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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Now for Something Different: Doomsday Preppers

Since nothing really exciting has been happening publicly on the Kody Brown Family front, I decided to take a little TV vacation this morning and watch some 'regular' TV shows.

So far, I've watched a lot of PBS cooking shows, including Lidia cooking with her mother, and a 2 hour special Julia Child special. Interesting, but nothing I hadn't seen before, and it's Pledge week so you know what that means....

And then, I turned on the National Geographic Channel.

The show was called 'Doomsday Preppers'. It looked interesting enough, so I decided to give it a go. I soon realized it was just a show about a bunch of paranoid people out to make sure when the apocalypse happens, their family will survive. Yeah, right. BORING!! But the words 'what if' kept repeating in my mind. What if the world falls apart tomorrow - maybe I might get some useful tips for survival. I was hooked into watching the show...and at least it didn't have pledge breaks asking for money every 5 minutes.

First up was this guy named Tim Ralston. Now, Doomsday Tim was prepping for electro-magnetic pulse, and he showed off his invention that not only could dig a hole, it could dismember a pig (or human) that happened by his survival compound out in the Arizona desert. Hmmmm....electro-magnetic pulse ....survival compound 30 minutes away in Arizona desert. Guess this guy never read 'The Stand' or watched those disaster movies where the highways always come to a standstill with traffic jams when citizens are fleeing the cities. Wait, it gets better!

Tim decides to take his two sons out to the desert to practice shooting their assault rifles. "The bad guy's the red balloon" Tim tells his eager youngsters. A sense of foreboding falls over my TV set - balloons? In the desert? And then it happens. TIM SHOOTS HIS DAMN THUMB OFF!!

Somehow, I just don't think even Kody Brown could be that dumb!

Needless to say, is it any wonder ole Tim's wife's face was blurred out in his segment (oh yes, it was!)?

Here's a clip of ole Tim out in the desert. Warning...it may be too graphic for some

And here's a clip of a news interview with ole Tim.


  1. Minor vulgarity warning:

    Wish he'd shot off something a bit lower on his body. Of course, it's probably too small for him to hit.

  2. bahahaha "I've got a midget digit"

    Preppers are largely mormon..taking the church's "have 1 yr of food stockpiled" to the extreme.

  3. Water Privitization....now that's doomsday!
    These guys just wacko.

  4. I can see stocking some supplies such as canned goods, water, candles; but taking it to the extreme of making it your entire lifestyle in which you're instilling fear into your children every day is just wrong.