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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The Post Super Bowl Edition 2/7/12

So how was everybody's Super Bowl Sunday? Did your favorite team win? Lose?

I kept up with my own Super Bowl Sunday tradition: I cleaned up the condo, then ordered up pizza and wings for the family and friends to enjoy while being the perfect hostess.

And when it was all over, and the last guest struggled out the door to the cab waiting outside, I put my feet up, grabbed a pepsi off the coffee table, and watched the Puppy Bowl that I dvr'd. I fell asleep three times before finally erasing the show and crawling into bed.

Some traditions are just too good to ever change, right?

The Browns' Fans try to Keep Up with the Cardassians.

You know, when Antoinette first tried to tell me about this, I couldn't help but ask why would the admins on the Brown's Facebook fanpages want people to vote against the Cardassians? I mean, I use to watch Star Trek and every one of its spin-offs, so if I had to vote against another life form, the Borg would definitely have my vote before a Cardassian.  Cardassians are so cute, in a lizard kind of way...

Antoinette then explained that it was the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians she was talking about, not the Cardassians. In other words:

© Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com


Although, I do see some similarities between the two...

Anyway, iVillage has this Entertainment Award 2012 Poll where they ask readers to vote for their favorite reality show 'guilty pleasure'.  And the fans of the Browns don't want their favorite polygamist family to lose the coveted iVillage Entertainment Award to the Keeping up with the Kardashians Krew.

Now, Wikipedia defines a guilty pleasure as "... something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes."

So why would a fan of the Browns want to vote in a poll for a guilty pleasure? Are they feeling guilt or embarrassment when they watch Sister Wives, or do they not understand what a guilty pleasure really means?

I will be magnanimous and say that it's none of the above, and that those poor fans are just jonesing for anything on the 'net that deals with the Browns. So if you're jonesing too, here's a link to the poll: http://www.ivillage.com/favorite-reality-show-guilty-pleasure-1/1-i-419622

I won't give away who's <cough> in the lead <cough, cough> but I will say that I voted for RuPaul's Drag Race and that's at 18%  last time I looked.

What did the Browns do on Super Bowl Sunday?

Well, Kody not only is providing shout outs for his favorite Mexican Food Restaurant, he's even giving the address - don't want those fans to venture into the wrong establishment, right? And Kody, do you get a free meal if they mention Mark's name?

Leave it to Robyn to tell fans what's up with the Browns on Super Bowl Sunday!

And of course, the day after, Janelle lets fans know what a letdown Mondays can be. It almost sounds like she has a job or something, doesn't it?

But wait, my scouring of the internet brings up this tweet from  Phil Varone - former sex addict immate of the reality show Sex Rehab with Dr Drew and rock band drummer.

Does this mean Janelle hit the Vegas celebrity party circuit on Super Bowl Sunday as well as attended the family funfest described by Robyn, or did Kody invite Phil to the family Super Bowl partay. No wonder Janelle's got the Monday blues!

Is that Robyn over on the right, with the glasses? And WHERE WAS KODY ????????

If Kody was there, you KNOW his mug would have been in the picture, too!!!

Okay, here's a full report of that Super Bowl party Janelle attended!

A party replete with Carrot Top, ‘AGT’ contestants, a couple of Blue Men, deep-fried Oreos … oh, and the Super Bowl

By John Katsilometes

Monday, Feb. 6, 2012 | 4:04 p.m.

You know when you happen upon Carrot Top over by the mac-and-cheese warmer that you are not attending a typical Super Bowl party.

So it was Sunday at the Henderson home of the esteemed Jeff Molitz. That Carrot Top was there was not wholly surprising, as Molitz is the personal assistant of Scott Thompson (who is, in fact, Carrot Top). Nor was it unexpected that a high volume of guests would turn out. Molitz has been hosting this party for 16 years, and the guest list has bubbled over like a stack of Oreos dumped into a Hamilton Beach deep fryer.

Deep-fried Oreos were served, yes, and, cheese-slathered spaghetti, chicken wings, hamburgers, hot dogs and other related heart-imperiling fare. At its peak, the event numbered about 200 (which would have made for a pretty nice caucus turnout, as it happens).

The quantity was spiced with quality, guest-wise, as we had a pair of former “America’s Got Talent” contestants (comic Geechy Guy and magician Murray Sawchuck); one former 'N Sync-er (Joey Fatone, in town as a star guest host of “The Price Is Right Live!” at Bally’s); famed sidekick Penny Wiggins, longtime assistant of Amazing Johnathan); a rock drummer and celebrity sex tape star of note (Phil Varone, once of Skid Row and Saigon Kick and also a two-time AVN nominee); a pair of Blue Men (Marc Roberts and Patrick Newton); a member of the percussive Vegas band Uberschall (Jeff Totora); the city’s most famous little person (Brian Thomas of Little Crue, O’Shea’s and Kiss By Monster Mini Golf); an emerging band (Avalon Landing); and an Aria lounge performer (Patrick Sieben); a NASCAR driver (Brian Vickers); and a member of the Fox 5 news team (Claudine Grant).

There also was a late report that the Sister Wives from the TLC reality TV series turned up. I did not meet them as such, but there is a fair chance one of them made off with my business card.

There were a few notes of note, naturally, around the snack line and the three big-screen TVs beaming the game:

• Fatone, who patiently posed for dozens of photos, continues his run at Bally’s through April 8. He joins such “TPIR” guest hosts as Drew Lachey and Jerry Springer. Carrot Top and he are friends from the days when both lived in Orlando, Fla.

• Geechy Guy’s “Dirty Joke Show” has closed at Hooters -- a bummer, as it was genuinely hilarious -- and he’s shopping the production to any credible official who will listen. He’s even speaking of something off-Broadway, and, baby, it doesn’t get any more off-Broadway than Hooters.

• Carrot Top is off for a week after tonight’s performance at the Luxor. He says he’s looking forward to checking out the elaborate prop work in the Motley Crue show at the Joint.

• Wiggins, known by her stage name Psychic Tanya, is walking without a limp. That information would be unremarkable except that Wiggins spent months on the mend after suffering a broken right foot after slipping at her pool in June. Amazing Johnathan is still headlining at Harmon Theater at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood (at Krave, to be more specific).

The whole wingding takes Molitz and his family two weeks to prepare. Molitz rents a tent to cover the backyard for each of these events. And you know if there is a tent involved, a tent and Carrot Top, you’ve got yourself a party. I just wonder what the neighbors thought of it all ...

Read the article at http://www.lasvegassun.com/blogs/kats-report/2012/feb/06/party-replete-carrot-top-agt-contestents-couple-bl/


Mon dieu! Deep fried Oreos?!? Cheese slathered spaghetti?!? Chicken wings?!? Other heart-imperiling fare?!?

Guess this party was not on the Global Operation Detox calendar! I wonder if the wives will tweet this to their loving fans or share pic or two on their two facebook fanpages?

Who would want to party with a bunch of D'listers anyway? Oh yeah, THE BROWNS !
So that's all folks for now.

Just remember: I Scour the Internet, So YOU don't have to!!!


  1. Lol...Funny stuff,Lourdes :D... I was wondering where Kody was too, seeing he didn't tweet or even retweet for that matter....hmmmmm??? Well it looks like they rented tents to host the event, but I'm thinking either a neighborhood cud-de-sac party/LIV party...lol But not really sure, bc I'm sure they don't want any sharks in their homes...hahaha I noticed a few teens tweeted about the Super Bowl too....I wonder what Christine has been up to, b/c she hasn't tweeted since the Golden Globes, wassup w/ that??
    Wonder why Janelle isn't glammed up? Guess she's not allowed to look fabulous @events, esp when other men, better looking than Kody are there....haha
    Oh yeah, my favorite Team, Dallas Cowboys, didn't even make it, but I was cheering for the Pats....damn, what a let down...smh...& then Tom Brady had to hear an earful(in public), from his super model wife, Gisele, which was some harsh words about his teammates, which sparked a lil bit controversy, but that's a whole other debate elsewhere...sorry but I got sidetracked....lol
    Great job as always, Lourdes! :D

  2. Cardassians?! HAHAHAHAHA!!


  3. Why thank you CB. You know after reading the guest list in the newspaper article, I'm kind of shocked the Sister Wives attended. And Janelle must not know who that Phil Varone is...I mean, really, take a look at the wallpaper on his twitter page!?!

    Yeah, they don't want any sharks in their homes, but it's OK to get their picture taken with a porn star?


  4. Perhaps Janelle is warming to the idea of brother husbands.

  5. Didn't know anything about Phil Varone so looked at his web site - big popup ad for sex toys he's selling. Guess he thinks he knows what polygamy's all about. Looks like a great sabbath day activity for the Browns in their bid to be poster children for polygamy.

  6. I can't stop but wonder why Janelle hangs out with a (recovering) sex addict? Sending a message to Kody?

  7. Lord have mercy, Janelle getting her picture taken with a (reformed) sex addict and porn star? I wonder who's idea was that? That family needs someone to take care of them, cuz Kody sure ain't doing it. Surely they can afford a PR person. I just came from that Varone person's twitter page and he's selling dildoes? Nice image for a mother who SCREENS the books her children read according to her tweet. What a joke those people are!

  8. I've never heard of any of these people except for the Blue Men. "Mrs. Wiggins" reminds me of Tim Conway's secretary from the Carol Burnett show. Now that was a good show!

  9. And let us remember that the Browns have suffered "spiritually" in their lawsuit.
    Well, that pic of Janelle cozying up to a porn star/sex-toy huckster isn't going to be missed by the opposing lawyers.

    Don't mean to be overly observant (of course, I don't)....
    But....obviously, Janellle's glam shot on her tweets is just that....a glam, photo-shopped pic....cause she sure didn't look thinner or "glammed up" for the 2 day old party pic with Varone.

    Hmmm, maybe Kody World Enterprises is now branching out into....
    uhhh...* Celestial* Sexual Toys.

    1. celestial sex toys as the new business venture...love it!

  10. I just looked at Phil's web page, and OMG --- disgusting!!! Maybe Janelle got a "Dr. Philgood" for those nights without Kody? Anyway, talk about swimming with sharks. Makes those Presbyterians not look so bad.

  11. The Kodster must be steamed about his 'wife' Janelle stepping out!

    1. He probably doesn't even know about it.

  12. For the record Phil Varrone is not reformed. In fact four months ago he slept with my best friend, no joke, who he met at a event.

    1. Varone is saying on his fb that Janelle told him to start slow with only 2 wives...????!!!!

  13. Well, I dare say that considering her company at the party, Janelle's post sounds downright filthy. Sure can read a lot into THAT post. The hashtag doingitthebrownway is likewise dirty considering the company they keep. :)
    I absolutely hate their tweets advertising where to eat etc and even giving out the address. Really trashy, but a trashy celebrity trend because they make money off them. Or at least a free meal.

  14. None of this comes as any shock to me.

    Since the beginning, these people have shown themselves to have no scruples and no class whatsoever; but, even more than these traits, their rabid opportunism has shown itself to rival even Gene Simmons himself.

    I suppose we can at least say that they are consistent in their special brand of dissipation.

  15. More proof that this family puts their grifter, materialistic lifestyle ahead of the "religious morals" they constantly regurgitate to anyone who will listen. Those pictures with the sex addict/porn star will look awesome in court Janelle...way to go girl! Wonder if they'll dress modestly for court and pretend to be traumatized even though everyone with a tv, facebook or twitter has frequent updates on how great they are doing. They are so nasty...feel so bad for the many children involved.

  16. I wonder if any of this will be addressed on or taped for their "reality" show if it is re-newed. Cause I don't think I could handle another season of "we're Sooooo financially strapped" and more questions about what their religion is really like or that Dr. Woman who wants to be the 5th wife. What I want to see next season is how the show is actually changing their lives, stuff like this super bowl BBQ. After seeing those pictures they come off like total hypocrites, even way more than before.

  17. Cynical Jinx, thanks for keeping us up to date with this insanity...

  18. I'm so glad they found a new community of performers and entertainers. Those Presbyterians were just too wild. Maybe they can make some cash now.

  19. I never thought I'd come to the Browns' defense but since Janelle is the only one I can stand ...I have to say that since Robyn tweeted that the family watched the game and partied together, that J might not have even wanted to attend the party and, more than likely, didn't even know who the guy was to begin with (I didn't other than him being the Skid Row drummer). The family probably got an invite and their agent might have advised them to at least have one of the wives attend to get a little exposure with the new season coming up...

    This is common in Hollywood, etc. the party was partly for fun and partly for promotion of local entertainers and celebs and for good or ill the Browns are currently in that category. I bet that Janelle was only there for a short while, long enough to pose for a photo or two (the columnist didn't even see her, he just heard a rumor that the SW's were there) before heading back to the family 'do. I'm just surprised it was Janelle and not Kody, since he loves the limelight more than anyone else in the family, but maybe he was schmoozing at another event...just my two cents.

    1. ummm....if I were a reality show celeb, on a show supposedly built on artificially high family, religious and moral values, yep, before that picture got snapped, I'd want to know exactly who I was posing with. It's all about image and branding and the Sister Wives brand has just taken a major hit. I bet you she hightailed it out of there when she found out he was not only a drummer, but a sex addict and porn star! Who now has a picture of her on his facebook, twitter and website where he hawks his own brand of dildo! Joey Fatone was there, why didn't she get a picture with him?

    2. Just because she's been on reality tv doesn't mean she's savvy to the way things work in the entertainment industry. I bet she arrived and was introduced to and had her photo snapped with several people almost immediately. J doesn't strike me as the type to watch the type of show he's on - if anything she was probably introduced to him as a rock musician, period.

      I never thought SW was built on especially high moral values etc. it's simply cashing in on what Big Love started - the increased interest in polygamy. BL was popular so naturally the reality show industry would want to do a reality show, but not the stuffed shirt tie wearing conservative - that's why the Dargers weren't selected. Too clean-cut. Pardon me for saying this, but part of the interest in the Browns is that they definitely have what I think of as a "white trash" vibe. Their original house was squalor...you have Kody as the focal point with his long blond (thinning) hair and seemingly open way of talking (at the same way hiding) his lifestyle choice.

      I personally have never seen anything that suggests high religious, moral and family values. In fact quite the opposite...

  20. I expected Kody to photobomb that pic. Where was he?

    1. Snuggling up with Robyn at the family party most likely.

  21. Yeah, I too get the feeling Janelle and the family probably has no idea who this guy is. Nonetheless, really bad move for their case, not to mention the teenagers now have something (more?) to hold over their parents head about being moral and who they mix with, etc, next time the kids want to wear a tank top or hang out with Presbytarian teens.....

  22. Speaking of the Dargers...I think it is only a matter of time before they too are in the TLC stable of cash cows. TLC seems to be on a roll with these *out of the norm* families.

    Apparently the other mega-child family who have already been featured as close friends of the Duggers, will have their own TLC "Special" to aired right after the finale of the Duggers new season. Perhaps paving the way for a show about them. (maybe the Duggers have finally maxed out their ratings and fans ????)

    Or...since that other woman just gave birth to her 19th....it could be a TLC inspired competition to see which woman now gets to the magic number *20th* child first !!!

    So wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Dargers don't end up on TLC too in some format.
    Agree...The Dargers do present a rather glaring contrast to the Browns' demeanor and appearance.

  23. Tammy Faye Baker and Ron Jeremy co-starred on "The Suite Life"

    1. Somehow Janelle Brown just doesn't measure up to the iconic, late great Tammy Faye Bakker Messner.