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Monday, April 23, 2012

UPDATE!!: I Scour the Internet: Rainy Days and Mondays Edition 4/23/12

What a fun weekend it's been!

What a rare mood I'm in!

Why it's almost like time for I Scour the Internet!

Yes, reading the Brown twits tweets have definitely put me in a rare mood, so I thought I'd showcase my songwriting abilities. Of course, I'm not as good as Robyn's little girl, but then I don't have Baby Sol's monkey ears to inspire me.

But let's save that for later, shall we?

When we last saw the twitterlings from the Browns, Robyn was screaming her lungs out on the NY NY roller coaster. Not to be outdone, Meri also tweeted her 'delight' of riding the 'coaster with Robyn.

Hmmmm....I don't know how to interpret the 'begging for quarters'. Is this an inside joke betwixt the Brown Sister Wives Super Duo, or is Meri subconsciously lamenting how awful riding a rollercoaster with Robyn truly is? I'm going with the latter.

Hey Robyn, cheer up! At least Meri didn't say it was almost as much fun as getting a root canal!

Somebody had a birthday! Somebody had a birthday!

When you have a family as huge as the Browns, someone is either having a birthday or aniversary or whatever. What makes the Browns unique is how they choose to tweet about it.

Sometimes they go overboard with the tweets, then other times they are strangely silent. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, but that's another story altogether...

 But one thing for sure, this is one BAD picture of Robyn YIKES!!!

Okay, back on topic. Christine had a BIRTHDAY last week !!!

I <3 yer guts, Kody? I <3 YER GUTS????!!!???? Kody, I swear your 10 year old children are more mature than you! That is just so JUVENILE! Here's this woman who has borne six (6) children for you, and the best you can come up with is ' I <3 YER GUTS'???? Good Grief!! How embarrassing for Christine!

I don't understand why, but I feel sorry for Christine. She is just so appreciative of the minuscule scraps of attention Kody throws her way. But leave it for someone to make sure SHE is the focus of attention...even on Christine's Birthday...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Robyn's creepy little game here. Even if Robyn's daughter did come up with the Sol ditty, couldn't it have waited until the next day (or maybe even NEVER)  to be tweeted? But no, Robyn appeared to be compelled to make sure her little Sol is always foremost in fans minds. Sad, isn't it?

And somebody had an anniversary!!

What a difference a few days and a different Sister Wife can make. Notice how Kody expresses his love...

A simple I<3 U. No 'yer guts', just a simple I <3 U. How very telling, makes me wonder what Kody will say when Robyn's anniversary rolls around. It should be soon...

I'm telling y'all. There is so much going on between the lines in the Browns tweets, they really should just give up on twitter. Meri has asserted her position as THE love of Kody's life in this tweet. She was the first to be married - in fact, she's been married for 22 years! She makes sure everyone knows she's the first wife, how long, and that Kody is her LOVER, now and FOREVER.

But then she goes all high school with that immature what ice cream describes your marriage BS. Frankly, if you're a practicing polygamist, I would think which ice cream flavor best describes your marriage would be the very last thing on the your list of things people should know.

Trust me, all it does is open you and your family up for ridicule. For example, I went searching through the internet for ice cream flavors that best describes Kody. I came up with Ben and Jerry's....


My runner up flavor was Jamaican Me Crazy.  I think you see my point! DUMB!

As the season premiere looms closer and closer, we see a surprising (at least for me) tweet from Christine...

Say whut??? There's a Brown still going for their Real Estate License, and it's Christine? Unbelievable. I am totally gobsmacked. Who would've thunk that Christine would be the one actually having a goal over and above shilling that Operation Upchuck stuff? To actually be thinking and planning for the future. Real estate business may stink right now, but its got no place to go but UP.

Now, this can mean three things: Either this is a story line for this season on the show, or ... maybe she's making sure she has some kind of job skill when the TLC gravy train stops, or ... she's had enough of the Kody Road Show and will need a job when she's on her own.

What do y'all think???


UPDATE 4/24/12

Looks like the Browns threw a surprise birthday party for Christine Monday night. I guess to ensure the surprise factor, they decided to have the party five days after the fact. What a novel idea, got to write that one down...NOT! Let's just hope last night wasn't Christine's night with Kody.

Anyway, here's what Christine's had to say...

Well that's all for now, and remember... I Scour the Internet, so YOU don't have to !!!


  1. Seriously, wasn't it like a YEAR ago that they were going to get real estate licenses or something? They really have some dedication and follow-through, don't they?

    I don't think reality is going to hit until the TLC gravy train dries up and someone has to get an actual job.

    Their timing is good with Romney. I bet they have another season or two as a novelty. People are fascinated by this topic. They could start "dating" and through the fans a bone. Or, they could talk about the finances...

  2. The real estate license storyline was from last season, and it was dropped like a hot potato when Kody came up with his fundamental fitness pipe dream along with the health supplement which he and Meri are heavily into. Well, actually Meri becuz she's the one driving to Utah every week last month for meetings. But Christine getting her real estate license has to be for the show becuz I doubt TLC wants anything to do with that health supplement company and fundamental fitness appears to be stillborn. I'm thinking TLC wants the audience to think the Browns do have jobs and aren't just living off their TLC money.

  3. The Browns are busy promoting their new season. Janelle posted today on Kody Family Friends' FB page: "Hey everyone! Getting excited for the new season to start. We have been so busy with some exciting things that you guys will be able to learn about once the season starts up again. Lets get the party rockin!" After last season and what I've been hearing lately, I can't even imagine what they have planned that will be exciting.

    1. No doubt another business scheme to separate their fans from their money.

  4. I actually think that Kody is equally dismissive of Meri. Talking about the Titanic Exhibit and its history is hardly a romantic sentiment. And GROSS that Meri always calls him 'Lover'....and it's very telling about the Rocky Road ice cream. Aren't they always saying how GREAT it is to live this lifestyle? They sure don't seem like they are happy most of the time. Totally think both Meri and Robyn are passive-aggressive about their tweets. Robyn's are always "Look at me, Look at me" and stupid. I feel sorry for Christine. She seems to be in the most pain. Hope she gets that license and can get that feeling of accomplishment. Remember how thrilled she was with the watch with all the bands and then of course Robyn took all the credit for thinking of it? Robyn plays them all but I worry that Christine is the one who suffers the most.

    1. I understand how tweeting is helping to promote the show. What I don't understand is why they are tweeting personal messages like this. Don't they talk in person? If I were their kids I would be so embarrassed ...

  5. Thx, Lourdes. You do have the knack for finding provocative topics.

    Okay, truth time...
    Where it not for finding this Blog, I would be so done and dusted with this predictable, *no-longer amusing* carney-circus show.
    But...this SW Blog, a haven from KodyWorld.....continues to provide laughs, insights and opportunities to perhaps send to the *powers that be* in TLC land....the viewers' perspective.

    So....they are trotting out the "We are going to be realtors" story **AGAIN.**
    Wasn't that effervescent blonde who found them the 4 houses supposed to be engineering that folly for them all to be Vegas reality stars......wayyy last year??
    Hey, TLC....uh, the viewers aren't brain-dead. We do have memories.

    And now the new twist is supposed to be with Christine spearheading this repeat !!?? Oh, pullezzze!!!
    This poor soul just needs to be in a spa, not conning folks into buying Vegas real estate.

    Well....reading the latest Tweets here, these SW fools believe their own BS, so Bring It On !!!

    1. Oh, forgot....

      "Robyn's chin picture"....wow, talk about a wicked witch of the East/West look-alike.
      Sorry, but that is some serious chin-challenge !!

  6. 1. The Chubby Hubby ice cream bit was funny....those pics of him sucking in and then NOT were quite amusing.

    2. GOOD FOR CHRISTINE! Recycled storyline or not I am so glad that she is getting her license, it will give her a sense of accomplishment and a way to earn money.

  7. Ah, yes. Christine as a real estate agent. She can be quite a flirt...think of Trainer Bill. She might actually do well with this, as long as none of the houses have toasters....

    I want to see this! A life outside the home may be just what she needs to lift her spirits, especially if she is getting to do this on her own and not having to share the experience. And if she gets to keep her commissions. I am betting she makes a million.

    1. Someone should have sent her a B-day gift. A toaster!

    2. I don't think going into real estate is the best idea, especially is Nevada, which has the worst housing market in the US. Unless.. she has a plan an is trying to corner the market on being the go to gal for polygamist who need homes.

    3. I agree, all the best to her. (And damn good to have something to fall back on when she sees the light and leaves Chubby Hubby. )

    4. This is where the Browns will always be on the losing team. Why invest time and money on someone elses MLM scheme - CREATE ONE OF THEIR OWN! They should have been saving money the day they moved to Vegas...Renting those houses like Kody was some kind of rich king - what's wrong with 5 or 6 double wides? That's more their speed, especially Robyn. Didn't she get the double wide when she got divorced? Buying property out in one of the Nevada desert towns, throwing up some double wides and renting them out to their plyg friends. Offering them a piece of the pie for a price. Eventually they could have quite a racket going. In a couple of years Kody could afford to buy one of those million dollar mansions and he could remodel the inside to accomodate the 16 bedrooms he needs to house his still growing family! Kody just lacks imagination and the drive to get 'er done!

    5. Hey Lobotomized, someone already sent Christine a toaster...lol I think it was during the 2nd season....
      On line, I found a special for $199 to obtain a Real Estate license in Vegas +it requires 90 hrs & a couple of classes are on line correspondence... & I'm totally serious!! Just wondering if this is the route Christine is taking?? But damn, a couple of them should've already had their licenses by now since it's been well over 6 mos + since TLC made a big deal about it!! :/

    6. If Christine is serious about getting her real estate license & a realtor job then she seriously needs to consider getting a stylist & makeover bcuz 1st impressions are everything ESP when ur trying to get people to part ways w/ their hard earned$$ to make big investments so u can make a big comi$$ion too!!
      I betcha it just burns Robyns ass, that she doesn't have old enough kids or cant get the older bonus kids to just take over & watch her kids when she's tired or has something to do!!...lol

    7. I agree CB! Only Janelle has a sense of style but she needs to get rid of that purple print blouse she wears way too much. Meri Christine and Robyn seriously need to rethink that layered look that just looks...well...totally unfashionable. I hate to say this, but those 3 ladies need to look at the Darger Stepford Wives for simplicity of style and their own sisterwife Janelle for picking a look that complements her body shape rather than points out all the chunky parts. I still laugh when I remember how Meri reprimanded Mykelti for wearing a low cut blouse, yet its OK for Meri to wear her clothes so layered and tight she looks like a stuffed sausage accentuating all the fat rolls! Step away from the layered sweater sets, ladies!

    8. Want to see Christine on "What Not to Wear"!!!!!!!!!

    9. Lol Anony 7:14am... Actually the whole Brown klan(adults) need to be on that show!!
      Yep, CJ, the layered look & stuffed sausage look has got to go, but that's just like asking Kody to get a haircut or a different hair style for that matter...lol As long as he has the convertible to drive, his balding goldy locks will remain bcuz he likes his hair blowing in the wind (eye roll) ....Glad Janelle has some sense of style.

  8. Kudos to Lourdes for cracking me up!!! CHUBBY HUBBY!!! ...lmao :)
    Boo to Meri, comparing her hideous marriage to my ultimate face ice cream, Rocky Road!! Such slander....lol
    Guess, I'll stick to my 2nd fave, frozen yogurt twist on a waffle cone for now!! :)

    1. Baskins Robbins Rocky Road is the best. I love it.

    2. Yes they do BC :D ...here in the heartland we have Braum's too! But I go to both places. Really depends on where I'm at in the city having a ice cream craving attack!! ...lol

  9. Adding laughs for the "Chubby Hubby"...perfect !!! LOL

    It may sound like I am being hard on Christine, but as Caramel and Cynical point out, if this latest "gonna be a realtor" gig is for real (and we by now that what we *see* is not always the real deal) and Christine is to be the one...then she for sure does need to step up her wardrobe AND her overall delivery.

    Christine apparently has never worked outside the home. She IS friendly but not exactly exuding a worldly attitude. And yes, this is Vegas.....plus, right now the housing market is brutal in Vegas.
    Last year's themes showed Christine in a rather emotionally fragile and pitiful light, so maybe she herself has asked for a scenario this season that gives her something productive to do, whether it goes anywhere or not. Hey, for $199 and a chance to get away from the circus for 90 hours...why not ?/!!

    Actually, given her life experience, owning and operating a daycare facility would be a fit for her. Then she could hire staff to watch her kids younger kids too.

  10. On the facebook friend page this girl is talking about how much fun she had at a surprise party for Christine last night!

  11. Well, it may not be the America Robyn can recall but I wonder if she will tweet about Kulula Airlines letting the fourth wife fly for free - maybe the Browns can relocate to S. Africa with another 'flee for the deals and money' reality trope.

    The ad reads: ” . . . not only will you get a great deal on kulula.com flights for your first three wives, but your fourth wife will fly free, mahala, on the house.”



  12. 5 days later?? Ughhhh...not sure to be excited or insulted??...lol just wonder if they've done this in the past or possibly the brood felt bad not giving her enough bday love AFTER SWB so blatantly pointed out!!!! Honestly it just seems so "staged" just like their episodes.
    What's next? A surprise anniversary party for Kody & Meri too? It's been almost 5 days...lol
    Still yet, no tweets from Robyn?..just a RT for a fans bday...Dang, that's more than she gave Christine or Meri & here I thought Robyn & Meri were soul besties....(eyes rolling)

    1. I have a feeling the film crew wasn't available on her birthday. Meri's tweets thanking numerous businesses was a bit excessive, wasn't it?

    2. That's true!! Totally agree about Meri's tweets being a bit excessive!!

    3. Robin &I Meri are the boob sister wives

  13. That picture of Robyn you have there sure does capture her in all of her glory. Reminds me of this guy:


  14. I thought from their book cover that mary had lost some weight what with all her tweets about running, and the trainer, and swimming, but then I just saw pic of her and Kody at the Titanic exhibit last week, and it was obvious that the book cover was airbrushed, her A@S is as big as ever. The LIV and trainer doesn't appear to have helped at all

    1. The trainer guy and the fundamental fitness business is a fantasy dreamed up so viewers wont see what con artists these people are. Liv is a mlm so as long as they stay towards the top of the pyramid, they will make money, but like most pyramids if they can't keep bringing in new people at the bottom, they start to lose money at the top. You would think Kody and his wives would understand about image, he was a salesman wasn't he? People are looking past their fat a$$e$ and just seeing they are tv stars. Their appearance wont matter until the show is cancelled.

    2. I think they keep attending big shows & exhibits for free press & photo ops. Again, I say, They seriously need to get a stylist bc their no fashion sense of style is just sad & a sight for sore eyes!! Geez, Meri & Kody, U would think y'all would of dressed better for ur anniversary night out :/
      I guarantee U,if some fan wanted to take their pic while there, they would of had to chase them up & down the grand staircase they took their photo op on!!

  15. Saw that the trailer for the new season aired tonight. Went by way too fast. Did anyone dvr it?

  16. this has always been my all-time fave pic of Robyn. she just needs the corncob pipe and it would complete the Mammy Yokum character look from Lil Abner! ♥

  17. also, that "i love your guts" thing has been a common vernacular amongst the 20-30 year olds in utah (both speaking it and on FB) for the past several years. glad Kody's showing once again how "young and hip" he is. the saying's always made me a little queasy and kinda takes something away in the language of romance.

  18. Just like clockwork as we have predicted , the Browns are tweeting away & on FB fan page about their book release in 6 days. Overboard a bit much. They all go on almost 2wks w/o tweeting a thing & BAM!! They're peddling again!
    They are way on the Z-list( as CJ has corrected me..lol) & A-listers tweet everyday & interact w/ their fans whether their show, movies, concert,NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc... Is current season or not! Even in between seasons, etc...they keep in touch w/ their fans & tweets daily!!

  19. Saw the trailer and either the film crew was having an off day...or it is designed to thoroughly confuse any remaining fans for this tired train wreck??

    The sound is seems to be "off"...sounds a bit garbled or in "too fast" speed.
    Clips are frantic and chopped.

    Not exactly a compelling *come on* for the start of the new season.
    But then again, this IS the Kody World Browns....always a bit tacky, always a day late and a dollar short on good taste/ quality.

    1. The trailer video can be seen on the TLC Sister Wives page.....
      Of course, Christine isn't too happy about Kody being gone all the time & it seems as if their is trouble in paradise, Again!! But don't be fooled yall by the sorta AttN grabbing clips to suck you in, b/c we all know they have been tweeting away how happy they all are & have been & living just a grand ol new life in Vegas!!!.....Hahahahahaha...IKR???
      Us here @SWB, know the truth & can see past all the smoke & mirrors!! :D

  20. Ok, so we all know that the Sister Wives status is currently labeled: Hiatus
    Well, this peaked my interest & wanted to know exactly what that meant in terms of a network. I don't remember if this has been covered here @SWB before but I found it quite interesting.
    Program's 'return from hiatus" in time for the sweeps period (Ya'll are familiar w/ May sweeps, right??) to generate high ratings & usually include special content such as guest stars, controversial & unexpected plots or topics, extended episodes & finales.
    A network may put a show on HIATUS before canceling it. This temperary hiatus allows the network front office to:
    * re-evlauate the series quality in terms of actors, writing, or production & make changes.
    * act as a warning to the producers to turn out a more profitable product
    * air a different show in that time slot to compare ratings.

    http:// www.olaughingpress.com/2011/04/statusof-h50s-hiatus.html

    Now even tho, this was taken from Hawaii Five 0, this gives us insight to what's sorta happening w/ a show in Hiatus status.
    Gonna be interesting to see, if the Browns will be around for the Fall sweeps season....

    1. You are absolutely correct, CB. Exactly the same thing happened to Big Love on HBO. The show had not one but 2 very long hiatuses (is that a word?) between before the last season. HBO told the producers to fix the show, and then drastically cut the number of episodes so that a new HBO series could start airing its episodes in the timeslot during Big Love's hiatus. Instead of fixing the show, the producers made the next season shows storyline even worse (remember Hollis Greene getting his arm cut off by Bill's mother in Mexico storyline?) Another hiatus, but this time when the show was scheduled to return, HBO announced that the creators of Big Love felt the show had completed it's story arc and that this was the FINAL SEASON. Funny how before the last hiatus the creators were saying Big Love had a couple of seasons worth of story left to tell. HBO had pulled the plug. If you watched Big Love, the quality of the show was so bad, that the joke was Bill would walk from room to room and be presented with a new crisis each time. Take a look at some episodes from the last season and you'll see what I mean!

    2. Thx, Caramel Brownie and Cynical Jinx for the low down on "Hiatus."
      I do remember the shuffling of Big Love at the end and how the show deteriorated into a mess of simply ridiculous storylines. If this is the path for SW, so be it.

      You are right, Caramel Brownie....thx to SW Blog, this show has been exposed for what is. Looking at the trailer, you do have to wonder how Brown tweeters do not realize how their saccharin tweets contrast to what the trailer is showing. Just emphasizes how phony the whole thing is.
      The Browns are just a gang of mediocre folks who lucked out for a few years. But their luck as reality stars has apparently run its course....and this season. TLC probably will be filming the show's demise as it implodes.