the first episode premiered. The last show was Kody's wedding and a special on his honeymoon with Robyn. So yes, when Kody and wives went public on the national tour to advertise the new show, he had 4 wives.

  16. I read all of the first couple chapters that are free to browse thru. SAD! It really does seem to be the Kody show and the ladies are along for the ride! Seems like both Janelle and Christine didn't realize that they didn't even know who he was until they were already "married." And, of course, Robyn's brief chapter is all about poor poor Robyn. This has TRAIN WRECK written all over it!

    1. Train wreck doesn't begin to describe this mess. I wonder if TLC approved of this book because...well, you'll find out what I'm talking about when I finish writing my review!

  17. Cynical Jinx,

    Waiting with anticipation !!!
    And please be your usual brilliantly witty and *candid* and observant self.

    SWB is all about calling it like it is......and you are a STAR !!!

  18. Caramel BrownieMay 3, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    Hurry up CJ, & quit teasing us!!....lol ;)
    Ya'll sure did peak my interest, but not enough to spend $$... So, I'll take a chill pill or 2 & wait patiently....well sorta... :D

  19. Up til 4 am reading this book. Can't wait for CJ's review. I wouldn't even know where to start. I'm almost done the book and words can not describe...!!!
    Meris description of her SW relationships: Janelle 'we get along okay but are not close'. Christine, 'we can be silly together and hang out, but it is superficial, no depth at all to our relationship' (not exact quotes, I am tired...) She hated them when they married Kody!!! Janelle left for over two YEARS of their marriage and lived elsewhere with her kids, went to college, got her degree, had her own house, because she couldn't stand how horrible Meri was treating her. Meri was quite happy when Robyn came into the picture...until she saw Kody was 'romantic' with her. WTH?? None of the wifes have been able to watch the 'Robyn/Kody honeymoon episode'. I have spent most of the night reading and saying WTH??? I will give them this...I think they are being wayyyy more honest in the book than they have been in interviews and the show. But really it just makes the show look even more staged and phoney, because I just read more and more about these unhappy women (supp their own words) and immature, usually jobless Kody bumbling his way thru it all. And yes, the women even say that about him. LOL. Robyn admits in her chapter that the tv show that it IS their job and source of income, otherwise they would be broke. She also spends a lot of time talking about 'my kids' and what they've had to go thru vs 'the other kids'. One big happy family, huh?
    My favorite line in the whole book. Robyn states that all the kids love to come to her house to look for stuff to eat. There is always stuff to eat at my house she says, because, "my girls and I don't eat much".
    I don't know why, but this made me laugh, is this a dig at the other womens wt probs??
    Sorry if any of this is 'spoilers' lol. I kinda doubt it! The only surprise is how much they all admited they disliked each other (and in Meri's case, she uses the word in present tense DISLIKES the other two. She loves Robyn now, finally the SW she always wanted)
    BTW, sorry I would sign in with a name if my poor tired brain could figure it out. I've posted here many times. Love the blog!

    1. Holy Guacamole, I'll say one thing before I go to write Part 1 of my review: Meri may not realize this, but she shows a side of herself that is not very nice. And I'm seeing some contradictions....anyway, I'm off to write now!

    2. "BTW, sorry I would sign in with a name if my poor tired brain could figure it out."

      Anonymous, When you click on reply there will be a box that says "select profile" click on the arrow and a list will drop down. Click on "name URL" then type in the name you want, just the name, *not a URL*. Then click "continue"...you then write your post and hit publish as usual. Your name will then appear at the top of the post. You do have to use the "name" selection option each time you post. But it is simple.

      Hmm...Meri sounds like she was not "onboard" with SpermKing Kody's need for a harem from day one.
      How interesting it is that she projected such a different image from day one "of the show."
      Back then it was presented as just one big happy family of women all compatibly vying for the same sperm donor...and loving their life together !!.
      What a farce !!!

  20. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyMay 3, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    So far, I can only bring myself to reading Janelle's sections. I have tried reading the sections "written" by the other 3 wives, but it made me wince. Here are my 2 favorite lines by Janelle:

    * "About 5 years into our marriage, after Christine had joined the family and things had settled down somewhat, Kody began to mature emotionally."

    AND then there's this classic.....

    * "Robyn possesses an amazing amount of emotional maturity."

    Wait, What?!? No, seriously!

  21. I have got to get my hands on this book.

    I read Cynical Jinx's Review Part 1. So much WTF, I can't even sort it out, but one part that stands out is when Janelle states that she had to sit apart from Meri and Kody while they "held hands under a blanket." That's how they welcomed Janelle into their "marriage?" And after episodes like that, she stuck around?! Could they have made her feel any more of a third wheel? I simply cannot wrap my mind around their collective relationship.

  22. About 5 years into her marriage Kody began to mature emotionally?

    Oh Janelle, Janelle, Janelle.

    So, essentially, you made babies with a "man" you admit at the time wasn't emotionally mature? How depressing!

    And, you admit he BEGAN to mature after five years, you never say he actually FINISHED maturing... I think the jury is still out on that one....

  23. In regards to the Liv Products, I drink the Liv sXinneyMax and love it. (Yes, it is expensive, that's ok, it has improved my health and increased my energy). It does distress me however, that the Browns are suppose to represent the product, yet they look as though they are getting BIGGER, especially Kody! Fortunately, I am getting smaller. There is lemon flavor as well as mint in the Green2O drinks, maybe that is what Meri drinks?

  24. Well, I never bought the Ole one Big happy family act portrayed in the first episode. My feeble opinion, no woman wants to share a man...

  25. I purchased the book and was disappointed that it didn't tell a story too much different from what you get from the what you see on the show. I wish people would just be more open minded about their life style choice. it's not for me or many of us, if you can pull it off without public assistance then who is it hurting if they aren't doing vile under age things!

    People should open up their eyes and see if you lok hard enough every religion has a sinister extremist side...(i.e Catholic priests.... They are not all child molestors!)

    1. The human brain has evolved to categorize and make judgments about objects, animals, situations, and even people. This has been key to our survival as a species. Trying not to categorize is to deny being human. As a species, we are no longer using our full potential to categorize, judge, and from that make appropriate decisions about our behavior and our choices. The results of not using our brains' wonderful potential to protect ourselves from detrimental situations range from polygamy to child molestation by priests or others in authority. I have a cousin who continually patted herself on the back for being so "open minded". Finally, I had to tell her one day that she needed close her mind a little bit, because it was starting to leak out.