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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Special After the Valentine's Rose Bouquet Edition: Christine TWEETS !

It's been 48 hours since Valentine's Day, so leave it to the Brown Sister Wives to brag to tell their many fans what Kody got them for Valentine's Day.

Meri even went so far as to post a picture! A really BIG picture.

But before we get to that, there's been another important development on the Brown Tweet front.

Now ya'll better sit down for this, because after an almost one month absence, CHRISTINE TWEETS!

 Now this is verrry interesting.

On Feb 14, our very own 'Amused' commented:
As for the hunt for Christine....
That poor woman looked like she was unraveling at the end of last season. So who knows what is going on with her.

But it does seem that whenever there are posts here questioning certain lacks/flaws in the Kody World image, they do then pick up the ball. So perhaps Christine will resurface soon.

And guess what happened? The Browns, particularly that major Lothario of a man named Kody, made sure they tweeted and Facebooked about their wonderful Valentine's Day.


I'm getting all goose bumpy all over my body! Cynical Jinx just told me to get a grip and write.

So let's take a look, shall we?

What a nice wish for everyone. But I'm confused, are those 9 Valentines you are shopping for, or 9 Valentines you received? And of course you love it - for a woman who practices keeping their honeymoon alive and loves being the center of attention, Valentine's Day must be the high point of the year. Still shopping, I see. Hey did you pick up anything nice at Victoria's Secret? Just asking...

Now, if you read between the lines, this is what I believe  Robyn is saying: " You jerk! You mean to tell me you couldn't think of FOUR DIFFERENT things to give me, I mean, to give to your wives? You cheap BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! I'm calling Janelle for Phil Varone's number! He's a real rockstar, you jerk!"

Well, let's take an intervention...I mean intermission and see what Meri had to say earlier this week.

So Meri, was this your subtle way of saying Sunday was Kody's day with you? Just saying....

Ah.....l'Amour, l'Amour! But a little over the top with the bouquet praising. I  mean it's a damn vase of flowers that's gonna dry up in a couple of days. Kody's flush with dough, he should be giving his LEGAL wife something a little more substantial than flowers. I'm thinking white, hard and brilliant in a tasteful setting (or settings if earrings).

Oh yeah, here's a small pic of the bouquet.

There's a single yellow rose in the center of the bouquet. I betcha each wife probably had a different colored rose in the center of her bouquet.

I don't know, but I'm thinking Joe Darger's Themed Polygamist Valentine's Day Massacre Party wins hands down over Kody's weak flower bouquets in the originality department.

But let's check on Janelle. What do you think Janelle?

OUCH! Maybe she hadn't received her 'beautiful' bouquet yet...but leave it to Janelle to keep it real.

And what does the big dawg have to say?

Say what? Fun surprises probably means Robyn going ballistic her sisterwives also got bouquets. Let's hope this Hileah person was the floral arranger and not Kody's next prospective wife. And I don't even want to think about chaos, let alone "Brown chaos". Hopefully he didn't keep the children out of school for it.

And now, what you have been waiting for...


....Alrighty then...       I.am.speechless.

Well, that was kind of a letdown. So, let's take a look at what I'm calling the Cricket Corner.

This Corner is where all those tweets from fans wanting to know about the next season go. The Browns for some reason are keeping mum about the next season. So any fan that tweets them for info, are sent to the Cricket Corner, where all they hear are the chirping of crickets - forever...



Oh noes! Robyn sent these fans to the Cricket Corner!! Bad fan, bad fan!

Good questions, ladies. Maybe you'll get a private tweet from Robyn with the answers! Considering they get a gazillion questions a day, you'd think that a public answer to one fan's query could prevent 100 other fans from needing to ask the same question.

But maybe that's part of the Brown Chaos...

Well that's all for now. And remember...

I Scour the Internet, so You Don't Have To !!


  1. Amused called it!!!!! Does anyone find Christine's tweet so...I don't know...out of place?? No mention of Valentine's Day? Kody? Flowers? Watch bands? Hmmmm must have a scratch on the lenses of her 'rosecolored' glasses ;)

    1. I think Christine is sending out a message of what's important to her and her family, kind of like her 'Modest is Hottest'.

      I'm sensing some harsh feelings between her and the over the top in your face isn't Kody a ROCKSTAR and LOVER club (Robyn and Meri). Even Janelle kept out of the over praising.

      I can't wait until the next season, this spring!

  2. I guess Christine isn't as attention-seeking as the others. I'm actually surprised Meri tweets so much. But I guess they've all given up on privacy now. I am surprised they aren't constantly shilling the new season. Maybe it's still up in the air?

    The flowers seem OK, but I sure wouldn't be tweeting how great Valentine's Day is if my man were in bed with someone else either. It's probably a pretty tough holiday on them.

    1. But they will work thru the rough spots such as Valentine's Day like all good little polygamist wives do.

    2. Christine is needy and attention-seeking but only toward Kody. She's often hostile (Presbyterian Church) , rude (her polygamist for dummies comment to the visiting AUB couple) or standoffish (Robyn at the start of the courtship) to those she perceives as outsiders.

  3. It's a cry and cry for help! The whole concept of the house flying away is like a metaphor for the uprooting of her family. It is as if she used to be Kevin, but is now just cast away bones.

    This woman needs a therapist to give her the support that the rest of the world gets from friends and a real family, and soon.

  4. I think kody's flowers for each wife is better than Joe's neighborhood party. I give kody kudos for trying to give his wives a real valentine's Day. Hey ... "Kody Kudos" - kinda catchy.

  5. Not taking any bows for assuming Christine would surface...it just stuck me how predictable these people are. And how much they really are dependent on the opinions of others.
    Sad, isn't it !! Sad and telling about just what their agenda is for keeping their *notoriety* (code for keeping endorsement and TLC $$$ incoming) intact and active.

    So....Sperm King is so creative that each bedmate got a different bouquet (or color-coded rose in the center)....
    Wow, that sounds just like when you buy kids the same item and you try to get each their own color so they don't mix them up or fight over them.
    All about feeling *special.*

    Noticed something interesting in the pics on their tweets....
    Apparently only Meri gets to use a pic of herself *and* Kody. I guess being first wife and only legal wife does have its perks. However, it is clear that the others got to have professional glam shots for their Tweet pics.
    Maybe that was their perk ??
    Ah, the fun life of a sista wife....!!!!

    As for their silence about the next season...
    Again, thinking that this site has had impact on them and perhaps, TLC....they may all be waiting to see just how much interest there is....
    AND what topics (contrived scenarios) should be scripted to promote and retain interest and ratings. ?????

    Love this site...many thanks to all of you who work tirelessly to produce it !!!

    1. Good points...I do think Robyn has a Kody/Robyn picture, no?

    2. Has anyone noticed that Meri doesn't follow Christine on twitter?

    3. I had checked at the end of last season (after it was mentioned here) and they were all following each other (recently, as if they saw it here and then followed each other).....I'll go look again. Interesting.

      Anon 6:05--Robyn has a pic with her and Kody for twitter but not FB.

      Cynical--EXCELLENT observation....Meri's first tweet and then Robyn chirping in (get it "robin" and "chirp"....okay fine, its a lame pun) about how they ALL got flowers....seems she felt she wasn't getting equality.

  6. I'm creeped out by the "Lover" term that both Meri and Kody throw around. I wouldn't say "Lover" in public about my husband. My lover would be the one I was having an affair with. =)

    Can't call them wives, they're not treated like wives and they know it. They're Kody's Lovers.

    Meri is his only wife. =)

  7. My question is, why did Robyn feel it was necessary to not only state what she received for V-day but also what her "husband" gave to his other "wives?" Wouldn't that be their news to share if they chose and not hers?

    1. Interesting question. I checked when Robyn tweeted about the 4 bouquets - that was on 2/15/12 at 10:07am.

      Meri tweeted about her bouquet on 2/15/12 at 1:56am. Sooo...looks like Meri tweeted first. About 9 hours ahead.

      Now, of course this is just my opinion, but Meri's announcement about the bouquet, especially how Meri said it was "...probably the most prettiest" and how it made her day 'special' touched a nerve in Robyn. (can you spell jealousy?)

      Meri calling Kody 'Lover' probably didn't help the situation, either.

      I think Robyn wanted everyone to know that Meri wasn't being treated special by Kody - that the other three wives got a bouquet, too. Beautiful bouquets as she described them.

      Kody may be Meri's 'Lover' but in Robyn's eyes he's her 'Rockstar'.

      Robyn's reaction reminds me of how she acted when she thought Hunter snubbed her the night Solomon was born. Kind of juvenile, really. Right out of grade school.

    2. The "rockstar" and "lover" comments are so transparent and so juvenile. Meri's reminds me of the "new" girlfriend in high school who makes it a point to flaunt whatever tacky-ass piece of dimestore jewelry her boyfriend gave her to the "old" girlfriend. Robyn's reminds me of the sophomore girl who has a major crush on the senior big man on campus and who will do anything to get his attention. Poor Meri- that is "probably the prettiest bouquet" she has ever received? Wow. Unless there is something significant about the choice of flowers/colors (such as the yellow rose because it's her favorite flower or the colors reflecting their wedding colors,) then her tweet means that either Kody is lame at selecting bouquets or that in the past Kody's bouquet selections have been rather lame. It just all smacks far too much of trying to convince the "public" how wonderfully in love they all are with Kody and with their lives.

  8. Here I was totally thinking & believing(not) that Robyn & Meri were besties...afterall, Meri did say that Robyn was the sisterwife, she never had, but always wanted....hahahahaha...Someone's true colors are starting to show, & they're not very pretty....lol
    Oh yeah, just wondering if any of the wives bouquets had any red roses!! I mean, doesn't the red rose symbolize love??... I'm sure if Robyn's bouquet had some red ones, she wouldn't hesitate to do a tweet pic...lol
    Wonder who the lucky "wife", got to spend V-day night w/ Kodouche?...We all know that Sunday night was Meri's night, so if he goes in order of "marriage", that would make it Christine!! Well, maybe that's why she was sorta chipper & in the mood to chirp, I meant tweet a bit....lol Oh yeah, & to "satisfy" are inquiring minds that she's doing well in her own lil happy place :D

  9. Oh, yeah, almost forgot to thank U for adding more sunshine to my day..lol ....Great stuff Lourdes!! ......Cricket corner! Chirp, chirp, chirp....that shit had me cracking up! :D
    But its so frigging true!! I betcha if fans asked where to send $$, gifts, or sign up for their toxic kool aid seminars, they wouldn't hesistate to answer!!...lol

  10. "Wonder who the lucky "wife", got to spend V-day night w/ Kodouche?

    Carmel, I am thinking that maybe....to make V-Day REALLY, REALLY special....
    Kody *made the rounds* spreading the luuurve. (maybe with a little blue pill or two for help)
    The Lexus may have been up and down the neighborhood all night.

    And just in case, folks think that we are being critical here...
    Well, with all of them tweeting to the world about "lover-boy" and "rockstar" on V-Day....its just logical to wonder how effective Ol Kody-Rockstar really was !! :)))

    1. Booty Call! Let's hope he showered inbetween romancing!

    2. "The Lexus may have been up and down the neighborhood all night."

      So THATS what Kody meant about Brown chaos!

  11. These poor women are so grateful for soooo little. I hate to tell you ladies this but flowers are the most brainless gift imaginable especially if you're in the public spotlight...I actually think that bouffet dinner last year was a nicer touch...Also seems like things with Meri and Robyn might not be so peachy or maybe they're just putting on an act to make the show (if it comes back) more interesting...I like that Janelle and Christine didn't gagagagoogoo all over Kody's flowers in their tweets.

    1. Poor Christine is all I can say.

  12. Meri calling him "lover" calls out that those two have sex. I think it is intended to make the others jealous Guess it worked on Robyn. Lol

  13. There's a post on TMZ today about the cameras causing chaos at an elementary school, so perhaps that tells us the show is coming back?

  14. just found this site! LOLOL! Hilarious!!!