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Monday, March 26, 2012

UPDATE 3/25/12 Anderson Cooper: Dating into Polygamy Part 1

UPDATE 3/25/12

Hi Everybody,

I bumped this article up because it appears someone who claims they are 'The Husband - Charley'  posted a comment. So what do you think? I've already given my 2 cents, what are your thoughts? 

Let's discuss!!


Originally posted on 3/15/12
Interesting interview yesterday, however, I'm getting a definite 'Been There, Done That' vibe. If you remember the S03Ep08 Another Wife episode (here's a link to my SWB review http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/coming-soon-review-s03ep08-another-wife.html),  Nicole (Andy's wife) and Jackie share that same misty eyed faraway look in their eyes. Jackie's mouth is saying she wants a sister wife, but her eyes are saying something different.  Her mannerisms and words just don't jibe. And notice how she nervously scratches her arm when she discusses Rebecca: First when she meets her and later when she talks about the possible intimacy that would occur between Charlie and Rebecca should they choose to bring her in as a sister wife. Sorry Charlie (couldn't resist!) and especially Jackie, but when Rebecca made it clear  she would never allow a 1st wife to rule over her, you better start looking for someone else because this woman WILL become the alpha wife.  So much for the friendship Jackie claimed she was seeking. It was creepy how Rebecca and Jackie referred to the show 'Sister Wives' and how they wanted (yearned maybe better word) for that kind of relationship and lifestyle. It's a pity that the clips did not include Susan Schmidt's reply to the couple and Rebecca that the show 'Sister Wives' was not reality but a TV drama.

There will be a Part 2 posting that will have videos of Charlie, Rebecca, Jackie and Anderson taped backstage after the show.

Couple meets potential sister wife for first time:

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Susan Ray Schmidt: Couple who wants to add a wife is 'living a fantasy world':

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Adding a sister wife to family: Benefits for women?

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Continue the conversation: Your husband wants to add a wife--would you accept?
(Anderson continues to ask the audience questions after the screen goes black for a few seconds)

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  1. Well this is a new twist. No religious ideals in this proposed union.

    Still, I tend to agree with the woman who was formerly in a Polygamist relationship who said that in her experience (albeit different), that it was naive to think it will all go smoothly and that it has far more benefits for the man in the relationship. And that it is very possible that he may favor the new wife and how that would hurt wife #1.

    I also think the wife in this relationship is being rather naive believing that the new wife would be her 'Best Friend'. (Does this woman not have ANY friends?!) What if they do not get along, not unimaginable by any measure. Do they have to suck it up for the rest of their years? Guess so. How enjoyable that would make life?

    Look at the intense struggles the Brown's are having now having brought Robyn into the fold. The three other wives all seem very unhappy.

    Polygamy, not for me.

    But I do support gay marriages between two consenting adults so I am confused, why does polygamy bother me so much between 3 or more consenting adults?

    I do know I have read the Darger blog and that bunch drives me insane. Everything is so 'PERFECT' and frankly I find them all a bit ridiculous. The MAN of that relationship has some pretty sexist ideas and the women strike me as brainless Stepford Wives.

    The Brown's too but at least I feel sympathetic to the women and their struggles somewhat. (Except Robyn, gah that woman drives me insane!)

    And of course the crap Warren Jeff propogated and probably still dictates is out of this world WRONG.

    I have to wonder if any of the Brown or Darger women would have gotten into this type of marriage if their religion did not idealize it so. To hear many of them speak they are doing it out of their loyalty to their whacked out religion.

    1. Actually there isn't a new twist. I am certain they do have a religious opinion that is leading them in this direction. It just isn't any form of mormonism. But Charley did refer to the Word which usually means the Bible and Jackie commented on only one whose judegment will matter. And I think she was referring to an after death type judegment so I would guess that they would call themselves Christians. I think it is likely that this family going to be saying they are being lead in this direction due to their faith. They just are not vocal about that faith.

  2. Maybe this will be the year the Browns show up on Southpark!

  3. I seriously think Rebecca is a nutcase and I don't believe she has never met up with Charlie before the Anderson show.

    1. I have to agree with you. Something about her sitting like she was posing for a picture and always preening and moving her hair around. Frankly she looked like a high class hooker.

      Did you catch how she ran towards the husband, and how she spoke as if she was already a member of the family? I think she's met Charlie in person before, definitely!

  4. That comment about wanting to have a relationship like the ones on Sister Wives was weird. That woman is basing the model for her relationships on a TV show!

  5. I hope that the wife in those clips sees herself on the show and sees how coerced she's being into accepting a hoebag as a "sister wife". That Rebecca looks like someone who's in it for the thrill of taking another woman's husband right out from underneath her nose. The guy in the relationship looks like such a loser. I bet his wife feels like she has no choice but to go along with it. These people actually make the Browns minus Robyn seem normal. Their whole little set-up is YUCK! ...or they're just doing it for media attention, thinking they'll make a few bucks

  6. ^That thought crossed my mind..maybe trying to get their own tv show out of the deal.

    Loved the ex-plyg lady, she was so firm in what she believed and unwavering.

  7. I actually saw the first few minutes of this but turned off as soon as they said they saw the TV show and it looked so good. Basing one's lifestyle on a TV show is so thoughtless and stupid. I did not see Carolyn come on or the audience comments. Once these people see something on tv though they seem to be intent on trying the latest cool thing. Too stupid for words.

    1. Especially as the Brown wifes all seem to be struggling so lately. Well except for Robyn..

    2. I just had to laugh when Rebecca came bouncing out and hubby checked her out with a big smile on his face. No doubt thinking "Yeah, I'd like a piece of THAT!" ;)

    3. I have been watching the previous seasons of SisterWives and I just don't get how some people are just so crazy over Robyn. On the twitter and facebook, some of the fans sound like they are in love with her. I just don't get it. I know we are not to judge, but damn, that woman was horrible sitting like a queen talking about how Hunter hurt her feelings when he came to see Sol. For me that one action totally canceled out any good when she offered Merri to be a surrogate.

  8. Rubber Tree PlantMarch 16, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    Their arrangement will not last. Their dishonesty with themselves and each other will eventually cause a blowup and someone will leave.

    It is that simple.

  9. HI my name is Charley and I am surprised at the ignorance of the readers of this blog. If you have any questions for me you are welcome to email me directly at charley at threelilpligs dot com. I look forward to your comments and I would love to answer any of the questions that you might have. It is amazing how scared people are of things that they do not know as well as how people can make comments that are so out of fact. Again like I said - my name is Charley - that is the Charley from this show and I look forward to your correspondence!

    Couple quick comments though

    1 Jackie is not defeated or coerced in any way
    2 My wife is SMOKIN HOT and you guys are nuts to think that there is anything lacking in our marriage
    3 The show was the first time that I had met Rebecca
    4 I do not have a mistress but it would be interesting to find out how many men in regular married relationships do because they have women who are not in touch with their mans feelings and needs (I am guessing some of them are posting on this blog)
    5 This relationship is our choice and honestly I cannot believe that the people here would be ignorant enough to rant about something that they have absolutely no education about
    6 The site threelilpligs.com will be a blog about our lives in this relationship if you are open minded enough to read it
    7 Before you try to get the sliver out of your brother's eye - take the log out of your own - bonus points for anyone who can tell me where that saying comes from

    Hope you all the best


    1. Charley,

      I doubt very seriously the readers of Sister Wives Blog are "scared ...of things that they do not know [,] as well as how people can make comments that are so out of fact". Speaking for myself, I was taught to question and to NOT BE AFRAID TO VOICE MY OPINION.

      The people who post their comments on Sister Wives Blog are neither 'ignorant' nor 'scared'. We call it as we see it, and if it doesn't make sense, we question.

      I'm surprise that, for someone who apparently wants people to be sympathetic to their situation, you chose to use rather rash and abrasive words to describe the people who have expressed their O P I N I O N of what they saw on the Anderson Show. The fact that you think it necessary to demean and insult the readers and commenters of this blog - frankly - shows us EXACTLY what kind of person you really are.

      Wake up and smell the coffee, Charley, for it was YOU and your wife who went on Anderson Cooper's show. YOU made your story PUBLIC. Don't take it out on the commenters on SWB if your 'side' didn't come across as the warm and fuzzy dating story you wanted.

      If you want to talk about open minds, perhaps you should continue to read Sister Wives Blog, and L E A R N from the opinions stated here. This is the world you are trying to sell polygamy to, so if you want acceptance, perhaps you should remove that big old chip off your shoulder, and listen to the valuable FEEDBACK we've given you.

      Thanks, but you can keep your bonus points.

      Cynical Jinx

    2. I'll give you 500 bonus points for this quote, Charley!

      "The 'gentleman' doth protest too much, methinks"

    3. Aren't you brave inviting all of us IGNORANT people to your blog!

  10. Well said Cynical!! Also to your credit & ur witty reviews, U at least posted the interview videos for us to watch & so that we can form our own opinions, which we're all entitled tol!!
    Charley, we're basically asking & wondering all the same things that ur Live audience was asking ya'll.
    U say that were all nuts for thinking that ya'll have something lacking in your marriage?
    Well, from what I see in the videos, were not the only folks that think or feel this way. Honestly, Charley, I didn't see you respond hastely or rudely or call them nuts or outright call them ignorant just b/c they don't necessarily agree w/ your choices. Main concern would be how this change is gonna affect your children. Whether U want to realize it or not, this lifestyle choice will disrupt your marriage & household. Heck, Anderson himself, seems to think that ya'll haven't thought this whole "Lifestyle" through completely, but like you said, this relationship is your choice & all the polygamy religion/background doesn't apply to yall....with that being said, was it really necessary to go on National TV to tell the world that you want a 2nd wife?? I mean, Polyamory: Relationships is multiple mutally consenting partners or an Open marriage would probably more suitable for ya'll since this is just something that you want to "try" out & see if its for you.
    Personally, it's not for me, & the super edited segments of the Sister Wives show would not be enough to convince me otherwise. By chance = did ya'll miss the couch sessions when the wives were having serious issues,struggling w/ jealousy,depression, & many mixed emotions running rampant??
    The Brown's have dedicated years(well wife 1,2,& 3, have anyways) to this religion/lifestyle, & their kids were born & raised in this environment, so to them of course its normal + they had their own lil system to try & make their household run smoother. A couple of the wives were on welfare & food stamps to help support their lifestyle & all of them, including Robyn(from her previous marriage) have all filed Bankruptcy, among other things in the last few years before they hitched a ride on the TLC gravy train.
    Just seems that it would be easy for Rebecca to bail at any time, if she didn't like the "arrangement", dealing w/ or help raising ur kids? Or what if one day your wife decides that she doesn't like Rebecca or this whole lifestyle choice??
    She's been divorced before & has no kids,so that would be a big concern. Have ya'll established dating, marriage, household, financial guidelines yet? I mean, do ya'll do credit checks & Dr. checkups, making sure everyone has a clean bill of health? These are serious & legitimate questions too. Will you be working supporting ur whole family, or will ur wife & Rebecca be required to work to help support this lifestyle? Basically From the outside looking in, it kinda seems U are trying to score a TLC or any network reality show just to be the experimental couple to adopt the "polygamy lifestyle" just to see if its for you. In the process, your getting paid, getting ur 15 minutes of fame & establishing Reality tv "star" status b/c of other hidden agendas that you/ya'll possibly looking to platform.
    Seems like if you're already financially stable & able to fully support your lifestyle choice w/o government or public assistance, then you would be like NIKE & just do it just b/c you can & there would be no need to announce your personal lifestyle choice to America!!

  11. Agreed RTP... :D ...Which most likely would be Rebecca b/c she's only 26 yrs old, no kids of her own, & + she's just basically shacking up & playing house so it would be real easy for her to bail if she realizes this lifestyle choice isn't for her.
    I personally think they're seeking their 15 minutes of fame, + to score a TLC gravy train ride + have some hidden agendas they're looking to platform, but afterall, these are just my own personal opinions!

  12. Thanks, CB! :@)

    This guy is just sore because we called BS on his little hetero-male-fantasy-come-to-life. As CB said, why not explore polyamory, if this is not all about him? At least in that case everyone is an equal (or so the story goes).

    Polygamy is so deeply rooted in religious ideology, I cannot fathom why any *sane* secularist (or, are they...?) would adopt such a retro, anti-female lifestyle, when there are so many other, more equitable, ways to live in a non-monogamous arrangement.

    By the way, Charley-boy, your sexist colors are showing...to wit, see bullet point 4 of your diatribe.

    And you can keep your cliched biblical bonus points to yourself. I do not need ANY lessons from the likes of you, bro.

    Too easy...

  13. Charley,
    Rather strong insults directed at folks who actually took the time to view your TV appearance, don't you think?
    And wasn't that the obvious goal for you and for the show....to attract viewers and attention?
    If garnering a public audience for your lifestyle (and that does seem to be your intention) then this is surely an awkward and non-productive way to go about it.

    Am I Ignorant?? Scared??? Not a bit !!
    Observant, willing to comment? Count on it!!

    Welcome to the world of public opinion!!
    And especially welcome to the hi-tech world of public commentary!!

    You have willingly placed your self and your wife center stage.

  14. Fellow posters, don't forget to look at comments on part 2. Bargain Babe noted the threelilplig site is not there. (true, but strange) Also anon and Border Collie made good comments. We seemed to have some trouble with meeting others needs. I'd like to have my needs met, too. Ahem.

    1. Lmao...Ok, Border coliie, thanks for the heads up! Yep, I was wondering the same thing too as Bargain Babe, bc I willingly & open mindedly went to visit their Threelilpliigs blog & nothing was there. He seems to be totally in control & full of himself! He likes to talk the talk, but not follow thru & walk the walk! Am I surprised? nope, not really. So Charley U can keep ur bonus points bc I have enough brownie points to last a lifetime :)

    2. The same qualities old Kodster has :)

    3. Whoa, I got a shout out from BC. I feel honored. :)

      Yeah, the site disappearing was so odd. Either blog about your plig life or don't. And if you don't, then don't pass out the link that doesn't work. *wags finger at Charley*

  15. Charley, you say it's not about the sex, but then you said in your post here that:

    4 I do not have a mistress but it would be interesting to find out how many men in regular married relationships do because they have women who are not in touch with their mans feelings and needs (I am guessing some of them are posting on this blog)

    which basically confirms that it's all about you and your need for sex.

  16. Don't you all think that in the information age, the whole "15 minutes of fame" is now just about 15 seconds of fame? I mean the stuff that goes viral dies down almost as quickly. Take this Charley guy, for example. I mean the only reason we're going to remember his name here next week is because of the old Starkist Tuna commercial ("Sorry Charley").

    Seriously, guys, Sorry Charley is a pale imitation of the Kodester anyway don't you think? Kodyworld has pathos and tragedy and comedy all wrapped up into a big bulging package. Sorry Charley just has the one dimension. A wanna-be Kody. meh.

  17. Lol...right back @ya Bargain Babe =)

  18. Ok, I just went back and listened again the the 1:18 minute "Charlie & Jackie after the show." Talking about how pretty Rebecca was but quickly adding that Jackie is just as pretty when he says "How lucky would I be to have a relationship with Jackie and possibly with Rebecca..." Am I wrong but doesn't that say it all!!!! How L.U.C.K.Y. would he be?????? Damn right Charlie - you have a wife whose willing to allow you to have an affair outright! If and that's a big IF you want to call that "lucky." Not me.

  19. Yes folks, I also agree that Charley, when given the opportunity to discuss why he wants polygamy for his family, has failed in the attempt.

    Sorry Charley, but what I see from you is basically a regurgitation of pro-polygamy philosophy you found in your 'research'. The comments on SWB to you were brutal, but did you rise to the occasion and defend your choice of lifestyle?

    No, you did not.

    If you had simply spoke to the reasons why you see polygamy as a viable lifestyle for your family. Given us some examples to show how you and your wife really thought this polygamy thing out, how and why polygamy spoke to you so strongly that you are willing to make a lifestyle change and embrace it.

    But, you did not.

    Instead, you stood your ground, jutted out your manly jaw and asked "Is the purpose of this blog simply to bash on anyone that is in this lifestyle or do your readers actually want to learn something that they do not know?"

    Funny you should ask. The people who comment on SWB DO want to know. We want to know why a man, with a lovely wife and children would suddenly decide to take another wife? Was it a whim? Was it for sex? Was it a sign from heaven above? WHY??? And what was your answer Charley? You said "... I do have to say in today's society with the ... different lifestyles that are readily accepted, we were a bit surprised at the judgments that were passed on our relationship." So you are saying the whole reason you are willing to put your wife and children into the polygamy world is because you feel society is already corrupted with men spreading their seed with as many women (baby mammas) as they can, so why can't you and you can legitimize it by saying you're doing it because you believe in the institution of family.

    Did I get it right, Charley?

    And if I got it wrong, why couldn't you just state in simple words why you chose polygamy. Just saying "we chose this lifestyle" simply doesn't explain why you chose it. You have never supported your position - and you wonder why people question you, or as you put it, 'judge' you. In my college days, I had a professor who explained to us "You may think if you say it enough times, people will start to believe you. But if you don't support your thesis statement, your term paper is crap. I don't give passing scores to crap." Blunt, but to the point.

    SWB doesn't give passing scores to crap. You can take your ball and run home to your plig blog now.

  20. Charley makes a huge assumption when he says that the people on this blog are ignorant, when he says "It is amazing how scared people are of things that they do not know." Guess what Charley, some of us know a great deal through sad experience what this means. How you and your wife can make claims about something you haven't lived yet, such as the belief that "intimacy" will increase for you through polygamy is astounding to me. You trying to ape the lifestyle of Sisterwives is incredibly naive, as is the assumption by your wife that the new addition will be her "best friend!" You do reveal your motives i.e. having your needs met. Heaven help your wife and children!