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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brown Family Mission Statement

Brown Family Mission Statement

They've taken the advice of Big Pappa Joe, but will they follow through?
Of course this is all in fun, but what would your Mission Statement be for the Browns.

Mine would be more of a list for Kody Brown.
In my head it look like a blackboard, where he has to write out sentences.

1. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
2. I will respect others.
3. I will take turns and share with my family.
4. I will put the needs of my family over my wants.
5. I will get a real job, spend less and save more.
6. I will remember to be a HUMBLE servant of my religious beliefs, and promise to never yell out "we're polygamists!" again like it's a High School sports team. 
7. My hair will take a backseat to my children's' needs and airtime.
8. I will quit alternating between blaming others for my families disorganization and squawking that you want to bark orders and be obeyed. Be the head of the family, and mature about it.
9. I will behave as well as my children do. And remember to be thankful for the children I have-and spend more time with them.
10.  Quite simply, I will grow up or change TV shows and put on a Peter Pan outfit.

If Kody would change his behavior, the entire dynamics of the family would greatly benefit. After all, he is the HEAD of the family, planet, universe.....at least in his eyes.

For Meri I have basically on point to make.  If your family is your mission, remember this, Meri. Repeat after me:
I will remember I wanted to follow the polygamist religion of my family, and could have had Kody one way or the other. I chose this path. I wanted this path and talked Kody into it. Kody would have married me and also stayed in the LDS. I CHOSE this, I will treat the other women like I should. I will also quit spending money on ridiculous things and save for the children of this family. Walk the Walk.

I will now start behaving like an adult and follow the simple rules of kindergarten.

Meri, you seem to be in the orange or red all the time! Turn that frown upside down!

What would your Brown Family Mission Statement Be? 


  1. Fan From AustraliaMarch 21, 2013 at 5:10 AM

    For Kody I will listen and respect my wives oponion.
    For the wives I will show my children the correct way of treating their spouse.

  2. I'm surprised that the Dargers didn't share their family mission statement with the TV audience.

    Saving it for SW episode where PJ facilitates a Brown mission statement development meeting?

    I expect the Brown mission statement to be fluffy plyg propaganda that's immediately ignored. We'll still see the spite, jealousy and selfishness that's the trademark of their show......

    Someone said "Dog in the Manger," and I think that is apt metaphor:


  3. #9 on the above list nails it. It's really nothing short of a miracle that his children have turned out so level-headed, given that their father is a non-present entity in their lives, and their mothers seeth with repressed jealousy and rage issues towards each other.

    I think the whole Brown Mission Statement, as it relates to their reality, is a farce. I think they all jumped on the Mission Statement bandwagon as a way to compete with the Dargers, but as with their many attempted and failed business ventures, this too will fall by the wayside and they will continue to stumble along with Kody as their "leader."

  4. What a great mission statement....here are mine:

    1 - I will get a real job.
    2 - I will cut my hair...it is not that important.
    3 - I will sell the Lexus...it is not that important.
    4 - I will buy a second hand school bus so my family can all travel together....from the proceeds of the Lexus.
    5 - I will be humble and appreciate my wives and children...they are my first priority.

    Slept into Debt

    1. That is what a REAL man would do!


  5. Adult Browns..
    1-We will conduct ourselves as adults.
    2- We will move from entitlement mentality to responsible-for-self mentality.
    3- We will make our children our priority.
    (Including having children responsibly)
    4- We will not fraudulently use the government to pay for our choices.
    5- We will cease presenting ourselves in a false light, no matter what the producers suggest we do and say.

    1- I will conduct myself as a reliable and onsite father and husband.
    2- I will dump the surfer-dude, "guys just want to have fun" persona and grow up.
    3- I will **get a real job*** !!

    1- We will own our life choices, stop the whining, and either lie in our chosen beds or choose to "change the sheets" once and for all.
    2- We will stop sabotaging each other.
    3- We will be realistic about expenses and budgets.
    4- We will give our children role models to respect.
    5- We will be grateful, as opposed to wanting more and more.

    1. Everyone's statements sound great. I hope the Browns that read here (hi Meri and Robyn) listen up and consider these suggestions!

  6. For Meri: 1) I will wear the proper facial foundation so I will stop looking like a dried out orange. 2) I will stop twatting that I need to find some "gal pals' to hang out with. When in truth I am only trying to recruit Wife #5. 3) I will donate my ugly babydoll shirts to those who can wear them under their clothes and use them as their magic undies. 4) I will stop wasting water with my tears as this is taking away from my family's finite resources while we are living in a desert. 5) I will stop buying nice things for the children I never had..... Enjoy! from Ex Philly Gurl :O)

  7. Amused - 1- We will own our life choices, stop the whining, and either lie in our chosen beds or choose to "change the sheets" once and for all.

    LOVE THAT ONE!! Actually, I think I will say it to a couple of girlfriends who I adore, but after years of the same ole whining....

  8. cant wait to see the hysteria of meri moving into her home last..oh the drama..an entire episode devoted to will she or wont she move in by christmas..christine closed first! the episodes will be predictable. meri making her decision not to have a baby once she moves into the home. so much was supposed to be resolved once they moved..expectations are high. Do they live up to all the promises? Nice work on the mission statement...says alot about their shortcomings. cant wait to see the re-commitment ceremony. who will pick out the dresses? will kody pick them all out?
    how heartfelt will it be and will it be like a sealing ceremony they had when they originally were sealed to each other. so much to dissect..cant wait..u guys are writing the episodes before they air!

  9. Current Brown Family Mission Statement:

    Will whore for cash in sin city so everyone will know that Dad is boning four women at once.

    1. Have four wives.
    2. Tell everyone I have four wives.
    3. Make wife #2 kiss me when she doesn't want to so that people will know I am still boning her.
    4. Tell everyone I have four wives.

    Improved Brown Family Mission Statement:

    Will honor our faith by being modest in our actions, words, and lifestyle, using the television show opportunity to be a light to the world for as long as we have the opportunity.

    1. Will work hard at anything we put our hand to do be an example to our kids and to the world that polygamist aren't just sex mad, power hungry, misogynists who view all females as property and males as vermin competing for resources.

    2. Will faithfully practice our faith at home and in church to give us the strength to be modest and hardworking when the temptation to be flaming fame whores gets too strong.

    3. Will be honest and faithful in all our ways, so that--oh wait. If we want to convince people we aren't sex mad, power hungry misogynists who view all females as property and males as vermin competing for resources and also convince them we aren't just flaming fame whose, we'd better cut out this bit about honestly.

  10. I will get a haircut, so i can quit flipping it around and looking utterly vain and ridics and also acknowledge the fact to myself that I am not now nor ever have been a "surfer dude." It's the first baby step I will take to "grow the eff up already!"

  11. For Kody..... I Kody promise to keep my haircare items to myself and wives,please do the same. I Meri, promise to allow sisterwives access to my kitchen every other Saturday and only if they bring pastries for my wetbar. I Janelle, promise to look like I am really turned on by my husband if he promises to skip my sleepover night. I Robyn, promise to have my tear ducks surgically sown shut. I Christine, promise not to pretend not to know that men can be "bastards"

    1. "I Robyn, promise to have my tear ducks surgically sown shut.
      I Christine, promise not to pretend not to know that men can be "bastards"

      Perfect !!!! :)))


    1. Run, Plyglets, Run!March 23, 2013 at 7:39 AM

      That lent a touch of veracity! We all know Robyn would call them "ducks". Lol.

  13. Kody: I will bark orders and they will be obeyed.
    Meri: I will NOT have sliding doors.
    Janelle: I will... Ah, fuck it... Zzzzzzzzz.
    Christine: I will not eat nachos.
    Robyn: I will continue to cry for no reason.

    1. "Janelle: I will... Ah, fuck it... Zzzzzzzzz."

      LOLLLLLLLL !!!

  14. We will admit that:

    - There only ever were 10 Christmas ornaments, and 8 of these are still available for sale.
    - We recognize that we might not be the brightest bunch of people to ever open their own business.
    - We do read the sisterwivesblog to learn just how hopeless our situation is. Otherwise, we'd be as clueless about that as we are about everything else.

  15. We (insert all 5 parents names)collectively chose this religion, and agree to own it
    Our children did not make this choice and we will strive to make sure they are not shortchanged by this choice.
    We will make sure each child receives attention from all 5 parents. We will make sure that all the children get their financial needs met thru contributions from all 5 parents. Mariah will not be allowed to unfairly benefit financially or emotionally by being Meri's only child. Meri will contribute to the daily care of her bonus children.

    We will adhere to all the tenats of this religion, not just the ones we want.

    We will get real jobs and be financially responsible. We do not need welfare from the government for Christines kids as we have bonus parents here to help provide for them.

    1. so mariah benefits financially because shes an only child and meri benefits because she emotionally blackmails everyone for bonus rooms for kids she never had? wow no wonder the other wives are pissed at all times at meri.
      i dont think kody can stand up to meri and insist the money be split to benefit the other children. i think he has allowed meri to bully the other wives for to long. even in Lehi meri had a bigger kitchen than chrisine and meris rental had a bigger kitchen than christine or janelle. she was favored no doubt and no one wanted to call her out on it...i didnt have more babies..i think she has been pulling that crap for longer than just these new homes.

    2. Or maybe it's Meri who cannot stand up to Kody. A wet-bar and extra rooms are as useful to Kody who owns 50% in the case of a split in this legal marriage.

      Christine allowed Kody and Meri to place their names on the Lehi home as co-signers after she paid. She and the remaining wives should think twice if the same is requested on these homes.

    3. Janelle added Kody and Meri to the Lehi house, not Christine.

    4. If Kody owns half the Meri house, ALL of his kids, not just Mariah, are entitled to a portion of that home (at least until they're of age). He is legally bound to provide support to each and every one of those children, maybe not the moms, but definitely the kids.

      I don't think Kody cared one way or the other about the wetbar or extra rooms. He just allowed Meri to steamroll over him - I think it might be due to guilt from "marrying" the other three, as it has been established that Meri had no say in at least 2 of the 3 "joinings" and I think CJ was right on the money when she stated her opinion that Meri had less to do with Robyn joining the fam, it was more that she saw Kody had an interest and what else could she do since she stated all along that she was okay with it.

      Meri is a master manipulator when it comes to Kody.

  16. Simple
    1. I will start following the religion I chose.
    I will work hard to have financial security to my family member I chose to bring into this world.
    3. I will get my family out of the "worldly" things we've gotten ourselves into, downsize, and be practical.
    4. I will treat all of my family members with respect, as they shall do the same to others.
    5. I will be more religious than money hungry, or stop using religion as a basis for my indulgences.

  17. LOVED Amused's and Traci's posts! Spot on. Mods, please delete if necessary. This is not even remotely on topic, but I'm in a pickle. TWS, I've been trying to email you, but my email if wonky and I keep getting a "daemon message failed" notice when I use my personal email. Trying to use the email on gmail is a dead end for me too, and I have no clue why.*smacks head cause I shoulda had a V8* I am soooo not computer savvy, but would like to go on the field trip. Maybe we could set up an area on the blog to discuss it? I have been having the email problem a lot lately and I'm thinking it's not my computer's fault but mine. Anywhoo, I just wanted to let you know that I'm interested and if you need any help please let me know. My OCD comes in handy sometimes. I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old, so I have to plan my escape carefully. Can somebody bake me a cake with a file in it? :-D

    1. Lauralee, how DARE this daemon demon try to keep us apart! It's like we're sisterwives from another mister or...ah crap, I'm still giggling from the 'tear ducks' comment above!

      For the record, sparkling wine doesn't feel so good shooting out of your nose either.

      Anywhooo...I've set up an email addy just for this blog and the CafePress stuff so it's safe to give it out: twistedsisterwife @ gmail.com. Anyone who is interested in getting together in Las Vegas is free to email me.

      But be forewarned, our first night in Vegas will involve dressing up like the SW and seeing Mindfreak. I've already been working on my spray tan and dieting to fit into a baby-doll top and long-sleeved t-shirt. Remember, modest is hottest!

    2. I am so in. Is it too hot to go in August?

    3. TSW, I'm WAY ahead of you. I've been getting hardcore and cutting onions to really work the ol tear "ducks";) I love that lol

    4. I think we are all planning on late August or September. Email me if interested!

      I've got Christine's body and Robyn's hair, so I guess I'll have to wear the white headband...&#*@!

    5. You will also have to buy a shirt 2 sizes too small and go to DD's discounts to get a hideous babydoll tanktop.

  18. If it's a daemon message, it could be your internet service provider (ISP). Call them and tell them what problem you're having.

    1. Thanks so much for the info, AZ Christian! I'll call tomorrow morning.

  19. I saw a program on A&E or History (can't remember which) a few days ago called "I escaped a cult" and the very first program was related to the woman who escaped Colorado City, went back there, and finally escaped again. She narrated it.

    It was absolutely horrifying what she went through, and what all the women went through. The story of the midwife who forces women giving birth to sit on a wooden chair (keeping the baby in) until some of the children are compromised and never recover - I guess from lack of oxygen. The drugging and dental chair tortures. The child abuse, and sadistic practices, etc were frankly so bad, I couldn't watch - I had to skip the DVR through the worst of it. It was either that or stop watching altogether. But I wanted to see the end where she finally was free.

    I was thinking there'd be an article on this program on sisterwives blog. Anyone else see this? I'd be interested in other's reactions, since I know very little of this lifestyle compared to most of you who comment.

    All I can say is, NO WAY SHOULD THIS EVER BE LEGALIZED!!!!!!

    1. That was Flora Jessop andI've seen many articles on here about her.

    2. Excellent show. Flora recently got freedom of her sister from the FLDS, some of which is discussed in the article on the bean diet.
      Although the AUB is not FLDS; they carried out many of the bad acts along the way. Hopefully, things like the bean strike do not affect them; however the brainwashing sure does.

    3. http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/twitter-twitter-sister-wives.html

      From the show, Flora explained that waterboarding is a way FLDS teach their babies not to cry and to submit. Such abuse is horrific.

  20. Brown "Reality" Mission Statement
    1.We will pull ourselves together and try much harder to make the pretense that we are all happy in polygamy look believable.
    2.Kody will tweet about ALL of Janelle's, Sobbin's, Christine's, and Mare's children to make it look as though he is an involved father.
    3. We will check back episodes of the show (and our book) to make sure that we can't be caught out in our constant lies.
    4.We will continue to milk sympathy for our "flight" to Vegas (and hope that the video with Janelle laughing about it is not known about by most people).
    5. All the women in our family will say as many times as possible that polygamy is a wonderful opportunity to become a better person (and keep their mouths tight shut about the rifts and misery when it's time to talk on the couch).
    6. We will avoid tears at all costs if they undercut point 5. (For all other situations, let the tap flow freely).
    7. We will do everything possible to make as much money as possible, for as long as possible, from as many gullible people as possible (as long as it doesn't take too much effort or diminish our "celebrity" status).

  21. note, the title is actually 'escaping evil, my life in a cult' and the flora Jessup episode repeats this Sunday at 11 pm on Bio

  22. Anony @ 7:30pm, our discussions about it were on the post before this, I believe. Honestly, I don't think any of us really knew much about this topic before we started reading the blog. I started reading SWB in late December and have already read 5 or 6 books about polygamy, just based on reviews that other posters had given.

    My opinion of polygamy, and other religions, has changed greatly since I started watching Sister Wives. At first I thought that the Browns might actually have this thing working for them, but as the seasons progressed...it's exactly the opposite. I cannot see ANY situation in which polygamy is a good lifestyle for anyone, especially women. It brings you up to believe that your only purpose in life is to have spirit babies and that you deserve only a small fraction of a husband. You should not have to share a husband with anyone in order to have people in your life you call sisters or friends.

  23. My thoughts on what their mission statement should be? GET JOBS already! And ditch Meri, bet you will all be MUCH happier for it! (And make sure she takes Mariah).

  24. I am personally against polygamy, Joseph Smith, and a Christian. However, believe in freedom of choice. I think Anony 6:22 summed it up perfectly!

  25. We will make better shows and STOP talking about Meri and babies! she obviously doesn't want one, or she'd have one!

  26. Just some thoughts on their mission statement;

    1) Sobbin Robbin will wear a bag over her head during ALL couch pow wows - this is to insure her face is covered while she is crying! There is absolutely no reason viewers need to go through that horror every week for the 5 weeks they are on.

    So like what's up with their short season all time?????

    2) The Kodster will also wear a bag over is head during the couch pow wows - for the main reason I just can't stand to look at his stupid expressions!

    On a side note - I have posted I think once or twice, but have been reading this blog for about a month now!! So glad I found it!!! I too would love to be included on this Vegas trip! Not really sure why, but I've watched this show from the beginning. Oh, and I love that you have mentioned books - going to go the library and see what they have.

    Twisted SisterWife love your stuff and found you on pinterest!!! Plan on ordering a shirt... love that it is going to a good cause.

    I need to come up with a name??? hmmmm need to give this some thought.

  27. We will leave the show. We will pay off our house in Lehi and only own homes we can afford. We will get back to basics and back to being with our family as a group. Sadly, the Darger's should be a reference guide for loving all, and stop the jealousy crap. We've heard enough. It's been 20 yrs ladies, get over it, you chose it.

  28. We will wear clothes that fit and put our family on a wellness plan that does not include Hawaiian haystacks and fake pudding. We will stop stressing out our children with our drama so they can be healthy and happy. We will stop badgering our twitter followers and fb fans about how hard it is to run a business with such a big family. We will suck it up and live the life we chose so we can all die happy and spend eternity loving eachother on Planet Plyg.

  29. We will learn to live within our means and realize the TLC gravy train is probably going to run dry after this season. In the meantime we will move back to Utah, put a double wide in the backyard for Robyn and her crew and meet with a financial planner to figure out how to save money for the future. While the gravy train is still running we will book as many paid gigs as possible, expand our MSWC merchandise to include t-shirts and novelty items in the $20 range to appeal to the budgets of our fans. The adults will attend family counseling to learn to live as a real family again, where everyone pitches in with child-rearing, cooking, and upkeep on the house and property.

  30. I'm sure their mission statement will be iconic and validating!

    In other words, it will be the Browns spewing more BS in an attempt to convince us that they are a happy, functioning family unit. Forget the mission statement Kody- you should have instituted a "no-bullying" policy with Meri 20 years ago when you started collecting more wives!

    1. That is so true I love the no bullying.

    2. Hi, 5th wife....glad to see you back!

      Slept into Debt

    3. Hi 5th wife, We;ve been thinking about you; hope your health is quickly improving! Welcome back!

  31. They should take a lesson from of all people, the Mob Wives. When a website started about them, such as this, they knew it was all part of the reality game. IE, don't like all they say, but ALL publicity is good publicity. They even allowed the mods to interview them! Get in the program of reality TV, or get out.
    Quit giving your children mixed messages. "you may have no religion at all as long as you are a productive member of society." quote. Except, they have been taught from birth their husbands and polygamy is the only ticket to heaven. Stick with your beliefs, and live with them.

  32. The mission should be to actually try and design a unique piece of jewelry! No dog paws, no Super Woman symbols, no hearts, no claddaghs...

    (I see their newest "claddagh piece" is just $84.99- there's even a $10 off coupon code this month! It's called Charmed and has child hands designed by Meri- huh??? Well at least its an improvement over the crazy ghost hands on the de-constructed claddagh pendant designed by Robin).

  33. A tad off topic- but worthwhile. If you have never gone back through this blog, i suggest you go back to the very beginning any go through each post. Skip ones you already know, but pay attention to the changes and hypocrisy of the Browns. i am shocked and in awe of all the lies and bull they have said. I love seeing the old clips where Christine was very proactive in the AUB. Also, if you have missed it, you must see the clip from Access Hollywood where they say they didn't move because of any fear of charges!!!!!! What a waste of an entire season, and totally discounted Janelle's credibility in my mind.
    Also you will find many answers to questions often asked about the church, the FLDS, the difference between protestant and Mormons. Also are some great, funny, and informative posts about other polygamists and other great stuff from Mister Sister, Cynical Jinx, and a poster named Terrasola.
    Mission Statement:
    1. We shall start being financial responsible by paying off ALL debts before creating another.
    2. We will work to simply put aside all differences and move on.
    3. We will be better role models to our children.
    4. We will work towards the future.
    5. We will put aside so many vacations and place that money in an acct. for our children.
    6. We will live in harmony.

  34. Mission Statement
    We will look at how we've portrayed ourselves. From wanting to show a happy polygamous family, to strife, jealousy, and even not saying we trust another adult? How can the children?
    We will start conducting ourselves in a manner that we've never done before. Straightforward, fair, honest, and raising our children with the same rules as one family.
    We will put our children first, not our wifey needs.
    We will take care of extended family members who may live in poverty VS all this running around.

  35. First time poster, long time reader...love it.
    What bothers me the most about The Dargers and The Browns formulating mission statements is this: WHO does that? Business, charities, teams, but not FAMILIES. Which just makes this whole side show even more insane. What if you choose not to abide by or agree with the mission statement? Why do you even need one? Isn't the purpose of family, the mission if you will, pretty straight forward?

    1. i don't know about that. after hearing them talk about it, i decided it wasn't the worst idea and my husband and i came up with a motto for our family, currently consisting of the two of us. it's very simple: 'semper afferte invicem uvas', which translates as 'always bring each other grapes'. it's sort of an inside joke, but it basically means 'always forgive each other and say sorry when you are'.
      i think a mission statement can be useful for a family when everybody is at a crossroads. if you define what is important to everybody in the family, it makes decisions clearer. for example, do we value family time over friend time? is our home private or open to all guests? what work-life balance is acceptable? how important is money? would we rather travel or have a nice home? are we religious, spiritual or not bothered?
      it may be odd, but if the browns had any capacity for self-reflection, a mission statement might actually help them. as it is, it's just another stunt.

  36. Mission statement: We, the Brown's will do our best to help the children of the FLDS since we know what goes on there.

  37. mission statement/rules
    1- We will practice what we preach
    2- We will stop crying like 2 year olds over nothing
    What I find funny is Meri got mad at the kids for picking on each other but it's ok for the adults to do, yeah thats showing the kids.I'm surprised since kids learn from example.
    Also I think for the 5th wife They should add Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids to this crazy bunch it would make for good tv

    1. Ooooh I can just see Meri and Kate Gosselin scrapping now!! Would get VERRRY ugly!

    2. Didn't the Gosselins write a Mission Statement too?

    3. Kate would win, hands down!

  38. Do you guys think they still are a part of the AUB church? Do they tithe? Since they are 4 separate households, do each tithe?
    The main thing I would like to see on a mission statement is for Meri to stop bullying.

  39. A HUGE mission statement should be about the show.
    Realize the good: children
    Forget the bad: We don't want to hear another thing about the houses or the fake surrogacy. PLEASE!
    Start producing shows faster and with more depth into who you really are. Don't be afraid to show your beliefs.
    Oh, and PLEASE add another wife!
    Personally, I can't wait to see Janelle.
    Another note: QUIT TWEETING until you get the jest of it!

  40. mission statement; we will work for money.

  41. Mister Sister, great Job! I'd love to hear Cynical's Mission Statement!

  42. "Love should be multiplied, not divided...except for every fourth night..." I love this show, but these people are not in a unity, Sobbin robin and meri are selfish! They used to be my fav, but now im team Christine. Thanks admins for keeping this blog alive!

  43. Off topic, but looks like Christine, Meri and the Kodster are at a Health Expo this weekend. Really?! I thought Janelle might be the better spokesperson, unless she is staying healthy the wiser way with good diet and exercise and not with LIv products. Surprises me that we never see a current photo of Janelle. Guess the paparazzi don't waste tome on the SW. When we see them on tv, the taping will probably be so old and she may still look about the same. Love her blogs

    1. Im thinking Janelle has lost alot of wieght and they are keeping it underwraps. They will prolly use it a a teaser for the show

  44. Hey - that's in Phoenix. Wonder if I can talk the hubby into heading over to the fairgrounds. :-)

    1. im in phoenix too....im going....these people are pushing health? have they made severe changes to their dietary habits? ill let ya know what meri and christine look like..can they really pull this off? they are not the vision of health..inncluding the children..i think janelle daughter matty is the only daughter that isnt overweight.

  45. AZ, get Meri and Christine pose with arms around each other for picture!

  46. In my ornery mind, here's the scenario. Hubby and I have shirts that we wear at the same time. Mine says:

    I'm with my BFF

    He says:
    I'm with my BFF

    (So we're pointing at each other.)

    If Kody were to comment on the shirts, I'd love to have the nerve to say, "They make a shirt that any or all of your wives could wear on "their" night:

    I'm with Stupid!!!

    (No, I'd never do it . . . but I do love my snarky imagination.)

  47. Kody: I will get a vasectomy since I have so many children right now that I can't be a decent, responsible father.

    I will discourage my children from leeching off of society and collecting people like livestock.

    1. Yes, <<< THIS >>> !!!!

    2. Kody could also add: Now that I am exploiting my family's life for money, I will pay back all of the taxpayer's money we've used in the form of welfare, food stamps and medical aid.

      Speaking of which, if the pseudo-wives' children have "unknown" in the father's spot on the birth certificates, and now the state can clearly see that the father is "known", can't they come after the Browns for welfare fraud? If they used it, that is. I'm not clear if they did or not.

  48. We Will learn to live debt free.
    We will seek counseling to see why the women are wanting objects to replace love they KNEW they would share.
    We will shut up about being a surrogate.

  49. One good point would be about exercise and health for the children. Now that they have moved, there is no real backyards to run and get good exercise in.

  50. We will quit getting our pictures taken in awful outfits, and being a star seeker. We will do something new in our family, which is to REALLY become better people and turn our lives around.....

  51. We will hire a stylist.
    We will spend more time with our kids.
    Meri will spend her nights off babysitting.
    Robyn will get a real job.

  52. Brown Family Mission Statement:
    1. Our Family's purpose it to:
    Grow and develop in the religion we chose; and provide for our family.

    2. Describe how we will do this:
    By strengthening our roots to our religion.
    Being better role models
    Watching our actions -check our egos at the door
    Start downsizing our spending
    Meeting with other AUB members that live here. (yes, there are many, contrary to popular belief)
    Realize our behavior is ridiculous on our shows and make it more productive.
    Eat every dinner together as a family.

    1. That is a great mission statement! There are many on here. They should come and read.

      My basics..... Keep it simple./ Keep it real.
      Basic problem with this family is Kody. He is a showboat, ego driven, not very nice guy.

  53. We will all get jobs, ALL adults, and realize we've only got a year left on TV, tops.

  54. Sell these ridiculous homes ASAP.
    Get REAL jobs, not self employment.
    Buy 4 reasonable condos together.
    Never whine or complain about the family on national TV.

  55. Sadly, this is what I would really put. I like this blog, but I also like the Browns. Can you like both? sure!

    1. Become more united with a church. If you read this, know you can go to many Unitarian Churches, still have your own beliefs, but yet, have a church family. You family - esp. the little ones, are going to not have the same strong background your bigger ones did.

    2. PAY Christine, and put her back in charge of watching the children under 5. She did a great job with them all, but should get MUCH MORE RESPECT than she does with that.

    3. Meri,Robyn get a full time job stat. You two need to put in your fair share. Meri you skaked too long and let Janelle do all the work. Now, she worked when hers were little, and Robyn, you brought three not his. GO TO WORK. Sol will be fine with Christine.

    4. Stop bad mouthing each other on TV. After 20 yrs, if you can't get along, respect, and show some grown up dignity to each other, you are sending a HORRIBLE message to the kids. And let's face it, they have told us too much already they see the backbiting of the moms.
    None of us are perfect, but you threw them into this batch, so live with it.

    5. Show some effort in NOT trying to hog Kody. And you don't want to get into personals, but NO MAN has s$% every nite, so quit pushing romance and give him a break.

    6. Get your finances in order. Want to keep those houses? Kody, you of ALL people should get off the rides at Disney land and work a full time job. As a father of what, 21? YOU SHOULD BE WORKING FULL TIME NO MATTER WHAT. They shoot you very little, I'm sure a job could accommodate that.

    7. Make it a priority to eat meals together at least 6 nights a week, and have church service every week. Become the family you faked us out into believing you were.

  56. I knody Brown will quit spending more money on myself than I do my children.

  57. Thou shall love thy neighbor?