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Monday, February 20, 2012

UPDATE ! I Scour the Internet: The Mardi Gras Edition 2/21/12

This just in!....

Well, OK, I just read this on Google news. Looks like there will be a season 4 of Sister Wives! Maybe....

Apparently, because of all the filming going on, parents of children attending the same elementary school as the Browns'  Kids are really upset.

So upset, in fact, they want the school district to change its filming policies. The school district is standing behind the Kody Film Krew, with a district rep noting that  "In the past few months, we've had the Ellen show, ABC News, Oxygen Network, and countless local broadcasts filmed at our schools. TLC and the Brown family deserved the same."

Somehow, I fail to see how a reality show featuring a balding klown who has 4 wives and 17 kids equates to ABC News, Oxygen Network and Ellen. I mean really...think about it. And what's so special about Las Vegas schools that they get all this high powered media attention from so many sources, anyway?

According to TMZ, even though an agreement was reached between the school administration and the production company to blur out faces and not divulge the name of the school, AND the production company even donated $500.00 to the cause (it was a fundraising Valentine's Day Dance), the parents still want changes made to policies pertaining to filming at the district schools.

Ummm...I wonder if these parents includes the homeowner(s) who tried to get an unnamed sister wife evicted from her house rental last year.

Anyway, on the 'good' news hand, this brouhaha means filming is still going forward. On the 'bad' news hand, you can take a look at a photo with Kody front and center (of course) at TMZ: http://www.tmz.com/2012/02/20/sister-wives-parents-upset-tv-crew-cameras/

So, what were the Browns up to this long holiday weekend?

Some of the Browns were very very busy this weekend. We even had someone report a sighting right here on SisterWivesBlog!

Let's take a look at some tweets:

So Robyn, how was your weekend?

So sorry to hear...wait a minute, this sounds vaguely familiar...oh yes, here's a tweet from 1/28/12

That's a heck of a long incubation period for that flu bug...almost a month? What's with these people - why do they get the flu bug and cold sores that refuse to go away? Or is she wanting sympathy?

Note to self: Maintain a safe distance from Robyn at all times...she is sickening.

Browns on the Road...Again

Yep, just when residents thought it was safe to venture into the fine, dry winter's air in Arizona, who blows into town but Kody Brown, dragging a sisterwife with him. When I last reported about the LIV Global Operation Detox on a global scale shindig in Mesa AZ - for Friday 2/17/12 , the craigslist advert just mentioned the Kody Brown Family would be in attendance.

Now we can confirm which wife he brought with him. It was....Janelle! Makes one wonder if her Super Bowl Party journey where she met ole Phil was just a warmup for her Mesa gig. However, I doubt if Mesa has anyone close to Phil's notoriety - I don't remember exactly where Alice Cooper lives, but I can definitely say it's not in Mesa. And Alice, if you're reading, I really enjoyed seeing your Big Unit at Alice Coopertown !(shameless plug).


Janelle sort of hints something's up with her tweet on the morning of 2/17/12. Kinda like she was going in front of a firing squad or something...

But, as I found out from our undercover friend Antoinette, she reports that the admin on the Brown's Extra Special Friend-Only Facebook Fanpage announced on 2/16/12 that the Kody and Janelle would be at a restaurant in Gilbert (?) Az, and that anyone who wanted to attend could email the Browns as the seats were limited. Oh yes, the Browns would be presenting a "short overview of a family business venture".

Wow, now that sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?

So Kody, did you and Janelle do anything (besides talking up the operation redux  'family business venture') while in the Valley of the Sun?

Oh yeah, those guys who were on YOUR show last season. I can smell the testosterone from here. So what did Janelle do while you were having ...fun?

Ha Ha! Just one of the regular folks huh? Watching the crowd getting psyched for blood! Reminds me of when I used to go to the Colosseum in ancient Rome. Yes, I am that old.

And as the sun slowly begins to set in the western sky, an Anonymous SWB commenter writes on 2/19/12:
Was Janelle in AZ today? I could have swore I saw her at Anthem outlet mall and my daughter says I am crazy!
Nope, you're not crazy. Looks like the Browns are driving their way back home to Vegas!

So far, we have one wife sick at home, one figuring out technology, and one still dripping with  testosterone from a mixed martial arts match. Where in the heck is Meri?

Meri went to Disneyland!!
That's right. When the going gets rough, Meri takes her 'girls' (including Aspyn, Madison, and Mariah) to one of the happiest places on Earth, DISNEYLAND! Yay!!

First, we see Meri planning for the trip by scanning  >choke<  Craigslist?!

Ummm.... no Meri. I don't think it's safe!

Finally  they're at Disneyland,. So is everyone enjoying themselves?

Looks like Meri is missing her man. Well Meri, I'm sure Kody would have been there if he didn't have to make an appearance for the family business venture. And if you believe that, I have some tickets to sell you for Disney World. I was going to put them on Craigslist....

And Rosie tweeted back! That really surprised me because that means Rosie is actually personally sending all those tweets?! How does she have time to enjoy herself? Oh well, I think Rosie must have an assistant walking next to her tweeting as Rosie dictates what to say...she can't possibly be doing all that tweeting!

Where was I? Oh yeah...

Well, it sounds like Meri had a lot of fun in Disneyland. But it must be drag not to have all your sisterwives with you, right Meri?

UPDATE 2/21/12

I just got a message from Antoinette La Taupe, still undercover at the Brown's Extra Special Friend-Only Facebook Fanpage. Janelle just left a message: Seems that Kody killed two birds with one stone on the Arizona road trip this weekend. Not only did he take care of 'family business', it was also his 19th anniversary with Janelle.  Kind of weird she put this on Facebook where only a select few can see it instead of twitter. Anyway, she thanked Christine for helping Gabe with his homework and Meri for taking 'the girls' to Disneyland. I guess Robyn helped in the snuggling because Janelle only wrote about Meri's and Christine's good deeds.

Maybe she'll update twitter later after her 'pancakes with butter  AND syrup' feast.

Well that's all for now. And remember, I Scour the Internet, so You Don't Have to!

Hope you had a great President's Day and Mardi Gras (where applicable)


  1. And who says being the 1st LEGAL wife has no perks??....hahaha....I'm actually very happy for Meri, bc it seems likes she's having fun & rubbing it in her sista wives faces, esp Robyn via Twitter...lol
    Guess Robyn is finally figuring out that being a new wife, may include more sex w/ the hubby, ewwww I know right??...lol But its basically just to get pregnant, pop out more babies, which also requires U to stay home more & miss out on all the cool trips, like to Disneyland!!
    Imagine, they were trying to convince the world of all the perks of being a sister wife, one which included help watching each other kiddos, etc...but it's kinda hard to help babysit, from front row seats @MMA Fights & on from a roller coaster @Disneyland.....just saying....hahahaha
    Besides, who would wanna be around a bunch of sick kids(besides my own, of course) & sister wife it seems like ALL the time??
    Wonder which wife gets to go along w/ Kody to the next LIV event? Seems like Christine, needs to get out and about more, wouldn't ya say? Afterall, since Robyn is busy @home w/ her 4 month old +3 kids :D
    As for the fiasco w/ the camera crew @the elementary....ughhhhh, I guess, since everyone requested more parent/Kody interaction w/ their kids, what better place than a school event, right?...smh...I was thinking more one on one, like when Kody took Hunter hunting on his birthday, unless they were just hunting for something @the mall...lol B/c what is there to hunt in Vegas? Hopefully, someone can give me a Blue's Clue to what that might be, & I'm totally serious! Any insight is welcome...lol :D

    1. Maybe kodee was teaching Hunter how to troll for a wife?

  2. Hey CB! On the subject of the LIV events, I saw somewhere that there are 4 big events coming up: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Idaho or Salt Lake City (I think) and Honolulu. I thought to myself that LIV was hitting all the cities with high percentage of Mormons. Should be interesting to see which wife Kody takes to each city!

  3. I am a sisterwives twitter stalker! I have them in a list/group/column in my tweetdeck and am always watching what they are up to :)

    If you need more twitter posts I can help you out!

    1. Oh my, that must drive you nuts watching the Browns twitter away! I'm hoping the disappearing tweets asking when the new season starts are due to them being answered. Have you noticed that happening?

    2. no it's actually really amusing! I even follow Rev Danielle and she'll even answer my tweets! No one else does :( although one time one of the teens RT my tweet about Harry Potter. I never ask them about the show I will sometimes answer them about stuff they have said like over the weekend at Disney I was all I love disney too!

  4. Hey CJ...that's so true....I forgot to mention, that I used to live in Gilbert, AZ & I graduated there in '92....speaking of, our 20 yr HS Reunion is coming up this year, Homecoming/Oct/2012....Go Tigers!! Good times ahead...lol

  5. $500 is all the school got? For all the inconvenience they caused? Cheapskates.

  6. Why is Robyn snuggling with her kids when she has the flu? No wonder they are all sick.

    1. Good point- especially as one of those children is a baby (and we are still in RSV season.) However did she manage without her Rockstar to bring her soup, rub her thigh, and tell her she can have his babies anytime?

  7. So, only Mariah, Aspyn, and Madison got the privlege of a trip to "the happiest place on earth". Meri's daughter, 1 of christine's and 1 of Janelle's. I bet this went over like a fart in church with Robyn and her kids. Watcha wanna bet she conventially got the flu about the time of this trip when Janelle's other 5 kids needed a babysitter. Yeah for Christine for always stepping up!!!

  8. It sounds like the reality of being the youngest and most fertile of the sista wives has hit Robyn square in her already accentuated jaw.

    Yes indeed, Robyn....
    Kids get sick....
    Babies require lots of time...
    Other people get to go places while you stay home and change your nursing pads or deal with morning sickness...
    And since the other sista wives have already been there and don't want the T-shirt, you are stuck with the role that you *wanted so desperately*...
    By the way, it should be getting time for Kody baby #2 to get started, don't ya think?

    Janelle is fast becoming the public, business face of Brown World.
    Leave to Ol Kody to set it up so that one wifey or another gets to do the actual work, while all he has to do is show up for photo shoots and fluff his rapidly disappearing, surfer-dude, circa 20 years ago, hair.

    About those protesting parents...
    Hey, if my kids were in that school I sure would have a problem with film crews coming and going too.
    For what? To provide a free soundstage for the Browns to further their scams?
    We teach our kids the dangers of providing info and pics on the Internet and then they go to school where they may be unwittingly part of a group shot for millions of viewers.
    I don't blame those parents one bit for asking for waivers and blurred shots if their kids are present.

    I have a feeling that the Browns will regret pushing their luck for another season.
    Let's be realistic here....The dew is well off the rose and now folks will be watching for the wilting leaves turning *brown*........just couldn't resist. :)))

    But seriously......
    I think the clock is ticking a countdown on their 15 minutes of fame.
    Tick, Tick !!

    1. Oh man I just had a thought...what if Robyn IS pregnant with #2? That would explain why Meri got the hell out of dodge over the long weekend. Can you imagine Robyn with morning sickness, lying on her chaise lounge (I know she has to have one)moaning and groaning, probably calling every 10 minutes for one of the older girls to help her out with her kids while she snuggles Sol. Gives me the willies just thinking about it!

    2. L0l...I was totally thinking the same thing CJ, about Robyn being preggers....bc if all else fails, her being pregnant again, could bring them high ratings + a steady TLC payheck. For now anyways...lol
      I also agree w/ Amused about the clock ticking a countdown on their 15 minutes of fame!!

    3. Oh man #2! What if Meri said yes and Robyn is now pregnant with Meri's and Kody's child??????!!!!!!

      And will season 4 will end like season 2 with Robyn going over to Meri's house to tell her the news????...

  9. Aren't they supposed to be building houses right next to each other...or at this point are they more then happy being very far from each other! Doesn't seem to be a lot of closeness in that family as far as the wives go. I guess that happens when you have 3 wives of similar age having been married to them for a long time, must leave Robyn feeling totally left out...I bet Kody will be getting married again in the next couple years!

    1. I hope he's looking now so maybe if there's a 5th season, it will show him courting her. Then Robyn can look into the camera and say that the new wife "is the sisterwife I've always wanted"....

    2. Too funny!!! Maybe all of Kody's sojourns on behalf of his "business" are just a way to scout out that lucky 5th lady!

    3. I noticed there is a site where someone has actually ordered some LIVsXinney from the LIV Operation Detox. They are actually putting thier results on this site. It doesn't look like it's doing that great. They feel better but only lost ONE pound. the website is www.fungardenscaping.com

  10. Cynical Jinx,

    I hear ya !!!!
    Maybe that recurring flu is really Kody baby #2 for her..(and #18 all around) !!!

    I agree....the other three are getting past the glow of when being pregnant by Sperm King is the *be all* of life. They, and maybe even Christine too, are all probably resolved finally to her cloying antics and actually are glad that it is her role to be the incubator now.

    Robyn comes off as a whiny, "poor me, poor us" on a *good day*....so pregnant and wanting attention with everyone else off doing their thing would not make for a happy or tolerable Robyn.

    Oh well.....as the saying goes, "be careful what you pray for !!!"

  11. Well, looks like TLC can film with freaking $500, and Jamie Oliver can't film even if he makes lunch for the whole dang school. Nice.

    If my kid were at that school, I would be beyond angry. Those parents of the year might have chosen to put their 50 kids on display, but not mine.

    EXCELLENT REPORTING! You're the best, Lourdes/Cynical.

  12. Wow, Janelle got to "work" & Kody got to pick an event(MMA Fight) what he actually wanted to go to celebrate their 19th anniversary??...smh....typical, selfish Kody...lol
    I still say Meri got the better weekend deal @Disneyland w/ older teen girls...lol & yep, Im sure Robyn didnt like that too much, but oh well...lol
    Oh, yeah, nice purple Mardi Gras mask Lourdes. Its a fun & lil fancy touch U added :)

  13. "Then Robyn can look into the camera and say that the new wife "is the sisterwife I've always wanted"...."

    CJ, Love it !!!....Cuz it is sooooooooo true!!!! LOL

    Hey, speaking of BFF sista wives....what happened to that soap opera-ish tear jerker after King Sol's birth when Robyn asked for a private chat with Meri......
    (yeah right, private....with the TLC camera and sound crews present and recording *snort*)...when Robyn announced she was going to gift Meri with her uterus as soon as possible?

    Has that storyline been re-written?? Has Robyn reneged?
    Has Meri declined the offer? Inquiring minds want to know....??????

    After all, it was one of the cliffhangers last season !!
    Have to admit, that hook was pure genius from whomever dreamed that one up.
    Can't get more bizarre and ratings-getting than that one.

  14. OK, I have a bone to pick with this one. I live very close to Disneyland and they do not have fireworks during the winter. I call bullshyte on Meri's tweet. They have a special water/light show at night but no fireworks. Something is not right here.

    1. The OC Register says the fireworks display resumed on Feb 10 2012. The Disneyland website also notes fireworks for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nites.



  15. All these women are desperate as hell for putting up with this obviously unhealthy lifestyle!! They're all insecure and act waaaay too immature for their age!! I mean all of their tweets sound like they're high school-aged at best.

    1. Unhealthy lifestyle as compared with who? The majority of Americans today live unhealthy lifestyles. Polygamous men have been shown to live longer than the average American male through studies. It would be interesting though (I've never heard a study on polygamous women) if their life span is longer or shorter compared to the rest of the population. As far as being an unhealthy lifestyle, they aren't sleeping around. They aren't swingers. In this day and age there are tests that can be done prior to a new wife entering the marriage to ensure there isn't anything that could be passed onto the husband or his wives prior to marriage. I agree that the "lover" and the "rockstar" tweets were a little much. But relax a little, after all it's just twitter...

    2. But polygamous men DO sleep around with multiple women. The only difference is the women know about each other and approve. It's a perverse version of swinging. Instead of a married couple switching partners it's a married man switching between wives. And in the case of the Dargers, living some men's dream of having sex with women who are twins, all in the name of religion!

      It may not be physically unhealthy, but it sure as hell is mentally unhealthy for the women and children involved!

    3. "In this day and age there are tests that can be done prior to a new wife entering the marriage to ensure there isn't anything that could be passed onto the husband or his wives prior to marriage."

      OMG !! This is a joke right? Why test just the new wife? Why would the assumption be that the new wife could be diseased?

      How could anyone be so naive and ill-informed to assume that an STD is spread from women (wife) and not a man? Is this what's being taught in the polygamous communities?

      Think about it: First wife has chlamydia. Husband has sex with her, then passes the infection on to Wife #2, #3, #4. Before marriage new wife #5 is tested and comes back clean. Husband marries new wife #5. Husband has sex and passes infection on to unsuspecting wife #5.

      Get it?

    4. At no point did I assume that a disease couldn't be passed from the wife to a husband and then to another wife. The point I was trying to make was that if a polygamous family, for example say a husband was married to 2 women and was bringing in a new wife. If the other spouses (including the husband) are all disease free. If before bringing in a new wife, she was screened for disease. Then STD's would not be an issue. Or course, if I was a new wife I would insist on ensuring the other wives and husband were disease free. (ie. common sense) Either way, if everyone is disease free, there aren't any STD worries now are there? In the same way a monogamous couple who is faithful doesn't have to worry about STD's.

      In our world today, ALL partners should be tested before engaging in unprotected sex. Basic common sense...although practiced much less than it should be. Sexual educators advocate regularly that there is more to responsible adult sexual behavior than condoms and birth control. Testing before getting involved with a new sexual partner. (We would have less of a problem in mainstream society if this was practiced on a regular basis) Arming our children with correct sexual information is vital and taking the stigma out of testing is vital in my opinion. Abstinence and Condoms are not enough, condoms have a high failure rate even when used properly. As shown in recent Planned Parenthood studies.

      Now, back to the subject...Obviously, if I was in a polygamous relationship (which I am NOT) and my husband was going to bring in a new wife... I would insist on her being tested before he slept with her and then came and slept with me. That is the point I was making. But in the same way, the new wife could and I believe should in fact ask for the husband and other wives to be tested as well. Just to make sure nothing was passed on. You assumed I was saying that women can not spread diseases and not men, which was not what I was saying at all. All I meant is that if everyone is faithful, there is not a worry about spreading disease unless a new wife or partner (as in other polyamory situations in our society today, not just polygamous) is brought in and hasn't been properly screened. That is it... STD's don't come out of thin air. If the family was ALREADY disease free and the new wife was disease free, there is no worry about STD's.

    5. Sorry but there are plenty of disease that lay dormant. They can test negative and actually have an STD.
      Also, what about emotional health? Having feelings of jealousy, anger, frustration, self-consciousness, are all natural feelings (to a certain extent, of course) and these women are seen having to shove these feelings down and ignore them, summing them up to not "keeping sweet." They are natural. Having those feelings is not wrong, yet they think it is. I am certain that this is why Christine was on anti-depressants.

  16. I agree w/ Anony 12:06am...+ this is probably the 1st time ALL of them have plenty of $$ to spend freely & lavishly as they have been to...lol Hopefully, theyre saving some for a rainy day, bc that day will come!! Not really sure if theyre investing smart, but sooner or later that will all be revealed!!

  17. Anonymous 8:42: would you be able to provide links to the sources of these studies you were referring to?

    I am very interested to learn more about the phenomenon you mentioned.

    I think it would be interesting to be able to compare the relative health of men in long-term polygynous arrangements vs. those in other long-term non-monogamous arrangements. That is where I think we might be able to better see where the rubber hits the road (so to speak).

    On second thought, maybe the only fair comparison would be to compare the heads of polygynous families vs. the heads of polyandrous ones.

    Either way, it just seems to me that comparing monogamy (where the partners are, at least in most of North America, given a fighting chance at being considered equal) and polygyny (where there is inequality inherent in the system; there just has to be an alpha dog - and particularly in the case of those who practice religious polygyny, there is - the male) does not make much sense.

    1. Hypothetically speaking, it would make sense that a polygamous man who is: "monogamous" (e.g. only has sex) with his wives AND has not messed around before marriage and whose wives have not messed around before marriage (assuming it is heir first marriage) has a rate of contracting STD's wayyy lower than a man married to ONE woman but who likes to have a mistress.

      Then again, it's just theory, wonder how the reality works out... I think it really depends on how honest polyg-man and women are.. I guess!

    2. Interesting point Lobotomized.

      Your line of reasoning makes me realize that there are definitely quite a few factors to consider when comparing one family system to another.

      Perhaps they just aren't comparable at all, once one starts to probe more deeply into each of their typical family structures and behaviors by their members within those structures.

    3. I guess in the end it all depends on genetics, long term lifestyle choices, nutrition, physical activity, amount of sleep, alcohol/tobacco consumption, sexual behavior and of course a lot of luck (anyone can die in a car crash hence bringing down statistics).

      Being a polyg-man may also add up a lot of stress, long term adrenalin exposure is NOT good for our health either.. anyways... Way too complicated to compare, methinks!

    4. I bet they do all live longer than average because of the no drinking, no caffeine, no drugs. There are a LOT of heavy drinkers out there. And no smoking too, right?

    5. This is just one study that I have run across over the years, I'm sure there is far more to it. And I don't think they were taking Mormon values into consideration (ie No drinking, caffeine, drugs into consideration) as they were world wide studies. There was another one, but I can't seem to come across it at the moment. If I find it I will post. It seems to me there should be a study on polygamous women, but of course there are often more studies on men as a whole in the medical/science world than women. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn14564-polygamy-is-the-key-to-a-long-life.html?DCMP=ILC-hmts&nsref=news6_head_dn14564

    6. That article you posted is just that, an article. It even states on the bottom that it is more likely that it is the fact that the man is being cared for in a certain, perhaps more attentive, manner.
      Published, peer-reviewed studies are what we need to look for. Her research was flawed because they are so many other answers as to why they may live longer.

  18. @anon 8:42
    I really could care less how much longer polygamous men live then monogomous men...if anything to do us all a favour plg. men should kick the bucket faster.

  19. My husband met Merri and Miriah last night! they came into his work for a phone repair and my husband said "my wife watched your show" to where Merri said "oh that's great, tell her hello for me" I wanted to slap him in the back of the head for making her think that I LIKED the show.

  20. Isn't pulling kids out of school for a trip to disneyland usually done when the kids are in elementary school?

    1. Unless they have school on Saturday (and Monday was a holiday) I don't think they had to pull the teens out of school.

  21. Here's my theory: They're all really happy because probably for the first time in a long time (or first time ever), they have some extra money flowing in (courtesy of TLC). Not sure how much it is, but it would certainly be more than they started out with. So, they can afford trips to Disney, dinner out, new clothes ... etc. Everyone's happy about that because, let's face it, when the money is right, most families function a little better. The true test will be when the money dries up, which will probably be sooner than later. Just a thought ...

  22. Bargain babe- Las Vegas, I've spotted them all around town a few times. Robyn at target around Christmas looking extremely pissed off. My friends and I saw jhanelle (we call her jelly bean) out and about We're keeping our eyes open for Christine! Lollol