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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Las Vegas Sun: Q&A with Kody Brown and his ‘Sister Wives’

I dunno. If I made the effort to see Kody and Krew in person, I would  definitely want to hear them answer some tough questions. These questions were no different from previous questions asked in their other interviews. If you read the book and watched the show you'd pretty much know how the Krew would answer. But there were some surprising (not to mention interesting) answers, at least for me. Who would've thunk that living in a patriarchal family unit would allow Christine to feel like a "Princess"? Not a Queen, just a Princess. She needs to stop selling herself short!

Frankly, I am more interested in a dead link to an Las Vegas Sun "Related Story" article (also dated 10/16/12) titled 'Sister Wives' clan finds accepting home in Las Vegas. I wonder what that is about and I just can't wait until it's available, if ever.*

Anyway, here's the first part of a transcript of the panel discussion. Read the complete transcript at Q&A with Kody Brown and his 'Sister Wives'.

Oh yes, interesting placement of Robyn, don't you think? Christine may consider herself a "Princess" but Robyn looks like some kind of Queen, right there between Meri and Kody. All she needs is a crown. Or a really ornate tiara. Hey Robyn, why not try designing ornate tiaras for your online store...for all those polygamous    plural family  sister  plural wives out there!

By Paul Takahashi

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 | 11 a.m.

The following is an excerpt from the UNLV panel discussion with the Kody Brown family from TLC's reality show "Sister Wives." The discussion, which was Monday, Oct. 15, has been edited for clarity and brevity:

How were you raised?

Janelle: I grew up in a traditional Church of Latter-day Saints home and didn't know polygamy existed until I was 18. But in my early 20s, I began to consider the Fundamentalist Mormon faith and realized this is where I belonged. When I left the LDS church, my family had a lot of trauma. It severed relationships. Through the years, we've been able to mend those bonds, but it took time.

Meri: My family was in the LDS faith, but converted when I was about 6 or 7 years old, so I grew up in a plural family with five mothers and 25 brothers and sisters. My parents never pushed me into this lifestyle though.

Christine: I was raised in a plural family and had two moms. My grandmother lived a plural marriage as well. So I wanted to have sister wives, more than a husband actually. I didn't want to be married to one guy because I thought it would be a lot of work. (Audience laughs.) I'm a third wife and I love it.

Robyn: I was born into a plural family, but I always had a choice. I decided this was what I wanted to do. My first marriage, which was monogamous, ended in divorce. I had three children from that marriage, so our family is plural but also blended. It's been a growing experience, but a love and life experience as well. This was the family I was meant to be in.

Kody: My parents were struggling with the dichotomy within the Mormon faith over plural marriage. When I got married at age 22, this was a choice we came by out of true conviction and seeking knowledge from the All Mighty.

Is there a certain characteristic or personality it takes to be in a plural marriage?

Christine: It's very much a faith-based decision. You need a firm connection with God.

Meri: It's not for everyone. It's not an experiment. … Not to be tried at home. (Audience laughs.) We couldn't do this if we didn't have our own conviction.

Roby: You have to know the rules and boundaries. You have to respect the other wives and value them just as much as my relationship with Kody. But a guy who has a lot of wives can't be a wuss either.

Kody: We don't want to make this seem easy, because it's not. You can't trifle with other people's hearts. You need two things in a plural marriage: conviction and commitment.

Are most people out like you are?

Kody: Almost all of our friends who are in plural marriage are closeted to some level. People are careful not to flaunt it, even in small and remote towns.

Meri: We did keep very quiet before we went extremely public. There was a time when some co-workers and friends knew, but there were some co-workers who never knew.

Why did you go public?

Kody: I felt like there were so many stereotypes about plural marriages, with Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints. There was so much negative press – child brides and abuse on the compound – that I hated being identified that way. Warren Jeffs is not our poster child. When I talked with my children about doing the show, I said we have an opportunity to not only change our world, but to change the world for everyone else.

Christine: We have a story that needs to be heard. We're a normal, healthy and happy family. That's why we decided to show you our family.

Meri: The decision to go on the show wasn't that quick and easy for us. It took time for all of us to get on board.

What did you hope the show would do for plural marriages?

Christine: We're looking to be normal – when the ratings go down, and we become just another normal family.

Kody: When our peers can be public – not as public as we are – but can send a wedding announcement when they get married and claim all their children as theirs. We thought if we open up, other fundamentalist families could open up.

Meri: And for all the moms to be able to go to a high school graduation, instead of Kody and a mom and the rest of us sitting elsewhere, trying not to be seen. For so many years, we couldn't even do that.

How do you like Las Vegas? How is it different from Utah, where you lived before?

Janelle: We've been in Las Vegas two years and we've really enjoyed it. We've had no issues really. When you're living right next to a stripper, what's it to live right next to a polygamous family? (Audience laughs.)

Kody: But that's also a stereotype. We've found grace in Sin City, where there's a lowering of hypocrisy. In Las Vegas, you feel like you can own who you are. (Audience applauds.)

Are there many plural families in Las Vegas?

Kody: I haven't met any plural families in Las Vegas. We've associated with plural families in Wyoming and Utah.

What's it like having sister wives?

Janelle: In many ways, they're like sisters.

Robyn: Which means, we fight sometimes. But having a sister to gripe with about your husband or to celebrate the triumphs is great.

Janelle: We're very sensitive to emotional relationships in the family. We've very much cheerleading of each other, because tension in the family very much affects me. Especially now that all five of us are in business together.

What are your views of patriarchy and feminism? Polygamy is often seen as a patriarchy and bad for women.

Janelle: Patriarchy has a very negative connotation for me. It's true that Kody is the glue that holds us together, but I definitely have my voice. I feel very liberated. I have a career, my independence and freedom. I've never had to stay at home with sick kids or worry too much about what's for dinner. I can have my cake, and eat it too.

Meri: I agree. I've become so independent in some ways.

Christine, a homemaker: I feel our family is very patriarchal, but it's exactly what I wanted. I just want to be a princess in life.

There are negative stereotypes about polygamy. How are you different from Warren Jeffs and FLDS?

Kody: We are Fundamentalist Mormons, not the LDS or FLDS. Jeffs – who was the leader of the FLDS – built up a fiefdom around him. He took the voice away from his wives and children. My belief is that my wives should have their voice and should be able to make choices. As a family, we make choices together.

Janelle: I was able to choose my family. In some Mormon sects, marriages are arranged. In our community, we don't assign spouses. We also wait to get married after we turn 18 years old. The only common thing is we worship from the same scripture as the LDS.

Christine: We also have access to the outside world, the Internet and TV. We want the world for our children, for them to go to college and travel.

Meri: I recently ran a 5K in Utah to get people out of the FLDS. (Audience applauds.)

Janelle: Secrecy is bad, because it allowed people like Warren Jeffs to abuse. That abuse persists, because people were more afraid of the government than Jeffs.

Kody: We're don't mean to criticize the FLDS. That is a community that needs our empathy and support. We can save our criticism for their leadership.

What are your views on gay marriage? The gay and lesbian community face similar struggles when it comes to marriage.

Kody: I believe that I was able to choose our family structure. It should be the right of every citizen in this country to be able to choose their family structure. (Audience applauds.)

Janelle: We want people to openly live their truth without repercussion.

Robyn: I have a gay friend. We talk about this often, how he doesn't have legal rights if his partner is on life support. His partner's family has more power than he does.

Meri: I'm the legal wife, so I have the power to pull the plug. But I take into account what my sister wives have to say. I don't see me having any more power than they do.

Christine: We don't see her having any more power, either. (Audience laughs.)

Read the rest at Q&A with Kody Brown and his 'Sister Wives'.

Here's a post panel interview by a local Las Vegas TV station:

FOX5 Vegas - KVVU

And from twitter we have another picture of Kody and Krew...

And finally (maybe)

*Here's  the article I mentioned above....

Sister Wives’ clan finds accepting home in Las Vegas

Plural-marriage family made famous by TLC leads forum at UNLV
 By Paul Takahashi
Published Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 | 11 a.m.


Plural marriage is not for everyone, but it can be a healthy and happy one, according to the Kody Brown family, stars of the TLC reality show "Sister Wives."

Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – spoke frankly about their plural marriage, family and life in Las Vegas at a panel discussion Monday night at UNLV. About 300 people attended the event, which was co-sponsored by UNLV's Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity, and the Office of Diversity Initiatives.

The panel discussion was borne from a family and marriage counseling class taught by UNLV assistant professors Markie Blumer and Coreen Haym. The licensed therapists and teaching assistant Ashley Tybor invited the Brown family to speak to the larger UNLV community after they spoke to three psychology classes as part of a student project.

"Everyone's house is different," Blumer said, whether it's because of sexual orientation or cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. "We believe it is a community value to welcome diversity in all its forms."

There are more than 850 societies around the world that practice polygamy, and an estimated 30,000 or more plural families living in the United States, Blumer said. However, because of a negative cultural stigma and legal concerns, most plural families live largely in secrecy.

When the Brown family came out to their monogamous friends relatives some 20 years ago, it strained relationships and broke some bonds.

The Browns also suffered repercussions when their family made national headlines after "Sister Wives" first aired. Meri lost her job, Kody lost a couple of advertising clients and Robyn had a difficult time finding work.

For a couple of years, the family also faced legal prosecution. That was a major reason why the Browns relocated to Las Vegas, where they felt the diversity of the city would welcome them.

"We've found grace in Sin City, where there's a lowering of hypocrisy," Kody Brown said. "In Las Vegas, you feel like you can own who you are."

During the two-hour discussion, the Browns touched on a variety of topics, from what it's like to be a sister wife to differences between Fundamentalist Mormonism from other sects in the Mormon faith. The Browns also shared their views of what it means to be a feminist in a plural marriage and how they empathize with proponents for gay marriage.

"I believe that I was able to choose our family structure," Kody Brown said. "It should be the right of every citizen in this country to be able to choose their family structure."

The family also shared the decision to come out about their plural marriage.

"I felt like there were so many stereotypes about plural marriages," Kody Brown said. "When I talked with my children about doing the show, I said we have an opportunity to not only change our world, but to change the world for everyone else."

Monday night's discussion was taped by the producers of "Sister Wives," presumably for inclusion in a future episode. After the discussion, the family met with UNLV students and took pictures with audiences members.

Family members said they enjoyed coming to speak at UNLV, adding they were impressed with the caliber of questions asked. Monday night's event was the family's largest public speaking engagement and their first major one in Las Vegas.

"I liked how (the audience) was very open-minded and respectful," Christine Brown said. "It was wonderful."

The Brown family has spoken at universities before, primarily in Boston. It's a inviting environment for the family because of the open atmosphere, Janelle Brown said.

Many audience members seemed to enjoy the panel discussion as well, laughing and applauding with the Brown family. The student union ballroom, the event venue, was packed.

Las Vegas resident Tracy Enriquez, 47, watches "Sister Wives" regularly and said the show changed her views on plural marriage. Seeing the family in person solidified her views, she said.

"At first, I thought it was crazy, but when I saw how much they love each other, it kind of changed my views," she said. "If they don't force people into their lifestyle, I don't see anything wrong with it. I respect them."

UNLV senior Rebecca Koonce, 23, said the Brown family was relatable. As a part-time nanny, Koonce said she could see the benefits of having more than one mother around for childrearing.

"It takes a village to raise a family," she said. "This was a cool way to see the reality of how plural marriage works."

UNLV senior Megan Kolvenbach, 20, said she was a "huge fan" of the Browns and their show.

"Their family is really inspirational because they draw attention to the multiculturalism that exists in families," the psychology major said. "It makes you appreciate diversity more, that there are other forms of family as well. It was very insightful."

Kolvenbach added she appreciated how welcoming the UNLV community was to the Browns.

"That's what I love about UNLV, we're so diverse," she said. "I feel bad (the Browns) got kicked out of Utah, but I'm glad they came to Las Vegas and can make themselves feel comfortable here. I just think it's great."


  1. What a disappointing bunch of questions. Nothing new. Same stuff they're always asked. PLEASE someone ask something with some substance!

  2. Same boring stuff as always, and so many lies.

  3. There were two quotes that absolutely grabbed me...

    First was Janelle's use of the term "liberated". So anachronistic as to make me really stop and think. I am left wondering if the term "women's lib" is the latest buzz word in Utah? Pet rocks and mood rings too?

    Second was Meri's gem: "I'm the legal wife, so I have the power to pull the plug."

    Just wow.

    Would have loved to see Kody's reaction when that came out. First thing on her mind is to pull the plug on the Kodester.


    1. You know, Paw Print, I see it as Meri asserting her power as first (and legal) wife. I think she was blindsided by Robyn's statement (gay man on life support and his family having more rights than the man's partner). It was a knee jerk reaction, and just goes to show where this woman's head truly lies -- SHE IS the LEGAL WIFE and DON'T you EVER FORGET IT! Then she had to backpedal to get back into plygthought by saying oh yes I take into account what my sister wives say (meaning they can talk all they want but Meri's decision will stand) and of course, the plyg standby statement that she doesn't have more power than her fellow sister wives. Yeah right.

      I think it's hilarious that no matter how those wives (or any polygamous wives) talk about being equal to each other and supporting each other, it doesn't take much to show what a farce that belief is.

      Christine actually may have saved the 'credibility' of sisterwives being equal by saying that the other wives don't see Meri as having more power either. Kody should kiss the ground that woman walks on!

      Touche, Christine!

    2. I don't think that the wives in their family really support each other in any emotional or highly encouraging way, but it's definitely a large generalization to say that wives in a plural marriage may say they support each other and treat one another equally, but they really don't. The Browns are one (dysfunctional) plural family, but they don't represent all plural families. Just the FLDS don't. As a second wife I don't have all the legal rights that my sister wife does. I have more rights than a lot of plural wives do, because we had papers drawn up for everything we legally could have a say in. But my sister wife and I do support each other. We wouldn't be able to run a business together if we didn't. And our family wouldn't function if we didn't treat each other equally. In five years of my marriage to my husband my sister wife has never pulled rank or something just because she is the first wife. It's a number, not the order in which we are important. Family decisions are made by all three of us and in the best interest of our kids, because we are a family all together.

      It was good of Christine to speak up and make it clear that she doesn't see Meri as any more important or in charge of things. I don't think Meri agrees but I hope Christine and Janelle and Robyn stand up for themselves because Meri can be a real manipulative B***h sometimes. Or all the time, in my opinion.

    3. As stated - Janelle's use of the word "Liberated" and how she talks about her "career" and not having to take care of sick kids - in the PRESENT tense. when that was like 2 years ago that she had her secure office job! Certainly she's not referring to the hustling she's now doing as an MLM "representative?". And Meri stating "I've become independent in so many ways". Um Meri - HELLO...you have ONE kid - who is almost 18. Certainly you're past the diaper-changing, mom-taxi stage...Mariah is old enough to drive herself around and take care of herself. Oh YEAH - Sol is your new Bonus Kidlet - but I'd wager that Meri plays baby mama when she chooses too - the late night fussing, the potty training, the teething...when he's a PITA, I'm sure Sol gets handed right back to Robyn.

      And how about "Robyn couldn't find a job" in Utah after the Browns came out? So did she EVER actually work? maybe as a store clerk...MAYBE? she couldn't wait to ask if she was supposed to just plop her bills on the counter for Janelle to handle. Gag me! it's all such BS and of course there are a lot of people who just eat it up.

    4. Isn't it funny how people see such a different point of view. When people say "Oh, they are such a loving family" or "They have such respect for each other". I scratch my head and wonder WHAT are they watching, WHAT do they not see. I too watch this show for the "train wreck" of it all. I wondered how it would or could function, but see that because of human nature and just our own make up as a human with feelings, that it really can't work harmoniously...just no way. Jealousy is just too strong a feeling to deny or think that it is something you can get over.

    5. I think it's crazy that they think they can overcome jealousy. It's not like a bad habit you can work to get rid of. It's a natural human emotion; can't pray it away. Personally, I don't deny my jealous thoughts when they happen. I just accept that I'm jealous at the moment and ask myself what specifically is making me jealous. And then if there is a solution, my husband and I or my sister wife and I work towards it. But I find it ridiculous to think of these women or any plural wives with the same beliefs, trying to overcome their jealousy. You can't get to a point where you're just never going to be jealous again. Not ever being jealous is the unnatural thing.

    6. Exactamundo ladies (I'm assuming here...sorry any dudes that might post in advance)

      What I can't get over is why anyone would want to purposely get into that situation, being in a constant state of jealousy, and how they can believe that God gives you brownie points for being in such a situation. ugh.

      I would have probably gone crazy by 40, myself. ugh. and as has been previously said, why a guy like Kody? ugh. no way would I want to spend eternity with him. gag!

  4. The thing is, we really can't trust this family. They say they are happy, but then they show differently on the TV (as in the "Morales Interview")...I'm sorry I just did not see happy "go-lucky" people on that show. Nor did I see happy (older) children. They don't trust each other, they don't want to live with each other...and as in the words of one of their daughters "Drama, drama, drama". And if all this drama is all for the audience and trying for ratings, then "BOOOOOO".

  5. Thank you for finding these stories and sharing them with us, Cynical Jinx.

    I'm so not buying this:

    "Janelle: I grew up in a traditional Church of Latter-day Saints home and didn't know polygamy existed until I was 18."

    Even if we buy into the theory that the LDS Mormons have suspended polygamy--that's a topic to itself--I don't believe Janelle had no idea it was being practiced by other Mormon groups. The LDS, even LDS children, are very quick to reply to questions or jokes about polygamy with some variation of, "Those polygamists are off-shoot groups". They clearly know they exist; pretty much anyone growing up in Utah as she did is aware of polygamists.

    1. I agree with you Magic Undies. As a person who was born and raised LDS in Utah I can say with some certainty there is no way Janelle did not know about polygamy. The only people in the LDS church that are blindsided and surprised about polygamy seem to be the people who convert or who are practicing the faith outside of Utah.

  6. Is it at all possible that these people have good days and bad days, are human and fallible and therefore don't always answer consistently, or act out of perfect motivation?

    I've been enjoying a lot of discussion on this blog (been reading like crazy last couple of days) and I think people make a lot of good points about the dynamics of the family.

    I do wish they'd stop breeding. Kody seems to view every baby as another crotch trophy, not a human to be loved and nurtured and provided for. And I quite agree that they should have gone for different types of houses. And that Meri really needs to get over her sense of entitlement when it comes to nice things. If you're going to have a family of 20, you have to make sacrifices, and that means not having a pool or a wet bar (whatever that is).

    I also think that Christine's comment about wanting to be a princess was very, very telling. These women and their husband all have a very juvenile, Disney sense of what love and romance is - and they are pretty adept at not letting reality impinge upon it.

    1. I agree with everything you've said.

      These people live in fantasy land. They take no responsibility for their lives and the future of their children.

  7. Where are thewomen rights activists. This is a college campus. Off subject does kate on the amish show remind anyone else of robchin?

    1. Where are thewomen rights activists. This is a college campus.

      Apparently, those were the few audience members who did not seem to enjoy the panel discussion and therefore were ignored.

  8. Many audience members seemed to enjoy the panel discussion as well, laughing and applauding with the Brown family.

    Of course they enjoyed it. Smiling faces get on TV, frowning faces do not. That's how it works.

    I'd like to hear from the audience members who did NOT appear to be enjoying the panel discussion. Surely, someone took the time to interview them.

  9. I agree that I would have loved to seen some tough questions asked! I've got TONS...I wish I could get this family in a room with a mic...

    Yes, and where are all of the women activists? I must admit, on the surface people think, why not? To each their own. It's not until you really watch the show, think about the ramifications of this lifestyle do you see how oppressive it is to women and how in many ways, leaves them and the children vulnerable..

    Oh and where are the pre-law students..I would have asked questions regarding legal ramifications of the legalization of plural marriage and asked the legal ramifications of NOT being legally married regarding leaving pseudo-spouses with NO access to marital retirement benefits...for starters.

    I also wish they would stop using the word GAY in any sentence which compares their plight to Gay Rights/Gay Marriage.. It's apples and oranges..Their lifestyle is totally a CHOICE, it's not a sexual orientation.....It's not the same at all.

    1. Hi WhenPlygsFly!

      I suspect the women activists and law students attended, but their questions were ignored for the more mundane, easy questions that don't ruffle the Brown Krew's feathers (or brain cells).Now that we know TLC was there filming, I suspect that they and the Browns insisted only certain questions be asked, and provocative questions that require thought or that may show their lifestyle in a not so positive light to be ignored. That would explain why we keep seeing the same questions being asked whenever they are interviewed.

    2. I dunno if TLC/F8Fs was responsible for the questions being censored. I think it was all the Browns...after all, they didn't make Natalie Morales edit HER questions on the Tell All Interview or take out the sex question in the "Browns Answer Viewers Questions" show.

      Remember when Jon was having an affair on Kate and they were getting ready to break up? Did TLC downplay that? NO WAY...they played it as much as possible and promoted the heck out of the first season episode with Jon and Kate being interviewed about the separation etc and ratings went way up (in fact, that's the ONLY time I watched the Gosselins show on purpose as opposed to just channel surfing and watching it for 5-10 minutes).

      If the Browns' publicist had allowed "controversial" questions through, no WAY would TLC have stopped filming. My guess is that the Browns organized this - maybe it was even part of the reason that Kody was so adamant about Logan attending UNLV - he has a better shot at a podium moment there than at a Utah university - advised the producers and they showed up with cameras in tow.

      and remember - we are seeing more and more episodes (last season 2 I think?) that are basically Q&A shows. which means...they're running out of remotely interesting things/situations/events to show. Logan lives on campus now, and my guess is that he will be seen less and less on the show, unless Kody lays a guilt trip on him. and I say YOU GO LOGAN!!

    3. Fan From AustraliaOctober 17, 2012 at 6:43 PM

      I say RUN LOGAN, RUN!!!!!! As fast as you can!

    4. DJ said...
      I dunno if TLC/F8Fs was responsible for the questions being censored. I think it was all the Browns...after all, they didn't make Natalie Morales edit HER questions

      Actually, I think Natalie Morales WAS reigned in on what questions she could ask...if memory serves me, she basically asked questions from topics in the Browns book.

      Where Morales interview style differed from this setup (with the Brown's handler picking and choosing the questions for the Browns to answer which in my opinion is soooo weak) was that her follow-up questions were absolute killers. When she outed Kody on Nachogate, I would bet that one on one interview between Morales and Kody was a demand on Kody's part to set the story straight. And he still failed when he couldn't understand that his words really hurt Christine so bad she was almost in tears and he needed to say "I'm sorry". Instead, he said something like ' well, that's how I felt at the moment.' Morales played Kody, because she probably knew he was too much of a narcissist to ever admit he could be wrong. And he came out looking bad, really bad.

      Only a deluded super fan would think Natalie Morales was being mean...when she was just doing her job as a tv journalist.

      I believe the reason for the Q&A shows is that the Browns are still perceived as one dimensional with a LOAD of baggage. The Browns just don't have charisma, they are boring. Kody is not a rocket scientist and hasn't figured out that mainstream Americans probably don't care much for a man with 4 wives, 17 children with no real job to support his huge krew. Now that their pal Rosie O'Donnell's show has been cancelled, unless they are willing to go on Celebrity Rehab or that celebrity marriage counseling show, their value as talk show guests pretty much are limited now. Once the rented homes are gone and they are settled into their cul-de-sac (where ever that may be)the only thing left really would be for Robyn to get pregnant (been there, done that) AND Kody to start courting his 5th with a focus on how Robyn feels being pregnant and having her 'husband' courting another wife. That scenario would lead the Browns directly into the freakshow category which, in the short run, could be profitable. It worked in season one, didn't it?

      I'm just waiting for the tell all book from a fired producer or adult Brown child --- now THAT should be good!

    5. I too look forward to the TRUE story coming out :) Anyone have the link to that interview by Natalie Morales? Have seen it but cannot for the life of me refind..

    6. I'd be interested to know if any of the "allowed" questions during this "session" pertained to the book, or were they um, censored?? As much as they tried to whitewash, the book is far more truthful than the show, although IMO they tried to "spin" it to make themselves look good. Or Kody to look good...

    7. The Celebrity Marriage counseling show? braaa haaaa! Could you imagine? Even better -- Kody on 'Celebrity Apprentice' you know, because he's a hard worker and such. team player! Ha! OK wait wait....how about a 'Rock of Love plyg style' to select wife #5??????

  10. OK. So My friends and I went to this last night and it was RIDICULOUS! First, we parked and are walking into the student union and who is there? none other than Kody Brown.. As i'm waking up asking random people if they have change for a dollar (for the parking meter) he looks right at me to see if I'm going to notice him but I just gave him the stink eye and continued on asking everyone BUT he and Meri if they had change. NO one noticed him or cared but here he is a complete ham sandwich walking back in forth from the car into the student union to get the best shot for TLC. When we paid and got inside we saw all of them and we were secretly freaking out but didn't want them to know we cared about them so we just kept walking.

    We got a seat in the 3rd row in the middle. I had the perfect view of them all. The interview WAS A JOKE! The questions were all the same BS they're always asked.. They encouraged us to write down questions to give to the Brown's PA who would then give them to the mediator/ therapist. Let's just say that NONE of my 11 questions about their finances, bankruptcies, welfare, taxes, church doctrine, etc were answered. I expected that though.. TLC was filming and if it's aired and you see a curly blonde and two brunettes rolling their eyes, whispering amongst themselves, yawning or making fake guns out of their hands to insert into their mouths and head... that's us! It was ridiculously long and boring. Meri looked red and pissed. christine looked a mess but was really funny and cute (she deserves better) and she dissed Kody about 16 times. Kody was a dumbass with his scary beady eyes and he continually interrupted and cut his wives off, then everyone would clap for EVERYTHING he said. Robyn looked like someone was administering an epidural (the entire time) and Jhanelle was just like.. "I don't give a FUUUUUUU**" I want those free chips offered in the back of the room. The mediator desperately wanted to be the 5th wife. It was just really stupid.

    Anyways after the grueling 2 hours of boredom we were finally able to go. the room was half full and maybe 1/4 of the people went to the front for a completely chaotic and unorganized meet and greet.

    Funniest part of the night for me was my husband who snuck in late and stood in the back.. when I finally spotted him and just shook his head with the most pissed off and annoyed look I've ever seen him make. It was the only thing that made me laugh.

    They did mention that they are not in the houses that they wanted. Also, they no longer mention what church they belong to.... :/ I guess the AUB had enough of their shit? Logan was there and he answered one question about UNLV.

    As we left we noticed a sign on the door leading OUT that said "you're in a tlc zone, you're consenting to be filmed.. blah blah blah.." I was pretty pissed cause' I don't want to be on that show!

    I'm so looking forward to the new season so I can watch all the same Sh**......

    Sorry, I wrote this on my phone so excuse all the terrible grammar.

    1. Interesting & kudos to you! Too bad you'll never get those 2 hrs of ur life back...lol Jk...but seriously, thanks for a more real "Inside edition" of the UNLV experience :D
      So, they didn't get the homes? Wonder what they're Plan B is now, since they announced they're happy & staying in Vegas now....

    2. So excited to hear you went and to get your impressions of how it went. 11 questions and not one asked? Why are we all surprised? You probably asked REAL questions! I wish they'd have asked at least one of yours!

      You had to pay to get in? That is rather surprising.

      The thing I noticed was they were all back on the bandwagon, selling the happy happy joy joy thing that they tried to sell us all in the beginning. We don't believe you anymore Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn and Kodi okay? So maybe try to actually be truthful!

      Thanks again for giving us your view of the event. I appreciate it.

    3. I'm sorry, I meant we paid for the parking meter. We're students there but to park up close you have to pay a metor if it's before 7:00. Stupid.

      They were totally back on the happy band wagon and it was really annoying and fake because the whole audience was SO INTO them. Everyone was clapping, laughing and nodding right along and the woman interviewing them was so obnoxious. You could tell she was just so excited to be on TLC and wanted the whole world to know how open her mind was to all people. I thought her head was going to come flying off because of her persistant nodding. I was wondering if she had actually read their extremely sad book and if she had watched Kristine get dissed by kody on Christmas morning (and the nachos) and if she had heard of Merri's cronic stress. It was all put together to show how diverse and open minded UNLV staff and students are. Kristine is definitely still on her Depression meds because I've never seen her so happy/ excited. However, she continually dissed Kody and excluded him from pretty much everything and the audience found it hilarious. y'all would have hated how much the audience ate up Kody and clung to his every word. It made me nauseous...

    4. Anonymous (Rachael??) 1105PM said...
      he looks right at me to see if I'm going to notice him but I just gave him the stink eye

      Oh noes, you made eye contact!! He's gonna make you wife #5 now. Run like the wind and don't look back!!

      Just kidding...Thanks for the taking the time to not only go to the event but to write about it for SWB!! We appreciate it!!

    5. Thanks for clarifying the paying thing Rachael, I appreciate it. I was just wondering how UNLV found enough people that would pay to see these folks :-)

      In the photos Janelle appears to be thinner in the face - did it look as if she'd lost weight? I hope so, for her sake.

      Glad Christine is taking some meds and I find it amusing that she was putting Kody down. I hope he didn't make her pay for it later ~ I don't trust that whole ugly look he gets when he doesn't like what one of his wives is saying.

      Thanks again for the bird's eye view of the event.

    6. Funky town, sadly jhanelle looked the same to me :/

      Also, the questions were so stupid because the audience wrote them down and handed them to a volunteer who then handed them to the Brown's publicist who read and screened them (on the stage!) then selected ones to be handed over to the therapist to ask. It was all screened by the publicist.

      CJ, it was a scary moment for me because he literally looked right at me thinking "do you notice me?? I'm famous! Look in taking to a person with a camera, obviously I'm important. Do you want an autograph? Picture? Want me to impregnate you?" Just kidding. But no, he did give me that "notice me" look. The student union and parking lot is pretty empty at 6:00.

    7. Not trying to be catty, but from the photos it seems as though Meri hasn't lost much, if any, weight, despite all her running and so on. As a fitness professional as well as from personal experience, I have a feeling I know why - she's still taking in way more calories than she's burning off. Me for example - I ride an average of 120 miles per week on my road bike (on both hills and flats), as well as teach 3+ fitness classes a week, but unless I ramp my calorie intake to 1500 a day or below, I can't lose weight. My body is just too efficient. ugh!

    8. You're right, she has not lost any weight at all. My two friends and I noticed. Remember last season when trainer Bill said its because of her chronic stress? She had a complete break down about it. Chronic stress is why Meri isn't loosing weight...

    9. DakotaJustice: you should get some bloodwork done, checking out your thyroid completely. Unless you are over 35, you should be able to lose weight just by cutting (some) calories and modest excersize.

      Rachael, I am surprised no one stood up and asked them directly about the finances, bankruptcies etc. I know that would be what I would have done ;).

    10. At least one thing they apparently were truthful about - they didn't get the $400k x 4 homes. Not at all surprised.

    11. Rachael,
      Thanks for giving us the inside scoop on what happened at the UNLV extravaganza.

      I'm still thinking that Kody has the idea that these Public Appearances are going to bring them lots of cash once they win their lawsuit to have polygamy declared constitutionally okay in Utah. Kody and Krew and Their Lawyer Too can go on the talk shows, etc.

      Speaking Circuit. And they can sell that jewelry and their book in the tables out front.

      Do we know how much they were paid to do this at UNLV? Anyone know if they are on any of those speaking circuit sites already?

    12. Well...since Rachel reported they didn't have to pay to get in, I highly doubt UNLV is giving them any renumeration. They either asked the Browns, or the Browns out-and-out volunteered via Logan, so it could be on the show.

      who knows maybe TLC paid UNLV something to be able to film on campus...!

      And IMO the time for the Browns to try and get paid speaking engagements is past, they are not nearly as popular as they used to be. Plus they get a lot of exposure already doing their LIV gigs trying to get the suckers to pay. if you want to see them you can just go to one of their LIV parties and see them with the other 12 people who might have shown up. I always wonder how many people actually show up at those parties, most of them know they are going to be having to hear a sales pitch, is it really worth sitting through that to meet the Browns? i'd rather clean the grout in my bathroom with a toothbrush. ugh

    13. Dakota Justice, They were truthful about that but the subject was changed REAL fast. The Therapist was telling the audience how much they love each other and how close they are to one another and how they desperately want to be living together or all next door to one another. She then asked them if they were living next door to each other yet and it they got the houses that they wanted. They hung their heads in shame and sadly and awkwardly/ embarrassingly said no then very quickly changed the subject. It all happened so fast that one of the two friends that I was with didn't even catch it. How could they think they could get those houses though?? It was really bothers me. I own my home here and about that time (1 year ago?) The market here was at it's worst! NO ONE is getting approved for loans and such. They're really, really dumb. Get real jobs, like real people and pay an actual affordable mortgage.

    14. Thanks SO MUCH for that Rachael! very interesting...and yup here too. their bankruptcies are far too recent for them to get any type of real financing. that "offer" they rec'd last season, was basically a "no" but the lender (whoever it was) didn't want to say NO outright. or maybe Ms. Loan Person made the whole thing up.

    15. And BTW - that was EXACTLY my thought. One doesn't have to live in LV to know that the market sucks - not as badly where I live (SF Bay Area) but it is MUCH harder to obtain a home loan. It amazed me to see folks posting at FB/TLC and even here on SWB who were ultra convinced that the Browns were going to get approved just because they have a TV show and speculation everywhere that TLC was possibly paying for part or all of the houses.
      one thing I think we will *never* really find out unless one of the participants/witnesses confess, is where the original idea came from - to try to get these houses which were SO out of their reach even the Browns themselves must have been aware of it. Even Kody is not that thick headed. I just wonder where the idea of going for these types of upper class houses was from the Kody Kamp to make the show more interesting or the producers for the same reason?

      It's going to be interesting how they address it on the show. They can't just let that sit out there and not mention it. Is it going to be quickly in passing or is it going to be the feature of an entire episode? guess we'll find out...

    16. You know, I feel for the kids on the issue of the houses. They KNEW not to get excited and here is more proof that they cannot count on anything their parents tell them.

      What a shame to feel like that about your parents. Yet, the parents have caused it themselves.

  11. Yeah, we never hear them answer the tough questions because any time the tough questions are asked, they choose not to answer them as we have seen on previous episodes (like the one where someone asked if they believe in using birth control - boy I would have loved to hear their individual answers on that one!)

    I think most people with half a brain can read between the lines of Meri's comment about pulling the plug. I definitely agree with you Cynical Jinx - she is asserting her power!

  12. To me, Meri just seems distant & off in her own world...U can tell in her responses, the pics & definitely during the news video, where she said," Yeah, it was a lot of fun"... Her words just didn't fit her demeanor. Or perhaps I'm just being too critical...Lol

    1. Nope, you aren't critical, just observant. :)))
      Meri was, once again, wearing her borderline 'pissy' face.
      Maybe in the lottery to see who gets to sit next to KingKody, she came up short. Or her jeans were too tight...or Robin doesn't want to be BFF anymore.

      Her "Yeah, it was a lot of fun" was wooden to say the least.

  13. Robin's face looks different in that video clip. I can't quite pinpoint what's changed.

    1. Magic Undies, I think she's got a professional makeup artist and hair stylist on her payroll now. Maybe it's her eyebrows...

    2. I think you're right about makeup. Her skin tone seems evened out.

    3. Maybe since TLC was filming, they wanted to make sure that the wives came across well on TV, or they did what I do and went to a makeup store like Sephora or Bare Escentuals and had one of the artists make them up before the lecture. I notice Janelle's hair has been lightened too.

    4. CJ,
      You're right about Robin...it IS the eyebrows. More defined, more arched and darker.
      And on the subject of appearances...
      Christine looked like a Plyg version of House on the Prairie.
      Bless her heart, she has no style sense at all.
      Meri....uhhmm, that bolero shrug....is that the new Brown layering look?
      Janelle..very single process blonde now....no low-lights at all.
      She has really great eyes but the all-blonde look washes her out.

      The event sounds like it was all the same ol, same ol they have been peddling since day one, and, of course, also always playing to the insider crowd. God forbid they actually field *real* questions.

      Also sounds like it was a nice PR deal for UNLV too, so again a win-win for KodyWorld.

      Really have to laugh at Rachael's (and thanks for your report) description of Kody trolling for kudos *even in the parking lot*.
      He is such an ass.

      And Christine's "Princess" statement..?
      Geez, you have to wonder if she had been born in a different time and place, would she have happily been on Toddlers and Tiaras?
      Wanting that Grand Supreme Crown, for sure!

    5. Yup, looks like it was a home blonde treatment - a professional stylist would have added some lowlights. Kind of washes her out.

    6. Also looks like Robyn has some contouring makeup used on her nose and looks like the makeup person ran the contour line from her eyebrow down alongside her nose. Then they brushed her eyebrows up. It's a different look making her look more refined and prettier than her sisterwives. She just needs better clothes now. The other 3 wives could use some makeovers. HEY TLC HOW ABOUT A SHOW MAKING OVER THE SISTER WIVES!

  14. Was Logan there? or conspicuous by his absence???

    1. Dakota,

      Rachael that wrote above about attending said Logan was there and answered 1 question about UNLV.

    2. Yes, Logan was in the audience. He was asked to come up for a moment. The therapist asked him how unlv could better accommodate him and how we could be more openminded and non judgmental and he said that he had no advice because everyone was nice to him and didn't care about his family's choices. Then Robyn literally screamed into her mic "tell them why you chose unlv" and he said tuition was cheap. Then Robyn chimed in saying that hesaid he loved how diverse it was.

    3. Then Robyn literally screamed into her mic "tell them why you chose unlv"...

      Something tells me Logan is very very very happy he's living on campus in a dorm.

      That woman is unbelievable...

    4. Thank you Rachael.

      It sounds to me that 1) Robyn is still trying to impose her own opinions on her "bonus children" (woman...Logan is a freaking ADULT - let him speak for himself PLEASE!) and 2) no matter what they say about "just wanting to be like everyone else" the Brown adults (other than Logan of course) are heavily invested in being DIFFERENT from everyone else - particularly Kody.

      "I was in Mexico with my OTHER wife...We're POLYGAMISTS!!!" yup that sounds like someone just wanting to be like everyone else and blend in. Not.

    5. also it sounds like Logan might have intentionally said what he did about tuition just because he knew that Robyn would want him to say something else. "Everyone is nice to him" could be interpreted as meaning "this is okay, but I'd rather be at home in Utah".

    6. Robyn wouldn't know diversity if it came and hit her in her frontal lobe.

      if she has one yet that is.

  15. “We were impressed by the caliber of the questions asked”. I swear, Kody said that EXACT same thing when they had the Q&A in Boston. Does TLC and the Brown Family think that we are really that stupid? We know they are screening the questions and selecting what they want to say. They even have their canned responses like Janelle feeling ‘liberated’ because she didn’t have to stay home with a sick child (because she and Christine co-parented) and that she didn’t have to cook dinner. Then Christine makes her usual comment about how she didn’t want a ‘full time/monogamous” husband and the laugh they always get when they are questioned about plural husbands vs. plural wives (‘would you want more than one husband’?). And somehow they always manage to find an audience member to ask if they support gay marriage. It’s as if TLC can’t think of anything else to do other than to have shows about discussing their beliefs/lifestyle, whether it be at a college campus or a high school reunion or an ultrasound appointment. We have all said we want to see what their average days are like….we all know the canned answers they give in every situation like this.
    Reaction to Meri: well, just wow. Make sure all the other wives KNOW that you and you alone will pull the plug on Kody. She loves to remind them how she is the only legal wife. In fact, if the law did change and they all had equal standing as wives, she would be furious. What else does she have to hold over their heads? Oh and her new ‘running for child brides of the FLDS’ smacks of self-promotion.
    And Christine and the princess thing: I honestly think this is part of their belief system, when they get to the celestial kingdom of heaven after life on this Earth, they believe they become ‘goddesses” or “princesses”. No amount of medication could make Christine believe that her current life is that of a princess. We know how Kody treats her and Prince Charming (not even Prince Charles) he is NOT.

    1. Yup I'm sure the charitable organization (name escapes me at the moment) put that $20.00 that Meri "contributed" to good use (what was left after expenses that is). She makes WAY too big a deal about it. Let's see her do a REAL charitable event like the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk where she is required to pledge to raise a minimum amount ($2k-$3k) and maybe I'll reconsider. IMO she wanted to run a 5K, and this just happened to be a charity that would raise eyebrows and that she would be able to brag about. whooo.

    2. BTW I wouldn't mind having more than one husband, depending on the guys! LOL

      however, if the choices were guys like Kody. ugh no.

  16. I dont need an interview to be particularly provacative but atleast dont keep telling the same story for like what five years? I first started watching the show because I thought I was gonna see a non mainsream family with wholesome values as when they were ice blocking andChristine was homeschooling the kids. I feel sorry looking back on how Christine had an unsettling feeling about how moving to lv was spiritually the wrong thing to do. I have a few questions. How each parent (not just kody) make time to spend with each of their bonus children (i hate that phrase)? Do christine and robchins girls still live with meri? Are their kids being raised more like cousins than siblings as they feared? Have Robchins kids been fully accepted into the fold? Has christine come up withmore mock recipes? How do youplan to stay relavent now that your novelty has worn off?

  17. After reading this again more carefully - it's obvious what this event was meant to be - at least IMO.

    1) coming so close to the premiere of the new season - a promo to attempt to get attention away from Honey Boo Boo and the other newer reality "stars" and back onto the Kody Krew; and

    2) "damage repair" from the season-ending Morales interview that ended the previous season, where it was obvious they came across as being SO NOT happy. I would be willing to bet that there was at least one person who asked a question regarding the interview and the nachos, but of course the Browns' publicist chose to keep that question (among others) away from the Browns.

    oh and 3) Kody's personal agenda to keep attention on HIMSELF at all times. "Kody Brown and HIS Sister Wives". that says it all. He feels he owns them. ugh gag me.

    1. ding! ding! ding! Dakota!

      Does anyone else think its ironic that Kody claims in the press to have found "grace" in Las Vegas' acceptance of him and his family, but he still felt it necessary to have his public relations crony screen the questions from those "graceful" citizens and students?

      I suppose when Kody says he found grace in Las Vegas, he meant he found Grace -- future sister wife #5 in Las Vegas.

    2. I think Kody meant grapes.

  18. Just wanted to say, look at Meri's body language in the pictures, it speaks volumes..

    1. I agree, the rest of them can have that dreamy look in their eyes all they want, but Meri ain't foolin anyone. The ladies do look good though Kody looks like a crumpled mess, I swear Dayton/David is classier and more mature than that guy.

  19. I really thought the producers by now would have had enough and been more than done with the whole Browns get asked questions by the audience shtick CAUSE I KNOW I'M REALLY OVER WATCHING IT!!!!!I totally avoided watching any of the shows with the whole question answer thing, it's very boring, repetitive oh yes and untruthful!!

  20. I love when bloggers like Rachael give us first hand accounts of their SW enounters. It would be great if they would accept the challenge to answer any and all questions! On a different subject, I saw on tmz that Honey Boo Boo's mother has set up trust funds for all 5 girls (including the new grandbaby) putting 90% of what they make in those accounts. She wants to make sure that when it's all over, the girls have something to show for their time on tv. Kody needs to take a lesson on her unselfishness and start investing in his children's futures. He won't, but it's a good though at least.

    1. finallly seeing realityOctober 18, 2012 at 6:02 PM

      I heard that about Honey Boo Boo, and thought of Kody and all the money they spend on vacations. The morning news also said that they will have some Christmas specials. I bet Kody is jealous as can be. It is not my type of show, but at least mom is being smart with the money. No show on TLC goes on forever.

  21. Fan From AustraliaOctober 17, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    I swear when I read Kody's answers to questions, all I am seeing are the words Blah Blah Blah........

    1. Just flashed on the old Charlie Brown/Peanuts shows where the adults are always going "wha wha wha wha wha..."

    2. That's funny DakotaJustice because sometimes when Kody talks, in my mind I say "there goes Charlie Brown's teacher again"..hahahhah...

  22. Kody's skin looks like a boiled ham. Also, Meri isn't doing her figure any favors with her poor posture. She could appear *INSTANTLY* slimmer if she would just stand up straight and stop rounding her shoulders in.

    Who was watching the kids?

    And GOOD GOD why Kody, why pick that doofus as the "glue that holds your family together"?!? Dude can't even handle watching all of his kids for ONE evening, nor provide for them, nor even be bothered to take on extra tasks (any man who insists on driving a sports car with 17 kids is giving out a clear signal that he can't be bothered with grocery shopping, hauling kids, or running errands). What does he even DO? Travel around touting the benefits of green slime and . . . ??? Go on dates and lay around his wives' houses whining about every damn thing?

    CHRISTINE -- there are plenty of men who would LOVE to treat you like a homemaker princess, and will love you and make *you* nachos whenever you want. You wouldn't have to settle for sharing a lazy, shiftless, self-centered man with three other women. If you like being part of a patriarchal family, I have no quarrel with you, but staying married to Kody is just about the stupidest thing anyone has ever done in the history of the world. Investing in an MLM would be a smarter decision . . . oh wait . . .

    1. OMG - I just had a total SPLORF moment reading the Kody Boiled Hamface comment! OMG!!! we need a freakin like button :)

      and yup yup on the posture thing. As has been stated, the wives' body language - posture, demeanor AND weight - speaks VOLUMES.

  23. Boring!! Nothing new, nothing they haven't said in the past 2 years (however long they had their show).
    Sorry, people are tired of them. I don't see TLC renewing their show next year.

    On another note... I just watched the interview with Honey Boo Boo and her mother at the Jimmy Kimmel show. They save for the girls and raise money for their community? Wow! but the Browns are just concerned in getting 4 half million houses?

    Browns GO AWAY!

  24. I can't get past Kody's expression in the photo above. If Carly Simon hadn't written her song 'Your'e so vain' about someone else, I'd swear it was about Kody. He cannot perceive that he is not the center of every woman's universe. I cannot see what any of those 4 women see in him

  25. I noticed when I watched the video that Christine and Janelle are looking at Cody like he is the center of the world (or maybe like they wish he would crawl under a rock and die), while Meri and Robin are trying to attract the attention to themselves while staring straight at the camera, almost like they are only there to be on tv. Kody is just standing there with that goofy smile like an idiot.

  26. You know what irked me enough to come back and comment on it?
    Meri saying she ran a 5k to help people "get out of the FLDS."

    No. That is a bold faced lie. The charity she ran for helps people leave any polygamous group and have IN FACT helped people leave MERI'S SECT.

    Nothing I hate worse than being brazenly lied to.

    1. I'd forgotten that part...

  27. the reason polygamy is illegal is because by definition women and children are set up for abuse in such a patriarchial structure. We have seen it time and time again. I am so tired of the Browns telling us how different it is for them. They aren't smart enough to reinvent it, as if that could be done.

    On a more shallow note, Christine looks HUGE. That cheap, wrinkled white skirt and all of those shirts, just yuck. They all look terrible. I wish they would spend a little $$ on clothes, makeup, and some pros to help them put it together.

    1. That's not why polygamy is illegal...and saying time and time again is misleading. Would you call polyandry such a matriarchal structure that men are set up to be abused? The modern, monogamous structure for marriage that most first world countries have came about from a need to better define where inheritance would go. Polygamy becomes patriarchal and abusive when women are cut off from the rest of the society and one cult-like leader is allowed to take control.

      And Kody is far too immature and idiotic to be controlling or abusive. I've seen every episode and never have I seen anything emotionally or verbally abusive.

    2. I don't even think they need pros to help, just do a little research on the Net and mags like Lucky and Mode then go from there.

    3. Yes, because when polygyny is legal and out in the open, women are treated so well. Like in Yemen. No, scratch that. Qatar? Uh, no. Mongolia? Mali?

      Never mind.

    4. To be fair, the majority of places where polygamy is legal are countries controlled by Sharia law and where the majority of the population is Muslim. And in those countries the entire system is largely mysoginistic and against women and doesn't do much to protect women or children from any kind of abuse. It's not like women there are only worse off when in a plural marriage.

      But not all polygamy sucks. There are happy families. And not all polygamous men are controlling or abusive. Polygamy, when practiced like polyamory, in an ethical and consenting way is not a bad thing. Polygamy itself isn't abusive; the people practicing it can be. And that is the same with monogamous marriages.

      Do I think that Kody is intentially emotionally or verbally abusive- no. Do I think he says and does things sometimes that are rude or insensitive, yes. He is a rather unobservent man. I'm very sure that without his religion he could never have gotten four women to marry him.

    5. Bellarina, I think you've actually furthered my point. The countries in which women are undervalued are more likely practice polygamy. The countries that are known for equal opportunities for women tend to outlaw polygamy. I don't think that this is a coincidence.

    6. Ballarina I respect your way of life even tho I don't understand it. you also have the mindset as the rest of us on Kody & krew. I wish you love & happiness

    7. Thank you! Respect is always appreciated even when our choice is not understood.

  28. Hmmm... the real question that I know is on everyones mind.... Why did no one wear My Sister Wifes Closet jewelry to this event!!!!

  29. Anon 9:14
    I disagree with you about Kody's not being abusive. He is verbally and emotionally abusive to his wives. And, he knowingly allowed Meri to be abusive to Janelle and to Cristine's children: read the book. The way he talks to and about his wives is not only bullish but also insultive. I don't think he hits them but telling Christine if she wants to go see her parents she should save grocery money and then he takes Meri to Mexico for a wild and expensive vacation. Come on...that's not abuse to you? shutting down Janell's idea of a business and then supporting the stupid idea of his newest wife's jewelry business...well that is not only abusive but also very hierarchal...put his support with the newest and thinner wife over his older and larger wife. Neither idea was all that great but Janelle's money was going to back the idea. And, to take a wife and her three kids when he cannot feed the ones he has is abusive. I'm sorry...abuse and neglect all the way around.

    1. But if the trips to Mexico with Meri and the honeymoon with Robyn were paid for by the production company, how can Kody be at fault? And that fundamental fitness business plan by Janelle was not all that thought out and was most likely producer initiated to tie up Kody's original dumb moneymaking scheme. I'm not trying to apologize for Kody's stupidity, but if a production company wants vacation footage in Mexico and is paying for it, I don't think Kody could refuse. And I don't think that last Mexico vacation was all that expensive because where they stayed was obviously a timeshare that was not well kept up. Wasn't a piece of furniture taped together?

    2. All, good points, but why doesn't Kody step up & take Christine or Janelle to Mexico??
      Only place we've seen Kody take Janelle is hiking & Christine to get ice cream. Yeah, he took Janelle to Az for bday, but they had a LIV gig there too at the same time. Kinda like he did for Robyn's bday...taking her to AZ for a LIV gig. & Christine got to go ride around Vegas w/ the top down >_<
      Big eff'ing whoopee!! As usual, it just always seems like Janelle & Christine get crumbs tossed to them, as a few on SWB have referenced.

    3. Kody thinks just his presence is greater than any vacation he could give these women. He's a gift!

    4. Anon 9:14
      I was with you until this statement, "And Kody is far too immature and idiotic to be controlling or abusive. I've seen every episode and never have I seen anything emotionally or verbally abusive." I've known any number of immature idiots who are both abusive and controlling. In fact, it seems to be a prerequisite.
      Anon 9:43

    5. In the beginning when christine was upset about moving instead of talking to her. Kody said we are going you can stay here if you want. I don't care.

  30. I read on this blog that the show is coming back in November? I don't see it advertised anywhere, as coming back in November? I also notice that there are a ton of new shows on TLC, I would venture to say, that when Sister Wives first came on the air, it was interesting for many like myself to get a birds eye view so to speak, but it's been boring, scripted and very fake seeming in the last few seasons, so I didn't really watch religiously like I did the first season. I think this will probably be the last season, I'm sure the ratings are not as wonderful as they used to be. Thoughts?

    1. I think the "Morales Interview" was the final blow. That interview pretty much (in my opinion) showed that they really are not a happy family, that they are struggling to retain this family for the sake of $$$$$$ money! That doesn't sit well with audience. When mean words started flying and Kody getting caught saying a few things he shouldn't have and being called out on it...Ooooooo, not good. This family needs MAJOR counseling and a lot of soul searching. They need to get rid of the cameras and find their family.

  31. I like how Christine comments that you need a "firm connection with god" to be a polygamist. I find that particular funny since I've decided to interpret it as you must genuinely believe you you will burn in hell if you don't.

    1. That is one of the reasons that I am no longer a fan of Princess Christine. She has this holy than thou attitude and to be frank, her holy than though is her world view according to Joseph what's his name.
      I have spent a little time thinking about Christine and Janelle and why they suffer through the abuse that they both seem to suffer at the hands of Kody and Meri, and I honestly cannot get their devotion...especially Janelle's.
      The idea that Christine and other pligs have a better connection to god than other religious people is freakin' nuts. If their connection was so grand, why do they participate in all those harmful habits like overeating etc. So, I don't get her at all.

    2. What I took away from the "firm connection with God" remark is that polygyny is so miserable, most of its adherents are only involved in the practice for religious reasons. You wouldn't want to be Kody's wife without a Higher Power ordering you to.

  32. Meri isn't wearing her wedding ring? (Look in the 1st pic above)

    1. I think you're right. I watched the video and there was one shot of her left hand. Looks like she had a ring on her middle finger but not her ring finger.

      Maybe she's having it resized?

  33. Like others up thread the only thing new is Meri blurting out that she is the legal wife and can pull the plug...haha, Poor Meri always the agressive statement followed by the awkward fake laugh. Yeah Meri we know you're just kidding, wink wink.

    I guess if my one and only was sleeping with three other women and setting up frachises all over town, I might think of his demise too.

    I'm so glad that this rubs off all those rough edges and makes them all better people. After all the men are perfect and how dare those evil women have emotions like jealousy, envy and betrayal.

    1. It's funny because I don't remember Meri making that comment. Right when Robyn mentioned pulling the plug by friend and I leaned over our friend in between us and said in complete unison "They would all agree pull that plug!"

  34. Fan From AustraliaOctober 21, 2012 at 7:37 AM

    Had the worst dream last night. I dreamt that i was wife number 5, and being married to Kody was terrible. I eventually left him, and took Robin with me! We confronted Kody on how it wasn't all about him. Such a weird dream. thank god it was just a dream!

  35. So...if the show coming back or not? Seems that if it were starting Nov. 11th, there would be previews running right about not, right? I think this family is gone for good. It just doesn't seem like TLC have much else to work with because people are not buying their BS anymore. No one can afford those homes/vacations/etc with no real job.

    1. You're right - i just went to both the FB TLC SisterWives page AND the show page on the website and didn't see nary an official mention of the show's return or a date. they DID say 11 Nov, but like you said, that's only about 3 weeks away (it's the day after my birthday actually) and it seems to me as if it was really on for that date, there would be ads aplenty!

    2. Is there any way we can contact TLC? I would like to know already!!

    3. TLC makes it very, very hard to contact them. I did finally wade through all the layers to get to "contact us" but never even received an acknowledgement of my email.

      I also sent a snail mail letter and nothing came of that either.

      This link will get you to a form to fill out: http://corporate.discovery.com/contact/viewer-relations/

      It takes you to Discovery because that is the parent company.

      Good luck.

  36. As a long-time lurker, I've decided to come out of the closet and confess my love for the SWB! Before I get going though, DakotaJustice, as a fellow Bay Area person - GO GIANTS! You know, I'm going out on a limb here (shields up!) and will say that I think that Robyn is the best looking of the bunch and in general. In terms of "character" I think she's a two-sided coin: the top side is a child that needs attention and affirmation. She's always connected to the two Alpha dogs in the group (if there can be two) physically and emotionally. It's interesting to see her on the couch with the others and just look at Kodster like she's hanging on his every word, believing all the crap that comes out of his mouth as she nods her head up and down. On the flip side, she's (as many of the ladies have intuited, my wife included) a manipulative (b)itch, although me being the un-intuitive male, I don't really see it. She probably has to be as she created her "She-Rah" alter ego to put up with the stuff she did with hubby #1. Perhaps after SW she can put in as a contestant in Survivor and make some extra cash that way?
    So there you go. Just some general thoughts. The Dr. is now out! (smile)

  37. That's something I really appreciate and like about the Browns: They disavow the FLDS and explain why. I sometimes feel like the Darger family is far too light on the FLDS and instead keeps lashing out at the government.

  38. I initially enjoyed the show as a learning experience however when that egomaniac Cody stated that he would find it vulgar for Mare to have another husband, but he enjoys four wives, I quit watching. What we are seeing here is how a charming man can take women who are insecure and turn them into his own harem. He has no consideration for any of the women and when one becomes too old or too fat he moves on to the new improved wife. As far as am I against plural marriage no, they are consenting adults. I just do not understand why any woman would be willing to stroke a man's ego to the point they do. Heck he doesn't even work to support them.

  39. One of my best friends was a "sister wife" and I was raised in a regular LDS family, although when I was about 16 I no longer participated in the church. When this show came out I was very interested to see how it would play out. I can tell you this, as most people know, if Kody Brown, was a 50 year old, fat, bald man, there would have never been a show. So there is prejudice within prejudice. More prejudice is when the wives were commenting on if Kody Brown cut his hair they wouldn't like it.. Well do you think he "likes' that all of his wives have gained weight? My last comment is that I really like and follow this show, HOWEVER, I live in Las Vegas, and one morning on my way to work, I saw Kody Brown, test driving what is now the gold car he drives...(the top was down) I pulled up next to him at a stop light, and said Hey I would love to get a picture of you.. He said and I quote.. Ya, well you gotta pay for that! WOW,really??? well I got the picture anyway.