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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Scour the Internet: Pre April Fool's Day Edition 3/28/12

What a week this has been, and it's not even over yet! We've got Kody and Christine enjoying a trip  and a wonderful dinner to celebrate their anniversary, Meri on yet another road trip, and Janelle and Robyn doing nothing in particular for once.

But before we delve into the inaneness of Brown tweets...

If you've followed SWB this week, you know that 'Charley', the fledgling polygamist who appeared on Anderson Cooper's talk show recently, made a quick smash, grab, and run appearance on SWB. Now, if you ask me, I feel this appearance was fueled by a desire to generate traffic to his blog website. Yep, a SPAM attack from a polygamist. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE? After googling  for the correct url (what lamebrain would give the wrong url when spamming? Yep, old sorry Charley!) I came across their fledgling blog.

HOLY COW, somebody was madder than a wet hen over there! Suffice to say, between the all cap shouting and inconsistent storytelling, Mama Hen Jackie was definitely on the proverbial warpath. Seems SWB didn't treat her hubby with respect. Aw, come on, just because we didn't genuflect and clean his jackboots with our hair, doesn't mean we didn't respect your 'wannabe a 50% husband' man. And if my eyes aren't deceiving me, who came onto this blog hurling insults?

So, in the spirit of true camaraderie with SWB, I hereby announce the April Fool's Fools Awards for Outrageous Behavior by Fledgling Polygamists Outside the Krazieness of the Kody Brown Krew.

First up, the Spiro T Agnew TV Journalism Award for Punking a Pair of Pusillanimous Polygamists goes to Anderson Cooper! According to Mama Hen, a mean old producer hoodwinked the innocent fledgling polygamists into appearing on Anderson with the old bait and switch game. You see, they thought the show was going to be about DATING, but it turned out to be about PLURAL MARRIAGE instead. Whatever...Anderson, enjoy your award, you handsome silver fox!

Next, the Stand By Your Man (I'm listening on the extension) Award goes to....Mama Hen Jackie! As Mama Hen tells it, Charley 'just happened' to be surfing plyg dating sites and 'just happened' to wind up in a chatroom on said plyg dating site which 'just happened' to contain not only Lovely Rebecca, but a Producer from Anderson Cooper's show. From that 'innocent' meeting, Mama Hen Jackie says that "...Charley and Rebecca chatted a little bit more over [the] phone - which I was included in..." Sure you were, hun. Enjoy your award!

The third award, the Run Like the Wind and Don't Look Back Award, goes to Rebecca, who if she has any self respect left will take heed of some definite warning signs and start visiting 'normal' dating websites in the future. May I suggest you look into applying for The Bachelor or Bachelor's Pad, perhaps?

Of course, last but not least (at least not in his own mind) we have the Sorry Charlie Award for Outrageous Egotism  which just has to go to that wannabe I Know Everything about Polygamy poster child, CHARLEY!! Come on down here and get your award, you deserve it!

CONGRATS Award Winners! From those "...twisted 'sister wife' blog.." people!

Oh hell, if you really need a laugh, (like the way SOME people NEED to be polygamists) here's the url: http://www.threelilpligs.com/

Now we segue from the insane to the inane...

Last Thursday, Robyn and Meri had lunch together:

How sweet! Lunch with a sisterwife, funny not to invite Janelle (we will see later why Christine couldn't make it - assuming of course she was invited). And why the need for a heart felt talk? At any rate, we already know from the show that Robyn and Meri are the epitome of sisterwifehood, right?

OUCH!! That didn't come out too good. Sounds like Meri is saying if she had a choice between listening to Robyn talk more or spending more time shopping, shopping wins. We'll just have to see if Meri or Robyn clarifies this conundrum  in a future tweet.

Of course, Meri's on her merry way to Utah, but this time she has passengers:

Wow, Aspyn certainly is making the rounds. Two trips to Disneyland, and now a trip to Utah. But why the lettuce throwing?...Hmmmm.....

Back home from Disneyland, only one thing is on Kody's mind...

Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, know what I mean?

Something unusual is happening in the Kody Kamp. First, Aspyn gets a car, and two trips to the happiest place on earth AND a road trip to Utah. Now Christine is being favored with an extended anniversary celebration - from Disneyland back to Vegas for a scrumptious meal.

And I'm so glad Christine has heeded my suggestion to be more descriptive when tweeting about restaurants and food!

 Christine, you need to focus on the food. Sounds like you're overacting a bit...

That's better!

Hey Meri! This is Christine's and Kody's time, butt out! Thank you!

Umm... A day later but no mention of Kody...Oh well, such is the life of a sister wife! Perhaps I could interest you in a Boyfriend Pillow??

Well, that's all for now. And remember, I Scour the Internet, so YOU don't Have to !


  1. I bet none of ya thought anything could make the Browns look intelligent and together, did ya? Then comes Sorry Charley. Just goes to show you it's all about perspective.

    In closing, I would like to share the most profound line in the whole Sorry Charley blog:

    "LOL- see that- I just made a funny heheheeh!!"

    who actually writes that?

  2. Roflmao!!! Bravo Lourdes, you have been busy yourself!!
    & don't forget here @SWB we're outside our FREAKING heads...whatever that's supposed to mean...lol
    Charley & Mama hen(love that...) should be grateful that ur giving them notoriety to their impulsive lifestyle change anyways, bc seriously if it was never posted here on SWB, I wouldn't even know who in the heck they were & now that I do...I hardly gives a rats ass....lol oh Charley, claims he's not seeking fame & that's why he doesn't want their "personal info" out there!! I call BS, & I think it's bc people would know til a few weeks before their appearance on Anderson, they weren't even living together...but anyways, I wish them all the best on their journey to Fantasy Land =)
    Now, About time Christine is getting some sorta special Kody time, after all she does raise most of the kids herself. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to me their tweets were lacking some Love...

    1. Thanks!

      Now, About time Christine is getting some sorta special Kody time, after all she does raise most of the kids herself. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to me their tweets were lacking some Love...

      Let's see, Janelle's anniversary was a business trip to Arizona...appropriate for business partners.

      Christine's anniversary was a trip to Disneyland with a 'romantic' dinner in Vegas a week later. Are there pictures of the dinner or gondola ride yet?...hmmmmm....

      Has Meri's anniversary occured yet? I can't wait for Robyn's. I hope the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra will be available to entertain - maybe Mitt Romney will even give a speech? And how much you want to bet that Robyn WILL be pregnant again this year (if she isn't already)?

    2. Yep, I'm betting ol Robun will be announcing another lil kody bundle too, bc if U look how close #2&#3 wives kids are close in age (like lil doorsteps...) heck, they are On procreating schedule, so she should already be preggers as we speak...lol

      So it may be a few yes before Robyn will be able to make it out to Disneyland...lol by then, the TLC gravy train will have come to a halt & isn't it about time for one of them to file bankruptcy??...& let's face it folks, surely its gonna take more than Robyn keep having babies to keep ratings up, right?? I mean, dang, let the courting of the 5th wife, already begin!! Then we can see how "well" Robyn deals with it & hopefully they'll go on a 14day honeymoon!! =)

  3. Standing Ovation for Charlie, Jackie and Rebecca on their awards. Well deserved! (Slow clapping..)

    "Perhaps I could interest you in a Boyfriend Pillow??" SNORT!! Too funny!

  4. This is comic writing at it's best. Thanks, I needed that. Amazing.

  5. The Kodster really should give up on Livinternational or whatever it is. I can make it around Disneyland without getting tired and I don't even take a vitamin a day. Obviously, I must not need to, and I've got some time on him.

  6. Thx for the link !! Terrific, if not a bit amateurish, comedy relief !!!!

    Forgive my rambling.....after all, I AM outside of my FREAKING mind.
    Actually, we ALL are here...according to Mrs. Charley.

    What I found fascinating is that Charley "found himself" at a sister wives site!!??? How does that happen?? Was he lost in cyberspace and lo and behold, his cursor just landed him there??
    And equally happenstance was dear little Rebecca, looking for love in the cyber ethers, and...and....she too landed there....and so did "the producer"....!!!!
    Talk about Kismet !!! Wow !!!!

    And then Mrs. Tuna was included in the subsequent phone call....and she sounded surprised (pleased?)at being included...??
    Does that mean that ordinarily, she wouldn't have been? Wouldn't have been privy to Charley talking with women he just met online??? Sounds like Sorry-Charley has quite a fun gig going on already?

    On a more sober note, Mrs. C states that they were/are discreet for the sake of their children...that their friends, co-workers etc, etc did not know anything about their TV appearance.
    Huh....??!! So how did that work out?? Still all under discreet wraps ???!!!

    And....let's be clear on this...
    They did NOT go on a top rated TV show trolling for a live-in for attention or fame or notoriety!!!
    ** OF COURSE** they didn't !!!
    Why they just wanted to show how *friendly* they are, I guess!!

    Meanwhile, I am just going to take my FREAKING mind and concentrate on more worthy stars...
    Kody and Kompany, Bring on the new season !!! :))))

    1. Left on the Plig site but no idea if they will publish so will do so here..

      But what IF Rebecca is not the ‘sister wife’ you so desired? Then what? She turns out to be the flaky, self centered, hair tossing woman she seemed to be on the videos. Out to seduce your husband. But wait… You are all for it! Gah, this sickens me sorry..

      What if you two get along horribly? What if within months of the ‘marriage’ you find she irritates the heck out of you? That her sleeping with YOUR husband drives you insane? And you know they are not ‘sleeping’. Think back to when you and your husband first started having intimate relations. Busy, busy. The all consuming lust! Sex whenever and wherever they can. Shrug, human nature and all that. Do you just suck it up and LIVe with it? Or do you leave your happy marriage with kids?

      Call me opinionated but I know even the THOUGHT of my husband (father of my children) having sex with another woman would slay me and it would be over. Do what you will but how wise is it?

      Here you are about to welcome another woman into your marriage and just KNOW that they are incredibly sexually attracted with the newness of it all, this is ok? Because in my eyes (and your shoes) I would feel like yesterdays news. Sure, I would initially try harder in the bedroom, doing all those things you know he likes. And then I would just feel like a whore trying to please a demanding customer. For naught.

      If your marriage is so wonderful why on earth would you subject yourself to this?!? Do you lack in close friends? I don’t have a lot of intensely close friends but those that I do have understand, love and guide me (as I do them I hope). Would I want anyone of them fucking my husband or co-parenting my children. Hell NO!

      Get out NOW Jackie. It is all downhill for you from here.

    2. Yep they deleted it.. To close to home I wonder?

  7. That blog was just wow. Charley's screen name is redneckshop, nice. Winning.

    I really feel for poor Jackie. If she's comparing polygamy to single parent homes, something is wrong. By the way, I would take a single parent home with a strong, working mom over an eggshell-walking wife polygamist wife who defers to his whim so he doesn't go run to Robyn or pick up a new Robyn. I would never want my daughter to think that's how marriage, or any relationship, works.

    By the way, there are more choices than polygamy and single mom. Just saying.

    1. Hi Go Goji!

      I just found it hilarious how Mama Hen Jackie basically called us heathens for 'judging' them for wanting plural marriage and in her next damn breath brazenly pointed her OWN JUDGEMENT finger at women who have babies out of wedlock "...But I guess if I was to say I was a mistress and pregnant with this guys baby- society wouldn’t bat a freaking eye!". So, you have a problem with that, Mama Hen? LMAO!!

    2. That's what I'm saying Go Goji...I'm totally thinking SWINGERS!!! ...Lol...that way mama hen can get some new bedroom action too =)

  8. The amateurish comment was about the piggie Blog !!

    Lourdes, I LOVED yours !!! BRAVO !!!!

  9. Charlie has some start up school...most of the details aren't on the website but of course the page where you can donate money is there.

    Anyone else thinking these are NOT the people to be teaching our kids???

    --Amused, I totally agree with you, he, Rebecca, and the producer, the 3 of them (just the 3 of them?) in one chat room at the same time? Well hot dang ain't that a coincidence.

  10. Always wait for your commentary, Lourdes. Thank you!!!

    Looked at twitter and saw Robyn wished the Kodster and Christine such a hap hap happy anniversary and just soooo much love and good wishes (my words, not exactly hers, although I could feel the insincerity and jealousy oozing from the computer screen). Christine right away replied with a just as insincere thanks. Then 2 interesting things happened.

    1) Robyn then felt the need to make a twitter post to the band that played at her and Kodmeister's wedding recption saying how great they were at the shindig - jealous much Robyn?! And 2) Christine continued to keep her face in her phone twittering away about the food - gotta get the twittertisements in so we don't have to pay the bill - the gondola rides, and oh yah, hey Kody this is great and fun instead of just saying so across the table to him. I don't know about anyone else, but when I get rare alone time with my hubby, especially on our anniversary, I'm certainly NOT twittering to him across the table!! Disinterested much Christine??

    1. Lol...Hockey mom , I thought the same thing too when I saw Robyns tweet about the band. But she does try to steal thunder from other people's special moments, ESP when all eyes are not on her. Guress Her 10 day honeymoon has worn off...lol

    2. Thanks Hockeymom!

      I wonder why there weren't any pictures of the Kody and Christine romantic gondola ride? Maybe her battery went dead from all the tweeting.

    3. Lol...yep, I'm surprised there was no twit pic of their romantic gondola ride either. Dang Christine missed out on a perfect pic to blow up & frame for all sister wives to gawk & awww....Oh, well she does have the one from Disneyland that's just gonna have to do...lol Which we all know, that Robyn will try to top...(eyes rolling)

    4. Somehow, I doubt the Venitian is gonna comp ANYTHING to the Browns because of a Tweet...they already receive ample publicity as it IS why would they care about a thumbs up from minor reality tv participants? Maybe kody is really a high rolling gambler - that could be why he was itchin to move to Vegas...hmmm

  11. "could I interest you in a boyfriend pillow" -->lmao!

  12. Great write-up Lourdes!!! I think the internet is the worst thing that has happened to women who have "curious" husbands. I mean in the good old days if you wanted to hook up it was way more work and energy then a click of a button now it's a friggen free for all!lol

  13. Wait, wait, wait!!! Did you say that Charley and wifey thought the show was about DATING and not polygamy.....so Charley was just dating other women and not looking for a sisterwife first? Did he get caught "dating" and think....."oh no! how do I get out of this one? wait....no, I am dating for you, honey, so you can have a best friend!!! You need a sisterwife for YOU and not me!!!"

    How could he think the show was about dating when they all "met" on a polygamy dating site???????

    1. Did you say that Charley and wifey thought the show was about DATING and not polygamy

      To quote Mama Hen "…this was suppose to be about D A T I N G."

      How could he think the show was about dating when they all "met" on a polygamy dating site???????

      Excellent question!

      There's a whole lot of circular thinking going on in the Sorry Charley and Mama Hen household.

      I'm thinking it's part of their damage control. I don't think Sorry Charley and Mama Hen realized exactly who Anderson Cooper was - if they were even told. The big building in NYC with CNN in red on the side probably was the Ah Ha moment for them. That and the studio and makeup and audience and the huge portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt on the wall backstage. I can imagine the 'thoughts' running through Sorry Charley's head on the flight home...Oopsie, now the WHOLE FRIGGIN' PLANET will know...what to do...Hey, let's just say we were LED to believe it was a show about DATING. No problem - we can start a blog and tell our story - Let me do some 'research' to see if anyone is talking about the show. OH NO, what's this Sister Wives Blog? DANG, they are ripping us apart...dumb broads, I'll just post and tell them what scared ignorant idiots they are and they will believe me and want to date me...

      The rest is history....

  14. Border Collie's MumMarch 29, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    What offended me the most was the phrase he used, "smokin hot". That is not what a real relationship is. My husband is critically ill, will not be with me much longer, almost lost him many times. The last 2 years especially have been beyond belief. This is where a relationship of love, respect, caring is tested. I can't believe that the phrase "smokin' hot" has flickered across his mind lately. He tries to live at least 50% because of me, and I half kill myself looking after him because of reasons having nothing to do with "hotness". This isn't play, it's serious business. Real caring is a joy even if it is painful.

    1. I've been there, you are absolutely right.

    2. Like totally rad dude...snark Just seems fitting to Charleys Smokin hot lingo...anyways do Rednecks talk like that?? Hehe

  15. A Lifetime movie network, #In God's Country, comes on today @3pm(Central time) ...maybe mama hen & Rebecca can watch it together & share some popcorn, since they'll soon be sharing a lot more...lol

  16. Border Collie,

    Poignant post !!
    You and your husband together are proof of what commitment is REALLY all about.
    Hoping for quality time for you both.

  17. Lourdes,

    "I'm thinking it's part of their damage control."
    You are soooo right !!!

    Yep, just as you said, Sorry-Charley and the Mrs. must have been sweating tuna fishes on that flight home. "Sh*T, how do we now spin this debacle??...
    Okay, we need a storyline of being duped by CNN and Anderson, and then immediately put up a Blog to get the story out there."

    But damn, they never counted on ***SWB***....LOL.
    (Mucho thanks to your ever-sharp sleuthing)
    This was great fun !!!!

  18. Border Collie - my sympathies about your husband - I am so sorry!

    I had a tiny taste of that this past weekend. After a freak accident, my husband nearly died and was in ICU 4 days. It has changed the way we view our relationship. I agree marriage is serious business.

    Again so, so sorry and you have my best wishes.

  19. I read the 3 plugs site, and I feel that we are all famous now! Jackie if you are reading this ... Yes it is true that I am Freakin out of my mind, but you should also know that my child is Happy and peachy and just perfect!

  20. They even claim to have paid for their own airfares to the silver fox show o_O ...now not really sure how true that is, bc if someone wanted me to do a live appearance, u can bet my non celebrity ass wouldn't be paying for that trip, ESP if I knew I could possibly be jilted by the audience...lol

    1. They probably stayed extra days at the hotel dating Rebecca and had to pay the extra charges for the room and for changing the return flight date on their plane tickets. Of course they aren't going to mention paying for the hotel but to say they had to PAY to appear on the show (by paying for their own airfare) kinda implies they didn't appear for financial gain. Guess they didn't count on normal thinking people being able to see thru that BS story they concocted.

  21. Mama Hen is friends with Joe Darger on fb now. Blech.

  22. I wonder if Robyn's and Meri's shopping trip was filmed...to show us how close and sister wifey they are.

  23. Texas jury just maxed out a FLDS bigamy felony, for non-child, non-rape bigamy. 10 yrs prison, 10K fine.


    Better not with Texas, Kodster, they don't want your LIV juice.

    1. VERY interesting link. Thanks, Go Goji!

      This link leads to several state cases which are being reviewed. It appears that the US state courts are potentially NOT inclined to giving a pass to poly, plig or other such arrangements.

      On another subject..
      The Tweets of the Browns are reaching *ridiculous* stage.
      Is it me, or are the relentless tweets of "where we ate, what we ate" or "who we were out with" or where we went" or "which child got what" now serve only to show this crew as nothing more than vapid grubbers with little or no substance, except for self-promotion??

      It's one thing for TLC to have put them out there as a possible window on an alternative life style and family. But quite another to now witness this "family" as nothing more than hucksters and flim-flams, determined to milk their new status as media stars.

      Are they entitled to do that? Sure, this is America!
      Are they also in jeopardy of wearing out their welcome? Definitely !!

    2. Especially when you consider they have private twitter accounts for their more mundane daily tweets, just like they have private facebook accounts for family and close family friends. Those tweets the Browns do allow us riff raffs fans to see are merely for self-promotion value only - they are happy, they are prosperous, they are one big happy family. Too bad about the small number of diehold fans who will finance Kody Brown's quest for financial security. Yes, the American dream come true!

    3. diehold=diehard, sorry

  24. Agreeing with Amused above on ridiculous tweets, here's something else ridiculous: Meri tweeted how much she just loves her life in Nevada...but yet every other tweet has her in Utah. Guess she has to technically keep the NV address to get out of state income tax, as well as appearing to still be scared of the big bad prosecuters, but she can "visit" in Utah the majority of the time since she only has one kid in her "pile" (to use Christines's word) and that kid is almost grown. So much for teaching us all about the solidarity and benefits of sisterwifehood! We do keep getting schooled on how to cheat the system though....

  25. I think it's funny that Charley wrote he's hoping their blog will give insight to those who want to see into the lives of a poly couple in a normal way....
    Ummmmm, ok??? But how in the he'll do they even know what is supposed to be "normal" in a polygamous relationship?...lol Whew!! It sure will be interesting to see how their "poly life" is coming along 6 mos -1 yr from now...Ha!

  26. As the Kodyworld Circus begins a new season, one wonders what gripping scenarios TLC has cooked up to maintain the increasingly bored and dubious SW fan base.

    Looking back, there already has been some pretty bizarre premises.

    The madcap exodus from Utah, running from the law, ala Bonnie (s) and Clyde.
    Kind of easy to see now that TLC just HAD to come up with some premise to get them out that Utah house. They were all packed in there like hamsters and really, how many shows could there be about them eating and eating and uhh, eating...oh, and sitting on the couch, discussing Plyg life.

    Hmmm..what to do?? How about first have Kody get a hankering for a new wife...a younger, slimmer one of course? That could set the stage for a mass move.
    Adding wife #4 was accomplished, and of course now there was no room in the habatrail for Robyn, so a compelling reason to leave en masse had to be created. Ah, the threat of prosecution, bingo!!
    And since there had to be a sizable amount of TLC $$$ put on the table to finance renting FOUR houses in Vegas, the storyline had to be believable and sustainable.

    Next was the "businesses"...There had to be a scenario for Kody to actually *work* since he didn't seem to actually have a job back in Utah.
    Everything has been floated as potential ratings makers....from KodyWorld realtors, fitness trainers, LIV detoxers, pubic speaking, shilling for every restaurant, jelly maker, cosmetics, etc, etc. in Vegas.
    Who knows what blockbuster ideas have been, and are yet to be spun over at TLC.

    Thrown in for fillers have been exploiting Christine's depression/jealousy, Meri finally getting a true *sista*, Janelle looking ever more detached, the older kids "getting older" and of course, the birth of yet another Brown, complete w/ a promise to Meri to be gifted with yet another one.

    But the stakes may be different now that the Dargers have come to town.
    SW may have serious competition. And since TLC is the potential producer for both, should be interesting to see how they will position SW now. Wonder how long the SW contract is...or is it renewable at TLC's discretion?

    But one thing is for sure, the *scripts* will likely have to be even more bizarre.

    1. Amused, your comment is good enough for an article!

    2. Cj, Thanks !!!
      But honestly, this Blog has so many good bloggers, not to mention excellent administrators.....
      It is easy to be inspired. :)))))

  27. If Charley reads this, I would just like to point out there's no such thing as a poly "couple!" Think about it. Also Meri tweeting about loving Nevada really undermines their law suit against the state which claims emotional trauma from being forced to live Nevada.

  28. Almost a Year later, I "took one for the (SWB) team" and checked out the threelilpligs website - what a boring blog! There are exactly 6 posts (+1 saying only that they are new), with no comments to any. As of their last post, several months ago, they have not added a 'wife'. Besides being boring, I found one analogy made by MamaHen to be offensive - she compared the pain in the search to find a sisterwife to that of someone who is trying desperately to get pregnant, but it isn't happening. OMG - those people really are more bizarre than the Browns of Dargers - glad their 15 minutes of fame really did (seemingly) last only 15 seconds!!