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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The New Season of Sister Wives: What do YOU think we will see?

Yes, Spring is here...but where's the Sister Wives show? While we wait patiently for the new season to begin (sometime this spring, check TLC for details, bwahahahaha!), let's ponder what we will see.

Many thanks to our intrepid commenter  Amused, whose latest comment not only is an excellent recap of the Sister Wives's past seasons, but leads up to some interesting prognostications for the new season!


Amused  Mar 31 2012

As the Kodyworld Circus begins a new season, one wonders what gripping scenarios TLC has cooked up to maintain the increasingly bored and dubious SW fan base.

Looking back, there already has been some pretty bizarre premises.

The madcap exodus from Utah, running from the law, ala Bonnie (s) and Clyde.
Kind of easy to see now that TLC just HAD to come up with some premise to get them out that Utah house. They were all packed in there like hamsters and really, how many shows could there be about them eating and eating and uhh, eating...oh, and sitting on the couch, discussing Plyg life.

Hmmm..what to do?? How about first have Kody get a hankering for a new wife...a younger, slimmer one of course? That could set the stage for a mass move.
Adding wife #4 was accomplished, and of course now there was no room in the habatrail for Robyn, so a compelling reason to leave en masse had to be created. Ah, the threat of prosecution, bingo!!
And since there had to be a sizable amount of TLC $$$ put on the table to finance renting FOUR houses in Vegas, the storyline had to be believable and sustainable.

Next was the "businesses"...There had to be a scenario for Kody to actually *work* since he didn't seem to actually have a job back in Utah.
Everything has been floated as potential ratings makers....from KodyWorld realtors, fitness trainers, LIV detoxers, pubic speaking, shilling for every restaurant, jelly maker, cosmetics, etc, etc. in Vegas.
Who knows what blockbuster ideas have been, and are yet to be spun over at TLC.

Thrown in for fillers have been exploiting Christine's depression/jealousy, Meri finally getting a true *sista*, Janelle looking ever more detached, the older kids "getting older" and of course, the birth of yet another Brown, complete w/ a promise to Meri to be gifted with yet another one.

But the stakes may be different now that the Dargers have come to town.
SW may have serious competition. And since TLC is the potential producer for both, should be interesting to see how they will position SW now. Wonder how long the SW contract is...or is it renewable at TLC's discretion?

But one thing is for sure, the *scripts* will likely have to be even more bizarre.

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Thanks, Amused!

So everyone, what are YOUR thoughts on what 'scripts' we will see on this season of Sister Wives? Place your comments here, and then when the season is over, we'll see how many of us hit that proverbial nail on it's Kody-size head! 


  1. Okay, I'll go first.

    I'll predict what we probably will see, and what we definitely WON't see! And what I'd like to see!

    What we'll see:
    1. Kody interacting more with his elementary school aged kids.
    2. Kody working on his health club 'business'
    3. Kody having 'power' lunches with his kronies.
    4. The entire family drooling (literally) all over little Sol.
    5. Kody driving his Lexus hither and yon...
    6. Mariah and Aspyn getting their cars, and surprise even Logan getting a car, too.
    7. Surprise announcement at the end of the season that somebody's pregnant again - and it ain't Meri, Janelle or Christine!

    What we WON'T see:
    1. Meri traveling to Utah
    2. Anything to do with LIV! International
    3. Janelle at that Super Bowl party
    4. Christine mentioning antidepressants
    5. Anything about Truely.

    What I'd like to see:
    1. Kody courting a 5th wife, while Robyn's preggers!
    2. Christine getting pregnant again while Robyn's preggers and Kody courting his 5th!
    3. Robyn crying to Meri about Kody courting his 5th, with Meri dryly explaining how she suggested the woman to Kody - just like she did with Robyn!
    4. In order to save money, the entire family moves into a compound of double wide trailers out in the boonies of Nevada. Christine takes over homeschooling the school age children. Robyn just spends her days, staring off into the distance, towards the lights of Las Vegas.

    1. I think you hit the nail right on the head!! lol!! The constant talk about "Sol" and NOT Truely will definitely be a given, and we can ALWAYS count on Robin to have some sort of drama! (Oh poor ME)...

    2. I, personally, can not wait to see my "friends", the Browns again. They are such a positive influence on my marriage (monogomous) and how we work together to figure out the difficulties that come up. They are a wonderful window on the world of polygomy, allowing us to glimpse a family dimension that we only had prejudices about previously and they give "girl-friends" a full on view of how women can work together, take care of their children, be jealous and depressed and not allow those difficulties to effect the rest of the family. No matter what the "crisis" is this year, I can't wait to see them again!! Karen Sacco tksacco50@comcast.net

    3. Well Kody is always looking for another wife send him an email or contact your future sister wives via email, start with Meri first, she will have to see if you are sister wife material, before introducing you to Cody. And if all else fails i am sure your husband would not have a problem bringing other wives/women into your marriage. At least you will be the first sister wife.

  2. Are we all certain that there's even going to be a full season?

    Since we've been waiting so long, part of me is starting to think that we're only going to get a two-hour special of the best footage they've gotten lately as a kind of send-off to the bunch.

    Oh- and I also think that Logan and college is going to be a thread throughout whatever does air this time around.

    1. I agree something is up with this show. The really long wait before sort of announcing the next season sends signals that maybe there were some major negotiations going on. It wouldn't surprise me if the browns were holding out for more money. And what's going on with their building the 4 houses?

    2. Greedy asses!! It's not like they're bringing anything fresh to reality tv anyways! TLC will be better off saving $$ & just going w/ the Dargers, who Im aureus ready & willing to jump @the opportunity!!
      I'm ready to see a different polygamy family anyways...lol

    3. Who are the Dagers? if Kody had not gone on tv they would all be happily living in their old house. If he did not have a job, i guess the women supported the household and bought him the lexus. i have been in a sister wife relationship. liked him, could not stand her.

  3. Following CJ's format:
    (And if TLC has been paying close attention to SWB (and we know they are)...we won't even ask for a finder's fee.

    What I think *will* be the new storylines....

    1- an announcement of a fait accompli *business* complete with corporate documentation.
    2- that business will include Janelle as comptroller and main brain.
    3- older kids will be highlighted in various scholastic and athletic themes. Image-building !!
    4- more phony, tedious *sista* bonding via chats and lunches, spa events....all designed to show solidarity.
    5- Christine will be given more camera time to clean up her image of being "a bit thick* and dysfunctional.
    6- Robyn will be less whiney, less cloying (at least on camera).....but will have a hard time actually pulling that off.
    7- there will be staged play-dates with the Dargers to show global bliss in Plyg-Land.
    8- later on just before the final episode, the cliffhanger may be a replay of Meri (or could be any one of them, but they have already hinted at Meri) being not sure she still wants to be in the Kodyworld, which will generate residual fan interest and suspense for yet another season
    9- Kody with either an marked increase in visible scalp....OR...or signs of hair transplants or restoration.

    What we won't see:
    1- any noise about their *lawsuit* against Utah.
    2- No more talk or whining of *finite resources*.....even they know it is laughable to the public now as long as TLC is footing the bills. Plus....can we all *spell welfare and bankruptcy fraud??*
    3- Robyn bitching at Hunter or any other kid.
    4- long-sleeved T-shirts under tank tops. (the Darger babes surely have shamed them into sprucing up.)
    5- foundations being poured for their new homes.
    6- anything that is *real*...

    What I'd like to see:
    1- Absolutely......bring on # 5. This time spice it up.....make her a Dominatrix.
    2- Robyn barefoot and pregnant..like a good sister wife with useable eggs should be.
    3- Have Logan and Hunter start their own business of releasing *at home* videos of the *real* Kodyworld.
    4- I really like CJ's vision of the double-wide trailer compound.
    5- Kody trying his hand at an *escort service* for women who want a fling with a balding, aging and horny surfer-dude lookalike, who will even pick up and deliver in his own Lexus coupe.

  4. They could dominate ALL the headlines with the easy way out. Bullying. That's easy and doesn't require the Browns to do anything. Of course, that's not their fault as admitted felons, it's the bullys!

  5. What we will see

    counting valentines at the elementary school party (awkward)
    Prom episode
    Rosie guest appearance
    Darger guest appearance

    what we won't see

    Sorry-Charley guest appearance
    Kody getting a haircut
    Robyn acting mature
    Christine getting the love and attention she deserves

    what I'd like to see

    Robyn's ex show up
    Robyn's ex move to vegas
    Interview with family and friends in Pinesdale
    Interview with Christine's extended family

  6. what we will see:

    more lame parties
    more rev. dani (bleh)
    more heartfelt speaches about how they will always stay together
    more Kody looking bald and stressed
    more ugly cryinbg from Robyn
    more Christine trying not to look frantic/ depressed and or crazy
    more Janelle...not really caring about anything
    more Meri jellyfishing the other wives except Robyn whom she LOVES

    what we won't see:

    their actual lives

    what I'd like to see:

    building and decorationg their new compond
    Kody courting a 5th wife, a Vegas show girl
    Janelle and Christine leaving kodster
    Meri and Robyn having a huge blowout
    Christine and Robyn having a huge blowout
    an update to see if Andy got that second wife he wanted

    1. I wonder if rev dani had anything to do with the Browns writing that book?

      As for the compound, how much does it cost to buy land and build 4 houses in Vegas? Does anyone know if construction has even started?

    2. I had thought that if they did come back this season, the building of the houses and them moving back in together were going to be a huge part of the show. The fact that they all live apart definately takes away from the show and undermines their much touted polygamous lifestyle...like if they all love each other so much why would they not want to live together. I as a viwer was disappointed to pretty much see all the wives say how much they liked having their own houses...so if you all like your own space, with your own kids in it how come you don't all like your own husbands? Anyways I'm thinking if it does come back TLC will have them all living together at some point.

    3. There's no freaking WAY the producers of the show have enough in the budget to finance the construction of ONE house from the ground up, let alone FOUR houses. please. that was all just a pipe dream for television purposes. IMO of course. Even in vegas, having four houses built would cost at least $400k MINIMUM for the 4. Probably more. because they would still have to pay for labor etc. it would be cheaper just to buy four houses as close together as possible, but it's clear that the wives are perfectly okie-dokie with living apart from each other.

    4. I actually could see the producers forking over some cash to help the Browns build their Vegas compound. Its an investment really. Close proximity means increased likelihood for drama (or at least something interesting happening) which means more ratings. I mean, look at how much money they must have forked over in (in labor, time and supplies alone) for the Duggars on their ginormo home. -Bre- http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/duggar-home-pictures.htm

  7. I would love to see Kody focusing more on his younger children and not only on the older ones. And I hope to stop seeing full episodes of the Sista Wives at the gym all of the time.

  8. What we will see
    Older kids getting ready for college (actual college picks)
    Meri's answer to Robyn's surrogacy offer
    Whether or not Truely can grow hair

    What we won't see
    What Kody and the wives are actually like when the cameras stop rolling (is Kody a 24 hr idiot or is he a tyrant behind closed doors).
    Kody possibly pressuring Christine to have more kids.

    What I want to see
    Kody courting a fifth wife (to see how Robyn reacts to it).
    The Wyoming sisterwives/grandmothers

    In the long term
    Meri heading to the hills once Mariah leaves for college
    If Mariah becomes a sister wife (if so, what #? I think she'd make a good third).
    Whether Madison keeps her promise to move out and never return.
    If Logan chooses polygamy

  9. P'raps Kody will come to Jesus and see the error of his misogynist, narcisstic, money-wasting ways, pull his balding head out of his butt, and will sell the Lexus Sportscar and the Harley and put that money into a trust fund for his older children's college funds. Oh, and immediately get a vasectomy!!! I'd love to see Kody actually spending quality time with all of his children and not acting like a goofy 12 year old around them. They need a father, not a playmate. I find all the wives very immature and giggly. What's up with that? I'd be embarrassed to have had any of those wackos as my parents.

  10. Good writing Amused =) ....I can't really think of anything that everyone already has covered..Prolly will think of something later,.but definitely would like to see an interview w/ Robyns ex & Kody courting a 5th wife....I seriously think if push comes to shove in renewing TLC contract, then it could definitely be a go....lol

  11. What we will see:

    The Father/Daughter Valentines dance at the elementary school
    More adult family meetings discussing this & that business opportunity
    Much fawning over Sol and how he brought the family so much closer together
    Dinners and/or shopping at "friends" establishments
    Fake/Forced family dinner at one of the houses
    A bogus all wives day out to show how happy they all are

    What we wont see:

    Kody cruising around in the Liv car
    Meri spending all her time in Utah
    Groundbreaking on the compound
    Kody calling the kids his kids or our kids instead of Christine's kids or Janelle's kids etc
    Any of them getting a real job
    Robyn making it through an entire episode without crying

    What I want to see:

    Robyn's kids visiting with their biological Father
    Kody courting a 5th wife
    Christine having an honest and frank talk with a therapist
    The state of Utah using their legal marriage challenge documents against them and charging them with welfare fraud and fraud in the bankruptcy cases
    The neighbor who supposedly tried to have one of the wives evicted when they first moved to Vegas come forward with other neighbors and tell what really goes on -
    how often Kody stays at each house, how often the wives visit each other, etc
    Janelle & Christine confront Meri on her comments about "finally having a true sis in Robyn"
    The gravy train reach the last stop and the announcement be next season will start filming the Dargers
    Kody meeting Sorry Charlie for dinner to give him advice on marrying a "younger hotter wife" and how to keep them all happy. Haha!!

    1. "The neighbor who supposedly tried to have one of the wives evicted when they first moved to Vegas come forward with other neighbors and tell what really goes on..."


    2. "The neighbor who supposedly tried to have one of the wives evicted when they first moved to Vegas come forward with other neighbors and tell what really goes on..."

      Oh, I agree !!!! **THIS** would guarantee ratings !!!

      TLC, are you listening ???
      Dig into those deep pockets and sweeten the pot to make sure this idea happens !!!

    3. YESSSS!!!!!! If we had a block party or a city council or a HOA meeting or something! REDUCE ROBYN TO TEARS! That would be awesome.

      But it would undermine their spin, which is that we are exactly like you, only more loving and we don't pay for babysitters.

  12. Selfishly I want to see Robyn pregnant again while Cody and Meri scope out a new wife :)

    The kinder part of me wants to see this man get neutered (vasectomy, whatever ;) and owe up to all the responsibilities being a father to so many children he already has. Such as providing for them, giving them the time and attention they all need and growing a freaking brain. Yeah I know. Pretty unrealistic.

  13. So I wonder if they'll be doing any tv appearances/interviews to promote their upcoming season & book?? If they can generate enough interest that is, since their very closed & limited...ugghhhh!!!

    1. Is there really going to be a complete new season and not some specials?
      We have heard NOTHING from TLC, only a little bit from the Kodz

    2. That's a good question Lobotomized. It does seem a bit uncertain tho...Well in order to have a successful reality show ya gotta bring something real & dramatic & that's just not happening w/ Sister Wives anymore, now that he already married a 4th & had a baby! Besides when Robyn announces she's preggers again, it's really not gonna be that big of a deal or surprising bc we all know that's her current purpose...baby maker...lol

  14. I think Meri is definitely wife-shopping on all those trips to Utah. Meri has lots of extra room, so the fifth wife could easily stay at Meri's while Kody's courting her. I bet that is what that "heart felt talk" she had with Robyn was about.

    Frankly, without the fifth wife angle, I don't know how the show will escape fading away into boredom and triviality. And if that happens, nobody is going to care what MLM product they're associated with.

  15. Ok, TLC Bring on the Dargers!! It's something "fresh" & giving viewers another look @ a different polygamy family, bc frankly Sister Wives is just regurgitated bs & mundane!!!

  16. What we will see:

    - Sol, lots of Sol. We may (just may) get a glimps of Truely. Or the other kids for that matter. I still recently learnt the names of some of the kids I didn't even know where part of the family.
    - Adjustment drama to Las Vegas (I read somewhere that there was an agreement with TLC that they agreed staying there for two years, for the show).
    - Adjustment to Robyn.
    - Quality time between Kodster and Christine/Robyn.
    - Lots of Kody and his ever decreasing surfer locks.
    - Kody in persuit of some sort of bussiness venture to take care of his family. None of them have ever worked out so far, but he has to make it look he is actually footing his bills (and not the TLC gravy train).

    What we won't see:
    - The Browns going to/being at/coming back from church or religious function. Are they even religious?
    - Janelle losing weight
    - Them talking about their bankruptcies, welfare fraud, bleeding the beast

    What I'd like to see:
    - Robyn's ex
    - Wife #5. Robyin freaking out she isn't his main sexual toy anymore.
    - Robyn pregnant. Again and again!

    1. On Twitter, Aspyn refers to Sol as Sully...prolly bc Mama Sullivan carried him...lol

    2. to sully (VERB)
      1.Damage the purity or integrity of; defile.
      2.Make dirty: "she wondered if she dared sully the gleaming sink".

      So was this intentional by Aspyn or is she just a bad speller?

    3. Not sure Wanna Bet, but I had wondered her reasoning behind his nickname...lol Didn't even realize that sully was an actual word either...lol So glad u brought it to attention, bc it's quite interesting. :)

  17. I wonder how Robyn would act in a real (i.e. unscripted, unplanned) crisis? Would she take action to protect or help her kids (bonus and bio)? Would she sit down in the middle of the floor and cry until someone came and got her?

    1. "Would she sit down in the middle of the floor and cry until someone came and got her?"

      Robyn's Crisis Plan
      1. Find middle of floor
      2. Sit down
      3. Speed Dial Kody on cell
      4. Cry
      5. Cry some more
      6. Keep crying til someone shows up
      7. Yell at person for taking so long to get there

  18. Oh yippie skippy!! Rev Danielle tweeted to the browns that Eric bought her a claddagh ring. ....Really?? Seems like she's desperately seeking the 5th wife position, even tho she's already w/ someone...smh ..
    But at Same time, she's an attention whore too,just like Kody & Robyn....lol

    1. Well now isn't the Rev just a trendy, me-twoy little twit. Sickening. And CB, stop using bc as abbreviation for bcz, bcz bc is the abbreviation for BORDER COLLIE, damit, and it drives me nuts.

    2. Lmao...ok BC, I will definitely keep that in mind. Bad habit, I guess + still tryna get use to this IPad ....lol

  19. I see trips to the dentist, grocery shopping, hair cuts, hair plugs for Kody; gastric bypass for Janelle; teenage dating and pregnancy...possibly a marriage. Another pregnancy for Robin, and ending the season with Kody dating another wife! Robin will not mind one bit. Christine will finally leave when she sees what a shame this has all been for her.

    When the show is over, I see big trouble with the kids, several legal problems; "marriages" over, a break up of the "family". Grandpa dying, janelle's mom marries someone else, while Kody's mom is alone and lonely...so much for "sister wives" helping each other in widowhood..

    1. There's also the possibility for a real medical problem with so many freaking people in that compound. With the way they treated anything else that should have been private, I'm sure they would play up for pity.

  20. Under the heading of "one of these things is not like the other"...

    I think Meri has been an interesting sister wife selector. The core wives are all competent in their own roles, able to get along with one another without too much hair pulling, and have raised a large number of children together, children who appear to be far more normal than many kids out there today.

    Meri went in a totally different direction with Robyn, by choosing an infantile, whining and manipulative person who wants people to wait on her and cater to her and Pay Attention To Her.

    In a way, she found another Kody.

    It's no wonder that Kody would be so infatuated with his own mirror-image. But how long until it becomes distasteful for him to have to be the caregiver instead of the one catered to? And what then?

    Was Meri's choice of Robyn an attempt to show Kody what the three core wives have had to deal with all these years? "see what I mean, lover?"

    What will Meri's next choice be?

    1. The next wife will be a true trophy wife. I foresee very tall, very blond, very young but legal, stylishly beautiful with a super cheerful personality! Someone who would stand heads and shoulders above the other wives and turn heads as she walks down the red carpet with Kody. She may have a problem fitting in his car, however.

  21. Interesting thesis, Anonymous 01:40 PM

    Very interesting !!!!
    And has to be predicated on *IF* the story of Meri being the "wife-shopper" is at all true. If true, your thoughts are definitely provocative with regard to Meri's inner drive. If her motives are as pointed as you suggest, this whole group may be doomed going forward. Only Robyn is probably a guarantee to likely ride it out for the long haul now that she too has a Brown baby and will likely produce more, and has no where else to go.
    It really does seem that Kody has had a winning hand at home. Thanks in large part to Meri. You are right, Meri is the real manipulator, perhaps.
    Remembering now that Janelle was Meri's sister in law before becoming a sister wife. Meri finds the wives (or allows them) and sets the marital pace.

    Janelle was the official bean counter and unemotional mind, more concerned with the mundane duties of family. Now, since she and her six kids aren't having to share bathrooms and dinner tables with the group, she seems even more focused on the practical life issues.

    Christine really is the heart of the *children* part of the group. She IS emotional, rightfully so...and sensitive to service and child duties. And she pays dearly for taking on that role.

    So that leaves Robyn with really no redeemable role other than being the latest incubator and part-time coquette and full-time whiner.

    But what *IF* the whole new wife scenario really was TLC driven, with Meri as the appointed and scripted matchmaker ?????
    Then we can only accept that these people are nothing more than paid performers using 17 children as props. Who knows !!!????

  22. bwahahahah this makes me giggle. I don't know what is to come but I'm excited for whatever it is. I HOPE everyone ends up moving in to one big house.

  23. Yes, Nicole, I'd love to see them all live together. I know the misery would be even greater than it is now, in spite of them all trying to portray that it's "heaven" sharing one man.

  24. OK, I'm probably going to get ripped to shreds for this...the writing here has reduced me to tears of laughter, especially from Amused - but (!) I am a softy (softie?) at heart. The first three wives seems like good girls to me. Genuinely nice people. The jury is still out on Robyn, but honestly, I don't think she's bad folks. Whomever happened into that 4th wife position was gonna get blasted - period. Not her fault that she's attractive, and Meri picked her, she didn't go fishing for the slot. Must remember that all of these women are in this relationship voluntarily, and from what I've read about polygamous Mormonism (in all its forms) the main theme seems to be matriarchal, as far as choosing husbands, not the other way around. My opinion is that they had a relatively happy life when they were all in that big house, and a true family thing going on. Why they are all looking for separate houses is beyond me, because the wives all miss Kody and I think the kids do too, now that they live separately. They all got their night or nights sleeping with their husband, but at least they were all in the same house, and they seemed happy to exist that way. Not a perfect life, but a relatively happy one. Why did that change? When the show is over, I worry - really worry - for all of them. As far as the kids go, they remind me of the Duggar kids in that everybody expects them to be horned weirdos, but they're not. They just seem like regular kids, and I don't think that their parent's polygamy has damaged them. The show probably has, though. I've wanted to blog about this forever and either find sites that are completely for them or compeltely against them, and I picked this one to spout a little. I'm done.


  25. Another season of Christine whining, this time it's... "I feel like a single mother and I'm sick of it." What did you think was going to happen with 3 other wives, Christine? Stop whining and complaining, this is what you signed up for! What happened to, "I chose to marry Kody, I chose to be a plural wife, I wanted sister wives." It's all good until you're not getting all the attention and that's your entire problem, isn't it? Perhaps you should have considered this before getting into the situation you're in! YOU MADE YOUR BED, NOW LIE IN IT!!

  26. I watched the first episode of the new season and I don't agree that Meri should have a huge house. She has one kid that will be leaving soon and that it has anything to do with being punished for not having more kids, is just absolutely ridiculous and immature! They are having problems financing the houses as it is and her wanting a big house is selfish in my opinion (I am totally on Janelle's side on this one) and if I were one of the other sister wives would not tolerate it! Grow-up Meri and start being financially more responsible!! How many kids do you people have???

  27. Meri, at what age to you consider it to be too old to have any more kids?
    I think you're there and way past the age to even contimplate having any more. It's tuff that you were only able to have one, but get over it and move on!! How many kids do you all have combined, I think you have more than enough and way more than you can afford!! It's time to find something else to do with your time!

  28. CHRISTINE......SHUT-UP OR GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. How are they getting financed for the four new homes if some of them don't work. I know that if I apply for financing and did not have a job the mortgage company would laugh me out of the office