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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sister Wives Blog Family Confessions or Tell All, What Would You Ask?

Sooo... we all remember the snoozefest called "BROWN FAMILY CONFESSIONS" where we heard no confessions. What if they actually HAD to answer questions? Then the wild TELL ALL?
On this post you are the reporter. You have to ask the Browns a question, and it has to be in a way that would appear on TV. What would you ask them, and if they squirmed as in Kody answering for Meri, or not answering honestly, would you push? How?


  1. I'd ask questions about their multiple bankruptcies and welfare fraud. I'd make sure I had copies of the financial and court documents in case they tried to lie or weasel their way out of the question.

    I'd also like to know-has Mariah already chosen a family in which to become a sister wife? Has Kody already made plans for courting a fifth wife (Kody and Meri would know the truth of this-they seem co-conspirators).

  2. Who was the almost 18 year old girl you courted?

    What happened to David P. Jessop? Why is there no relationship between him and his kids (yes Kody, his kids, they ain't yours)?

    Robyn, are you sealed to Kody?

    Kody, are you attracted more to men than to women?

    Kody, do you cheat on your for (!!) wives?

    Janelle, how often does Kody have sex with you?

    Kody, did you ever take an STD test?

    Christine, when the TLC money runs out, will you commit welfare fraud again?

    Robyn, did you marry Kody for the tv show, the fame and the money? Do you miss living in a trailer?

    Dayton, why did you change your name from David Jr?

    Meri, have you ever done weird? Do you ever wish to do weird?


    1. On the note of receiving assistance, when applying for benefits for your children you are asked who the father is. They will then try to recoup those funds by seeking child support from the father. How did they get past this?

    2. I wonder that too, Anonymous 444. The only thing I can guess is that in their state you do not have to disclose the father's name for food benefits. (I know in my state that is the case) but I believe if you apply for any medical/cash benefits that you do.

      Lobotomized, the name change for David Jr is a good one.

  3. Very Simple. Kody, Are you named as the father of all your childen on their birth certifictaes? No? Why Not? Hmm, interesting, wives, how do you feel about Kody not been listed as the father of all of your children? Kody, would you mind leaving the room so your wives can answer honestly? No? you want to stay? Why?

    Side note by this stage I would have annoyed Kody so much he would stop the interview..... hee hee heee.....

  4. I would ask Kody:

    When putting your stink on various properties, do growing plants ever die in your wake?

    If I play "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones, will you dance for us?

    Will the upcoming item for the Sister Wife in the Closet business be an extra potent body spray? Butt antiperspirant? Depends?

    How do you feel when you see Robyn eating Nachos at the Mexican restaurant?

    Can you go sit in the corner now, while I talk to your wives?
    No really, there's a special camera over in the corner that will film vanity shots of you and your awesome hair. Hurry while the light is still perfect!

    1. Cute, but I doubt you could ask that on TV!

    2. I think all of those questions could, and should be asked on TV. The questions are perfectly legitimate, not vulgar, and so, so, appropriate. Way to go Paw Print!!!

  5. *I'd ask why do they feel so ENTITLED & why the law shouldn't apply to them??

    *Exactly what are you being persecuted for, since it seems like ur religion has taken a back seat to ur Vegas lifestyle.

    *Why can they all visit Utah for family/friends, movies, plays, & LIV meetings/meet the Browns, but not show up for court??

    *I would also ask did they pay off ANY of their existing mountain of debt when they hit the TLC/LIV payload?? & does Robyn still shop at VS?

    *Did Christine have to use her grocery $$ to go on this last trip to visit her family? Did she have to use her grocery $$ to replace her A/C, & washer & dryer, that she tweeted about recently?

    *Now, that it's almost been a year since Sol was born, is Kody now on a more fair rotation w/ the wives, or does he still cater/coddle Robyn & her neediness??

    *How much "quality" time does Kody actually spend w/ all of his kids?

    1. I absolutely would want to know how much time he spends with his kids,why he favors Sol and if he spends any time at all with Truely. Also, which one is his favorite wife.

    2. The "time with the kids" is one of my top questions. I would also ask him why it's fair for the wives to all get this "me" time with him, vacations, dining out etc but the kids do not?

    3. Oh, good follow up, WhenPlygsFly....each of MY kids gets time alone with their dad.....don't Kody's poor kids deserve the same?

  6. "Kody, why should laws, Constitution be changed just for you, when it would also affect what has already been deemed not good for society? You have to admit, if you explained all that the AUB believes, your faithful viewers might be in for a shock."

    "Can you admit that your fame-wanting exposed many to an otherwise non fear in Utah?"

    "Can you not see how harmful that you, yourself said is a bad group, the FLDS; would then be allowed to carry on? Do you have no empathy for those poor boys and girls?

    Make HIM answer, and continue in that line of questioning.

  7. Interviewer:
    Kody, you tell us you follow a "higher calling" which can over-ride even your own marital decisions, and decree that you take a fifth wife. Grasping for a more specific definition you suggested this "higher calling" is a "group".

    What is that group?

    Boyish grin, hair flip.
    No. I'd like to do that, but it's a matter of privacy. Some members did not even want us to speak out. There's a history of persecution, and Utah ... .

    Holds up papers.
    According to your responses on these court documents your church is the Apostolic United Brethren. would you like to look at these.

    Glare. Looks at down. No further response.


    Logan's commuting to school in the fall. Soon Mariah will be in college also. Let's say she brings home a boyfriend interested in becoming a Fundamentalist Mormon. Mariah's explained your dating standards to him, and he asks permission to court her. You can see he is sincere and cannot doubt his good intentions.

    What do you advise him regarding joining your church. Do you permit him to court Mariah?

    Oh, yes. He is black.

  8. 1. Should you die Kody, how will your children be fed? Do you have any form of life insurance? Or will your entire family be living off of welfare and food stamps?

    2. Speaking of insurance, do you have any health insurance for your family? If so, how do you pay the premiums? Or do you just use the health care system as needed and then ignore the bills?

    3. If you and Meri really wanted to have 8 kids together, why did you wait 20 years before either of you even thought seriously about fertility treatments? Alternately, if you did explore those options years ago, and they failed, then why are you going through the motions again now? Good TV?

    4. Why isn't Dayton getting help and services for his autism spectrum disorder? You do know that the more treatment, the better off these kids will do in life?

  9. I wish someone could upload the tell all

    1. http://www.crack-tv.com/sister-wives/season/3/episode/12

      Read below the screen, if you have any problem.

  10. Kody,

    Do you have more children that "YOU" can literally afford to feed and care for?
    If so, why do you continue to father more children?

    Have you or your wives used your "religion" to acquire entitlements which fall into the laps of American taxpayers?

    How do you defend this practice when your choices are so blatantly self-serving?
    Would you support other groups with similar self-serving choices to require "your" taxes to supplement their lifestyle?

    Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn,
    (And for the sake of utmost candor and integrity, could Kody please be absent from this discussion)
    Assuming that Polygamy is your lifestyle of choice, and assuming that individually your choices to live as a plural wife have been well-thought out....(and would *each woman* please answer this question as an individual.)

    ** What specific changes within the family process of plural marriage do you feel would improve the overall dynamic for "you" specifically and for "the women" of polygamy in general?? **

    In your opinion, do your children have sufficient time and individual attention from their father?
    If not, what negative consequences do you see impacting your children due to this lack?

    Beyond the income and accompanying monetary perks, do you regret going public?

  11. Robyn, why did your first marriage end? Do your kids have any visitation with their dad? How does he feel when he sees his kids call Kody "Daddy" each week in front of millions? Does their dad pay any child support? Do you use it for the good of your children or as start up money for ugly jewelry and gyms that don't work? [I'm just sayin']

    Janelle, why did your first marriage end? How are the family reunions with your ex-in-laws (Meri's parents) working for you? You have mentioned becoming estranged from some family members when you entered into polygamy. Which family members and are you still estranged? Will some of your family members show up to "visit" in Vegas and get some camera time? [I'm just sayin']

    Meri, why do you keep finding wives for Kody when you have mentioned jealousy and how mean you were to Janelle for awhile? [I'm just sayin']

    Christine, why did you think that someone who thinks that toasters kill more people than sharks would pass a real estate exam? [I'm just sayin']

    Kody, male pattern baldness tends to run in families. Recently I noticed that all of your brothers are in various stages of hair loss and none of them seem to feel the need to make up for that loss by growing the little they do have out really long. They seem to have grasped the concept that men with high levels of testosterone lose more hair. With four wives, we know that you have {need} lots of testosterone. Why not embrace the male pattern baldness and get rid of the sloppy, unprofessional 'do? [I'm just sayin']

    1. In re the toaster thing: ok, so it sounds nutty, but with the exception of this last year - when there appears to be a crazy shark in the waters off Western Australia - sharks really don't kill that many people.
      According to wikipedia, a total of 17 people were killed by sharks in 2011. I am almost certain that in any given year, more people are electrocuted by a sticking a fork into a toaster or as a result of a fire started by crumbs igniting in the bottom of a toaster.
      This makes Christine technically correct, but no less dumb. Surely any reasonable person would see this as a cue to be careful and safe when handling a toaster and shaking it out over the sink every so often. Making toast under the grill and nearly setting the kitchen on fire on a regular basis is hardly the safety-conscious conclusion to draw from this.

    2. You got a point there, b0red_n0w.

    3. Very good point. Perhaps more people are injured by sharks than are injured by toasters. Perhaps that would be more technically correct. Not that Christine would know the difference. I'm just sayin'.

    4. Tablescapes...the Christine question had me rolling! Just sayin ... Too funny! I am getting a kick reading through everyone's questions. Some of you would make excellent investigative reporters!

  12. To Kody: "Do you deny that you have anger issues? It seems that many times during the season the audience has seen your facial expressions that give clues to a supressed and brewing anger. Are you seeking help to learn new methods to deal with your frustrations or do you dump them all on the people around you?"

    TO Meri: "Why do you feel that you should have a large home that will take away money that can be used to feed your bonus children? Is it because you see nothing wrong with living beyond your means because your sister wives will scam the system to replace the money that is foolishly spent on the luxury housing?" (I would then produce papers showing all of the fraudulent activity) To Kody: "In your religion, does a man who has the required number of wives still go to the highest level of Heaven if he does not take care of his family? If the care and upkeep of the children and wives is essential then it seems all of the tax payers whose money has been provided to your family should be in the celestial kingdom instead."
    Robchin: "Would you like a tissue?
    Janelle: "After reading your book it seems that you are the only wife who wants to try to be responsible with the families finances. How do you deal with frustrations of being the smartest person in your family? Do you feel like the babysitter?"
    Christine: "Would you prefer that the family live on a compound? What would be that advantages? Do you know how to sew a prairie dress from scratch?"

    1. "Would you like a tissue?"

      *snort* lol

    2. LMAO @ Robin's question :)

    3. This is hilarious!

  13. On TV, have to have all questions backed up by facts.

    "Robyn, on most interviews it was brought out that you and Meri were best friends. Christine and Janelle had never public about their feelings of Meri until you came along. Now, all these troubles come out. Do you feel you are being fair to Christine and Janelle by always saying this to a very new family, esp. since those two got left out that he was even courting you or thinking of a new wife for awhile?"

    If disputed, have all clips of Meri and Robyn speaking on this.

  14. Love these questions. Any of these comments reflect real journalism. How refreshing would it be to see similar honest, hard hitting questions asked of our president and government officals. Maybe the news business wouldn't be going bankrupt.

  15. Now for Janelle, after Kody goes in the corner:

    Do you wish you could work outside the home again? What do you miss about that?

    What were your thoughts about Kody's comments on Christine and the Nachos during the "Tell All" interview? Has Kody ever said anything like that about you?

    Do you have any unfulfilled dreams?

    When it was just you, Kody and Meri living in the trailer, what was the floor plan of the trailer?

    After you got married, did you find that Kody was not the man you thought he was?

  16. Kody, in what ways do you engage with your children daily? How much time a day do you spend in conversation with any of your children? How much time do you converse with each child in a week?

    Sheeple, in what ways do you mothers help each other out now that you’re in separate homes? If you didn’t have to worry about Kody pouting and withdrawing, what’s something you’d like for him to change in his life and in the way he “runs” this family?

  17. The one question I have for them is: "You were always crying about how Utah had an investigation into your family and how people are against polygamy and don't understand how wonderful it is, but you decided to publicize you family/relationships on national television, Why? Don't you think there is a reason that all the other polygamist keep their families/relationships out of the public eye?

  18. Questions for Kody:

    1) Why do we never see non-white people in documentaries about polygamous Mormon groups?

    2) How do you feel about the fact that by taking four wives, you've indirectly taken potential wives from three other men?

    3) Have your overweight family members been screened for thyroid, hormonal or other possible metabolic disorders?

    4) What are some individual accomplishments or talents of your children: academic, athletic, artistic, voluntarism, activism, etc.?

    5) Are your unofficial wives legally renamed "Brown", and if so, what reasons did they cite for the requested name change in court documents?

  19. "Robyn, when you discuss the merits of sister-wife-hood, do you feel it detracts from your ability to develop or maintain a close friendship with all of your sister wives when you constantly mention how close you are to one in particular?”

    "Meri, when you say repeatedly how close your relationship with Robyn is and how it's the relationship you've always wanted in a sister wife, you're saying that Christine and Janelle haven't lived up to your standard of 'close friend' after sharing a marriage with them for decades. Do you find it difficult to be in a sister-wife relationship with two women who you've insulted and degraded in front of a national audience? Or to translate: do you think these two ladies are dreaming of the day you die and are out of their lives?"

    “Christine, do you resent growing up in a religion that insists you have less worth than a man? Do you realize the limits of your education? What are some ways you instill a love of education in your daughters? In what ways are you teaching them to rise above the limits dictated in their religion so that they realize that they have worth in their own right?”

    “Janelle, accepting the fact that children need to learn responsibility and that boys do need to know how to cook and care for younger siblings, how do you feel about the childcare situation in your home and the level of support you were getting from Christine and Meri when you lived together and the level of support you’ve gotten from Kody over the last eighteen years?”

    1. Exactly what I would ask them as well!

    2. I would love to hear Meri answer that one. Great question.

  20. Christine, according to the dates on your Bankruptcy papers, you were involved in the SW show at this time, or at least were aware that your family would be paid for their appearance on this show. At your bankruptcy hearing, did you swear under oath that you had no financial means to pay these debts and you did not anticipate any change in finances in the foreseeable future? If not, morally don't you feel obligated to pay off these debtors being as you were fully aware that your family would be coming into a big income increase?

    Kody, have you ever taken the time to really THINK about what it would mean to have Polygamy legalized? Not just the benefits but the how this affects issues like medical insurance, life insurance, power of attorney, child support, spouse's marrying others without regard to the family situation etc? Depending upon his answers I would then hope to follow up with questions on the nightmare this would present upon the court system and also point out if just ONE wife were to leave with children (and especially MANY children) it could devastate the remaining family financially. What if the wife that left was a major financial contributor or was the one that held the life insurance/medical insurance etc for the family? Again, if legalized, how could you put a limit on number of spouses, if 4, why not 5, if 7, why not 10? Should there then be no limit and again, thinking this lifestyle through to it's logical conclusion, do you see any problems this could present? Have you taken the time to study the sociological and psychological impacts this lifestyle has on women?

    Kody, if polygamy were legalized, do you feel most polygamists would get married legally and risk the possibility of legal financial complications (child support orders, messy divorces, etc) and loss of state benefits many wives currently receive? Do you know of any polygamists that can take care of more than one wife and all of their children without taking any money from the state? As "leader" of your household, how do YOU feel about not being able to fully support your family (up until the show) without your wives lying and applying for state benefits.

    To all adults, if you really all love each other and consider yourself ONE family, then why do you resist living as ONE family? Why different houses and living spaces? Many large families need their "own" space and time but they don't rent 2 and 3 houses and separate family members. Why is your family any different than any large family that lives under one roof?

    Sorry I went on and on a bit ..I actually have more questions but I thought I would give it a rest for now..LOL...

    Btw, love this group. Been lurking awhile. It's nice to know there are others out there that see through some of this stuff and actually THINK about this.

    1. I was thinking along those same lines!
      My biggest question is this:
      To Kody.
      "Is it not true, that in fact, now you are on a show, you HAVE to live in separate houses, for if you fall back on welfare, two parents, married or not, are not allowed to get welfare unless you were making 200% (I would have all my facts apparent beforehand)below poverty level?
      Is that why Christine professed to live ALONE, with no father listed on the Bankruptcy papers, even though she professed to use your car? And used your address? Does that not show that if you hadn't wanted the ego and money driven fame of being a celebrity and a crusader, you were just fine?"

    2. Along those lines:

      1) Kody, was your house in Lehi legally classified as one single-family unit, or as a four-plex? If it's the former, did the wives disclose the names and ages of all persons living there when they applied for food stamps and bankruptcy?

      2) At the house in Lehi, were there four sets of utility boxes, or just one?

      3) At the house in Lehi, were there multiple mailboxes or just one?

      4) Kody, where do you list your address now?

  21. I would ask...Robin are you an idiot or do you just play one on TV?

    1. OK, this is one of the best questions I've read yet. Perhaps you should ask Christine the same one?????

  22. Meri-
    Why do you say you were also in love with, courting and going to marry the teenager? Just seems "weird"...isn't Kody supposed to do the courting and marrying solo?

  23. Why do the women wear two shirts most of the time?

  24. Robin, Kody, Janelle and Christine. In season 2 you threw Meri quite a large surprise birthday party sparing no expense (costumes, the works). If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Meri share a birthday with Dayton/DavidJr, and if so, why did you not combine the birthdays or use these resources for a special party for him? If my memory serves me correctly, he received what appeared to be a thrown together acknowledgement due to the fact you were in the middle of moving. From a viewer's perspective it must look like the adults' need for a "distraction" and "party" are more important than making a new child feel welcome and celebrated on his special day!...

  25. Ok, I'll bite...


    This past season, we've seen your family start up several businesses - My Sisterwife's Closet, and the "marketing" venture with LIV International. Now, last year when you started with LIV, you said you were going to help 1000 families reach financial and health goals with something called Operation Detox. Did you reach your goals, and more important, why is Operation Detox no longer mentioned on the LIV website, or in any communications to the outside world. Is Operation Detox now Operation Defunct?

    Also for Kody:
    I noticed you traveled to American Fork UT recently, for a meet and greet - I presume for LIV, and a concert at Tuacahn in St George with Robyn. Does this mean that you are no longer to afraid of being arrested in Utah? Were you ever afraid of being arrested or was that just for 'the show'??

    Also, why would you take time to travel to Utah, yet not take the time to appear in court while the judge reviewed the merits of your lawsuit this week? Did your attorney advise you against showing your face or do you no longer care?

    For Christine:

    On your website, under your testimonial for LIV products, you said you fed a LIV product to your then one year old (now two) to help with her regularity, and vomiting. Aren't you afraid that a 'food supplement' may not be safe for a child so young? Has the FDA verified some of the claims noted in your testimony?

    That's all I have for now!

  26. First question for Kody (and also the editors/producers of the show).... Why is there no footage or big cry session from Kody about Christine's miscarriage? The book and Janelle's response give the impression that it was a pretty serious ordeal and that Christine was in a pretty dangerous condition, but no mention from Kody on any of Meri's MANY MANY episodes about her fertility issues, but she brings it up ALL the time on what, every episode this season, plus about 100 times on the past seasons? Just another example, to me anyways, about how low Christine is on the totem pole.

    And the second question is for the wives : Ladies, if the financing and everything for these houses falls through, or God willing, one of you (aside from Janelle) actually starts to use her brain and conscience and decides that 4 seperate houses are WAY too extravagant, how would y'all be willing to pair up and share houses if it were possible? In other words, who would be willing to be housemates with one another AND how would you justify it?

    1. "Why is there no footage or big cry session from Kody about Christine's miscarriage?"

      Actually, that WAS "featured" on the season one episode when Christine gave birth. I believe Meri spoke about Christine getting pregnant again after the ordeal of her miscarriage. She was amazed Christine had the courage to go through another pregnancy so soon after the miscarriage, if my memory serves me correctly.

      Also, either Christine or Kody mentioned that the miscarriage was the reason she was having Truley in a hospital setting instead of at home.

  27. Kody, Do you think you will ever get those homes built,
    Kody, Do you feel it is right to bleed the beast.
    Kody. Do you plan on helping any of the children in the cost of college

    1. By the life of me I can't understand why they never thought of building a four-plex on a large lot!

  28. Excellent questions for sure.

    Christine, if you could be assured that your family (meaning parents, siblings etc) would not be aware, would you consent to meeting with someone like Flora Jessup to help you truly understand the ramifications of living this lifestyle? Again, this would be absolutely confidential. Would you be reluctant because of your AUB "royalty" status and may let your family down? If you didn't have to worry about ANYONE else's judgement of you - what would you say?

    To all the "wives", why do you feel the need to suppress your feelings so much? Your emotions are directly driven by your very own actions. If you lived a monogamous lifestyle you would most likely not have these conflicts and if you did, they could be worked out between you and your husband.

    Why do you think that in order to have "best friend" type relationship it has to be with a sister wife? Are you aware that a multitude of women have loving, supportive relationships without sharing a man that include helping with childcare etc.?

  29. How much do you weigh? Why?

  30. covert aggression is defined as deliberate, active, but carefully veiled hostile acts and is distinctively different in character from the non-assertive style of passive aggression.

    Why do you ladies show and behave in this type of behavior, instead of working towards bettering your relationship, and move on? Do you think the children don't see this behavior?

  31. I would ask each wife separately which other wife they would love to have leave and why.

  32. Next up, Christine:

    You said, in the tell all interview, that Kody was not the lighthearted guy you thought he was. Can you give examples of his darker side?

    We noticed the front door of your rental house was damaged and appeared to have been kicked in. What happened?

    Truely Grace has captured the hearts of America, but what was your reaction when you found out Kody had bribed your daughter to talk you into having another baby?

    Do you think Meri deserves a big house just for herself?

  33. The posters here have thought of many excellent questions...I would love to see them all hooked up to a lie detector to answer them!! Otherwise, all you would get from them are their usual lies...

  34. One more....

    Christine, when you say you feel you've failed to show your children the "benefits" of living polygamy because they don't want to live it, did it ever occur to you that you didn't fail at all? Perhaps your children can see the true effects of this lifestyle? In that case you have actually succeeded in ensuring a better future for your children than what you had.

    1. That's a great thought So Sad!! Also, they've had 20 yrs to prove the "benefits" of polygamy!! Seriously, how many years do U actually need??

    2. Maybe it is Christines children that have to teach her the "benefits" of NOT LIVING POLYGAMY. They will show her the true effects of this lifestyle and give Christine a better future. Sister Wives is doing a great job at raising the awareness of abuse and oppression of women, men and children in the USA under the guise of religion.

  35. For everyone:
    -How do you envision Heaven? What will it be like? (Each answer this isolated from the others).
    -Why don't you go to Farmer's Markets? They offer inexpensive, fresh food that your family undoubtedly needs after all that processed junk. (that would be an oh-so-saccharine TLC moment for sure! As a side note, I am not sure if all states allow this but in my state you can use food stamps/EBT at Farmer's Markets).
    -Why don't you have regular church services all together anymore? It seems like that would be a priority, even over your many businesses and lawsuits. It seems disingenuous to so vehemently support polygamy while just paying "lip service" to your religious beliefs that support your lifestyle.
    -How were you able to so quickly clear your credit scores after so many bankruptcies to qualify for housing?
    -Considering taxpayers do SO much for your family (public school, WIC, food stamps, etc) how do YOU give back to the community? It would be another great touchy-feely TLC moment to see you constructing a house for Habitat for Humanity or volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

    For Kody:
    -Have you considered maybe selling a car to finance hair plugs?
    -How are your children doing in school? Can you name a hobby or interest for each child? What is each child's social security number? Birthday? (obviously not to broadcast this info on tv, just to see how well he knows his own d--- kids!)

  36. I would ask them all if one of the girls married into a plural family and was mentally and physically abused if they would tell her to "Keep Sweet".

  37. Interviewer:

    David Jessup,
    I wish you well, and hope you are able to keep seeing your children. Do you keep a court ordered plan of visitation?

    Brown Family Tree including Photo of David Preston Jessup

  38. Kody, how do you feel about the budding relationship between Robyn and Logan? Would you be able to welcome your son as a brother husband?

  39. MyFunnyUnderwearJuly 28, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    Kody...Why when you were all whining about lack of money, did you buy yourself a new "sports car"?

    Kody....Will TLC pick your fifth wife like they picked your fourth?

    1. I was thinking about that car, he said he bought it like 5 years ago when they had money. that was in 2010, so bought around 2005. But Christine couldn't go see her dying father?

  40. My question (and trap) would be this:

    What attributes do you believe your family has that made going on national TV to become the public face of polygamy necessary?
    And then sit back, watch the narcissistic hilarity ensue as I show taped examples of how each of their delusions are, in fact, delusional.
    Then I produce the bankruptcy documents and ask them to explain.
    At this point, Grody throws his hand in front of his face, and lunges at either me or one of the camera men.

  41. Kody:

    1) Do you or your wives individually have any outside friends? For example, does Meri ever have lunch with a female friend without the other wives around?

    2) What talents or interests do you or your wives have, that are completely unrelated to polygamy and Mormonism? For example, do any of you currently play a musical instrument, do volunteer work, or play a sport?

    3) In your religion, are victims of domestic violence encouraged to contact law enforcement, or only speak to your clergy?

  42. I would have David Jessop come out and tell his side of the story. Money talks.

  43. Question for the daughters... Why haven't any of you told Logan not to wear socks with shorts?